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After the back of Stohess District:

    I stand looking at myself in the mirror. I look like hell. Just a few hours ago the attempt to capture Annie Leonheart was partially successful but because of our plan hundreds are dead and thousand's are injured and the city...near total destruction. I put my hand in my hands trying to push back of all the destruction and death...I lean my head back taking a deep breath and releasing. My short long brown hair all messy with blood and sweat. making my green eyes pop out. I shake my head. I undue my harness that strapped around my body and place it in the corner where my 3D device sits. We been given a place in the nearby Inn until the Government figures what to do with us. It's not going to be easy in the upcoming days. I slowly unbutton my shirt as I pull it back I wince at the pain that aches in my body. 

I hear a gasp from behind. I whip my head around and see Reiner mouth hanging open looking at me.

"Hey you are okay?" I ask I follow his down and i gasp too noticing the bruises that dot my body. 

"It's okay Reiner, there are worst people in worst shape then me" He walks over to me standing only a inch from my body that I could feel the heat coming off his body. "That is true but none of them belong to me...you do..I hate seeing you hurt and bruised." He says softly the back of his hand brushing my cheek. I look up into those deep golden eyes. 

My arms come up wrapping them tight around his neck bringing my lips up and kissing him on his sweet lips. He let's out a soft moan arms wrapping around me pulling me to his chest. He let's a grunt out and kissing down my jaw and kisses and sucks on the sweet spots long my throat causing me to moan. My dick comes to life pressing against him. 

I hear him chuckle as he continues to kiss me. 

"Even after what has happened today I am glad I can get you hard." He smiles but faulters a bit. 

"You okay?" I ask him. 

He nods "Yeah, just today was a lot now all I want is to be with you at this very moment" He reaches down grabbing my ass lifting me up legs go around his waist tightly as he carries us to my bed. HE lays me down gently he begin's thrusting into me. 

"Oh babe...: I say. He kisses up and down my body sucking each nipple one at a time. My dick begins to get harder straining in my pants. "Baby...please..." He goes lower and lower until he uses his teeth to unbuckle my belt and pants releasing my hard throbbing cock. He licks the precum that leaking down my cock and then take my dick into his mouth..."Fuck Reiner...god...yes yes feels...so..good" I pant and moan as he sucks my dick. I thrust my hips into his mouth feeling the head slip more and more down the back of his throat. He keeps his head still. I put my hands through his beautiful blond hair and use it to put more force into his mouth. His wet mouth providing amazing friction to my dick. 

"Fuck,,baby...I am so .close...Oh god oh god! AHHHH!" I thrust one final time and empty several loads of cum down his throat. Once my cock is spent I lay back on the bed feeling tired but still horny...

"Fuck you taste so damn good.: Reiner says licking his lips. He crawls up my body and kisses me tasting the lingering flavor of my cum on his lips.

"Now it's my turn" He growls.  He leans up standing on his knees and pulls of his shirt. he relaxes his body. I look at his body. to the beautiful blond hair and golden eyes. down to his round defined pecs. to his cut hard six pack, following the cut abs that show a V down into his pants. He grins undoes his pants pulling his 10.5 inch thick cock.

"This is what you want isn't it" I nod. Eyes begging for it. 

"Then I will give it to you baby. It's all yours." HE gets off the bed standing next to it. I roll myself to sit at the edge of the bed as he slowly pushes his cock forward. I lean forward with egerness and take in the fat head which already taken have the room in my mouth. I begin grasping the shaft with both hands and stroke as I work on the head of his cock. 

"Fuck baby you sure know how to work my dick." He leans his head back. Slowly but surely I work inch by inch getting more and more down my mouth until I feel the head bumo my throat. 

"Baby it's okay..you don't have too" He syas looking down. 

"But I want to. I want to please my man..." I go back down and let his cock go back in and slowly go down until the head of his dick touches the back of the throat. I take a deep breath and relax my throat muscles and slowly push my head down.  There is some restant at first but then my body gives and the head pops past the tight throat muscle. 

"Oh fuck baby! iFelt that! Feels so warm. so good!" I go slowly down his dick feeling his massive thick dick going down. Inch by inch it goes. I can feel this monster go in me. After a minute my nose his buried in his trimmed brush. 

"Fuck..baby...you did it...you took my whole dick! God...I love you!" I feel my heart jump in my chest.

He loves me! I can't help but smile. 

"Lay on your back baby, I am going to fuck your throat then your tight sweet ass!" 

I pull off him seeing his dick completely wet and dripping. I lay my back on the bed as he bends down a bit and shoves his dick in. "Baby...you know how to please your man" He says slwoly picking up speed ramming my mouth. his big hairy balls Hitting my face. He goes a steady pace...I hear him moaning saying my name telling me how amazing I am. after a bit he pulls out and grabbing me turning me around he gets between my legs and slowly sinks into my ass. 

