At the Mall

Several years ago I went to the mall one a rainy day to just walk around. I did a loop...a mile...around the entire mall and then sat down on a bench to watch the people go by.

A young good looking blonde guy about 25 years old sat down next to me and started a conversation about the people going by.

I was in my early 50's but look good and am in good shape.

We chatted and it soon progressed to how sexy each person who walked by was. He then pointed out a guy about my age who had on jeans and said, "Wow. That dude has a great ass."

I wasn't shocked but was a little taken back by his openness. He then said, "Hey you have a great ass too."

I said, "Thanks," and that moved the conversation to the next level.

He asked, "Do you ever find yourself looking at a guy?"

I said, "Sure. I checked out guy's equipment at my gym. I'm curious but I don't find men attractive.

He said, "So you would have sex with a guy but not kiss is that right?"

I thought about it and said, "Yeah, I guess that's about right."

He then said, "Well I'm free for the afternoon. Do you want to come over to my apartment and watch some porn and see if we get worked up?"

I really shocked myself when I said, "Yes."

We walked out into the parking lot and then I followed him to his place about 5 min away. He must have been planning to bring someone home. He already had everything set up because when he turned on his TV and a porno movie started to play. It was 2 guys and a girl and they all did each other. It was, I must admit very exciting. In a matter of minutes I was hard as a rock.

I looked over and he was playing with his cock through his pants.

When he caught me looking he stood and removed all his clothes. Then he stood in front of me with his 7-inch uncut cock swimming in a sea of curly black pubic hair sticking in my face. Its big mushroom head was pointing up at a 45 degree angle. It was average in girth and had a vein throbbing along the length of his shaft.

He said, "Touch it."

Nervously I raised my hand and for the first time in my life touched another man's cock. It was soft but at the same time as hard as steel.

"Stroke it," he said.

I could feel its power and heat as I closed my fingers around the shaft. As I slowly moved my hand up and down it got harder, pulling the foreskin back and exposing the purple head.

"Now kiss it," muttered.

Suddenly all my inhibitions, all my reservations, came to the fore. Was I really going to do this? Was I really going to touch my lips to another man's cock? Could I really, I mean, really...?

And then I did. I leant forward and gently kissed the swollen head. Oh, god! I'm actually doing it, I thought, I'm really am kissing his cock. It was wet with pre-cum and tasted weird, not bad but weird.

"Open your mouth and suck me," he said.

I stuck out my tongue and licked it, trying to get more of the taste. Any reservations I might have felt was gone, replaced by a fascination and sexual excitement. I understood that the kissing and licking was just a way of putting off what I was really there for.

Again he told me, "Suck it."

This time I did as I was told. I opened my mouth, leaned further forward and for the first time, took another man's cock deep inside my mouth. It was surreal and wickedly erotic. The smooth skin wrapped around his hard cock, the way I could feel the outline of the head in my mouth with my tongue and how when I moved my lips and tongue I could feel his cock twitch.

I did to him what my wife does to me. I licked all around the head and shaft. Then cupped his balls while stroking his cock and sucking the head.

He tensed up, grabbed the sides of my head and started to fuck my mouth. I sucked harder.

He then swelled up, balls got smaller then he shot his huge load of cum in my mouth. It really blasted out of his cock. Even though I was choking and gagging, he held his cock in my mouth. He must have shot 8 times. Cum was running out the corners of my mouth and down onto the rug.

He didn't pull out until I'd swallowed.

He sat down and caught his breath and then told me to take off my clothes.

Again I submissively did as I was told by this very bold young man.

Once naked he had me sit back down on the couch. Kneeling, he got between my legs. I didn't know how I was going to react to a guy taking my cock in his mouth. But it seemed as natural as a woman doing it. And he was good. He gave me the best blowjob of my life. I shot a mighty load and he like me, he swallowed it all.

He then turned me around and had me get on all fours. Then he lifted me up by my hips until my ass was in the air and with my head and arms resting on the back of the couch. I instinctively knew what was coming. He kissed my asshole, sticking his tongue deep in me.

Then he moved and I felt some lube being rubbed on my asshole.

I felt him position the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass. I surprised myself. I was ready. He grabbed my hip and pushed. I gasped and held my breath as my sphincter parted and in it popped, just the head. He waited for me to adjust and then he pushed again. As he eased his cock into me, he told me to relax and assured me that he wouldn't hurt me.

The pain was excruciating as his cock worked its way deeper and deeper into my ass. My eyes welled up with tears as my ass stretched to new dimensions He continued to ease his cock in and out feeding me an additional ¼ to ½ inch at a time. Each time waiting until I relaxed. It seemed to take hours before he was in all the way. I felt his balls slapping against my ass as he fucked me with long deliberate strokes.

The pain had subsided somewhat and then he was hitting my prostate and my cock sprang back to life. He reached around and stroked me as he fucked me.

When he was close he pulled out and turned me around. Then he reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair and moved my face a couple of inches in front of his cock. The image of a cock head so close to your face, knowing that it is getting ready to explode is hard to describe. It is incredibly sexy, yet fear inducing at the same instant.

At that range I knew it was going to sting, so I girded myself for the impact. The first shot hit me just below the right eye, but I couldn't pull back because he was holding my hair. The second shot followed pretty quickly after that and got me right on the nose. It immediately started draining off the end of my nose and caused it to itch like hell, but things were moving too quickly for me to react to it.

The third shot followed right on the mouth and a fourth shot hit me square in the right eye. He then took his cock and rubbed his cum into my face. I hadn't anticipated that, but it didn't gross me out too badly.

When he was finished he let go of my hair and calmed leaned down and started licking it all off.

Knees weak and things to think about, I got dressed. As I was leaving he gave me his card and told me, "Call me when you want to suck a dick again."

As confused as I am I think I will.

The end...



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