I was bored, I mean seriously bored. It was the second day of my three day watch on the bridge. The ten of us on the crew rotated watches. When not on watch, we remained in our stasis mods, that was the way that TerraCorp could keep costs down by needing to supply a smaller amount of food, use less cubic meters for quarters thus having more space for revenue producing cargo. Little did I know that when I joined the TerraCorp Security Corps that I would end up being a baby sitter once a month.

When I'd first seen the ads for joining the Corps, they all promised an exciting life visiting different colonies in the galaxy, providing aid and assistance as needed, and learning skills that would set us up for a successful career when our years of service were over. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away from my demanding family that had my whole life planned out for me. It hadn't turned out that way.

So far, I had been on three "missions" with the current one being my fourth. The first three were simply serving on transport ships that were taking cargo to a colony and picking up cargo and ferrying it to another colony. My role, and that of other Corps members on the ship, was to insure that the cargo was safe, both in transit and on the ground. Each mission lasted a couple of months with stops every couple of days. If we were given permission to leave the ship and the landing area, it was never enough time to really experience the colony we were on.

After each mission was completed, we would return to one of the TerraCorp Security Corps' bases, which were usually moons that TerraCorp had determined were not worth terraforming but could provide barely adequate living quarters and dining facilities. Of course, TerraCorp made sure that there were ample drinking and gambling establishments were we could lose the money we had earned and put it back into TerraCorp's pockets. At least when we were on base, there was a chance to get laid, either by hooking up with another Corpsman, or woman if that was your preference, or if you wanted to spend some money, a Sky Hooker that might be working the base.

On base, no one really cared who was fucking who, so I was usually pretty lucky getting cock when I wanted it. It didn't hurt that I was considered pretty good looking. I'm just shy of 1.8 meters and weigh 75 kilos. The on-going physical training we all went through had made my body even harder than it already had been. I have a light complexion, blue/green eyes, and dirty blonde hair. I had used some of my earnings to get my uniforms tailored to make sure I showed off what I had to its best advantage.

On my first three missions, the crews were never in stasis since its FTL jump didn't take more than a few days. Even though it was discouraged, crews would fuck around all the time. When men on the crew knew that I liked cock, there was always a line waiting outside of my quarters even if there were more than enough women on the crew. Since relationships never seemed to work out well on ships, the men were more likely to just let me, or any other crewman who liked cock, take care of them. I didn't mind, the more the merrier.

This mission was completely different. Except when we first boarded, besides general greetings, the crew didn't interact at all. You were either the person on watch or you were in your stasis mod. If you tried to talk to the person either coming out of stasis or going into stasis the ship's AI made sure that it was limited. Our orders had been very vague, we were transporting some important cargo to one of the new colonies on the fringe of the galaxy. Once we landed we would be given additional orders. It was all very strange, but what about TerraCorp isn't.

The reason one of us always had to be out of stasis was in case we were approached by a rogue ship that wanted to commandeer our ship; another corporation's ship that wanted our cargo; or, from what we had been told, a growing number of ships that were part of a resistance movement that was operating on various colonies with the goal of breaking free from TerraCorp control. Our worst fear was, whether it was just lore or not, that we would be spaced.

TerraCorp hadn't updated the ship's system with any new vids or books. They were the same one's I had watched or read on the other missions. Some were even so old that I remember seeing them as a kid. When a ship is in FTL Drive, it's not possible to access any new material. Even though audio communication was possible between ships, space stations, or colonies that were within one light year, the data stream was not capable of accessing large files.

So, I was sitting in the Captain's chair, beating off, thinking about the last time I had gotten some cock. It was the night before this mission had begun, while it was actually several months ago to me it felt like it was last week since I had been in stasis for much of the time.


The 10 members of the crew, including myself, came from different bases and hadn't worked with each other on any previous missions. We rendezvoused at the Obama Station where our ship was being serviced and its cargo loaded. I had been given orders to show up at the ship at a certain time the next day and wasn't informed who the rest of the crew was, so I was on my own for the evening.

I took a shower in the barracks that were provided by TerraCorp on Obama. Since I wasn't on duty, I could wear some of the civvies I had brought with me. I put on the only pair of pants, other than uniform pants, that were black but shimmered with small threads of silver that were randomly in the fabric. The fabric was the kind that molded to your body making sure that every muscle group in my legs showed, but most importantly made my ass look great. Some of the men and women in the barracks gave me some shit, very few of them, if any, had ever seen pants like them before, or in my opinion could pull them off. I gave them the finger and continued dressing. I did have several shirts that I brought. I picked the one that was a translucent fabric that picked up the silver in the pants. The shirt didn't have sleeves and was open in the front, almost like a vest if it had been any other fabric. It moved easily when I walked showing off my narrow waist, abs and pecs. I took my credit stick, which also acted as identification, placed all my belongings in my locker and locked it to only recognize my ring finger print.

