The story begins when I (Jon) receive a national writer's award for my latest book describing how to be happy and successful as a Gay man. My publisher organizes a book tour of 15 colleges across America.

I am a Gay man from a wealthy family that provides me the finances and leisure to devote my time to writing books and articles. This is my third book and also my third book tour.

I hold a B.A. degree in literature and philosophy. I especially identify with college audiences as a 30-year-old bachelor that stands 5'10" tall; weighs 154 pounds; light complexion; well-trimmed red headed man; blue eyes; muscled arms and biceps; hard chest, stomach and abs; rock hard thighs; light red fuzz trailing from my chest to my crotch and down my legs; a slick and smooth 9" cut cock; and a large cock girth and hard balls. I am of Irish decent.

At the third college on this tour hosted by the college's LGBT students, I speak to a morning audience of 500 followed by a book signing session. Near the end of the signing session, a gorgeous young hunk approaches the table, dressed in his college team's soccer uniform, to have his book signed. As we engage in conversation, I learn that he is in his fourth year as the goalie on the mens' soccer team. As he hands me his book for an autograph, he rubs his beautiful athletic hand slowly across my hand and sprouts a sexy smile. I feel a stirring in my loins.

I take a chance from what I interpret as a come on, sign his book and ask him if he would have time to escort me to the college cafeteria for lunch. He beams and says he will wait for me to finish signing the books of the three remaining students in line and we will then go to lunch. I am now feeling a bulge in my shorts.

During lunch I learn that his name is Curtis and that he is 22-years-of-age; a senior majoring in finance; the goalie and captain of the soccer team; stands 5'10"; and weighs 150 pounds. I notice he has short light brown hair and brown eyes; a handsome tan from his being outdoors playing soccer; a rock hard slim body; a beautiful smile with perfect teeth; and the most beautiful legs below his soccer shorts.

He informs me that he loves my book and says: "Jon, I have known since I was about 13 that I was Gay but told no one. Reading your book last week has given me the courage to come out to my roommate and best friend. He is not Gay; yet, he has been totally supportive of me."

I become so excited and ask Curtis: "May I assume you have never had sex with anyone?" He looks into my eyes with such a lustful glance and says: "Jon, I have only masturbated while watching adult Gay videos or looking at gay magazines of nude hunks. But I am so eager to experience sex. I really crave making love to a man."

Curtis now feels safe and the courage to begin rubbing his hot leg against my hard thigh as we are seated close to each other. I reach under the table, place my hand on his athletic built rock hard thigh and say: "Curtis, I am staying at a local hotel tonight. Would you like to join me for dinner and later would you like for me to be the first man to make love to you?"

I have never seen a more joyous smile and glittering eyes as he responds: "Jon, you are making me rock hard and totally horny. From reading your book, I know you are both experienced and incredibly knowledgeable in making love to a man. I cannot believe my good luck that you will be the man to end my virginity tonight. I am not sure that I am not dreaming." I assure Curtis that this is real.

Curtis ask me to come watch his soccer match against the team's number one rival at 2 PM. I am so happy to accept. Curtis plays with total abandonment blocking shot after shot. He uses his beautiful muscled legs to move gracefully through the air as he blocks shots. I am horny and hot as I watch this stud and fantasying about getting him in bed later this evening. His team wins 1 to 0.

After the game, Curtis goes with me to my hotel room. As he is sweating from the game, he undresses and I am in a daze from the beauty of this athlete. His body is slim, rock hard, and features just the right amount of light brown chest and stomach hair trailing down to his sexy well-trimmed pubic hair. I can hardly wait to take my tongue to lick and wet that trail of hair. I am amazed at his now swollen 8" cut cock with a thick girth and hard balls.

I am hoping he will let me fuck him bareback so I suggest that we take a shower together. We wash each other from head to toe. I teach him how to douche his ass. Our large cocks are swollen and leaking precum. We grab the base of each others' aching cocks, feel the water rushing down our bodies, slide our hands up and down the shafts, take both hands on each others' cock to create a tunnel for cocks to slide through as if our cocks are fucking a man's pussy.

Curtis is panting and gasping for breath as he whispers to me: "Oh, Jon, I am so horny. I love the touch of your hands on my hot cock as you jerk me off." We continue love making as we jackoff each other in the shower for some 15 minutes.

We get out of the shower, dry each other off and begin wildly kissing. I feel Curtis wet tongue slide into my open mouth. He swirls his tongue around and around the roof of my mouth, encircles my tongue and plunges his tongue under my hot tongue. We thrust our tongues out of our mouths as we kiss each others' tongue by using our lips to kiss the hot and wet tongues. The sloppy kissing produces gobs of spit that runs down our chins and onto our chests. We are drenched in wet spit.

Our engorged leaking cocks are rubbing against each other as we continue to kiss and hump while standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Curtis is able to pause and say: "Jon, hell with dinner. Lets suck cock and fuck. I do not want to be a virgin any longer. Let me be your bitch. I want you inside me, baby. I want you to be my first Gay lover. Reading your book has made me crazy for man sex. Take me. I am yours tonight. Please fuck me."

Curtis begging for sex drives me wild. I pick him up in my arms, carry him to the king sized bed, throw him on his stomach, spread his legs far apart, and drive my face and tongue into his hairless, smooth and pink ass. I spit on his ass and drive my tongue up and down his crevice. I plunge my tongue into his pulsating asshole.

Curtis is on fire as he begins bucking up and down. He begs me: "Jon. OMG, eat my ass. Pound my ass with your hot tongue. Aaaaa, Mmmmm, FUCK, FUCK. Oh, Fuck, that feels so good. Do not stop. Please devour me." I can barely control my balance while eating his ass due to his uncontrollable bucking. I have never experienced anyone so turned on and out of control. It is steamy hot.

