Atalin returned to reality following his daily meditation. All seemed well in the empire for the moment with no major catastrophes to deal with. If anything of significance requiring his personal attention were to arise, Chief Communicator Histel would send him a telepathic alert. For the moment, however, the Nimsol Emperor was free to indulge in one of his favorite pastimes---watching 2nd wife Alyl.

Alyl was still rearranging the cavern contents, trying out different color combinations for the decor. Atalin was content to let him do as he pleased on such matters. The Emperor enjoyed watching this exquisite creature move about the place. He thought his wife was the most beautiful Nimsol alive in the universe, with the possible exception of himself, of course.

Reclining against the plush cushions on an intricately woven silk carpet, Atalin produced a glass of wine and refreshed the cozy fire in the massive stone hearth at on end of the cavern. Winter had fallen in the mountains outside Atalin City on Nimsol II. He had blocked out the sound of the waterfall covering the entrance and all was quiet except for Alyl softly chattering as he tried this and that fabric and color on the nest coverings.

They were both naked, generally the rule while at home. Most Nimsols wore little or no clothing on the home world anyway. Too bothersome and even the short thin kilts they wore about their hips could be a hindrance if they suddenly felt the need for sex. That happened a lot for the Nimsols were a very amorous people.

Sipping his wine, Atalin unconsciously began stroking his massive penis, always erect it seemed. His wife's graceful movements were making him very hot, wing feathers beginning to ruffle with his growing excitement. Alyl's exceptional beauty was always a turn on for him and Alyl was aware of this, of course. He knew, too, his husband had finished his meditation and had his great golden eyes on him.

Alyl was so very beautiful, his features nearly perfect. Atalin took note of the silken mass of wavy indigo blue hair falling over his wife's pale blue shoulders and the massive feathered wings of the same color. Alyl's large sultry eyes were violet like Atalin's had once been. The little warrior was small, standing only 5'3' tall to Atalin's 5'8' and slender. Soft supple skin covered those hard muscles, developed on the training grounds of the elite warriors. His cheeks dimpled quite like Atalin when he smiled. There were other similarities in their features, largely due to the fact Atalin was Alyl's great great uncle. The little blue warrior was one of the Atalin family line.

Sensing his husband's watchful eyes on him, Alyl further enhanced his beauty, turning slowly to face Atalin. Low sensual music suddenly began to play and Alyl swayed his hips to it, beginning the Love Dance for his mate. He freed his massive erection from its secured place on his groin so it would dance with his movements before him. With a seductive smile he could see the effect this was having on his beloved.

Atalin had forgotten his glass of wine, which floated in the air beside him. His eyes were feasting on that lovely erection and those shapely legs and rounded buttocks of his cherished one. Alyl danced a little closer to him and released his pheromones, further arousing Atalin who had risen to his knees.

Due to a near death experience, Atalin was a different hue than his blue Nimsol people. He was pure white with streaks of burnished gold in his hair and on his huge wings. He, like all his people, had hair on their heads (excluding beards), eyelashes and brows but none on their sleek bodies. The Emperor instinctively enhanced his own beauty watching his wife dance for him.

The dance was sexually arousing. Alyl was a very accomplished dancer as well as an amazing lover and powerful elite warrior. Most of his Aneel family line was dancers and singers and Alyl had been expected to pursue those careers as well, but the little Nimsol had other ideas for his life. After attaining full maturity he fell in love with his Emperor. Everyone knew he was in love with Atalin and they often teased him about it. What chance did an ordinary Nimsol and a small one at that have in attracting the roving eye of the magnificent Emperor? Also, Atalin was one of the Elders, having been born in the old universe that existed before the present one expanded.

Alyl was 3 million years old and quite young for the consort of the Emperor when his part in alerting Atalin to a plot to kill him and assume control of the universe by Atalin's half Nimsol son, Lanyl brought the Emperor's attention to him. That was 3,000 years ago and Alyl had been married to his beloved most of that time.

The dance grew bolder, more lascivious as Alyl's sensual movements brought him ever closer to his lover. At last, Atalin could stand it no longer and his hand darted out to grasp one slim ankle, halting Alyl's performance. Atalin grasped the rounded little buttocks and pulled his wife close enough that he could take that lovely blue penis into his eager mouth. Closing his eyes he concentrated on sucking the entire massive organ into his throat, using his long tongue to rub the underside of it. Alyl moaned in pleasure, his knees growing weak. At last, Atalin gently pulled his wife onto the cushions with him, stretching his body on top of him.

Their mouths met tenderly at first, gradually building in passion as the mating fever rose in their bodies. Atalin rubbed himself against his lover, savoring the feel of him. His lips traveled downward, tongue licking soft skin, teeth gently nipping at the swelling nipples, eliciting soft trills and purring from his wife. Alyl parted his legs for Atalin to move between them. The Emperor's long tongue probed into that throbbing pink hole causing Alyl to writhe in his desire.

'Atalin, my love---' he began.

Atalin withdrew his tongue from the hot orifice and murmured, 'I am here, my cherished one.'

Hands under his wife's knees, Atalin lifted those beautiful legs higher, enjoying the sight of Alyl's pretty little feet. The Emperor had a thing for beautiful legs and feet. Rising to his knees, Atalin secreted his pale gold lubricating cream from the head of his penis, scooping it into his hand so he could coat his huge erection with it. Guiding the head of his circumcised penis to the red distended anus, he slid into the hot interior of his little wife. Both breathed an impassioned sigh of delight as Atalin plunged all 11 inches of his swollen member inside. After a momentary pause to savor the initial sensations, he began his slow rhythmic thrusts.

When Alyl arched his back in desire, Atalin slid a hand beneath his wife and lay on top of him again, for his hard belly to rub Alyl's penis in time with his thrusts. Their minds joined so each could enjoy each other's passion during the sex. The Nimsol Ecstasy came upon them and would last nearly three hours as desire continually built within them.

Sweat began to pour from their heated bodies, causing the hair around their faces to become drenched yet still they continued their lovemaking. Alyl loved the feel of Atalin's huge erection filling him so completely. At times, Atalin's head would lower so he could suck the reddening nipples, causing his wife much pleasure. Alyl's slender little hands caressed the sleek white body on top of him, enjoying the softness of Atalin's thick wavy hair as it lightly brushed the little warrior's chest.

Their eyes became solid in color, showing no whites or pupils as the ecstasy overcame them. But, at last, all good things must finally end and both lovers were overcome with desire. Atalin brought them to climax together and they collapsed in each other's arms, panting, lust satisfied for the moment.

This story is based on characters from my novel, NIMSOLS. 1st story from Erotic Nimsols collection of short stories.


L.K.S.G. McDowell

[email protected]


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