Our barracks were on level 32, two decks above the landing area for small ships and dockings for larger ships, like the one I would be on. When I headed toward the people mover, I needed to decide if I was going to go up to bazaar like levels or even higher to the upscale restaurants and bars that were just below the nicer residential levels. I could also go down where the decks got rowdier. The lower you went the seedier the bars got and you could find most any drug that you'd want, and some that you didn't. There were gambling halls and brothels were you could find anything you wanted. The lower level residential decks were pretty Spartan and were occupied by the people who worked on the lower decks, skilled laborers, or just laborers. I decided that if I was going to be in space for months before I had the chance for much fun, I was going to go down.

I got off on Level 20, a public level filled with bars, food stalls, and various forms of entertainment. I got a lot of looks because of my clothes, they were more like what people would were on the upper decks, which is where my family would be if they lived here, in fact, they'd be on one of the top levels. Most of the men and women on this level were in work clothes or utilitarian basic shirts and pants.

One of the things I liked about these kind of levels on space stations, was that the people that lived on the lower levels didn't pay Sky Hookers for sex, they would just find someone. My plan was to be one of those 'someones' for as many men as I could before we departed the station.

I entered the first bar I passed. It was just a bar. There were no tables and chairs, everyone just gathered around the bar or was against the wall. I finally got the bartender's attention and he came over. He was shirtless, as he should be with his body, because it probably helped with getting good tips from upper level visitors. I wouldn't be surprised if he made some money on the side fucking upper level men and women. I asked him what he recommended since each bar had their own supply of unique liquors that were made on site.

He stood looking at me for a second, "You look like someone who'd like a Jupiter Moonrise." It was a cloyingly sweet drink that had layers of color, just like Jupiter.

"No thanks, why don't you just bring me some of your house liquor on the rocks." The house liquor was usually the strongest but least expensive.

"You sure sweetheart?" I was ready to show just how much of a sweetheart I could be if he'd let me.

"I'm sure." He stepped away, poured a liquid over a few cubes of ice and brought it back to me quoting the price. I handed him my credit stick. "Double the amount and keep the change if you answer one question." I wasn't going to need any credits for the next several months and I'd get all the salary when I returned so what difference did it make. "Who around here has the biggest cock and likes to get it serviced, multiple ways and multiple times? I'm shipping out tomorrow and want something to remember."

The bartender leaned in close, "Biggest one that I know for sure, is a guy named Bull. He hangs out here every once in a while but he's not here tonight. Sometimes he's down on Level 18 at a place called the Backroom, place makes this joint look high class, but no one cares what's going on in the shadows. All Bull cares about, when he's not working at his job in the power core, is getting off and getting off his way. He's got some regulars, both men and women, who can take it, so you're going to have to work hard to get his attention."

"How will I know who he is?"

"Oh, you'll know, you'll know." The bartender touched my credit stick to a reader and then handed it back, "Thanks for the tip."

"Sounds like it was credits well spent." I knocked the drink back and it almost knocked me on my ass. It felt like I was drinking liquid fire and immediately caused a buzz.

I rode the people mover down to Level 18, which was sleazier than Level 20. The public hallway was dingy both in the level of light but also just how the walls and the floor appeared. Every other business I passed was some sort of bar. Some were rowdy; some had women in the hallway trying to attract business by exposing their breasts to some of the men that walked by; live sex shows that could be seen from the hallway; go-go boys dancing on platforms by the doors; and anything else you could imagine.

I got more stares on this level than I had on the upper one. My clothes were completely out of place but men were blatantly staring at me, some even stopped me and asked if I was interested in partying with them. I declined every offer, even some of the tempting men, because I was on a mission.

I found the Backroom at the end of hallway. The dimly light space was packed with men and women. It was so dim in fact, that you wouldn't see where the space ended. There was a long rectangular bar in the center of the space that was a hub of activity as the bartenders took care of the customers. After pushing my way through the crowd, I realized that they were only serving one drink, the alcohol they must make themselves. I handed a bartender my credit stick and he quickly returned with it and a metal glass. I could smell the alcohol before I even brought it toward my mouth, as expected it was strong, stronger than what I had gotten at the other bar.

With drink in hand, I began to work my way through the crowded bar. This definitely was a much rougher crowd than was on the upper levels. Most of the men had bodies hardened from physical labor on the station or whatever colony they had just visited. There were other men that had the looks of crews on transports and rogue ships. The women ranged from very young to those that had seen better days. There were also a number of men that, while slender and fit, didn't have bodies built by years in the bowels of the space station. I thought that most of those men and the younger women were Sky Hookers, it had to be the reason that they were in such a place.

