DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at [email protected] Blindfolded, Rick laid his naked body nervously on the bed. That night was the last time he could enjoy his freedom as a single man. The next day would have been his wedding day. Thus, Thomas and Kosal, Rick's buddies, planned to throw him a bachelor party. They did mention to him that the party would be very unique, unlike the others'. Rick honestly did not understand it, but he was glad that his friends cared about his sexual needs. 'Come on, guys. Where's the stripper? I want to get sucked desperately,' Rick complained, unable to move. Both of his hands and feet were tied securely to the bed posts. 'Guys? It's not funny.' The handsome white man started to get worried. One thing that Rick had not known was that his two best buddies had been watching him for the whole time. Both Thomas and Kosal were standing by the bed, feasting on Rick's naked body with their lustful eyes. They were absolutely silent, not wanting Rick to know what was going on. The three of them had been friends for years ever since their freshman year in college. Rick's naked body was displayed for them to see. The former jock did have a gorgeous body. All muscles in his body were developed very well. Even though he was in his late 20s, Rick still managed to maintain the athletic posture he had since high school. Broad pectoral muscles he had on the torso looked very inviting. Two quarter-sized brown nipples were erected, guarding the marvelous chest. The chest mounds were so athletically solid that the valley between those mounds seemed to be very narrow. Soft mat of short hair grew evenly on the torso, adding masculinity aura. Kosal almost drooled as he reached out to touch Rick's chest. But Thomas did not let him grope Rick's body until he thought the time was right. Both horny men continued to sweep their eyes across Rick's perfect body. Rick's six packs certainly looked very arousing. Those six blocks of muscles were very solid. In the middle of those abdominal muscles, a soft trail of body hair ran through those muscles. The trail headed for the crotch, where a jungle of pubic hair grew. It seemed that Rick had never shaved his pubic hair. Those curly hair crowned the crotch, hiding the base of Rick's hard cock. Attached to the crotch was Rick's magnificent fuck tool. Gaining full erection, its length reached about 6 inches. And like most modern American men, Rick had been circumcised. The reddish cock head was flaring angrily, pulsating. Traces of precum could be seen, coating his cock head, as he had been over-excited about the stripper. The liquid flowed down the throbbing shaft, heading for the balls below. Some curly hair grew scarcely on the balls skin. Huge tent of hard-on grew inside Thomas' jeans. That handsome white man had been gay ever since he reached puberty. And Rick was one of the men of his dream. Unlike Rick, Thomas did not have body as athletic as Rick's. Being one year older than Rick, Thomas possessed a tough-looking face which was adorned with sideburns and stubble. The facial hair certainly boosted up his masculinity. Silently, that horny man took off his shirt and let it fall onto the floor. Heaving, he was squeezing the obscene bulge in his trousers. Thomas' chest comprised muscles and body fat, making it look bigger and heavier. The nipples had already been erected as the cold night air caressed their heads. Heaving, Thomas seemed to be impatient. Yet, he wanted to see Rick's taut body flexed against the rope. Lewdly, Kosal leaned his bare chest against Thomas' body as they shared their hot sexual fantasy about Rick. As an Cambodian man, Kosal had an exotic Asian face. He was named Kosal so that he would have grown into a clever man. Kosal was indeed clever, in trapping straight men to have sex with him. His perverted plan never failed. And the idea of trapping Rick was fabricated entirely by Kosal. Kosal's muscles had just begun to develop as he just hit the gym a month ago. The light brown skin he had made all gay men in San Francisco drool over him. As he slipped his hands into Thomas' jeans, Thomas groped Kosal's torso with relish. The Caucasian man liked rubbing Kosal's developing stomach. Although the abdominal muscles had not clearly shown themselves like Rick's, Thomas thought they were quite sexy. Getting turned on, Kosal breathed hard. A hard bulge grew in his trousers. Carefully, they shucked the trousers off so that Rick would not know what they were doing. The tight briefs they wore were taken off, too. Two erect cut cocks were throbbing excitedly as their owners were eyeing Rick's naked body with unbridled lust. Standing side by side, Thomas and Kosal were groping each other's naked body. Soft moans escaped their lips as they felt lust course down their bodies. The Asian man wrapped his hand around Thomas' dick. Sealing Thomas' lips with his, he gave that cock some jerks. Without any sound, they kissed. The only sound that was heard in that room was Rick's desperate protest. 