I had just gotten a promotion for the national bank that I work for, it was an HR position. In my new role I was responsible for handling HR related issues at multiple branches around the country plus doing training for new employees on a variety of issues including diversity and sexual harassment. I guess the powers that be thought I would be good at it since I was out at work. Unlike the mistake I had made at my first full-time job out of college, I never hooked up with any of the other employees and never did anything in the office building where I worked or at any of the branches. I have to admit that I know I've missed out on some pretty primo cock but I made the rule for myself and I kept to it. There were lots and lots of other places to get cum when I was hungry.

I still had the small apartment I had gotten when I was first hired by the bank. I finally got out of my parents' house after having to go back when I graduated from State. My first job had been at a customer call center but I gave the owner's son and his friend blow jobs in my cubicle, not the smartest thing I've done. After getting fired, I started doing temp work and found that I enjoyed HR work, so I was happy when I got hired by the banking firm I still work for. The job allowed me to get rid of my piece of shit Chevy and get the apartment. Even though I had gotten the promotion, which was going to allow me to afford a small condo in the city, I hadn't had much time to hunt for one. Choosing between hunting for cock and hunting for a condo always ended with me hunting for cock. Since I did still have the little apartment, I enjoyed traveling for work and staying at hotels around the country and hunting for men to service in different cities.

For those of you who haven't read some of the other entries in my diary, I'm Chad. At the time of this entry I was 28. I'm 5'10" and have kept my body in good shape so that I was still the same weight I had been in college, 165 pounds. I have blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I like to keep my hair somewhat messy so it was good that it was becoming more the norm for men, both gay and straight, to have more relaxed hair. I went to the gym several times a week and made sure to do a lot of squats to keep my ass in great shape.

When I got the promotion, one of the first business trips I was sent on was to a medium sized city in the Midwest. They wanted me to visit all of the branches in the city to get an idea of the kind of issues the branch managers were dealing with. The bank had arranged for me to stay at one of the nicer hotels that was located in the downtown area. It was pretty late Sunday night when I arrived. By the time I got the rental car and got to the hotel, I was pretty beat so I just ordered room service and watched some TV.

I got up early the next morning, realizing that the city I was in was two hours ahead of Phoenix, so even though my iPhone alarm went off at 6:30, it was actually 4:30 am my time. I was glad that I had brought some concealer with me because I was sure I was going to have bags under my eyes the next day.

I had brought two suits with me and enough shirts and several ties to last all week. Though I wasn't making that much money yet, I made sure that my suits and shirts were tailored to my body. After my bathroom routine, I stepped into a pair of thong underwear, put on a deep blue shirt and a thin blue and black tie, and paired that with my slim cut black suit with narrow lapels. I left my room and headed down to the lobby, I was hoping that there was a coffee shop nearby since I hadn't made any in my room provided coffeemaker.

When I got to the lobby, I was glad to see that they offered complimentary coffee. As I poured myself some in a to-go cup, I felt as if someone was watching me. I turned and saw a man behind the desk looking at me. I think he was embarrassed at being caught because he lowered his eyes and started working on something. I thought that maybe he was checking out my ass. My first impression was that he was pretty hot. He looked to be about 6' or slightly taller. He had that Midwestern farm boy type of look. Sun bleached hair and broad shoulders. I had a little time before I had to leave so I decided to get a better look.

I went up to the reception desk, "Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some directions." He had a name tag on that said he was Shawn.

"Sure, where are you going?"

I told him the name of the street and the bank branch. Now that I was up close, I could see that he was even hotter than I thought. He was wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt, with a blue tie. The material of the shirt was so fine that I could see the nubs of his chest because it fit so close. The sleeves were pulled so taut over his biceps, I thought they would split if he flexed his arms. I was getting horny just checking him out.

"That's easy, just take a right out of the garage and take the first right, that's the street you are looking for. You'll go a couple of miles and it will be on your right. Small world, that's where I bank."

"Yeah, small world." Now that I was closer I could see that Shawn wasn't that old, maybe not even 21. "You must have grown up here if you use that branch."

"Nah, I came here to go to school. That particular branch is the closest to campus." College cock, even hotter!

