BNWO Daddy

by NYCwhtBttm

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Saturday I woke up exhausted and still sore from my new daddy using me but still so turned on and could not wait for the party next day. I spent all of Saturday relaxing and taking it easy to prepare for what was to come. I went to a sex shop and bought some toys to help open me up so I would be as prepared as possible and spent a lot of it using my new toys and putting plugs in. Sunday I woke up at 8am and started with a shower and put the biggest plug I had in and kept it in all morning. Finally it was time and I took out my plug and showered one last time and made my way out the door. I got on the subway and made my way to Brooklyn for the “party” and as I was in the subway I couldn’t help but look at every black guy and wonder if they’d be using my holes that day. Finally I got to the stop and walked to the building. 

It was a very quite neighborhood and a lot of older buildings of closed down buildings and factories which was a little odd but also didn’t hate the lack of people seeing me there. I got to the building and made my way in and followed the stairs up one flight of stairs to the door and made my way in, my heart was racing being so turned on but also terrified for what was coming. As instructed I stripped immediately folded my clothes as I heard music and a lot of voices, some laughing and talking and then made out some the sounds of someone getting their cock sucked. I made my way into this giant open loft and the first person I see is a specimen of a man had to be at least 6’3 black absolutely jacked and ripped and a huge cock black cock hanging so long and still soft. He catches me looking as I walked in “we got another white boy! Come in whitey and get to work” as I make my way in and see there are already 10 black studs all muscular and either ripped or similar to my daddy with a bear muscular building and all hung. One white boy beat me there and was sucking 2 men back and forth and I say hi. 

Instantly I feel a hand on my ass from a guy behind me “damn white boy got an ass on him. Love fucking the big masculine ones” as I whimper and instantly wrap my hand around his fat cock and start to stroke as another comes up in front of me and rubs my chest and abs as I stroke his cock too. I then hear a familiar voice “glad you could make it white boy, this is the new one I told y’all about. We are going to have fun with him, why don’t you tell my brothas why you’re here white boy”. I stop moaning as these studs rub my body “I’m here to fulfill my purpose as a white boy and take all your superior black cocks”. Instantly the one behind me pushes me onto my knees and I start to suck his cock while still stroking the other and soon another fills my other open hands. There I am on my knees with three black cocks in complete heaven as I hear the other white boy sucking and now being fucked. Within minutes I realize the other 2 white boys arrived and got to work on their black kings. All the men were so verbal either degrading the white boys and myself or talking to each other about it. “I love white boys, these pussys can’t get enough black cock” as they all agree and go on more and more. 

We soon move towards a couch where I am now going back and forth between two new black men and still stroking another two. At this point I have no idea who is who and don’t care at all as long as I have BBC.  I feel someone come from behind me and start to lube my hole and quickly he is pressing his cock inside me as I moan and whimper while never breaking from my duties of sucking my kings cocks. The idea that a random man I never saw has come and started to fuck me turned me on so much “oh fuck this is some good white ass, I’ll warm him up good for you boys!” As another egged him on”fuck that white boy! I god next and need him nice and ready for this python as I looked out of the corner of my eye and see this shorter but completely jacked black daddy, like a NFL linebacker, with easily the fattest cock I’ve ever seen and fuck was it long. He was stroking and rock hard after just getting it sucked and had to be 10 inches and I was part terrified but also dying for it to pound me. As I was getting spit roasted the king I was sucking leaned back holding my head down and started to grunt as he pumped my mouth full of his load and like a good slut I was able to swallow it all. Within a minute of swallowing my first load the stud pounding me gripped tighter and I felt his cock swell and begin to breed me as he grunted like an animal thrusting as deep as he could painting my insides with his load. He quickly pulled out and almost instantly was replaced with the stud I saw just before, he was so big I couldn’t help it and broke from my new cock I was sucking and let out a loud “oh fuck!” As they all laughed “damn Ian, made that white boy yelp” as I went back to sucking and he slowly started to pick up the pace. Going all the way in and out using another man’s cum as lube making me moan and whimper non stop. I couldn't believe how fucking big his cock was and how hard he was slamming into me as my eyes started to roll back and I didnt even realize I was no longer sucking the cock in my mouth. I was in a complete daze moaning uncontrollably with his fat cock just sitting in my mouth as this god slammed his giant cock in and out of my hole. I then felt the man sitting there spit in my face "Get back to sucking white boy!" and I snapped back to my task of sucking this glorious cock in my mouth as my god behind me continued his onslaught on my hole.

As I was in heaven being spit roasted by these studs I could hear the other three bottoms moaning and slobbering all over these black kings all in our proper place taking any and all bbc. I couldn’t control myself as this python was slamming deeper into me than I’ve ever felt before and shot my load all over the floor “we got the first white boy load!” And cheers as I weirdly felt pound and then louder moans from the bottoms as their king’s fucking them picked up the pace and soon they came too. It was a complete fuckfest of white boys being absolutely pounded and throated by black kings over and over. Everyone was so turned on that after only a few more minutes this stud pounded me bred me filling me with what felt like a gallon of cum. Letting his cock rest in me pulsating as he came down from his orgasm. He pulled out his massive black cock and I could feel my hole gapping dripping cum and before I knew it another went right into my inviting hole and picked up where he left off pounding me. Soon the king I was sucking started to moan even louder "oh shit white boy, better swallow it all" and in seconds he was pumping my mouth full of his superior seed and like the good white boy I was I made sure to swallow every last drop, no easy feat. As he pulled his cock from my mouth it was I let out an "Oh my god!" and another black king sat in front of me and laughed "You are really enjoying yourself white boy and slapped me in the face with his fat cock over and over as I had my mouth wide opening trying to catch it like a dog with a bone. He toyed with me for a minute before letting me worship his cock and the toying made me suck even harder being so thankful he finally let me suck him. 

