I jumped out the pool ecstatic, my muscles rippling as I dragged myself out, shouting to the crowd as they cheered my victory. It was the home college swim meet and I had just won my 7th event; way more than anyone else and I was the star of the show, everyone staring at my ripped 190lbs body of solid muscle. The only thing covered was my ass and dick by the little trunks I was wearing, revealing my long, strong leg muscles and washboard abs. I savored my glory for a little longer, shaking the hands of my rivals before I walked back to the locker rooms.

'Great swim today man' a voice said I didn't recognise and slapped me on the back.

'Thanks man'

I turned to see a guy about 40 stood there, he may have been older but he was extremely muscular and his tee was stretched around his huge muscles. He reached and shook my hand, with a real firm grip but he flashed a smile at me and looked me up and down.

'I run an athletic modelling company, and I think you would be perfect for us'

'Sounds interesting'

'Great, I have a casting session tomorrow and I would love you to come, it's also a great way to earn a little extra money'

'Ok man, I guess I can try it out'

'Awesome, here's my card, it's got all the details you need about tomorrow'

'Thanks' I replied and continued to walk to the locker room.

I couldn't deny that I was excited about the modelling, I had a great body and I loved to show it off and I bet being a model would make me even more popular with the ladies. The extra money would be useful as well; I had a partial scholarship to swim but college was still real expensive and anyway, it was a pretty easy way to make money.

We partied hard that night, with our college winning our home meet and I was still a little hungover as I drove to the address the man had given me. It was a quiet part on the edge of town, with lots of big houses and I didn't see anyone around when I pulled up outside the house. I was a little apprehensive as I walked up to the house, what if it was all a set up? But before I had time to knock on the door the man I met yesterday stepped out.

'Hey, great to see you, come on in, i'm Colin by the way'

'Bryan' I replied as I followed him into the house, through to a big studio at the back.

'Ok Bryan so if you want to get changed into this and we can get started' he said offering me a jockstrap.

'Sure' I replied, a little shocked all he wanted me to wear was a jockstrap but I did what he said and quickly changed into the jockstrap, stuffing my 6in limp dick into the pouch.

'You have an amazing body Bryan, and a great ass' he smiled at me.

'Haha thanks' I replied, feeling a little awkward.

'And I can see you fill that pouch up nicely too'

I blushed as he said this, but ignored it, I kind of got this feeling this guy might have been gay, or I guess he just really admired a good body. We got started with the shoot and it was basically me flexing my muscles in different ways, which I found pretty easy.

'Ok you're doing great Bryan, now final shot; bend over that couch'

I did what he said but I was bit awkward revealing my bare ass in that jock, but I was enjoying showing off what I had.

'Fucking A, damn that is thing of fucking beauty' he said as he snapped lots of pictures. I knew it was sort of a weird thing to say, but I was enjoying pleasing this guy and I pushed my ass out further, revealing my tight little hole.

'Damn, Bryan, I think you're gonna be real popular, I definitely want to use you again. You're a natural'

'I would love to do more, I actually sort of enjoyed it' I replied, standing up.

'Great, well come back same time next week and we can do some more, and here's 50 bucks for your time'

'Oh thanks man'

I got dressed again and left, looking forward to next weeks session. My week passed pretty normally, going to class, going to training, fucking a couple girls and it wasn't long until I pulled up outside Colin's house again. The session went the same as last week; me posing in the jock strap and the session's went like this for a few weeks and I earned about 50 bucks each time. The fifth time I went, Colin suggested something new.

'You want to make a bit more money?'


'How about we lose the jockstrap?'

'What do I have to do?'

'Well if you jack off for me on camera I can give you $200'

'I..well.. I don't know'

'Its pretty easy work, I put a porno on for you and you have to do is jerk off and I give you $200 for something I bet you do for free'

'I guess it would be easy money, ok i'll do it' I replied quickly before I had time to change my mind.

'Great, i'll leave you to get comfortable'

I stripped off my clothes, just leaving my briefs on and sat on the couch, the porno playing was of a hot blonde getting fucked and as I rubbed my dick through the briefs, it didn't take long for me to get hard.

'Very nice' Colin said as he walked back in, 'Now just ignore me and do your thing'.

It was a little uncomfortable at first but I soon managed to forget about Colin and the camera as I pumped my dick, moaning quietly as I watched the porn. I soon got into showing off to the camera and I began playing with my nipples as I slowly jerked my cock. I changed positions so my ass was now facing the camera and I pushed it towards Colin; pushing my dick between my legs, still pumping my dick.

I lay back down on the couch and furiously jacked my dick, I knew my load was coming and I shouted loudly as the first ropes of cum flew out my cock. The cum shot all over my pecs and abs, covering me in white sticky stuff and I rubbed my hand across my chest; massaging the cum into me as I sighed heavily.