"Really? What are you studying?"

"Hospitality, in fact, that's why I'm working here, the college helps us get part time jobs in local hotels and motels to get some experience."

"That's cool."

"Yeah, I guess. Bad thing is we end up with the worst hours. I did the night shift so I've been here since midnight. I get off in just a little bit." I wanted to tell him that I would help him get off. In fact, I think I even licked my lips by the way he stared at me.

"That must suck."

We must have crossed over into bro world because his response was, "It sure does, I've been on the last five nights. Screws up my sleep and it screws up getting laid."

If I didn't have to get to the bank branch, I would have helped him with his problem, "If you're working tonight, maybe I'll see you tomorrow morning." I started walking away but turned back around, "Is there a good place to run around here? My first meeting isn't until around Noon tomorrow and I thought I'd get a run in."

"Oh yeah, there is some great trails along the river."

"Great, you can tell me where they are tomorrow morning if you're here."

"I'm on again tonight, so yeah. Hey, would you like some company? I'm a runner and I haven't done much lately. We could go when I get off. I'll bring my running gear with me."

There is nothing I wanted more at that point than to help him get off. "Great. See you in the morning." I went to my rental car and drove down to the first branch I was visiting.

I don't know if was because Shawn had made me horny or if the Regional Manager only hired hunky men, but at each of the branches I visited that day there was at least one, if not more, hot guys that I had to spend time with. I'm sure they had to notice that I was checking out their packages. It got so bad that I was checking out some of the customers. By the middle of the afternoon I was so horned up that I stopped at a McDonalds and beat off in the john. I'm sure the guy who came in to use the urinal knew what I was doing in the stall because he stood there so long that I finished before he did.

I finally made it back to the hotel about 7 pm because I went out for drinks with the Regional Manager. He was an older guy, with a big belly, but I definitely got the vibe that he did hire good looking guys because that's what turned him on. I just hoped he wasn't acting on it, I did not want him to be the first sexual harassment case I had to deal with.

I went up to my room and stripped off the suit. Even though I knew I should go work out, between the two cocktails I had, and my hunger, I decided to find someplace to get some dinner. I knew I didn't want to go someplace fancy so I put on one of the pair of jeans I had brought and a tight Henley. I mussed up my hair more than I had done earlier in the day and headed down to the lobby. A nice woman working the desk told me that the historic district was just a block away and there were several restaurants that I might like.

The sidewalk was teaming with people and I couldn't help but notice that there were many hot guys. It was obvious that it was close to a college campus. The woman was correct, there were a lot of restaurants and bars. I also noticed that there were two adult book stores tucked between the bars and restaurants.

I chose an Italian restaurant and went in. The place was jammed, so I was asked by the hostess if I would mind sitting at the bar since I was alone. I was fine with it and found a stool. Again, I don't know if it was the day I had, but the bartender that asked me what I wanted was smoking hot. He was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a tank top that looked like the Italian flag. I went into hyper drive. "What do you recommend? I've already had a couple of cocktails and I'm ready to try anything."

He must have picked up that I had been checking him out because he said, "I think you'd like something hard." Oh yeah! "How about a Liquid Cocaine?"


"Don't worry man, it's just a mix of stuff, I think you'll like it." He went to make the drink and I think I saw him use four or five bottles of liquor. "Here you go." I brought the glass to my lips and sipped it. "Dude, you don't sip it, you chug it." I noticed one of the other bartenders give mine a wink. When I put the glass back on the bar, another was waiting for me.

The next thing I remember was being in some dark room with a cock deep in my throat. When I raised my eyes, I saw that it was the bartender that had been serving me. While surprised, I did enjoy the sensation of a cock rubbing against the back of my throat. My hands were on his muscled thighs while he had one hand holding up his Italian tank top while he rubbed his chest. I realized that my head was back up against a wall and he was using just his hips to maneuver his thick, long cock back and forth over my tongue and lips and deep into my throat. "Fuck.....I love my fucking job." I just kept myself braced against his legs as he fucked my mouth. "Shit, I gotta get back out there before the owner comes looking for me." He quickened the pace of his thrusts and within a few minutes I felt a flood of cum coat my tongue and throat. The bartender pulled his dick from my mouth, "Dude, I want to watch you swallow it." I opened my mouth and let what cum that hadn't gone down my throat gather on my tongue and made sure he saw it there before I made a show of swallowing every drop. "Nice.....wait here, I'm going to send my buddy back."