'Guys, come on. Where's the stripper? I want sex,' Rick whimpered, almost sounding desperately. Throbbing hard, his cock was frustrated. But precum still flowed out of the slit as Rick kept imagining the great sex he would have soon. But suddenly, the door was being opened. Someone stepped in. Rick could not see who it was, but he thought that it must have been the stripper. 'Yeah, you've come at last. Come on, suck my cock. I want to have sex now,' he demanded, pulling at the rope binding his feet and hands. The muscles were contracting, displaying the manly strength. 'Oh yeah, turn me on,' Rick spoke, squirming his bound body. Kneeling by the bed was Thomas. That white man, with Kosal's help, had tricked Rick into thinking that a girl had actually come in to suck his cock. Kosal slowly sneaked behind Thomas and watched the whole thing as Thomas stuck out his tongue. Gingerly, he touched Rick's drooling dick head with his tongue, getting a taste of his yummy precum. Immediately, a groan came from Rick. That was what he had been waiting for. 'Yeah, baby. Your tongue feels so nice. Play my cock with your tongue. Yeah, I like your nasty tongue. You want my cock, huh? Suck me. Oh yes. I love it, ah,' Rick moaned, pulling at the rope. The biceps were bulging hard, as well as the triceps. Squirming, he was trying to move his cock to tease his sucker. 'Suck my cock. You want it, right? Yeah, make me feel good. Suck that juicer. Oh yes! That's it. You make me hard, baby. Oh, I can't wait to fuck you,' he breathed, his chest heaving up and down. 'Ah!' he let out a deep guttural groan as his nipple head was being rubbed. Soon, the other one received the same treatment. That macho stud could only pulled at his restrain helplessly. 'Oh, you're touching my nipples, too. Yes! You really know how to make me horny. Oh, you'll feel my manliness when I stick my hard cock into your body. Fuck yeah!' Apparently, Rick was not aware that it was Kosal who was rubbing his nipples. Standing by the bed side, the naked Asian man licked his lips while his hands lightly pinched Rick's erect nipples. He loved to see that muscular stud writhe on the bed. Kosal's hard cock was throbbing with desire, the head glistening with precum. 'Oh,' he slightly gasped, trying to muffle his groan when suddenly Thomas reached his cock. Looking down, he saw Thomas' warm hand wrap around his dick. The callused hand formed a ring. Silently, the Cambodian guy thrust his hips forward. The dick was moving in and out, imagining itself fucking a tight ass hole. 'Yeah, fuck,' Kosal gasped, keeping his voice as low as he could. Shuddering with much pleasure, Kosal gave a hard pinch to Rick's left nipple head. That sudden pinch jolted the stud's naked body, which was soon followed by a loud groan. Kosal tried his best no to grope Rick's naked body although he did want that. Producing loud slurping noises, Thomas utilized his lips to bring pleasure. Forming a tight ring, his lips were forced to massage Rick's manhood. Thomas' head was bobbing up and down the shaft as his mouth sucked that meat. Rick's cock tasted rather salty because it was full with precum. The more Thomas sucked his friend's cock, the more precum he got. To balance himself, Thomas held onto Kosal's pulsating fuck tool. While his other hand was used to jack himself off. That white man clearly enjoyed Rick's dick. The pleasure as expressed on his handsome face. Heaving, Thomas' lungs pumped out a series of warm breath. The breath was blown against Rick's crotch. So far, the stud still believed that a girl was blowing his dick. 'Fuck yeah! I love your sluttish mouth,' Rick groaned. 