At the back of the space, where the light was dimmest, there was a man that appeared to be holding court, it had to be Bull. The man seemed to pull the oxygen out of the space around him. He had to be almost 2 meters in height and must be pushing 120 kilos, the man was huge. I don't know what he specifically did in the power core but he looked like he had muscles on top of muscles on top of muscles. From what I could see from the back of the crowd was that Bull was shirtless. His upper body glistened either from a sheen of sweat or body oil. I swore I could smell testosterone that had to be coming from him. I knew right then that I had to get to that man's body and more specifically his cock.

I elbowed my way through the crowd of men and women that were orbiting him like he was the sun. I wasn't too subtle and they weren't too happy with me. Soon I was standing in front of him, my eyes just barely higher than his broad chest and shoulders.

In a deep baritone, Bull said, "What have we got here? Did you get lost? Or are you one of the uppers that comes down here looking to find out how your grunts live?"

Holding my ground, "I'm not an upper."

"Bullshit, no one but an upper would be dressed like you."

I pulled out my credit stick and pressed a button and an ID hologram appeared with my name and showing that I was a member of the TerraCorp Security Corps. That caused some of the people in the crowd to recede back into the shadows.

"Man, if you think you're going to arrest me for something, you better have another 10 more guys with you."

"Not here to arrest you. I'm shipping out tomorrow and was looking for some fun before I left. I asked around and heard that I should come find you." I had his attention now.

"Is that so?" He stepped close enough that it would have been difficult to put a piece of paper between us.

I grabbed the large bulge that was straining the zipper of his pants and gave it a squeeze, "Yep."

I could smell the alcohol on his breathe, "What you got that these fuckers don't have?"

I put a hand on his chest, his slabs of granite chest, "You'll just have to find out, won't you? You won't be disappointed."

Bull roared with laughter and pulled my face to his pecs, "Show me." With my hands and tongue I explored Bull's chest and then turned my attention to his biceps. He put one of his hands on the top of my head and pushed, leaving me no choice to but to get on my knees. I looked up to his face, which seemed so far away, "I said show me Security boy."

I slowly unfastened the top of his pants. Now that I was looking at the front of his pants, I realized that it wasn't a zipper or buttons but laces. However loose or tight Bull made them made the shape of his package change its look. The laces were loose, causing the weight and size of his cock and balls look exceptionally large. I loosened the laces enough so that I could pull the front of Bull's pants down. A piece of material behind the laces kept his cock from showing when the laces were loose. I struggled some more until the front was loose enough that I could pull the pants from his waist low enough to free this dick and balls. His name fit. Now I had never seen a bull except on vids and never saw one with an erection but it must be a good comparison. Bull's had to be the biggest cock I had ever seen and his balls were massive. It was at least 10 inches and it wasn't even hard. It had to have the circumference of my wrist. I just stared at it.

Bull laughed again and said to the group around us, "Security boy here is what I thought, just an upper that thought he could deal with a real workingman on the station." Bull started to pull his pants back up. I pushed his hands away with the slightest fear that he would react badly, but he didn't, he just stared down at me with his arms now at his side. I put one hand under his balls and with the other I hefted his thick piece of meat. I brought the huge head to my mouth and tentatively licked it. I played with his balls and with my other hand, tried to wrap my fingers around his shaft but finally gave up and stroked it the best that I could. His cock not only got bigger but also heavier as it started to fill with blood. I tentatively pressed my lips against the head of his dick and enjoyed its warmth before opening my lips.

Bull made no attempt to push, he wanted me to show him what I could do. Holding the base of his cock firmly, I opened as wide as I could and struggled to get his head past my lips. I stopped briefly to catch my breath and then forced my face farther on to his massive appendage. It felt like I was going to dislocate my jaw but I wasn't going to admit defeat. Little by little, I took more of Bull's dick into my mouth. Soon the head was rubbing the back of my throat, but even so, more of his cock was outside my mouth than in. I tipped my head slightly and was awarded with a bit more. I pride myself on not gagging but even I had no choice. I pulled my head back just enough to stop the gag but also to take a deep breath. That done, I rammed my face forward and got a few more centimeters past my lips. With each movement I gagged less and held my breath longer.

"Well, I'll be god damned, this little pint-sized upper has almost as much of my dick in his mouth as you Trix." It looked like he was talking to a woman or guy in drag, neither of which could be called attractive. I also wasn't pint-sized, I was average height for a man and built a hell of a lot better. Now was the time, taking in as much air as I could, I drove my face forward as far as my throat would allow. It felt like I had a grapefruit stuck in my throat. "No fucking way! Trix he just beat you." Now Bull started to get into the act, he put his meaty hand on the back of my head and tried to force more of his cock passed my lips. I started to gag again, he released the pressure just enough for me to calm down and get some air before pulling me back. When even Bull figured out that I couldn't take anymore he decided we were going to change positions. He pulled out and picked me up like I weighed next to nothing and placed me on some sort of table that I hadn't noticed in the shadows. I was on my back and he pulled me by my armpits until my head hung off of the table. I knew what was coming.

