When he opened the door I said, “Dave?”

“Yes, could I help you?”

“I’m Charles.”  When he still looked blank I said, “I’m the cocksucker you ordered. I’m here to suck your dick.”

“I beg your pardon,” he said real indignantly.

“You answered my ad on the internet to get your dick sucked. So here I am.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Aren’t you Dave and isn’t this 4718 Cherokee Trail?”

“I’m Dave but this isn’t 4718 Cherokee Trail. This is 4718 Cherokee Trace. Cherokee Trail is across town.

“Wow…this is embarrassing. I have the wrong house. Excuse me for bothering you.”

When I turned to walk away he said, “Don’t rush off. As long as you’re here I’d like to hear more about this cocksucking business.”

In his den I explained that I met with guys on the net who weren’t being satisfied orally by their wives or girlfriends and I suck their dicks for them. Not to brag but I suck better than most wives or girlfriends do because I suck because I love it, not because I think it’s my wifely duty. And most wives even if they do suck won’t let their husbands cum in their mouth. Not only will I let you, it’s almost required.

And there is never a question of swallowing. I love the taste of cum so much that there is never a question of swallowing. I always swallow. I have never once spit.

During my explanation he made several off hand comments about lack of oral service at home. “I maybe get a blowjob on special occasions like my birthday and Christmas. And if she gets an expensive enough present on her birthday. When she said ‘I do,’ she didn’t think she had to do it anymore.”

As we talked I moved over and knelt in front of his chair. He still had a look of slight confusion on his face as I reached for his zipper. His eyes got big as I lowered his zipper. As I continued to talk without being asked he raised his butt off the chair as I casually pulled his pants and jockeys down and off. Then as I sat there at his feet playing with his dick and balls I said, “The problem is that wives don’t appreciate the power and importance of a cock.”

We talked for about 10 more minutes while ran my fingers through his pubic hair and pulled back his foreskin so I could admire the head.

As he twitched in my hand and his breathing got faster he murmured, “Are you going to suck my dick?”

My answer was leaning down and took him in my mouth. As the head slid across my tongue and my lips closed around his semi-flaccid cock he moaned, “Oh shit.”

As I moved on down his shaft it quickly hardened in my mouth. When my lips touched his pubic hair I paused for the transformation to be complete then I moved back up until my lips encircled the base of the head. Then I started slowly bobbing my head moving my lips up and down his now stiff cock. In seconds he was moaning, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” as he enjoyed his first blowjob from another guy.

His cock wasn’t big, only about 5-inches and average girth but it fit my mouth perfectly and it was so fun to suck.

Hearing me humming for joy and seeing how much fun I was having actually enhanced his pleasure. Laughing, he exclaimed, “You really do like sucking dicks don’t you?” Then he was too busy grunting, “Oh god, oh god, oh god<,” to say anything else.

From the look on his face I don’t think that he’d ever cummed so hard.

He could only stare in awe as I drained his balls and then cleaned him with my mouth and tongue.

His wife was due home so I had to leave but not before giving him my cell phone number and getting a promise to call the next time was going to be away.

Back in my car I called Cherokee Trail Dave and up dated him on the mix up so he wouldn’t think I just blew him off. He was a good sport about it and even thought it was kinda funny. He had the afternoon off and still wanted his dick sucked so he told me to come on over

As I kneaded and licked his big hairy balls he had a big laugh about the mix up. Knowing that another man had just cummed in my mouth seemed to make him extra hot. But when I moved up and took his cock in my mouth things got too tense for humor. I had just as much fun sucking his cock as I did the other Dave so I laughed and hummed my way through his orgasm.

While I was licking him clean he laughed about inviting the other Dave over so I could suck them together.

I was so happy about turning a mix up into a 2 dick day that I found myself whistling happily on the way home. At a red light the guy in the next car asked, “Why so happy?”

Without thinking I answered, “I turned a 1 dick afternoon into a 2 dick afternoon.”

Laughing, he asked, “Would you like to try for 3?”

Ten minutes later we were parked in a dark alley and I was on my knees in the back seat of his car with his dick in my mouth.

The end…



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