'Suck my cock, bitch. It wants your hot mouth. And it wants to be in you. I'm gonna fuck you afterward. You'll be fucked so hard that you'll faint. Oh I must release my fucking loads. You've made me so wet even before I got naked. Ah yes! I love sex! Oh yes!' Sweat beads began to appear on his naked muscular body. Although the room was not that hot, Rick had already burnt with desire. He was in great heat. The rope secured his body, not allowing him to move. Rick could only thrash his head and squirmed his body as he relished the oral service. 'Oh yes! Keep sucking. Yeah, take my cock deeper into your fucking mouth. Make me groan. Yeah, suck my dick. Oh fuck! I want your mouth, oh,' Rick slurred, surrendering his body to the worldly pleasure. Running one of his hand on Thomas' bare back, Kosal gave himself up to the lust. His rock-hard fuck tool was throbbing in Thomas' stroking hand. Precum flowed out of its slit and smeared the hand. That liquid did make the cock rather slippery to the touch. For several times, Thomas' hand almost slipped off, not being able to get a good grip on Kosal's manhood. 'Oh! Yeah!' Kosal moaned softly, wincing with great pleasure. Whenever the pleasure attacked him, Kosal would channel it to Thomas by squeeze his back. Dirty fantasy was rolling in the Cambodian man's head, envisioning Rick as a fuck slut. As Kosal's dick kept oozing out precum, it made sloppy noises when it passed through Thomas' clenched fist repeatedly. By that time, Rick's cock had been oozing profusely. Thomas was almost choked as the precum suddenly blocked his throat. Yet, Rick did not care for anything, but his ejaculation. Breathing hard, he warned about the impending orgasm. 'Ah! I'm gonna cum. Oh yeah, I'm gonna shoot my manly cum in your throat. Ah! Yeah, I can feel it coming. Don't worry, I still have plenty of cum for you. I'm a very virile man, I'm gonna fuck you right after I shoot. You'll be impressed by my manliness, ah!' The sturdy frame of Rick's was shuddering, more powerfully. It was an obvious sign that he was going to explode. Throwing a grin, Kosal prepared himself to take off Rick's blindfold. That was his plan all along: to watch Rick's shocked expression as he shot his sperms down his male best friend's throat. That Asian man was not interested in Rick's nipples anymore. Instead, he used the tip of his finger to explore Rick's massive torso. Lightly, he ran his finger across the bare chest. The finger left a trail of itchy-like sensation that shook Rick's naked body. The groom-to-be could only groan desperately, torn apart in his wildest sexual pleasure. Groaning, Kosal winced when Thomas' blunt nail accidentally scraped his slimy dick head. The Cambodian man bucked violently, very shocked. His guttural groan almost alerted Rick. Thomas' lips were vacuuming the meat with stronger force. Exerting all the strength left, his cheek muscles worked hard to pump Rick's cum out. Saliva ran down the shaft, dampening Rick's pubic hair. The liquid flowed down to the balls. Thomas knew that Rick was about to ejaculate in any second. Rick's salty precum had filled up Thomas' mouth in handsome amount. The dick head throbbed harder as it almost reached the point of no return. Its head size swelled slightly. Thomas' tongue was busily rubbing the glaring head up and down, trying to coax the cum out. Like volcano, Rick's dick head shook, ready to erupt. All of a sudden, the macho stud was yelling frantically. 'I'm gonna cum! It's coming! I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck!' Right at that moment, Kosal reached for the blindfold and pushed it upward. Rick's eyes could see everything. And what he saw was so shocking that he just wanted to scream as loudly as he could. 'Ah! Fuck!' The sight of Thomas' sucking his ejaculating dick was very gross. But Rick could not postpone his ejaculation as his cock had already cummed. 'Fuck! Oh! I'm cumming! Ah!' Pulling against the restraint, Rick's muscles contracted. Every muscles in his body was bulging angrily, looking as if they were about to burst. Huge gobs of thick man cream were shot into Thomas' sucking mouth. Greedily, that man gulped down Rick's cum without spilling it. Repeatedly, the man milk was squirted. Rick was helplessly bucking his naked body as Thomas wrung out his cock. A part of Rick felt indescribable disgust, knowing that his cock rested in another man's mouth. But he could not deny that Thomas did know how to suck cock. Rick had never received such a terrific blow job. Thus, he forced himself to enjoy the rest of his orgasm before it ended. 