'That was amazing Bryan, you're a natural'

'Thanks, I have to say I kind of enjoyed it'

'Me too'

Colin looked down and I saw he had a huge boner tenting out his shorts and I started to blush; not knowing where to look. He ignored it and showed me where to shower before giving me my $200 and telling me to come back next week. The next time I went was exactly the same; I jerked in front of the camera, also doing some poses with my rock hard dick out but this time I only got $150.

I went back after that, Colin said I was pretty popular and so we could keep doing videos ad pictures. However when I arrived I noticed that his studio wasn't set up and the camera wasn't set up.

'Hey Colin, everything ok? Are we not filming today?'

'Hi Bryan, no not today I have something I need to ask you'

'Ok sure what is it?'

'So you know your pictures and videos go up on the website for people to view?'


'What I didn't tell you was that it was for gay men to look at'

'Ok, well i'm not totally surprised, I sort of guessed'

'Good, well the website showcases off hot guys like you, and then the viewers can pick guys they like and hire them, as escorts'

'What the fuck? I'm not gay man, i've never done anything with a guy before'

'I know, but one man messaged me and said he would pay $5000 to be your first time'

'Holy shit'

'I know right, it's the most I have had offered, obviously I take a commission but you would still get a hell of a lot of money'

'What would I have to do?'

'Not anything you wouldn't want to, are you interested?'

'Erm, maybe, I don't know' I couldn't believe I was saying this but this was more money than I ever had.

'The thing is Bryan, I can't really do many more of videos of you because people get bored if you don't do anything else and I can find a lot of guys willing to jack off on camera'

'Can I think about it?'

'That's the thing, he is only in town tonight'


'I can show you a picture'

'Ok, cool'

We walked round to his computer and pulled up a picture of a big black guy, about 6'2, with an amazing big body and defined muscles, hanging down was one of the biggest dicks I ever saw. It helped that this guy had a great body; I was expecting an old fat guy, and it was making me quite tempted. 5000 bucks for messing around with a guy? Who would turn that down? It couldn't be that bad?

'Ok, i'll do it'

'Awesome, I knew you would, fucking stud'

He told me the address of the hotel and what time to go and only a couple hours later I found myself outside the guy's hotel room, nervous as hell as I knocked the door. A man I recognised from the picture opened it, with just a towel around him and he smiled at me.

'Even better than the pictures, come in'

I followed him in and he had porn on the tv, it was straight porn, I guessed for my benefit as he told me to take my shirt off and lie on the bed. I did that and he joined me, I could tell his dick was hard as his towel had a huge tent, however I wasn't freaked out, this guy seemed pretty cool and we made small talk before his hand started rubbing my crotch.

I jumped a little at his touch but soon relaxed as my cock started to rise, his face leaned towards mine and I knew what was coming. At first I let him kiss me but I soon started kissing him back, it was nothing like kissing a girl as his tongue lashed in my mouth and my dick soon got rock hard.

'Looks like you got a problem there' He said, smiling, as he pulled away.

I nodded in reply as he unzipped my jeans and pulled them off with my briefs, my 8in hard dick now lying across my abs. He jerked it a couple times before taking his towel off, revealing his huge dick, which was nearly 11in hard. My eyes nearly popped out my head when I saw it.

'You like what you see?'

'Holy fuck' was all I could manage to say. Something about his huge monster did intrigue me and I had never thought about another guy that way. I guess if I was going to do something with a guy I was glad it was with an amazing specimen like this.

We made out again as he jerked my dick, and he moved my hand to his, I could barely get my hand around it as I slowly started to pump his cock. We broke our kiss as he started to kiss my neck and nipples as I moaned quietly. His mouth reached my dick and I gasped as he took it all the way in one go and bobbed his head up and down. Fuck, no girl had ever felt like this or had ever been able to take me all the way and I knew I couldn't hold my load much longer. He seemed to sense I was close and began to slow down, before he pulled off me as precum leaked out.

'Aw don't stop'

'I don't want you to cum yet' His legs straddled me and he moved closer to my head, his huge tool poking out towards me, hitting my chin.

'Wanna try it?' he smiled.

'I don't know if I can'

'Come on, at least try it' he said as he started to rub it across my lips.

I gave little resistance and parted my lips as the head of his dick slipped into my mouth, he pushed in and out, fucking my mouth gently before I got over the shock and started to play with it with my tongue.

'Yeah boy, suck it, take it further'

I gagged a little as he pushed it deeper down my throat but soon I had over half of it in there and I began to hungrily suck it, enjoying the feel and the taste of the big black cock as my own hard dick bounced on my abs. He grabbed my head and started to face fuck me forcing his big dick in my mouth as I moaned around it, his salty precum tickling my taste buds.

'Damn, you got great mouth' He said as he pulled out his wet dick.

'Lets go up a level, you ever fuck a girl in the ass?'

'No, but I have tried haha'

'You wanna fuck this man ass?'

