I grew up on a large farm on the outskirts of town. No, we didn't own the farm. It was owned by Mr. Jacobs, but my dad was his foreman, and my mother took care of the house and cooked meals.

After his wife dies, Mr. Jacobs relied on mom more and more. Mr. Jacobs asked dad when he was going to start training me to take over as foremen.

"Mr. Jacobs, I don't mean top be disrespectful, but Mark isn't going to take over as foreman. I plan on him going to college and making something better of himself."

"Is that your final decision?" Mr. Jacobs asked.

"Yes, sir, it is."

"Well, that makes me respect you even more. I admire a man that wants more for his child that he had. If you don't object, I'd like to pay for Mark's college expenses after he graduates high school."

"Mr. Jacobs, I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. Just see that he attends." He turned and left the room.

I was thirteen at the time and would soon be a freshman in high school. I wondered about my sexuality because I was more interested in seeing the other farm hands and school buds nude or half nude than I was in seeing girls nude.

Mom, Dad, and I had a small house near the barn ad the other hands were housed in a small dorm type building nearby. At one end was a large shower room where they all showered together. I managed to drill a small hole in the exterior wall so that I could see them nude.

Seeing them wash and fondle their cocks always gave me a boner and I'd jerk off.

Then in high school, I heard about an old deserted barn that some of the other guy took their girl friends to fuck them. I started going there and hiding up in the old loft and watching my male classmates get naked and fuck.

During my sophomore year, my mother passed away, leaving dad and I to see to each other. Dad and I had always been close but now, under the circumstances, we grew even closer. With just he and I in the house now, he eventually began going around in just his boxers after he showered. I loved seeing him nude and wanted so much to run my fingers through his hairy chest.

One evening, I was spying on the hands in their shower. All had left except Cole and Luke and they were near the hole giving me an excellent view of their long beautiful cocks. As they finished up, Luke said to Cole, "Meet me out in the empty stall in the barn after you dress. I've got some news to tell you."

"Will do," Cole replied.

Wanting to make sure I heard their 'secret' I headed to the barn and climbed into the loft directly above the empty stall and waited.

Before long, first Cole arrived and moments later Luke arrived, walking up to Cole. I watched in disbelief as they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately while rubbing each others crotch.

"Okay, what's up?" Cole asked after the kiss.

"I stopped by the truck stop up the road this afternoon on my way back from town. Between the two stalls in the men's restroom someone had cut a glory hole."

"No shit?" Cole asked.

"Yea , and I took advantage of it."

"Did you do the sucking or get sucked?" Cole questioned.

"Both. The first one I sucked off and then the second trucker sucked me before feeding me his cock."

"Damn. I think I might have to go up and check it out after dinner," Cols stated.

They left the barn after another kiss and I was still in disbelief at what I had seen and heard.

Cole and Luke were the best built guys on the farm, next to my dad. Both were extremely masculine and well built. I couldn't believe that either one of them was gay.

Later that night, I heard Cole return and hurried outside to see if he and Luke came out of the bunkhouse. They did and headed for the barn. I hurried out to the other side where I could hear and heard Cole telling Luke about sucking three truckers and then having a fourth one fuck his ass through the hole. I knew I had to check it out.

I began stopping by the truck stop on my way home from school a few times a week. All I had the nerve to do was to sit there and when another guy entered the stall next to me was to see if he began stroking. If he did, so would I and we'd just watch each other jerk off. Some wanted to suck me but I was nervous and refused.

This went on for quite a while, and my curiosity became stronger and stronger.

I soon discovered that Luke and Cole would go off to an old shack out in the fields and have sex and I began following them and watching them through the windows.

It was just after my senior year of high school had begun and I was seventeen and always horny as hell.

I stopped by the truck stop one after school and after several minutes, another man entered and went into the stall next to me. After dropping his jeans, he leaned back slightly and casually rubbed his crotch. I knew he was looking through the hole at my crotch so I did the same.

Immediately, he began slowly stroking his long slim cock as it steadily stiffened. I did the same to mine, and soon we were watching each other stroke. After a few moments, the man slipped his finger through the hole and motioned for me to put my cock through.

I hesitated and he did it again. I decided to go for broke and see what it was like to get my cock sucked by another guy.

I stood and eased my hard cock through the hole and as soon as it was all the way through, I felt his hot wet mouth close around my cock and it felt live velvet. As he began sucking me, I began moaning softly in pleasure. It was such a turn on, I climaxed much sooner than normal. I could feel his throat actions and knew that he had swallowed my huge load of cum.

He slowly pulled off and as I pulled back, exhausted and drained, h slid his cock through the hole for me to suck.

After a moment of just slowly stroking it, I went for it. Trying to do to him what he did to me, I began swallowing his cock as much as I could. I heard him moan and knew he was enjoying it. I sucked slowly and after a while I heard his breathing speed up and knew he was close.

My problem now was whether I could swallow or not. I continued sucking and felt the head of his cock swell and seconds later erupt, filling my mouth with his huge load of man juice.

The taste was semi-sweet and I found that I liked it. Seconds later, I gulped it down, knowing that it wasn't going to be the last time I sucked another guys cock. When he pulled back, he motioned for me top put my again hard cock back through the hole. I did and felt him suck on it some then stop.

A second later, I felt his shoving against my cock and realized he was taking my hard cock up his ass. I felt the head of my cock slip in and when it had, he pushed back, taking me up his ass completely.

I took over and began fucking him and soon reached another climax, filling his hole with my cum. I pulled back and wiped off and began pulling up my jeans. suddenly a note came through the hole. Taking it in hand, I began reading.

'That was awesome. Can you meet me here tomorrow about the same time?"

Taking a pen from my pocket I wrote 'Yes' on the paper and slipped it back through the hole.

We met the next day and again sucked each other and I again fucked his ass.

Then he wrote another note and said he assumed I was local and wondered if I could meet him every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the same time. I wrote back that I could.

So it began. I started meeting my mystery man three times a week, always looking forward to sucking his cock.

I began waiting outside to see what he looked like when he came out, but he never did. However, I did see drivers enter and after a while come out. I wondered if he was sucking them also.

Finally, I decided to wait him out. After sucking each other off and fucking his ass, I stayed in my stall, deciding to wait him out.

With me not leaving, it was preventing any others from coming in. After about twenty minutes, he stood and began pulling up his jeans. Quietly, I did the same, and as he stepped out of his stall, I stepped out of mine.

Looking into each others face, we froze, neither of us saying a word.

TO BE CONTINUED...........................



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