Bull put a hand under my head, keeping it stationary, and pressed the head of his cock against my lips, I wasted no time in opening my mouth and jaws as wide as possible. Unlike before, it wasn't a slow process but a quick inward thrust. The new position allowed more of his dick into my throat. He would pull back so that just the head was still in my mouth and then he would push in again. As my throat was forced to open up more, more of his giant cock would fill it. Spit was dripping from the corners of my mouth.

While I was more focused on the dick invading my throat, I was aware that one or more persons had pulled my black pants off. I could feel my cock stick straight up when it was free and then I felt the warmth of a mouth taking me in. My cock, while not anything like Bull's, is definitely more than average, but whoever's mouth it was, they were down to my balls in seconds. My balls were being tongued by yet another person and hands were all over my body.

With each thrust, Bull became more aggressive driving his cock in and holding just long enough before pulling it back and letting me breathe. I lost track of time but soon my nose was hitting Bull's balls. I think mouths were changing on my dick because of the different textures and techniques I was experiencing. I also felt someone begin to finger my asshole. I was in sensory overload.

While Bull continued to feed me, I felt a second and then a third finger breach my ass. I think it was more than one person because the fingers were moving in different directions and then they were gone. It felt like someone jumped up on the table and then my legs were pulled back. Since they weren't pushed, I knew it was multiple people. I felt a big, hot, cock rub against my hole as Bull continued his attack of my throat. The dick slammed into my ass so hard and deep that I tried to yelp but any sound was strangled by Bull's cock.

This went on, for what I felt, was more than 30 minutes. Between the two dicks deep in my holes and the warm mouth on my cock, I finally couldn't take it anymore and my cock spewed cum into the mouth covering it causing me to spasm and clench my ass. That, in turn, caused the dick inside my ass to cover its walls with heavy cream. Seeing both pushed Bull over the edge and I could tell, even though I couldn't taste it, shots of cum entering my gullet.

Bull pulled his cock from my mouth and I got to taste some of his cum but not much, he pushed me forward enough so that my head was resting on the table. I just laid there trying to recover. The crowd dissipated as someone threw my pants on my chest. I pulled them back on, left the Backroom and took the people mover up to Level 20, stopping at the bar and giving the bartender that told me about Bull another tip. I went back to the barracks, took a shower and got a couple hours of sleep before reporting to the ship. When I greeted my fellow crew members, I could hardly speak my throat was so raw.


I continued stroking my cock while reminiscing about Bull and was close to cumming when the ship's alarm sounded.

"Babe, what's going on?" The computer on the ship had been named by the ship's first Captain and had never been changed, even though I had heard that he had deserted and gone rogue. I believe his name was Bishop.

"Somehow we have dropped out of FTL and there is a ship approaching. I am not able to identify the ship nor are they responding to hails."

It must be a rogue ship looking to get our ship and our cargo. "Bring the crew out of stasis and engage the defense shields."

"I'm sorry but I can't do either."

"What do you mean, you can't? Just do it."

"Some of my subprograms were altered by the same malware that dropped us from FTL and I am unable to override them."

"Shit! Okay, prepare for FTL jump on my mark."

"I'm sorry, the FTL has also been disabled." Who the hell were these rogues?

"Send out a distress call to the nearest TerraCorp Security Ship."

"Done. The nearest ship is 2.4 light days away."

"Fuck! Any suggestions?"

"Surrender the ship."

"Not an option. Anything else?"

"I could power up one of the pieces of cargo to assist you?"

"What? What kind of cargo do we have?"

"Synthetic Humans trained in combat."

"Are you talking about robots?"

"No, they are humanoid and to the untrained eye they are indistinguishable from human beings."

"Shit, power them all up."

"There is not sufficient time. I may not be able to even power up one before we are boarded. The ship has pulled alongside and has initiated docking procedures which I am unable to override."

I felt a slight change in pressure and knew that the rogue ship had docked and had opened an airlock between both ships. I knew that there wasn't much time. "Power up one of the Synthetics."

"It has commenced."

"Initiate Protocol A until I specifically order you to rescind it." Protocol A didn't allow the ship's AI to operate any systems except life support.

A group of armed men entered the bridge. I had expected to see a rag tag group of miscreants, but instead I saw 5 men, all about my age or older, but not by much. Even though they weren't in uniforms, they all looked like they had gone through the same type of physical training that the Security Corps did and carried themselves in a military fashion.