'Ah, fuck! Drink my cum, Thomas! Fuck you, faggot! Take it all! Oh!' All muscles underwent violent spasm as he filled his friend's mouth with fresh supply of cum. The wooden bed was shaking when Rick squirmed his naked body brutally. Rope was biting into his arms, leaving reddish mark. With a howling yell, Rick emptied his balls. 'Ah, fuck! Yes! Oh yes!' The stud continued to groan until the last drop of his cum left his throbbing dick. 'Oh,' he sighed, looking very tired. For a minute, he took the time to recuperate. His athletic sweaty chest was heaving up and down. As he turned his head, he saw Kosal standing by the bed. Rick was too upset to say anything; he did not like it at all. 'You have such a nice body, Rick,' Kosal said, wiping a hand across Rick's massive pectorals. The stud squirmed when his chest was touched like that, showing disgust on his face. But Kosal did not care about that. He knew that Rick was very helpless, and was at their mercy. 'We both have been lusting after you since college, you know,' Kosal continued, sensually twirling his index finger around Rick's nipple. 'Now it's the time to make our horny fantasy come true. We both are gonna make love to you. We'll show you a whole new meaning of sexual pleasure.' With that, Kosal bent his body down and brought his lips closer to Rick's. One of Kosal's hands was still groping Rick's chest, feeling its hardness. Terrified, Rick tried to avoid the kiss but Kosal's hand had held Rick's head in place. There was no way that he could escape the gay kiss. 'Let me go! It's not funny!' Rick protested, trying to fight Kosal's hand with his neck. At time like that, he wished he hadn't been tied. As the lips got closer to his, Rick grew more panicky. 'Stop it! I'm not homo like you! No, please don't kiss me! Ah!' But Kosal of course paid no attention to the pleading. Determinedly, he landed his slobbering lips and forced a deep wet passionate kiss. Bucking his body angrily, Rick could not stop the queer kiss. As the Cambodian man squeezed Rick's jaw, Rick had no choice but to open his mouth painfully. At that moment, Kosal quickly slipped in his tongue. Rick was nauseated, disgusted by man-to-man French kiss. The muscular stud tried to scream but he could only produce muffled moan. 'At last, I can make love to your cock,' Thomas said, loud enough so that Rick could hear it. Sensually, he was rubbing Rick's thighs with his callused palms. 'I like your cock. It's big and juicy. Oh, I envy your wife-to-be, I wish I were her. I'd be happy if you could fuck me with that big dick of yours every day. Oh, fuck, Rick! I want you,' he said, crawling up to the bed. Thomas' hard dick was throbbing excitedly, drooling precum. When his hands swept across Rick's hairy legs, Thomas' body shook with desire. He knew for sure that he wanted Rick. Lewdly, one of his hands traced the leg. It kept going up until it reached Rick's crotch. 'I miss this cock,' he said, groping Rick's limp cummy cock. Without any hesitation, Thomas stuck out his tongue and bathed Rick's cock with his drool. The tongue was dancing on the sensitive dick head, licking up the cum remains. Tied securely to the bed posts, Rick could only groan out helplessly as his two best friends molested him. Disgust filled him up as Kosal's tongue was roaming his mouth. The Cambodian man seemed to enjoy the kiss. Kosal's hands were running on Rick's sweaty body, squeezing and pinching it. Rick still tried to free himself, struggling as ferociously as he could, but the rope was too strong. When the kiss ended, Rick was so nauseated that he almost vomited. The macho man did realize that he could not escape the ordeal. Looking down, he noticed that Thomas was stroking his limp dick. In seconds, the dick rose to full erection despite its previous ejaculation. Thomas and Kosal gazed at the throbbing meat, amazed at Rick's virility. 'No! What are you doing? No, don't do that!' Rick protested worriedly as Thomas assumed sitting position. Carefully, Thomas gripped Rick's pulsating dick and aimed it at Thomas' clenching ass hole. 'Ah, no! I don't wanna fuck your ass. Stop it!' Rick yelled helplessly. The thought of having sex with a man turned him off. But he could not figure out why Thomas managed to erect his cock. Rick's head was reeling with confusion. 'Ah!' he moaned as his dick head was pressing against Thomas' anal ring. Rick could do nothing when Thomas smeared his ass hole thoroughly with Rick's cum-coated glans. Grunting, the athletic man surrendered himself when Thomas sat down on his fuck tool. 