"Oh god bay!" I grip his back tight heels digging into his lower back. 

"I love how you hold on to me when I enter you!" He says giving another thrust pushing all ten and half inches into me. "This is where my cock belong. Deep in you. Where it will always hold my seeds." He says in a dominate toned. Moving his hips a=in a sawing motion pushing his dick in and out of my tight ass. I moan softly. He wraps his big arms around my body. His hips still pumping into me go faster and harder. Causing me to whimper and moan like a girl in heat. 

"Fuck..baby..i love your tight ass. This ass is mine forever baby.!" He kisses and sucks my neck. 

"Reiner, baby I love you too...I love your big dick in me  please breed me!" I beg. He goes into over drive hearing out bodies slap together, 

"Ah ah ah baby! oh god yes!" The fat head nailing the sweet spot in my ass. I arch my back feeling my cock throb getting ready to cum again. My hands holding the head as he bangs into me. i lifts onto his forearms looking down at me. I open my eyes and look down seeing his thick shaft dissappearing and appearing in my ass. My eyes move up his body. His sweaty body muscles are flexing and rippling as he thrust into me over and over again.

Finally, I gaze into his burning golden eyes. Full of love and lust. This man I am making love too is my future. I lean up and kiss him on the lips and he pushes his tongue into my mouth. I hear him panting and feeling his dick swell.

"Ahhh fuck!" He thrust one final hard time hitting my sweet spot and I shoot my cum, between our bodies as he releasing his load into me. He Rolls onto his side breathing hard. He pulls me to his chest and kisses me once more before closing his eyes tucking his head under my chin. I smile closing my eyes and we fall asleep. 


We awake a few hours later. I sit between his legs against his chest as we soak in the hot bath we drew up. He runs a rags across my body scrubbing the dirt and grime from me. 

"Taylor, next time we do something like this and I know there will be...you...I want you to stay away from the danger and let me and the others handle it." I grab his hand that his rubbing my chest.

I turn my head and look in his sad eyes. "Reiner we both are in the survey Corps. and I am a solider. I cannot and will not stay in the background you dying for me or anyone else. On these missions it will take everyone..."

"I CAN"T LOSE YOU!" He yells cutting me off. 

"I..Can't" He presses his head on mine. "During the battle my mind was thinking of you wondering if you were okay. You were almost killed today. Look at your body...perfect skin. It's all my fault we did this...I am sorry but I can't have you in danger" 

I give him a double look. "Wait what do you mean that 'We did this'" I ask curiously.

He looks up at me shaking his head. "I meant me...I suggested you be with me and because of that the danger came to close to us and you were hurt...Please promise me that you will not go into any danger..." 

Isigh sadly. taking his hands into mine. "Reiner listen to me. I love you and you love me, but we are solider's we gave a vow to fight to the end but, we are a team and together we will survive anything do you understand me baby?" He turns his head and chuckles a bit.

"I take it that you won't obey me on this matter will you?" He says.

I smile and shake my head.

"Well fine, we are a team and we will fight together just please when I am not around just be safe when we are out there fighting okay baby?" 

I nod. "I promise you baby!" He kisses me loving and we go back to our bath. 


Reiner and I are dressing back into our clothes, he helps me put on my harness. "I have to go I don't think anyone saw me but don't want a military police to come in and see us like this. 

I sigh. "Good thing no one came and investigated in what was the yelling" I laugh rubbing his bulge.

"Mmmm....Don't do that otherwise I will have to fuck you here and now!" I smile tugging his dick once. 

"Now you done it!" He pushes me on my hands and knees and pulls my pants down and thrusting his big dick raw into me

"Oh Reiner" 

"This is what you wanted and now I am giving it to you boy!' He grips my hips foricng me back hard on his dick. I moan in my arms as he pounds me slapping of our bodies echo in the room. "Okay fuck here it comes!" He pulls out and turns me around shoving the head in and my mouth fills with is hot sweet delicious cum. I start swallowing his massive load and once I was finished I licked his dick clean. "Fuck Taylor...." He kisses before tucking himself back inside. "I will see you in the meeting room okay?" 

"I nod. I love you...I hate this sneaking around." 

"I know Taylor I do too but it isn't time yet to tell anyone. I will see you later baby" I smile a bit as he leaves my room. I take a deep breath and re due myself I pick up my gear and my backpack and walk out heading to the court yard, in the pit of my stomach I can feel that something is wrong and that Reiner is keeping something from me.....

To be continued........

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