The man who was obviously the leader said, "Do you always man the bridge without any clothes on?" I had completely forgotten I was naked. When you are the only one awake on a stasis cargo ship, why were clothes? I decided to stand my ground.

The ship's computer spoke, "Captain Bishop, it's good to have you back on board."

"Babe?" asked Captain Bishop. "I'll be damned, I thought this ship was my first commission but it's been modified. I'm surprised that no one changed your name or our voice."

"After you left, the next couple of captains liked the name, it's never been changed." It was almost like two old friends talking. Very bizarre.

"Where's the rest of the crew?" I didn't know if he was asking me or Babe, but I chose to respond.

"They are all in stasis."

While the captain kept his attention on me, his other men were wandering around the bridge. "Why is that?"

"This ship, your former ship, has been converted to haul cargo. We are heading to a colony on the outer edge and it's a long flight even with FTL speeds. TerraCorp keeps costs down by limiting space and provisions for crew."

"Fucking TerraCorp, still doing the same kind of shit that drove me to leave the Security Corps. Credits are more important than people. What kind of cargo are you carrying?"

"I don't know. We were told we would be briefed upon arrival."

"Babe, what's the cargo?"

"I'm sorry Captain Bishop, I'm not authorized to divulge that information."

"I'll just go and check myself."

"Again, I'm sorry, but the software you used to hack our systems to bring us out of FTL drive, triggered a lock down that can only be overridden by a senior TerraCorp Security Corps officer."

"Well, get the Captain out of stasis so that I can talk with him."

"That's not possible, the lockdown includes all of the stasis modules."

"I assume you've already sent a distress signal to TerraCorp, what response time did they give?"

"2.4 light days."

"God damn it. Diego, try to hack the system."

The man that Captain Bishop referred to Diego said, "I've already tried, it's locked up as tight as a virgin's ass."

"Speaking of ass", was said by another member of the boarding party, "Cap, you said there were going to be women on board. With our charm and good looks, some of us thought we might get laid." The man making the statement was similar to the other men, he was tall, broad shouldered with a narrow waist. He also had a bulge in his pants that would make any man proud. "We haven't been to a colony or a station in over a month. Since Mikey left, all we have is our hands." The other men grumbled in agreement.

"For Christ's sake Slammer, do you ever think with anything other than your dick?"

"My dick seems to make the better decisions." Slammer got behind me, I tried to step forward but he wasn't going to let that happen. He grabbed my waist and pulled me back, making sure I could feel the outline of his cock against my naked ass. "Cap, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to take the ship or its cargo, so why don't you go back to our ship. We're going to take what we can and will be there shortly."

Captain Bishop started to leave the bridge, "Just don't be too long and don't hurt him."

"He's going to hurt but in a good way."

After Captain Bishop had left, the three other men joined Slammer close to my body. Instead of them thinking that they were just going to use me, not that I'd mind that of course, I decided to set the tone. I pushed my ass back against Slammer's crotch while I grabbed the bulges of the two men closest to me. I felt sorry for the third guy, but what's a boy to do.

"Looks like our boy here likes cock. Good news for us."

The man who had been left out was opening the front of his pants while I ground my ass against Slammer's growing bulge. I started moving my hands on the other two guys, trying to get a good idea of how big they were and I was pleasantly surprised as they too started to grow.

The man who had opened his pants pulled out a nice looking cock. Not too big, not too small, but just a nice mouth or ass full. He put a hand behind my neck and pulled my head down toward his dick. I was ready to swallow it but he just kept slapping it on my face while it stiffened up. Slammer, the guy behind me, must have opened, or pulled down, his pants because I could feel the sear from his cock against the skin of my ass. I fumbled with the other two men's pants in an effort to free their dicks as well.

I heard Slammer spit and then felt his saliva slide down my ass crack and onto my hole. I heard him spit again but didn't feel anything, so assumed he had spit in his hand or onto his cock, which I still had yet to see. The head of his cock pushed against my hole and I tried to push back but so did Slammer, teasing me.

"You really want to feel Little Slammer up your pussy, don't you?" As I opened my mouth, the man in front of me shoved his cock past my lips, over my tongue, hitting the back of my throat in one quick movement. With my mouth filled with cock, the best I could do was to try and moan a 'yes'. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

Slammer started tapping my asshole with the tip of his cock, over and over and over. I wanted to scream in frustration but my mouth was too full. Slammer was holding my ass so tight I couldn't even push back. He just kept teasing me. The men on either side of me helped me get their cocks out and I wrapped my fingers around each and stroked, enjoying the different textures.

The man with his cock in my mouth pulled it out and slapped my face again. The man to my right pulled his cock from my hand and changed places with the man who had been in front of me. While my mouth was free I yelled, "FUCK ME!" Before I could say it again, my mouth was full with the new cock.