I watched the jean covered ass of the bartender as he left the storage room pulling up his zipper. A few seconds later the bartender I had seen wink earlier enter the storage room, I hadn't even had the chance to get up. As he walked toward me, he was already pulling out his dick. Like his fellow bartender this guy had a hot body. He, too, was in nice fitting jeans and a tight tank top that looked like the Italian flag. He actually looked more muscled that the other bartender. This guy's cock wasn't quite as big as his fellow bartender but it was still nice. He got close to me and started slapping my face with his semi-hard dick. "You like that?" A couple more slaps while his cock got harder. "I don't know how Lorenzo does it, but he gets a cocksucker like you to take care of us almost every night he works." Now he was holding his cock and just rubbing it against my lips. "Whatta ya waiting for, an invitation? Get your mouth on my cock and drain my balls."

Unlike Lorenzo, this guy wanted me to do all the work. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, at least as much as I could and started to lick the head of his cock. "Stop with the faggy stuff, I don't have time for it, just take it so I can drop my load." I sucked the large head between my lips and let it rest on my tongue. "Are you not listening?" He put a hand behind my head and pulled me forward until my nose was buried in his pubes. "Yeah, that's more like it." He would lessen the pressure on the back of my head and I would slide back just a bit before he pulled my head forward again. After a few minutes that wasn't good enough. He gripped the hair on the back of my head and started moving me back and forth on his dick at the speed he wanted, he still hadn't moved his hips, it was just my mouth that was moving. "Yeah man, eat my big cock, fuck yeah." More pushing and pulling, "Getting close man, you want my load?" Before I even had the chance to try to answer, "It doesn't matter if you do or don't, you're getting it anyway." My mouth filled with his salty cum. "Fuck!" He pulled my head forward as far as he could while he and his cock trembled. He pushed my head off his cock which was slick with him cum. "Clean me off." I grabbed the base of his cock again and licked his dick like a popsicle. When he felt I had done enough, he pushed me away and stuffed his cock back into his jeans and left the storage room. When I realized no one else was coming for a blow job, I got up and brushed myself off while I licked my lips. Instead of going back out into the restaurant, I left through a door that led to the alley. My head was still foggy, I didn't even remember if I'd eaten anything, well anything other than two cocks and their loads.

Still foggy headed, I started back toward the hotel when I passed one of adult bookstores I had seen. Since it was still relatively early, I decided why not check it out. I went through the door that was painted black and entered and stood in front of a turnstile. Beyond the turnstile were racks and racks of magazines and DVDs. The walls were covered with dildos, whips, feathery things, negligees, and any another other sex toy you could think of. An older man with grey hair and unshaven face said, "That'll be $5." I gave him a questioning look, "Minimum purchase, you can apply to anything you buy or get it in tokens, your call." I handed him a $5 bill and he did something to release the turnstile so that I could enter. I walked around the store wondering who bought magazines or DVDs anymore with everything you could find on the web. There were several men that appeared to be looking at the covers of the DVDs or magazines but really were checking each other out. One guy was checking out the dildos, taking them from the wall and running his hand over then before putting it back and trying another one. I didn't see anyone buy anything but I did see some of the men go up to the counter who must have been redeeming their cover for tokens because as soon as they completed the transaction, each man headed toward a beaded covered doorway at the back of the store with a neon sign that said videos.

Some of the men in the store were checking me out because when I looked at them they would grab their crotches making sure that I got an idea of how big their dicks' were. So far I hadn't seen anyone come out of the beaded covered door so there must have been a number of men in the back area. I went up to the old man and asked for tokens. He handed me 20 brass tokens and I headed to the beaded covered doorway.