After god knows how long I started to lose track of how many times I’ve been breed, fed loads or even who they came from. I was in heaven just being used over and over by these black kings as they pleased. I did hear a couple of them say goodbye and leave but knew there were still at least 10 black kings there and they seemed to be no sign of slowing down. After another flooded me with his seed I heard a deep voice behind me "I haven't had a chance with this big boy yet" as he slapped my ass with this cock that felt like a baseball bat and he slid right it and at this point I have no idea if anyone is even using lube anymore since my hole is completely filled and flooded with their seeds. His hands were gigantic as he gripped my shoulders and would pull me back with each thrust pulling me off the cock I was suck who started to stroke his cock and quickly painted my face with his cum, caking my entire face in that delicious seed trying to lick up what I could and before I knew it another one stood over me and came on my face as well leaving me completely covered in cum barely able to see "Dont wipe that off white boy, wear it like the good bitch you are, property of black kings" like I even had a choice of getting hands up to wipe but I was proudly wearing it. 

I then heard that familiar voice of daddy “how are you enjoying yourself white boy?” At this point I was getting pounded with no cock to suck “yes.. daddy… it’s soooo…. Fuuuucking gooood” as I could barely gets words out “I knew you would white boy, this is where you belong taking our black cocks. No need to be embarrassed it’s just the proper way” as the man fucking me started to breed me again making me moan and whimper draining his cock. Daddy pulled me up onto the touch and put me on my knees with bent over the top of the couch when the rest of the bottoms did the same, all 4 of us lined up as our black lungs lined up being us pounding away. Now with all of us no longer sucking cock while being fucked our moans were so loud as he screamed in pleasure from these black gods pounding us. 

Daddy makes his way in front of all 4 of us and addresses everyone “this is how it’s meant to be, white boys worshipping and taking our superior black cocks and seeds. You know it’s true, right white boys?” And all of us instantly let out a loud moaning “yes!” As we continue to moan from our kings pounding us. “Let’s breed these boys again kings!” As they cheer and the ones fucking pick up the pace and slam as hard as possible. My hands on the couch of the couch as my stud pulls back my head from under my chin and fucks me with all he has pounding me like a fuck toy sending me over the edge again and cumming like crazy. All I can say at this point is oh my god over and over as my king breeds me and instantly is replaced with daddy “needed to save you for my last load boy!” I was so happy for him to be fucking me again “thank you daddy!” As he pounds me pulling me into him every thrust like a god. He lasted longer than anyone else pounding me non stop grunting like an animal as his fat black cock pumped his giant load into me. He held his cock inside me as I heard the others wrapping up. All four of us bottoms breathing so heavy collapsed over the end of the couch completely spent and exhausted. 

Daddy pulled out and patted me on the head, “you did amazing white joy, all of you did! Really fulfilled your purpose today and showed how much you love worshipping your black kings” we all thanked him and slowly got up seeing most of the black studs had left besides daddy and the owner of the loft. “Was it everything you hoped?” I don’t think there are proper words to describe it but I did my best “it was incredible, so much more than I could have ever imagined. You kings were unreal, I can’t believe how amazing you all fucked and kept going. It was like nothing else”. He was clearly happy I enjoyed myself “us black kings are superior especially when fucking and you white boys are amazing at taking our black cocks. It’s the perfect balance and once you accept it you’ll never regret it”. I got dressed and thanked my daddy and the host and made my way out. 

I could barely stand or walk as I made my way to the subway and sat down on an empty care. Leaking cum soaking up in my underwear I then felt it going down my leg and thankfully no one was around to see. As I turned the corner I heard a voice "hey man!" and looked to see one of the other white bottoms and got nervous that he recognized me. "Don't worry I'm DL too and actually have a girlfriend but she's away". We chatted on our way down the empty street towards the subway stop and he went on to tell me he met the host about a year earlier at a bar. Had never been with a guy or thought about it but something about him just had Seb (his name) completely under this spell. It was a friendly normal conversation and randomly the man said "why dont you be a good white boy and come home wtih me" and Seb said he froze, didnt know what to say or what was happening and barely got out "Im not gay" but said for the first time in his life he was actually thinking about a man fucking him. Apparently he laughed "I didn't say you were, but you are a white boy and Im a black king, it's the proper way so lets get moving". He didnt respond and just followed him out and went back to his place to get absolutely destroyed by this black daddy and since then he's been getting BBC as much as possible. This was his second time at a party. I went on to tell him how I met Russell that Friday and he invited me and I couldn't say no. "Well you are a white boy! You'd be shocked at how many "straight" white guys like us there are. Never thought about hooking up with a guy but end up begging to get fucked by BBC, it just feels so natural" and he wasn't wrong, I craved and need BBC at that point. It was such an odd feeling of being relieved I could actually talk to someone about this who felt the same way. He added me to a discord group chat of a few other white bottoms in the city, all DL, and now I had "friends" to chat with about and they'd post when they got BBC. 

I got home and hopped in the shower to clean up and try and get the rest of the cum out of me and fuck I couldn't believe how filled I was. I ordered food to refuel and ate in bed until I passed out for the night. Thank god I was off monday for the holiday because I could barely move I was still so exhausted and sore but fuck was it worth it. I must have jerked off times that day just thinking about what had happened the day before and every time it popped back into my head I was rock hard again. 

by NYCwhtBttm

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