Hercules was beginning to tire from the weight of the sky bearing down on his broad, muscular shoulders. He had taken on the task so that the titan Atlas, whose responsibility it was, could retrieve for him three golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides. The demigod's body ached from the exertion, and the intense heat of the desolate area seared into his naked body, exhausting him further.

Suddenly he saw a dot on the horizon that hadn't been there a moment ago. As it got ever-nearer, he could begin to make out the nude figure of the returning titan walking toward him with long, purposeful strides. In one meaty hand he held the three golden orbs that Hercules sought. His titanic muscles gleamed in the intense sunlight. As the titan approached, Hercules could see and hear Atlas' enormous cock and low-swinging balls slapping against his thighs as he walked. Despite his discomfort, he could feel himself becoming sexually aroused by the sight.

"Here I am, mighty Hercules," Atlas said. "I apologize for taking so long, but persuading the guardians of the apples to part with them was no easy task. The daughters of Hesperus insisted that I thoroughly bathe and groom myself before getting close to them." He bent down to place the apples at Hercules' feet. A lewd grin of pleasure creased his face as he noticed the demigod's engorging penis. "How do you like how well I cleaned up?" he asked, straightening and slowly turning around.

Recalling how the titan had looked a few hours ago, Hercules whistled appreciatively at the improvement to his great-uncle's looks. Gone was the matted tangle of long grimy hair that had obscured most of Atlas' body. Now that he had shampooed and his hair was cut short and styled, it shone a very becoming dark brown color. His beard, neatly trimmed along his square jawline, nicely framed his handsome face.

For the first time, Hercules was able to admire the titan's magnificent powerful physique that appeared to be a grander-scaled equal of his own - the broad shoulders, the beefy pecs, the boulder-like biceps, the thick (but not fat) waist, all dusted with dark hair that accentuated the rippling muscles. Despite his physical discomfort, Hercules licked his lips as lust for the naked titan washed over him, and he felt his penis throb and thicken.

"Now you look as a deity of the heavens should - truly god-like," the demigod responded fervently.

"I am truly in your debt, great-uncle," he continued. "While you were away, I was thinking of how I can possibly repay you, and I have thought of something that I think will please you."

"And what is that?"

"You have been punished long enough by my father for backing the losing side in the war between Cronus and Jupiter. I will ask my father to pardon you and give you your freedom."

Atlas' eyebrows shot up in surprise. "You will do this for me?"

"I will," Hercules assured him. "But I will need you to resume this burden for a short time, while I pray to him."

"Willingly," Atlas agreed eagerly. "To be honest, I was tempted to leave you here and walk away, but then I realized that I would be dishonoring my word to you that I would return. I would much rather remain here with my honor intact than walk free having broken my promise to you." He stepped in front of the sweating demigod and reached up to take the burden of the sky on his shoulders once again.

At once, Hercules dropped to his knees in front of the flexing titan and, closing his eyes, assumed a suppliant's pose. Silently he began to pray.

"Almighty father Jupiter, hear the prayer of your beloved son Hercules in his hour of need. Your uncle Atlas, the brother of your father Cronus, has done me a great favor, and I wish to repay him for his assistance. He has suffered enough for his role in the war of succession. Pardon him, and set him free. I ask this in the name of all that is right and just in this world. Please, father, grant my heartfelt prayer."

Suddenly there was a clap of thunder, and lightning pierced the otherwise cloudless sky.

"My son," boomed the disembodied voice of Jupiter inside Hercules' head, "you ask too much of me. I do not forgive my enemies. I destroy them."

"But you allowed me to set Prometheus free when I was in the Caucasus, and his transgression of giving fire to mankind was far more severe than that of this titan, who has been of great help to me in my need."

"Prometheus had suffered long and agonizingly, as an eagle would feast on his liver every day. How has Atlas suffered?"

"Holding up the sky is no easy feat," Hercules argued. "Even the brief time I have held it while Atlas was helping me has been a difficult task. I can only imagine what pain and suffering he must have endured for all these eons, not being able to move with the weight of the sky on his shoulders."

"Why is his freedom so important to you, my son?"

"By his actions today, he has shown himself to be honest, honorable, and steadfast. He left me to fulfill my request and then returned to me, when he could just have easily walked away from me forever." Remembering the trill of sexual excitement that had coursed through him when he saw Atlas' naked body, Hercules added, "Besides, I would have him as a friend - or more, if he is willing."

"More?" asked Jupiter, and Hercules could hear the skepticism in his voice. "Show me how much more you would like to have him, my son."