'Oh! My cock is entering your faggot ass! Oh!' Rick yelled, thrashing his head. 'Yes! Ah! I love your big cock, Rick!' Thomas grunted, his eyes flashing with lust. Spreading his legs, the horny white man lowered down his body so that Rick's cock would break into his ass. His face was contorting, showing mixed expression of both pain and pleasure. Slowly, Thomas squatted down. Both of his hands were reached out, holding onto Rick's muscular stomach. 'Fuck yeah! Oh! Give me your cock! I want it! Oh, Rick! Fuck my ass! You won't regret it, ah! My as sis so tight. Your cock will cum in gallons. Yes, slide it in. Oh!' Throwing his head back, Thomas gradually sank himself down, inch by inch. The clenching ass lips slowly gave way to Rick's dick as they were pushed inward. Both men groaned out lustfully. 'Oh! Shove your cock in, Rick! Oh! I love it, yeah!' Thomas whimpered. And suddenly, the dick head was in. 'Ah!' Thomas groaned, feeling as if his hole had been torn apart. Although Thomas was not a virgin anymore. being fucked by Rick's big dick still brought some pain. Upon being squeezed by such a tight hole, Rick could not deny that he liked it. Rick's sweaty muscular body flexed again as he endured the penetration process. 'Oh fuck! Your hole is too tight, ah! I've never fucked a very tight hole like yours. Ah, it's squeezing my dick head. Oh!' Rick groaned, squirming. The cum layering his dick served as lube, easing up the penetration as the meat moved inward. 'Oh!' Rick whimpered, his eye balls rolling upward. 'Fuck yeah, it feels so good. Ah!' At that point, he had decided to stop resisting and let Thomas fuck himself. 'Fuck yes! Fuck yourself on my cock, Thomas. Oh, show me how much you want my dick, faggot!' Whimpering, Rick tried to push his hips upward. When the sensitive dick head brushed against Thomas' insides, Rick would cry out with great pleasure. His dick was surrounded by indescribable warmth. Its shaft was squeezed hard, as if Thomas' ass would not want to let it go. Throbbing, Rick's dick exuded a pearly gob of precum inside Thomas' ass. The dick continued to crawl in until Rick's thighs slapped against Thomas' ass. 'Oh! What a tight ass. Oh, faggot!' Rick stared at Thomas with equal lust on his face. Panting, Thomas was sitting on Rick's laps. His legs were spread apart. Thomas' dripping dick was pulsating in front of Rick lasciviously. That white man moaned as he reached for his own nipple. 'Yeah, fuck me, Rick. I'm your faggot slut. Oh, I've been dreaming of this for years. Yeah, fuck my ass, Rick. Fuck!' Working his legs, Thomas lifted his body up. The movement caused Rick's cock to slip out of the clenching hole. 'Oh!' Thomas groaned with pleasure, enjoying the friction inside his ass. But before Rick's cock escaped, Thomas quickly lowered his body down. Thus, the cock was sheathed inside him. 'Yes! Oh! Fuck my ass!' The rhythm continued, as Thomas rigorously fucked himself. His short brown hair was dampened, sweat beading up his handsome face. 'Fuck! Oh, fuck! Yes!' Enjoying his first gay sex, Rick was lying on his bed. His rock-hard chest was heaving up and down, pumping fresh air. More sweat was produced, soaking up his naked body. The beads of sweat dropped onto the bed and drenched the mattress. 'Yeah, fuck yourself on my cock. Yes! I'm fucking your ass, fagot! Oh! You're made to be fucked, queer! And I'm screwing your man cunt. Yeah! Oh!' groaned Rick, fisting his tied hands. Pulling vainly against the rope, Rick let the queer pleasure course down his body. If he had known that fucking a guy's ass would feel that good, he would have done it long time ago. 'Yeah, fuck you, Thomas! You're a fucking faggot! Oh! I love your homo ass! Yes, fuck yourself! Impale your ass on my big dick, oh! Fuck!' Kosal definitely wanted to try Rick's body. After all, Rick was tied up because of his idea. Stroking his own erect cock, the Cambodian guy brought it to Rick's lips. 'Yeah, you're so handsome, Rick. I should have done this long time ago,' he said, inhaling deep breath. With that, he, too, crawled up the bed. Straddling Rick's trussed body, Kosal knelt on the bed. The weight of his body made the mattress sunk. Rick's torso was between Kosal's legs. A hard dick was dangling right in front of Rick's face, emanating nauseating precum smell. Lustfully, Kosal enjoyed Rick's handsome face and imagined him sucking his pecker. Placing his hand on Rick's sweating face, Kosal wiped off the beads of sweat. At the same time, he was rubbing that face sensually. 