'Sure' I replied, I was having fun with this guy and even though I had just sucked another guy's dick I wasn't freaked out and my dick was as hard as ever at the thought of this big muscle guy wanting to get fucked. He grabbed a pot of lube and started to rub some on his hole as I rubbed some on my dick.

'Ok go for it man, but it's not like pussy, push in hard'

I lined my dick up with his black man hole and pushed in hard and I moaned loudly as my the head pushed through the tight muscle and sank deep into him.

'Oh yeah, fuck me stud'

I started pumping hard, my balls slapping his ass as he yelled, fuck his ass felt amazing, I had never fucked anything so warm and tight. I could feel his ass muscles milking my cock and my head was spinning, it wasn't going to take much for me to blow my load.

'Oh fuck, i'm going to cum' I shouted after pounding his hot ass for a while.

'Yeah give it to me' He growled, pinching his nipples.

'Ahhhh' I yelled as I shot rope after rope deep in his ass.

'Fuck that was hot man' he said as I slowly withdrew my dick from his wet hole, 'But now I need to get off'

'I can suck some more'

'I've got something even better in mind, get on all fours and show me that beautiful ass'

I got into position and felt him start to rub his dick along my crack, it did feel sort of good but there was no way I was getting fucked.

'Ah no man, I can't take that'

'Don't worry i'm not going to do anything you don't want'

He stopped rubbing my ass and I soon felt something wet and rough brush across my hole and I shuddered in pleasure. I realised it was his tongue and I moaned as he eagerly began to eat my ass, I had never felt anything like it, I couldn't believe my ass could make me feel this good and I moaned like bitch as his tongue penetrated my hole.

He made out with my ass, then I felt something push through the tight muscle and I gasped quietly as I felt his finger sink in down to the knuckle. He probed around inside me, teasing and exciting me from inside my ass and I moaned again as I felt a second finger push through. He knew how to make me feel good, stretching and probing my hole and I was loving it.

'Aww man, give me more' I moaned loudly. He didn't hesitate and a third finger popped in, causing my dick to leak even more and I started to fuck myself gently on his fingers.

'Oh yeah boy, I think it's time for the real thing'

'I don't think I can take that'

'You were begging for more fingers, you'll love it'

'I know but you're dick is fucking huge'

'Come on, be a man'

'I guess I could try it' I replied. The truth was I wanted to get fucked, my ass loved his fingers but I knew that huge dick was gonna hurt. The next thing I felt was his cock head pushing against my hole and I braced myself for entry, trying to relax as he forced his dick into me.

'Awwww fuck' I yelled in pain as the head popped through. He continued to push in a little bit more as I yelled until about half his cock was in me.

'Want me to pull out?' he asked.

'No keep going' I replied, clenching my teeth. I didn't want go give up now, I was competitive and loved to win and now I felt like I had to take it all. I tried to muffle my yells as he sank his dick even deeper into me, stretching my wide, but it was also starting to give me some good feelings, and my dick was growing again as I felt his balls slap my ass.

'There ya go stud, you've got it all. How does it feel?'

'Oh man, I feel so full'

'Starting to fell good yet?'

'Oh yeah, it feels sorta good'

'I'm gonna make it feel even better'

He slowly began to pump in and out, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming back in, the pain had almost all gone and my dick was rock hard as he started to fuck me. His dick was hitting something inside of me that was making me feel so good, and I was loving the way his fat dick was stretching me. He quickened up the pace and pounded even harder making me moan like a bitch as precum dripped out my dick, I knew I was gonna blow my second load of the night soon.

'Oh shit' I shouted as cum shot out my dick all over the sheets. My orgasm triggered his and I felt him grab my hips and slam into me, as cum blasted inside my ass, filling me up. We lay still for a moment, his dick softening inside me before he slowly withdrew, cum ran out and my ass felt so empty.

'Wanna clean it up?' he asked smiling. I don't why I did it but I wanted to taste it so I quickly turned around took his dick in my mouth, tasting his cum and my ass. It should have been gross but I found it erotic, what the fuck had happened to me?

'Man, I can't believe I did that' I said, pulling away from his cock.

'Damn boy, you were born to get fucked, not many guys could take that their first time'

'Thanks, I guess' I replied awkwardly, embarrassed at my praise, but in a strange way also sort of proud. He let me shower and I washed all the cum and sweat off me, and I fingered my own loose ass, hoping it would close up soon.

'That was fucking amazing' Bryan said as I came out the shower.

' I don't know what I was expecting, but I sure did have a good time'

'I will pay Colin for the time, but here is a little something extra for that fine ass of yours'

'Thanks man' I replied, as he handed me a bunch of twentys, he leaned into kiss me and we made out for a bit before it was time for me to go. I walked to my car to find he had given me $500 and I still had the money Colin owed me. I could hardly believe what had just happened but there was no denying I had had fun, and an easy way to earn some money, I was pretty sure that that wouldn't be my last time.


Chris Miller

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