The demigod was momentarily taken aback by his father's request, but then he opened his eyes and raised his bowed head. Before him swung the potent genitalia of the titan, the engorged phallus throbbing before his eyes. "As you wish, my father."

Atlas was looking down at Hercules with interest. He sensed that the demigod was experiencing some sort of struggle in his motionless supplicant's position. Hercules' sudden movement up to his knees started the titan.

"What is happening, Hercules? What are you doing?"

"My father demands proof of my sincerity in asking for your freedom. I am going to show him in the best way I know how." Atlas gasped with pleasure as Hercules grasped his long, thick cock and pendulous balls and squeezed them lightly.

"Oh, yes," the titan breathed. "That feels so good, Hercules. It has been eons since my dick has been touched by anyone, even myself. I bathed thoroughly at the garden of the Hesperides, so you will find me extremely clean. Will you take me in your mouth, Hercules? Please, suck my cock."

Hercules opened his mouth wide and moved forward, pulling back Atlas' foreskin to reveal the drooling cock knob. True to his word, Atlas was clean, with no stink of head cheese to distract Hercules from his enjoyment. The demigod extended his tongue and lapped at the shiny purplish crown eagerly. Atlas moaned with pleasure as tremors of lust shook his body. It took all his self-control to keep his shoulders still, so that the sky wouldn't slip from them.

Suddenly the titan heard a voice in his head. "Uncle Atlas, this is your nephew Jupiter. Do not be alarmed. I am going to relieve your burden so that you can move freely." In his peripheral vision, Atlas saw a whirlwind of stones to his left. Slowly the stones coalesced into an enormous pillar of stone that stood taller than he did. As it solidified, he felt the weight of the sky lift from him, settling onto the flat top of the pillar. He sighed with relief as he stood upright, shaking the circulation back into his shoulders and neck.

Again came the voice in his head. "Now, instruct my son to get on his hands and knees. Sit on the stone bench that I have conjured behind you, so that his face will still be even with your phallus. At the same time, I am going to materialize behind him. Do not reveal that I have made myself visible."

"Get on your hands and knees, Hercules," Atlas ordered, sitting down without question, pleased to find the seat behind him. He reached down to run his fingers through the demigod's thick curly hair and full beard, reveling in the sensual feeling.

Hercules repositioned himself as ordered. Atlas grasped both his ears and pulled him back on to his now fully erect cock, pulling the demigod's open mouth as far onto his fleshy spike as Hercules could go until his gag reflex kicked in. At the same time, a handsome, magnificently muscled male with a luxurious white mane and long flowing beard materialized behind Hercules. The figure was naked, with fine white hair over his brawny body. His godly phallus rose from his crotch, reaching up to his navel, while his peach-sized testicles hung low below it. It could only be the king of the gods, Jupiter himself. Atlas bowed his head to acknowledge the supreme deity.

Jupiter smiled beatifically at Atlas, indicating his approval of the titan's actions. He placed his own hands on Hercules' beefy butt-cheeks and spread them to expose the puckered asshole. Unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of ass play, the demigod grunted at the unexpected contact. He tried to pull off Atlas' throbbing organ to see who dared to intrude on their sex play, but Atlas' strong grip held him fast.

Jupiter went down on his knees and lowered his face to Hercules' ass. Slowly he licked along the hairy crack and dug his tongue into the tight bunghole. Hercules flinched at the initial invasion, but then he thrust his ass back to allow the intruder deeper access.

As a demigod among mortal men, Hercules had always been a top man in sexual liaisons. He had always been the fucker, never the fuckee, so he was unaccustomed to having his ass touched by anyone other than himself. For him, ass play usually had consisted of spitting a large glob of saliva on his partner's pucker before thrusting his cock inside. This was new. This was different. This was ... incredibly wonderful!

Urged on by the sensual feelings coursing through his burly body, Hercules began sucking on Atlas' throbbing cock with renewed fervor, his tongue laving every inch of the crown and shaft. He managed to open his throat, so that he could take the entire organ into his body, all the way down to the balls.

"Aww, shit, suck me, Hercules!" Atlas groaned loudly. "I've been storing up my sperm for eons. I'm going to flood you with my load." He could feel his heavy balls roiling in their sac as they prepared to eject their fluids. He held Hercules' head still and began to brutally fuck his face.

Meanwhile, Jupiter was not idle. With Hercules' virgin butthole awash with the god's saliva, Jupiter pushed a thumb through the tight pucker and worked it around, stretching and kneading the elastic sphincter to loosen it for his impending invasion. Shortly a second thumb joined the first one, then a finger, then another one. Slowly but surely the bunghole yielded to his ministrations, becoming perceptibly looser and more relaxed.