Slammer must have listened because he paused and then pushed his dick through my hole but then just let it sit there, again making me crazy. Up front, one man was holding my face still while the other man skull fucked me. Slammer pushed a little farther in. The man who had been skull fucking me pulled out and was replaced by the third man who wasted no time before he was ramming my mouth just as the other man had done. Slammer slide the rest of his cock deep, deep enough that I could feel his wiry pubic hair scratch my ass. The other three me kept changing places.

As the rotation continued, Slammer kept using my hole the way he wanted. Sometimes he went slow, almost pulling all the way out before slowly plunging it back in. Other times he was fast and rough. I was in heaven.

"I'm getting close boys", Slammer declared. The three men who had been making good use of my mouth all started stroking and told me to open my mouth and catch their seed.

"Yeah, give it to me, I want it all." I opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue.

Slammer pulled all the way out and then slammed it back it. Now I understood his nickname. He did that a few times, grunted and then filled me with his cream with a loud, "Take it you Corps cum slut!"

That must have been the cue for the other three because almost simultaneously their loads began to hit my tongue and face. When they were done, the each wiped the cum off my face and brought their slimy fingers to my mouth which I sucked greedily. Slammer slowly pulled his cock from my ass and then dragged it across my ass cheeks, wiping himself clean. "Which of you horn dogs wants his ass next?"

Just as Slammer said that, the door to the bridge opened and we all looked, thinking that it was Captain Bishop coming back since the four men had been gone so long. It wasn't Captain Bishop. It was a man I had never seen before. He had to be almost 2 meters tall with a solid, muscled body. His neatly trimmed hair was brown as were his eyes. His skin tone and symmetrical features looked like he was multiracial. All he was wearing was something like underwear that barely held his dick and didn't look like it covered much of his ass. What I couldn't help but notice was that he was holding two pulsers that were aimed in our direction. In a rather monotone voice he said, "Move away from the crew member." I don't know if Slammer tried to pull his own weapon but a pulse went over my body and I heard something metallic hit the deck.

I heard Slammer say, "Okay Man, take it easy. We don't mean you or this guy any harm." The three me who had used my mouth had all raised their hands with the cocks still hanging out. They had all gone soft. "What do you want?"

"I want the four of you to disembark and separate your ship. I will give you 10 minutes. If you haven't separated, there will be consequences." The man didn't say what the consequences would be but Slammer and the other three men stuffed their cocks back into their pants and headed off of the bridge with the unknown man following them with his pulsers still aimed at them. I could feel the slight pressure change of the airlock opening and closing. On the screen I saw their ship pull away and then do an FTL jump.

"Babe, who the hell was that? Are there more people in stasis that we didn't know about? I thought you said that you stasis mods couldn't be open?" While I was asking, I pulled on the pair of shorts that I had been wearing before I started beating off.

"That wasn't in stasis, it is part of the cargo."

"Cargo? It? What are you talking about, that was a man?"

"No, it is not a man. It's a synthetic human."

"Bullshit, I've seen synths before. Their skin doesn't look like his does."

The Synth had reentered the bridge and stood still with his arms at his side but still holding the pulsars.

"It's the newest model. They have been designed to serve as peace keepers on the colonies. TerraCorp had determined that they are more economical and are less prone to injuries than humans."

"But why do they look so real?"

"TerraCorp wants them to be able to blend in with the population without detection."

A light bulb went off in my brain, "So what you're saying is that TerraCorp is going to use them on colonies that may be considering independence."

"I did not say that."

"How much cargo are we carrying?"

"200 units."

"Jesus Christ." It was both interesting and frightening at the same time.

I turned my attention to the synth, "Do you have a name?"

In somewhat of a monotone voice with no discernable accent, "My designation is PK117, serial number 85W59Z21C."

"What does that mean?"

"I'm the 117th of the Peace Keeper model of the new Human Synthetic series."

Even though I could feel cum starting to ooze out of my shorts and more cum drying on my face, I was too intrigued to go do anything about it.

"What other types of models are there?"

"Primarily laborers of different kinds; some service units; and several warrior models."

"Are more of you going to other colonies?"

"Yes, twenty cargo ships, including this one, are in transit to mining and energy production colonies."

What was TerraCorp up to? It sounded like they were going to displace humans on colonies that were rich in resources. All I could do was stand there, look at PK117 and consider the potential ramifications of what was happening.

"Babe, is this correct?"

"From what I can find on the net, yes, his information is correct." Babe had used a male pronoun.

The Synth asked, "Should I return to the cargo bay?"

I almost said yes, but I had so many more questions to ask, I told it, him, whatever, no.

"Babe, keep me updated on the status of the Security Ship's arrival time."

"Of course."