'Suck my dick, Rick,' the Cambodian man said. The response he received was a shocked expression from Rick. But Kosal did not want to give in. 'Come on, open your mouth and let me in,' he added, rubbing the slimy dick head on Rick's lips. The panting white man could taste the saltiness of another man's precum as he accidentally licked his lips. Getting impatient, Kosal reached for Rick's nipple head and twisted it as hard as he could. 'Ah!' Rick yelled out painfully. His mouth was opened as wide as he could. The pain was unbearable, Rick's body squirming violently. Seeing the perfect opportunity, Kosal quickly inserted his drooling dick into Rick's gaping mouth. That stud could not reject it. A feeling of nausea invaded him as the acrid precumming dick made contact with his tongue. It was the first time ever that Rick tasted precum; he hadn't even tasted his own yet. The texture of precum was like snot, and Rick did not like it at all. Before Rick could think of any way to escape the ordeal, Kosal threatened him. Still receiving pleasure form fucking Thomas, Rick was torn apart between lust and disgust. Kosal's snotty precum kept filling Rick's mouth. It seemed that the Cambodian guy was about to cum. Humiliated, Rick could not stop the raping of his mouth. 'Suck it like lollypop. Come on, don't make me mad. Suck my Asian dick. Lots of white gay men love to have sex with an Asian like me. Work your cheek muscles and begin sucking,' Kosal instructed, pulling at Rick's short damp hair. Thrusting his dick into Rick's mouth, Kosal almost gagged him. 'Oh yes! Suck my dick, Rick!' he moaned, holding onto Rick's head. 'Take my cock. Taste the true taste of manliness. Yeah, cum is good for you. Oh!' The perverted Asian man continued to use Rick's mouth for his sexual pleasure. But he had to deliver a hard slap on Rick's cheek as that guy hadn't started sucking. 'Start sucking my cock, slut! Suck it hard. And watch your teeth. I'm gonna hit you if you mess things up.' Bound, Rick could not do anything but to comply. Clumsily, he began to suck the throbbing cock in his mouth. Loud slurping sounds resounded as he did his bets to please Kosal. Tears almost flowed down Rick's handsome, out of humiliation. He felt so degraded, lost to two gay men. Rick's technique of sucking was very disappointing. But Kosal did not mind, because he had been quite excited just by seeing Rick service his drooling manhood. Roughly, Rick's head was being manhandled. The Cambodian guy used the head to control the suction. Pumping the mouth with his precum, Kosal was determined to break Rick down and turn him into a fuck slut. With a cock stuck in his mouth, Rick could not say anything. The only sound that came from his mouth was slurping sound. Saliva mixed with precum seeped out of the corner of his lips. The macho man was helpless when Kosal molested his mouth. Confused, Rick started to feel something strange stir in him. The disgust that he had earlier had slowly faded away. Somehow, he started to like the taste of precum. The more he licked it, the more he liked it. Emitting muffled groans, Rick was maneuvering his tongue around Thomas' knob. Although his sucking technique still hadn't improved, he had shown Thomas that he liked cock. As he played his tongue on the dripping dick, he obtained a generous supply of precum. Thomas was still bouncing up and down Rick's manhood. Grinning, he congratulated Kosal for his success in converting Rick into homosexuality. There was still one more process that Rick had to undergo, but not until all of them reached their climax. 'Oh, fuck! Fuck my ass, Rick! Fuck me,' Thomas kept groaning. His voice was vibrating as the result of his body's bouncing up and down. Thomas' hard dick was waving about, splattering precum stains all over Rick's sweaty body. 'Yes! Oh give me that cock! Oh, shit! I want you so much, Rick! Oh!' Still babbling, the horny white man reached for his own dick and gave it a few hard strokes. 'Ah yeah! My cock is so wet now. I think I'm gonna shoot. Oh!' he warned, sensing that his orgasm was approaching. Hearing that Thomas was about to shoot out his manly seed, Kosal groaned that he, too, was about to reach the point of no return. 'Yes, fuck! I'm gonna cum, too. I've been saving this load for Rick. Yeah, keep sucking my dick, Ricky,' Kosal said, looking down upon the macho straight man. Bending down, the Cambodian man maintained authoritative eye contact with Rick to show him who was the boss. 