When I entered the back it was dark, I had to let my eyes adjust before I could see that there was a large display case in front of me that had the numbers 1 - 20. Beside each number was the covers of 5 DVDs. While most of the numbers had DVDs that were straight porn there were several that were gay. From previous experience I knew that a lot of straight men came to watch straight porn, some would just beat off while others wouldn't turn down a blow job from a guy. I had never been in a video arcade of a bookstore and seen a woman.

From where I stood I could go left or right. Now that my eyes adjusted, it looked like there were two hallways I could then enter from either direction. I could hear the sound of men moving but I hadn't seen anyone yet. I went to my right and went to the farthest hallway and turned down it. I walked by a couple of open doors that were dark, some that were empty but had a video showing, some where the doors were a bit ajar and yet others that were closed. I passed men who were headed in the other direction that didn't look at me, others that starred into my eyes and yet others that were just leaning up against the wall. It was like a cross section of the male population of the city was in the arcade. Old, young, white, black, brown, short, tall, heavy, skinny, fit and muscular. Some of the men were in suits like they had just left their offices, some were in jeans like me, some were in shorts, while others were in clothes they could have worn at a blue collar type of job. As I got close to some of the men, they would look at me and then enter one of the booths but keep the door open as an invitation.

There was one man that caught my eye. He looked to be a couple years older than me with short brown hair, almost a crew cut but not quite. He was wearing a pair of blue workman type of pants. It looked like he had just recently put on a white t-shirt, it was obvious he hadn't worn it at work. He was also a couple of inches taller than me. He had rolled up the sleeves of his t-shirt emphasizing his biceps. I noticed that he had a tattoo on his upper arm. Although I wasn't sure, it looked like it was some sort of military type of tattoo referring to whatever branch he had served in. The t-shirt must have been a XL to fit over his tautly over his chest but the hem was loose because it was too big for his narrow waist. The outline of his cock was noticeable down the right leg of his pants.

When he would move, I would follow, like a stalker. It was obvious that some of the other guys like me, who enjoy rough looking trade, were stalking him as well. Occasionally he would enter a booth, leaving the door open, drop some tokens and watch some straight porn. I watched as some of the other guys would try to enter the booth but he would just walk out of the booth ignoring them. Every once in a while he would glance at me but didn't indicate if he was interested. After walking up and down the hallways several times, with me not far behind, he left the arcade area but glared at me before he left. I followed.

He walked straight to the door and went out onto the street. I followed a few seconds later and looked both ways and saw him in front of the door of the other adult bookstore. When he saw me he went in. He had me hooked, I followed him into the store. This store was much smaller and he had already disappeared when I entered. I paid the cover and immediately asked for tokens which the man behind the counter gave me. I noticed a fish bowl of small packets of lube and grabbed one, just in case. The man behind the counter made me give him back four of the tokens. The pair of swinging doors, like in an old western bar, were still swinging when I walked through them. There was no display of what was showing, just a maze of hallways lit by the glow of video screens that were on. The man I was following wasn't in any of the booths I passed. I turned a corner and I saw him, he was leaning on the wall were two of the hallways met. He was smoking a cigarette even though there were signs indicating it was non-smoking. He obviously didn't care.

When our eyes locked, he dropped the cigarette and crushed it with his booted foot and then went into a door that led into a corner booth. He left the door open. I walked up to it and waited for him to leave like I had seen him do so many times before but instead he sat down on the cheap plastic chair that was in the center of the room facing away from the door. The room was like a triangle. Walls flared out from the door entrance and on the wall that was facing the door was a monitor that was black. As I closed the door the man said in a deep, gravely voice, "Put all of your tokens in." I walked around him and dropped my 16 coins into the slot. "Keep changing the channel until I tell you to stop." Images of men fucking women, men sucking men, men fucking men, women sucking men, and women eating women out all flashed in front of me. The man told me stop when an image of a woman sucking a huge cock appeared on the screen. The man just sat and watched the screen. Taking a cue from what was on the screen, I knelt on the filthy floor and put my hand on the outline of his cock which had grown larger. The only acknowledgement of my touching him was that he slid slightly forward on the chair. I noticed that he was wearing a wedding band.