I reach under his balls and pull his cock back toward my mouth. I suck his cock and balls while lubricating him with my spit. I insert a slick finger into his ass while I continue to suck his cock and balls. He is now moving across the bed out of control. I am near coming from the smell of the rich masculine odors of his sexy manhood and the aroma of all the precum. This hot virgin is in the process of becoming a past virgin and he loves ever minute of my devouring his wet and hot sex organs. I have never smelt a more intoxicating manhood.

I want to come so badly but I must first continue to defrock this virgin. I turn Curtis over onto his back, spread his gorgeous legs far apart, get between his tan legs, and take my tongue and satisfy my earlier dream at the soccer field by licking and wetting his trail of brown hair from his chest to his cock.

I take a bottle of lube and drench his cock and balls. I grab the base of his over heating cock and start jacking him off with great speed. He pushes his hips up to meet my double hands moving up and down his slick rock hard cock. I jerk him off for at least 5 minutes. He moans and cries out: "Oh, Oh, Jon. It is so much better having you jacking me off than doing it myself. Oh, it feels so good."

I change over to a blowjob on Curtis, the hunk. I lightly kiss his cockhead and his piss slit as I blow my hot breath all over his cock and balls. I run my tongue around the cockhead and begin slowly taking his cock shaft down my throat. As Curtis screams with delight at his first blowjob, I move from slow to rapid sucking up and down his blood filled steel rod. He screams as if he is being attacked. Will they hear him in the next hotel room? His cock taste and smells so great that it becomes an aphrodisiac for me and my throbbing cock. My cock is thrusting, bobbing and throbbing as never before.

I cannot stop this uncontrollable lust and erotic feeling from sucking his cock although I feel his cockhead swell, the large veins in his cock begin to pulsate, his balls rise up against my chin and I feel his piss slit open up. I know what is about to happen.

Curtis yells: "OMG, Jon, I am cumming, I am cumming. Oh, Jon, I feel my cum shooting out of my cock and into your mouth. Oh, Jon, I feel the most intense spasms through out my balls and cock. I have never felt a stronger orgasm. Eat my seed." I count eight burst of Curtis thick textured strings of cum shoot down my throat.

I pull off his cock, reach up and begin French kissing Curtis so we can share this delicious cum. We rest for a few minutes to catch our breath. Then Curtis begs: "Jon, baby, please fuck me. I want you to be the first man to put his cock in my man pussy. Please fuck me so I will know how it feels and I will no longer be a virgin."

I need no more encouragement. I place a big pillow under Curtis ass as he lies on his back. I have him pull those sexy legs up to his chest, put his hands under the back of his knees and hold his legs close to his chest. Curtis has made me a leg man. I kiss and lick his light hairy legs as a monstrous turn on for fucking him.

I lube his man pussy and insert two fingers in his ass to lube the inviting entrance. I pour lots of lube on my huge cock to make the plunge easier for this virgin asshole. I slowly insert my cockhead into this gorgeous pink pussy, pause and hold it there for a minute, and then slide inch by inch into his ass until all my rock hard 9" are filling his virgin ass.

With tears in his eyes, Curtis says: "Oh, your huge cock hurts me and it feels like a hot poker burning my ass." I am concerned as I do not begin thrusting yet and ask: "Curtis, baby, I do not want to hurt you. Baby, do you want me to pull out?" Curtis smiles and says: "Oh, no. Just rest your cock in my ass for now. I will adjust and then you can pound me." Soon he gives me the green light to start fucking him.

I begin pulling out and back in slowly so Curtis can adjust to the huge cock moving in and out. We can hear the sloppy sound of the lube assisting my plowing him as flesh rubs against flesh. Curtis ass begins to open wider with the help of the wet lube. He now tells me to fuck him harder and harder.

I start using very hard thrusts all the way in with one motion as my balls rub up against his balls. I pound him without any mercy. He begs me: "Oh, Jon, pound me harder and harder. I love the depth of your cock deep in my pussy." He loves the rough sex.

After wildly fucking this beautiful and gorgeous pink man pussy for at least 15 minutes, my control is gone. I feel mighty bursts of my very textured heavy cum escape my balls, rise up through my cock shaft and out my piss slit. I drown Curtis' man pussy with my load of cum that has built up over the two weeks of my traveling.

When I pull my spent cock out of the best man pussy I have ever had, I see streams of my cum ooze out of Curtis' asshole. I lower his sexy legs, put my legs on each side of his head and insert my still dripping cock into his mouth and say: "Curtis, you gorgeous stud, suck my cock and taste my hot semen. This is for the dinner you missed tonight. Give me your first blowjob. Suck me dry." Curtis is so turned on that he takes all my cock down his throat and sucks me as if I was hard candy he was sucking. I become semi-hard again. The blowjob is so hot that I feel a small second climax.

We kiss and embrace for a long time. The smell of cum and hot body orders are so exotic and pleasing. Curtis looks at me and says: "Jon, thank you for giving me my first Gay experience. I loved the way you sucked and fucked me. I am sure I will have many sexual encounters in my life but this first one will always be my favorite." I am overjoyed and kiss Curtis over and over.

We shower, order dinner via room service and chat for a while. I give Curtis my private phone number and tell him to call me if he has any questions about my book. I wish him success in his career and sex life. We kiss and say goodnight.

After Curtis leaves, I go to bed because I have an early morning flight to my next college appearance. I doubt if I will find another stud on this trip as hot as Curtis. What a night of ecstasy. Curtis is the best.



Naughty Eric


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