I turned my attention back to the Synth. "Follow me." We headed to the one space that was provided for the crew member that was out of stasis. It was pretty standard, a bed, desk, chair, sink, toilet, shower and a small prep area for food preparation if the crew member didn't want to eat the nutritional supplies right out of the package. I went to the sink and washed the dried cum off of my face. When I turned back around, the Synth was standing perfectly still with his arms at his side still holding the pulsers.

"Please put the pulsers down on the desk." The Synth complied and I picked up the pulsers and put them in the locker where I kept my belongings. "What should I call you?"

"You can use my designation or you could assign me a name."

"How about Chad?" I smiled when I said it, it was a name that had been passed down many generations in my family.


I walked up to Chad and put my hand on his arm and he recoiled. "Why did you do that?" I asked.

"My programming indicates that I shouldn't let a human touch me without my permission or if ordered to do so." Interesting.

"May I touch you?"

"Yes." Chad's skin felt real. It also felt warm unlike other Synths I had touched. When I brushed my hand lightly across his arm, goose bumps appeared.

"Could you flex your bicep?"

"Of course." When Chad flexed it looked and felt like real muscle. I asked him to turn around and each muscle group looked real and perfectly formed.

"How are you supposed to blend in with the colonists?"

"We are expected to do jobs assigned by TerraCorp."

"What do you mean by jobs?"

"Jobs such as miners, shopkeepers, cooks, transport drivers, entertainers or anything else we are told to perform."

"Won't it become obvious to the colonists that you aren't human when they see more than one of you at the same time or when you don't eat or drink?"

"Each model is different, no two of us look or sound alike. We will appear just like any other group of colonists arriving on the planet."

"And food?"

"We eat and drink the same as humans, it's what provides most of the fuel our bodies need. We also expel what is not needed for fuel that same as humans." This was starting to verge on the bizarre. "We each have a small energy chip that allows our neural net to function."

"Can you be hurt or sick? That's going to be noticeable."

"Yes to both, however, our physical training will help us minimize injuries. We have been immunized against all known illnesses." Why would a Synth need to be immunized?

"What about aging?"

"We age just like humans, it's the only way to fit in undetected."

"Colonists are expected to procreate to populate their new worlds, how do you deal with that issue?"

"Our female models are capable of child bearing. They have also been programmed to nurture a child. However, they are supposed to procreate with men chosen by TerraCorp." What the fuck?

"And the male models?"

"We are capable of fertilizing a female's egg but only with a women chosen by TerraCorp." As strange as this was sounding, it also increased my curiosity.

"Besides for precreation, are you all capable of having sex?"

"Yes. It is one of the primary methods we are to use to gather information about the colonists to make sure they are secure. Some of us may be required to be sex workers to gather as much information as possible."

"Who gives you the orders to have sex or procreate?"

"The highest ranking Security Corps member on the colony or his or her designee."

"What about when you are in space?"

"It is the same, the highest ranking Security Corps member on the ship."

"So, our Captain."

"No, it is you. Your Captain is in stasis so you are his designee. That is why I've answered your questions. If you weren't, I would have told you my programmed history of where I'm from, my family, my friends and why I came to the colony."

"No shit?"

"I don't understand the question."

"Never mind." My mind was spinning a mile a minute. A million questions were going through my mind but I kept coming back to the sex issue. "When you receive an order to have sex, how do you know what to do?"

"We have all been programmed with extensive information regarding various sexual activities."

"So if I told you to have sex with me, you would do it?"

"Of course, it's your order."

"How would you know that I was serious or what I wanted to do?"

"We are programmed to pick up on a variety of cues."

"Like what?"

"Eye movements, physical proximity, and body language are the main ones."

"And what cues are you getting from me."

"The way that you touched my arm and bicep along with the way you looked at my body when you had me turn, I deduced that you are attracted to men with a strong physical presence." Correct. "The way that your eyes continue to look at my groin, I deduced that you have an interest in my penis." Correct again. "It appears that I am correct based on the subtle changes in your body I am detecting." That was somewhat creepy. "Based on all that information, I'm 93% certain that you will perform fellatio on me and that you expect me to sodomize you." Chad was actually 100% correct. "As you can see, I'm responding to that conclusion by allowing my penis to become erect and by enlarging my chest resulting in a more masculine stance of control."

"What if I told you to have sex with someone that wasn't providing any cues?"

"I would follow your order."


"You would probably be ordering me to do so because of a need for information, establishing dominance or punishment." Christ!

Chad stepped closer to me.

"What are you doing?"

"While we have been talking, I accessed your records from the ship's net. They indicate that you have had multiple male sex partners over the past year. There are vids that show you performing fellatio as well as being sodomized repeatedly, sometimes with more than one male at a time. The most recent vid was from the Obama Space Station just before this ship departed." That TerraCorp had that information and vids about me was frightening but sort of hot at the same time. Chad got closer. "Get down on your knees."