I unbuckled the belt he was wearing and opened his pants and pulled his zipper down. He was wearing boxer shorts, the type you'd buy at Target or Walmart, cotton in a plaid pattern. His cock was so hard that I had to struggle to get it free from the leg of his pants and the boxers but when I did it was worth the wait. As I pulled it and his balls free I was impressed. His balls were big and heavy and his dick was long and thick with a big head. He spread his legs and waited while he watched the screen. Without taking his eyes from the screen he told me to get undressed. There was no place to put my clothes so I folded them a laid them on top of my shoes. The floor was sticky under my knees as I got back on the floor. I grabbed the base of his cock and held it up toward his ripped abs while I started to slobber all over his balls. I finally was able to get one into my mouth but I couldn't do both at the same time so I alternated. The man continued to watch the screen while he started to stroke his dick. When his fingers were up near his head, I started to lick the stalk. The heat of his cock felt like it was going to burn my tongue but that didn't stop me. The man finally released his cock and I went straight to the head, licking it all around the edge and then licking the head all over. The only way that I knew he even felt what I was doing was when he just barely raised his ass from the plastic chair.

"Suck that cock bitch". I didn't know if he was talking to me or to the screen but that's what I did. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and clamped my lips so that they were just under the head of his dick. I roughly rubbed my tongue on the underside of his head. The only reaction I got was it seemed that his cock got thicker and harder, to the point that I was worried that my teeth were scratching the man's impressive meat.

Something must have happened on the screen because I could hear gagging sounds and a guy saying "Yeah, take my big cock" and the man I was kneeling in front of put his hand on the back of my head and forced me down on his dick. I had learned to control my gag reflex long ago but that didn't stop the man from trying to make me gag. He held me in place as he watched whatever was transpiring on the screen.

Out of the corners of my eyes, I caught glimpses of two cocks. I hadn't noticed the glory holes on the two walls but obviously two men had. The cocks didn't look anywhere as impressive as the one in my mouth but that didn't stop me from looking. Again, it became apparent to me that the man in the chair was playing out whatever he was watching on the screen. From the screen I heard, "Yeah bitch, eat his cock" and within seconds the man pushed me off his cock and turned my head toward the cock to my right. I had hardly opened my mouth before the man pushed me onto the anonymous cock sticking through the glory hole. He pushed my head back and forth on the dick and then pulled me back to his cock. Another man must have appeared on the screen because he pulled me off his dick again and turned me toward the cock to my left and repeated what he had done before.

"Stand up and turn around." I let the cock that had been in mouth slip from my lips and stood up and turned around. On the screen the woman was bent forward while she was lowering herself onto the man on the screen's dick. I heard a ripping sound and realized the man in the chair had just torn open one of those small packages of lube with his teeth. He must have put it on his hand because I felt his fingers rub across my hole with something slick. Then one of his hands were around my waist and he was pulling me onto his cock. He obviously didn't care what I was feeling because he just kept pulling me farther so that his cock went deeper. At the same time he was pushing my back so that I was leaning forward. When I glanced at the screen, I realized again that he was playing out what he was watching. The man on the screen had his dick deep in the woman but was having her service the two other dicks. The man in the chair kept moving my face from one cock to the other that were sticking through the glory holes. While I didn't mind what was going on, the man in the chair was making me do all the work. Using my leg muscles, I rode his cock while doing my best to suck the other two cocks. The man on the screen whose cock was balls deep started saying "Fuck, fuck, fuck" and must have filled the woman with his seed because I could feel deep inside me that the man in the chair had done the same. When I felt the last spurt of his cum, the man pushed me off his dick, stood up, pulled up his boxers and pants, buckle his belt and left the stall with a "fucking faggot". As the cum oozed out of my ass onto the already sticky floor I finished off the two cocks sticking through the holes in the walls and savored every drop.

I made it back to my hotel and set my iPhone to go off at 7 am. I took a quick shower and got into bed and immediately fell asleep. I almost turned off my phone when the alarm sounded but remembered I had told Shawn that I would go running with him. Even though I knew I would need another shower after the run, I showered and cleaned myself, shaved and mussed my hair. At least I would look good at the start of the run. I had brought a pair of nylon running shorts that made my ass look awesome that had some good support for my cock and balls. I also put on one of the tight tanks I had brought that was made of wick away material. I pulled on some running socks and my running shoes and headed down to the lobby.