'Yeah, I'm getting close. I'm gonna fill your mouth with my man milk. And you must drink it all down. Don't spill any of it.' And suddenly, the Asian man's body stiffened. His face was contorting with much pleasure. Grabbing Rick's head, he was yelling, 'Here I cum! Take my cum, slut! Oh, take it!' Mercilessly, the Cambodian man thrust his dick forward. His manhood was driven in, almost hitting the back of Rick's throat. At that exact moment, the cock erupted in a series of strong spurts. Thick cum was squirted into Rick's unprepared mouth. As the first shot hit his tongue, a strong bitter taste hit him. The taste was very horrible. Rick felt as if he was drinking the water from the laundry. Frantically, he tired to vomit it out but he had no chance. Kosal's dick had filled his mouth completely, leaving no space. Perforce, Rick had to gulp down the man cream. And he had to do it hurriedly because more cum shots flooded his mouth. No matter how fast he tried to drink it, some cum was spilled out. It flowed out from his lips corner. Rick's Adam's apple was bobbing up and down as he took in all the acrid seminal liquid. Meanwhile, Kosal kept convulsing as he poured out his manly loads into Rick's hungry mouth. A loud groan ended the whole ejaculation. The tired naked man pulled his dick out, leaving Rick's mouth gaping open. Sitting on Rick's muscular body, Kosal rested to regain his strength. Kosal's torso was heaving as drops of sweat flowed down his naked body. Reeling with lust, Rick was intoxicated by the taste of cum. The ecstasy his cock received made him get lost in his sexual orientation. All of a sudden, Rick was truly aroused to see two naked men in front of him. His dick in Thomas' ass throbbed harder and more violently. Coming from no where, a great pressure pushed his man juice out of the urethra. Rick was cumming! 'Ah! I'm fucking cumming! Oh! I'm gonna fill your ass with my cum, Thomas Fuck yes! Take my man juice! Oh!' True to his words, Rick did cum right after he finished saying that. Thick globules of cum jetted into Thomas' insides. The creamy juice was splattered against Thomas' bowels wall. But Thomas did not stop pumping his ass with Rick's spurting cock. Instead, he increased the speed. It drove Rick over the edge and somehow prolonged his orgasm a few seconds longer. Producing deep guttural groans, the muscular man shook with great force. Never had he underwent orgasmic seizure like that. His whole body was tingling with ecstasy. Still spurting, his dick vomited its second load for that night. Rick helplessly pulled at the rope that bound his arms and legs. taken over by orgasm, his body was bucking hard. Yet, Thomas and Kosal managed to steady it down by their body weight. Wailing like a hurt wolf, Rick enjoyed his greatest climax. Rivulets of sweat ran down his body. The naked body was glistening, displaying the obvious outline of its muscles. Kosal was smiling to himself, satisfied to se his plan worked. While Rick had not finished cumming, Thomas finally reached his climax. The impaled white man's body started to jerk violently. His ass muscles were squeezing Rick's spurting dick head. 'Oh! Yes, I'm cumming, too! Ah yes! Fuck! Oh fuck my ass! Yeah!' Uncontrollably, Thomas' dick hosed Rick's body with gooey white liquid. Some of the liquid splattered Kosal's back, too, as that Cambodian man was sitting on top of Rick with his back facing Thomas. Still bouncing his body, Thomas moaned like a slut in heat. Milking the head, he forced his man cream to shoot out over and over again. Thomas' stomach contracted hard, gathering energy to squirt out the rest of the cum. Small sweat beads clinging onto his body was splashed to various directions as the body jerked frantically. The moans continued until no cum flowed out. Panting, Thomas leaned his worn-out body against Kosal's back. ***** Morning came but Rick still lay lazily on the bed. His naked body was no longer tied up. Lying on the bed, he was sandwiched between Thomas and Kosal's naked bodies. Cum stains were on their bodies, drying up into cum cracks. The clock on the wall had shown that it was almost 9 AM. But Rick chose to stay with his best friends. He suddenly realized that he belonged to Kosal and Thomas. Embracing Kosal from behind, Rick continued his sleep. END




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