After my mom walked out on Dad and I when I was ten, Dad devoted every spare moment that he had to making me happy.  Weekends were spent doing what ever I wanted, from going to the movies, or beach camping.  It didn't matter. 

As I got older, IO began to spend time with the few guys my age that lived near by. There wasn't many.  Then between my sophomore and junior years of high school, Matt Davis and his family moved into the house next door.  

I remember the day that they moved in.  As they started unloading the U-Haul truck, I noticed that Matt looked my age and I was thrilled.  I immediately went over and introduced myself and found that he was indeed my age.  I quickly began helping them unload as Matt and I talked.  We soon found that we both had almost the same interest.

As soon as the unloading was completed, I jumped in and helped him set up his room.  Once we were done, his dad thanked me for my help and offered to pay me.  I quickly refused and said that I was just glad to have someone my age living so close.  His dad gave Matt a twenty for burgers, and asked me to show Matt around the area.

By the time we returned home you would have thought that we had been friends for years.  we found our dads out in the front yard visiting and getting to know each other.  Mr. Davis told dad how much help I had been.  Dad smiled and winked at me.

Matt and I started our junior year together and both played football.   We were inseparable.  With both his parents and my dad working during the day, Matt and I never knocked when we visited each other, we just walked in.  One afternoon, I went to visit Matt and entered through the back door.  It was my objective to jump out at and scare him.  However that didn't happen.

When I approached his bedroom, I peered in to see just where he was and found him laying on his bed, naked from the waist down and jerking off to an adult porn magazine.  Trying to act 'cool' I simply said, "I see we have something else in common."  He jumped and as I neared his bed I saw exactly what he was looking at.  It was a picture of a hot blond sucking a guys huge hard cock while another big dicked guy fucked her doggie style.  Needless to say, I was soon naked from the waist down also and laying next to him as we both jerked our hard cocks.  Mutual jerk off sessions soon became the norm for us, often jerking each other off.

Before we knew it, we were finishing up our senior year and graduation was approaching. I began talking to Matt about which college he was going to attend and I was shocked when he told me that he was not going to college, but was instead joining the Marines.  I began thinking it over and wondered if we could join together and be stationed together.

We were soon in the recruiters office and found out we could join on the 'buddy plan' and stay together.  We both signed up and went to boot camp together and after some specialized training, were sent to the middle east.  It was there that our friendship grew even closer.

We were stationed together at a remote surveillance  outpost for a forty-eight hour stint.  One evening, as Matt scanned the horizon for signs of the enemy, I was horny as hell and after lowering my fatigues, I began jerking off.  As Matt lowered his binoculars and looked over at me he smiled and asked, "You need any help with that?" 

"If you want to," I replied.  I had began to enjoy the feel of another hand working me to a climax. He handed me the binoculars and as I stood to look around, Matt knelt next to me and gently grasped my hard cock and began stroking me.  I was totally enjoying it as I scanned the area.  Then I felt something totally different yet erotic.  I looked down to find Matt passionately sucking my cock.  Feeling the new found pleasure, I had no intentions of stopping him.

 Moments later, as I neared my climax, I warned him of the impending explosion but he continued on his mission. My cock soon erupted, filling his mouth with my built up load.  Matt continued to milk my cock dry with his mouth and as he slowly pulled off, I saw him swallow the mouthful of cum.

"Fuck, man! You swallowed it.  Why didn't you spit it out?"

"I didn't want the next team to find any evidence of what you did."

"Good point," I said as I glanced down at the huge bulge in his fatigues.  "What was it like?"

"Surprisingly, Not bad.  Feeling you in my mouth was a real turn on and the taste wasn't repulsive.  in fact, it was quite tasty."

"Well, we have always shared everything so drop your fatigues and let me take care of you."

He did and as I began sucking his cock, I found it quite pleasurable.  it was turning me on again  and I wanted to see what he tasted like.  It didn't take long and soon he was feeding me his huge load.  I eagerly accepted it and milked him dry before swallowing the thick cream.  it was indeed quite tasty.

During our future assignment to the outpost, we would service each other several times.  when back at out post, it was different and we would find areas of privacy to take care of each other. On a few occasions when looking for privacy we would find two other marines doing what we were wanting to do. Although we all recognized each other, it was never mentioned.

Then, after a few months, things went farther.  During one of our searches for privacy, we came across one marine fucking another in his ass.  It happened to be two of the platoon leaders.  After seeing them, Matt and I decided to try it also.  We both found that we not only enjoyed doing the fucking but  receiving cock in our ass.

Several months more passed and we were moved out to a non-combat area and were given passes for town.  To our surprise, the two platoon  that we had interrupted during their fucking session invited us to join them in town.  We accepted and almost all our time was spent in our hotel room having sex with each other.  It was them that Matt and I began passionately tongue kissing each other.  The four of us became quite close.

Before long we returned stateside and were given a thirty day leave.  The first three days Matt and I shared a motel room with Clay and Greg, the platoon leaders.  Afterward, Matt and I flew home.  After a welcome home dinner at Matt's home, we had to limit our sex to the day hours when the parents were at work.  On the first weekend when we went out, we searched for some female companionship.  We weren't gay we told ourselves.  We just did what we did out of need.

We quickly found at the first bar that we were checking out the men instead of the women.  Matt looked at me and laughed when he said, "I guess we need to be honest with ourselves and admit that we are gay."

"I agree," I replied as we left and headed for the local gay bar.  There we found a hot muscular stud with an awesome beard and invited him to join us at a motel.  He quickly accepted.  The three way was awesome.  We soon found that he loved two cocks in his ass at the same time. As he dressed to leave, he accidently dropped his ID and we saw that he was a state police officer. We promised to look him up again.

All too soon, we had to report back to our unit for another deployment.  However before deploying, we had a hot reunion with Clay and Greg.

During this deployment, the four of us managed to get together on an average of once a month.  We found that sex between each other was much more common that anyone would ever think.  After the second deployment , we returned stateside but unfortunately weren't given leave. 

It was shortly after that Matt received a letter from his dad informing Matt that he and Matt's mother had decided to divorce.  His dad only said that it was a mutual decision.  As much as Matt tired, he could never get any more information from either parent. His mother had received a promotion at work and moved to another town.

A few months later, we got leave and headed home. We wanted to surprise our dads so we didn't let them know we were coming home.  We flew into town and rented a car and as we approached the houses that Saturday evening, we saw Matt's dad walking over to my house.

We loved the idea of surprising them together.  We stopped in front of the house and waited a few minutes before going in.

TO BE CONTINUED............




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