Shawn was still behind the desk when I arrived. He was talking to another desk worker and held up a finger indicating that it would be a minute. After a second he went through a door behind the desk and disappeared. I used the time to stretch. A few minutes later, Shawn appeared. He was wearing a pair of compression shorts that left nothing to the imagination and a t-shirt from the college he attended. I tried not to stare as we left the hotel. He did a couple of stretches and we started to jog south on a city street. Shawn looked so hot, I was afraid that the people we jogged by couldn't help but notice the erection I was getting.

It wasn't long before we reached a river that ran through the city. While it wasn't any sort of major river, it was nice and had a biking/running path that went along the bank. As we continued south along the river and started to pick up the pace we talked about generic stuff. He asked me where I had grown up and gone to college. I told him about going to community college and then going to State. He told me that he had grown up in a small town and had been on the football team even though he didn't play anymore. The path curved a bit and soon we were running between trees on either side of us. While I could hear traffic, I couldn't see any roads except the ones we ran under. While there were other runners I also noticed men that were walking along the path or coming in and out of the wooded areas. We were both getting stares but Shawn seem oblivious. Shawn said he was getting sweaty and he pulled off his tank top and tucked it into the back of his compression shorts confirming that he was hot, really hot and not just from the run.

While we ran, Shawn told me about how he hoped to find a job in LA, Chicago or New York when he graduated, he wanted to experience life in a major city. I told him about Phoenix and told him about the large number of resorts that he should consider as employment opportunities. He asked me if I was married or had a girlfriend and I told him I didn't. He told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend when he left for college and was just playing the field.

We ran in silence for a while and then he asked if it was easy to get laid in Phoenix. I told him that I hadn't ever had a problem. He then asked me if I was an ass or boob guy and I told him I was a cock kind of guy. His pace slowed just a bit, "You don't look like a fag, sorry, you don't look gay."

"What does gay look like?"

"You know, I mean, I don't know, just gay."

"You see these guys around us, the ones who aren't running, that are going into or coming out of the bushes?"

"Yeah, so what?"

"Well, they are either hanging around trying to suck some cock or get their cock sucked."

"No shit?"

"No shit, Shawn."

"When you say you like cock, do you mean you like to suck cock?"

"Yep, and I also like to get fucked." Shawn stopped running so I did too.

"Wait, you look like a jock. You're not big enough for football, but you look like you did something, maybe baseball or wrestling."

"Baseball. I bet there were guys on your football team that liked cock as much as I do."

"Well, I heard shit but I didn't believe it." God, this kid really was small town naive. "You really like to suck cock?" I don't know what he was thinking but his compression shorts were telling me that the thought was exciting him.

"Come with me", I grabbed his arm and pulled him off the path into the bushes and trees. I pushed him against a tree and pushed the front of his compression shorts down far enough that his cock sprung up. I dropped to my knees and grabbed the base of his cock.

"Wait, I'm not gay."

"Just because you put your cock in my mouth or my ass just means you're a man who wants to empty his balls." With that I put my mouth around the head of his cock and he moaned. As much as I would have liked him to take control and use my mouth, I knew that this was too new for him. I started bobbing my head and let his cock hit the back of my throat. I heard some rustling so I knew that there were at least a couple of men that were watching what we were doing but Shawn was so focused on his dick that he didn't notice. If this was Shawn's first time getting a blow job from someone who knew what a man likes, I made sure it was the best I could do. As he got close to blowing, he did take a bit of control and pulled my head forward so that his dick was as deep in my mouth and throat as he could get it. When he let loose with his seed, I sensed that the men that were watching shot their loads as well. I was glad that I was able to do my community service. After I licked the last drop of cum from Shawn, he pulled up his shorts and we finished our run.

Over the next several days, after my work was done, I had dinner, or fed, at the Italian restaurant; searched for the rough trade guy at the bookstores but settled for any big dick I could find; and ran with Shawn on the days he worked. Before I flew back to Phoenix, Shawn found out what it felt like to have his cock up a guy's ass. I hope work brings me back to that Midwestern city in the near future.

Be Well,


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