Even though I wanted to experience sex with a Synth, "Hold on, I haven't ordered you to have sex with me."

"You intimated it just a moment ago and your increasingly specific body cues are escalating. Get down on your knees now." Chad had placed a hand on my shoulder and was beginning to apply pressure.

"I haven't given you an order." My knees started to buckle under the pressure.

"As stated, your body cues are providing the course of action you prefer. We all are programmed to make decisions when clear direction has not been provided. You want me to do this."

He wasn't wrong. At that moment I realized I was now thinking of Chad as a 'him', not an 'it'. I was on my knees, my face inches from the white swath of cloth that had been covering his crotch. It was pushed away from his body, his dick had become so large. As I pulled the material down, freeing his dick, I wondered if they built all the males the same way and wanted to know who the model was.

Chad pushed his cock forward so it was near my lips, "Give me fellatio", he demanded.

"We need to work on language first. When you're having sex, use cock or dick instead of penis. Don't say fellatio, it's a blow job or getting head. If you want to say something, say 'suck it', 'eat it', 'gag on it' or something else. I'll help you with it later." I wrapped my lips around the head of the Synth's realistic cock while I grabbed the base in my hand. My mouth and my hand both felt a pulse, even though I was distracted by the fine piece of meat in my mouth, it did make me wonder how they got that so perfectly. As the cock went deeper in my mouth and touched the back of my throat I admired how they had gotten the texture and taste of a dick just right.

Chad was staring down at me while I worked his cock over when he asked, "Should I be doing anything?" I murmured an affirmative and grabbed his hands and brought them to the sides of my head. He must have realized what I was trying to tell him. "You want me to be more forceful", so he held my head in place and started to slide his dick in and out of my mouth. My body cues must have been telling him something because he started to push deeper. Whenever I raised my eyes, he was staring down at me. It was almost clinical.

On his next thrust, he pushed deeper, which sort of surprised me and I gagged a little.

"That's it faggot, gag on my cock."

I pushed Chad back and pulled my mouth from his cock. "Why did you say that?"

"You said that is something I could say."

"No, I mean the word faggot."

"In several of your records, you were referred to as a 'faggot', one even referred to you as 'fucking faggot'.

"We'll talk later." My mouth was around Chad's dick again.

Chad started to pull and push my face over his cock roughly. When I glanced up, I saw that he had closed his eyes and his head was leaning back. I took one of my hands and moved it up over his ripped abs until I was exploring his hard pecs. His breathing had become rough and his nipples were more erect than they had been. Chad pulled me as far onto his cock as I could go and I felt warm liquid coat the walls of my throat. As he pulled his cock back out, I tasted the cum that had stayed on his dick. It tasted like the gallons of cum I had swallowed since I started sucking cock. He had said that he could impregnate a woman, so it made some sense that his cum should taste similar, but it still struck me as odd.

I rocked back on my feet and caught my breathe. Chad's cock was still rigid and magnificent.

"I'm going to sodomize you now, fucking faggot."

"No, you're going to fuck me now."

"I'm going to fuck you now, fucking faggot." I did my best not to laugh.

Chad towered over me and put his foot on my chest pushing my on back on the cold deck. He kneeled between my legs, grabbed my ankles and pushed them back far enough that my ass was off of the deck. Without any preamble, he rammed his cock into my hole, causing me to gasp.

"Isn't this the way you like to be fucked? I saw it done to you this way on several of the vids." Through gritted teeth, I told him it was fine.

Chad was a fucking machine, literally and figuratively. What he lacked in finesse he made up for with stamina and intensity. It was one of the first times I actually thought I was going to be broken from fucking. He must have seen enough of my vids to know the many different ways a man can fuck another man. I was on my back, I was on my stomach, I was on my side, I was on my hands and knees, I was pushed up against the wall facing both ways at different times. I finally couldn't take it anymore when he had me riding his cock and I shot my load over his massive chest and face without ever touching my cock. As if on cue, I could feel a second load of liquid from Chad fill my ass.

I pulled myself off of Chad's still hard cock and dropped down on the deck next to him. "That was unbelievable."

"Is that good?"

"Yes, very good."

"Do you want to do some more or are we done?"

"We're done for now."

"I need to rest now." I expected him to get up and go back to the cargo area to do whatever he needed to do to rest but instead he closed his eyes and seemed to be sleeping. When he started to snore something clicked in my mind.

Chad wasn't a Synthetic Human, he was a human that had been altered in some way. I sat up and moved away from him. The implications were horrific. What was TerraCorp doing? What had they done? Who was Chad before?

It was two light days before the other Security Ship would arrive and take us out of lock down mode. I had two days to figure what I was going to do, however, for those two days fellatio and sodomy were going to be filling the hours.

Be Well,


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