Fully aroused by Hercules' muffled moans of pleasure as hitherto unknown feelings of pleasure coursed through him, Jupiter stood up. He conjured his immense godhead to reduce in size, as he feared tearing up the demigod's insides as he fucked him. Grabbing hold of Hercules' hips with both hands, he placed his drooling cockhead against the demigod's virgin hole and pushed in slowly, but insistently.

Hercules cried out and bucked in pain as Jupiter's entry seared his loins. Still, he made sure not to bite down on Atlas' huge, veiny organ - not that he could have if he had tried, as it was lodged so deeply in his throat. His own untouched boner, larger than those of mortal men, but not as large as either the god's or the titan's, drooled pre-cum onto the ground beneath him as if a water tap had been opened. He was definitely no longer a virgin.

As Hercules adjusted to the length and girth of the pole skewering him, he began to relax, and the pain was gradually replaced by a deliciously full feeling. Sensing his capitulation, Jupiter slowly allowed his erection to expand back to its full godlike size and began to fuck his son in earnest. His gigantic phallus rubbed repeatedly back and forth over Hercules' prostate, and paroxysms of lustful pleasure engulfed the demigod, carrying him to heights of sensual pleasure that he had never experienced before.

"Holy Priapus, but you're tight, my son!" Jupiter exclaimed aloud. "You're by far the best fuck I have ever had." At the sound of his voice, Hercules momentarily broke free of Atlas' grip and pulled off of the titan's pulsating pole.

"Father, is that you?" he asked incredulously. "Are you truly fucking your own son?"

"Yes, Hercules, I am. This is the true test of your desire to help Atlas. Get back on his prong and finish him off, while I take my pleasure with you."

Hercules needed no further urging. As Jupiter continued to fuck his ass, he once more swallowed the titan's truncheon, mashing his face against the hairy crotch. One hand reached up to grab Atlas' wildly swinging ball sac and squeezed it hard. It was enough to start a chain reaction.

Atlas was the first to shoot. With a strangled shout of "By the gods, I'm cumming!" that echoed through the surrounding mountains, he pushed into Hercules' throat one final time and froze. His balls pulled up to the base of his enormous boner as it spasmed wildly, gushing his load deep into the demigod's gullet. His orgasm lasted for almost a minute as he emptied all the pent-up sperm that his body had accumulated.

Jupiter's repeated manipulation of Hercules' sensitive prostate with his divine column finally sent the demigod over the edge. His untouched hose wildly sprayed potent sperm all over the ground beneath him, literally creating a pool of semen. He flexed his sweating, muscular body as he shot his wad, his screams of delight muffled by the girth of Atlas' softening cock in his mouth.

As Hercules flexed, his sphincter repeatedly squeezed and released around Jupiter's fuckpole. The god could no longer resist the undulating pressure encasing his boner. Announcing his release with a deafening roar, he plunged into Hercules as far as possible. His sperm cannoned out into Hercules' shit-chute, bathing the insane heat of the demigod's bowels with his slick semen. The additional lubrication helped relieve the friction against his erect phallus.

At last the fuckfest was over, and the three muscular males collapsed, exhausted and panting hard, in a tangle of sweaty, spent muscle. Finally Jupiter stood up and broke the silence.

"Well, my beloved son, I can no longer doubt the sincerity of your request or of your devotion to your great-uncle. Uncle Atlas, I pardon you and free you from your responsibility to hold up the sky on your shoulders. The column I created will do just as well. However, my pardon has a condition ..."

"Father," Hercules interrupted, "I don't want his pardon to be conditional ..."

"Silence!" Jupiter barked. His countenance darkened, and lightning flashed. Then he smiled again. "Atlas, my condition is that you stay with my son until the end of time, as his friend, his mentor, and his lover. When it is time for his mortal part to pass into the Elysian Fields, I will bring him to Olympus, along with you, so that you can continue to be together."

Atlas knelt before the supreme deity. "My lord, I accept your condition willingly and with a happy heart. I am honored that you deem me worthy to be your son's consort. I will never cause him or you to regret this."

Hercules approached his father with tears of gratitude in his eyes. "Thank you, father. After the death of Iolaus so many years ago, I had despaired of ever finding another to take his place. I sensed in Atlas that I had found such a one."

"So you have. And who knows?" Jupiter chuckled as he began to dematerialize. "I may want to couple with either - or both - of you again sometime."

"You will be most welcome, whenever you like," Atlas responded. He and Hercules stood, arms around each other, their spent penises still dripping semen, until the god had disappeared entirely. Then Atlas gathered up the three golden apples that he had collected, and the two naked musclemen began their journey back towards Greece.



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