The bar is dark.

There's only a few lights on at all, including the two that have red light bulbs in them. I wonder how the bartender can see what he's doing.

It's late, after midnight. The place is crowded with men. It might be cold outside, but in here the climate is sweltering - all these horny, hungry men in the small space of the bar generate a lot of heat. Some of them are in leather, others wearing only enough clothing to be street-legal. The odors are dense, concentrated and heady. Sweat, spilled beer, smoke - the smells of men, leathermen to be precise.

From my vantage point at the back of the bar, leaning against the rear wall, I look at a crowd of shadows and silhouettes. My mind fills in the details I can't see - sharp sultry eyes; dark mustaches above parted, wet lips; leather jackets, leather vests, leather chaps revealing pale butt-cheeks, ripe to be swatted and spanked.

I put my hands behind my head in a gesture of exaggerated confidence. I hope I look inviting and seductive. Several men look at me, but then turn away, unwilling to maintain eye contact, even in this dim light. Sometimes my looks and attitude intimidate guys, even though I know I'm harmless.

All I want is for some hot man to come along and put me in my place. I'm a cocky, sometimes arrogant young man, and need another man to take charge of me.

One of the guys looking at me doesn't turn away. I can only see his silhouette in the red, smoky air. It's hard to judge, but I think he's about my height - six feet or so. He's bulkier than me, sort of like a bodybuilder or a football player. From the shape of his head it looks like he's wearing a leather cap. He makes his way through the crowd, heading my way. I stare at him, even though I cannot yet see his eyes.

He gets close to me, right up in my face. I can see a few more details at this close range. He's wearing a leather jacket with a white T-shirt under it. He has a mustache and goatee, and he's wearing big construction worker boots. I can't tell if he's handsome or ugly, and it doesn't matter. The man exhales into my face and I smell beer and smoke.

'On your knees,' he says, 'cocksucker.'

Silently I obey, and my denim-covered knees hit the floor of the bar. I know the floor is dirty, but I don't care. The man unzips his pants, and the sound somehow seems very loud despite the noise of the bar. The odors of sweat and musk hit my nose as his crotch is exposed to the air. The man's fat cock flops out, dangling from its root in his forest of pubic hair. It is beginning to get hard with excitement in anticipation of the pleasures my mouth will give it.

I part my lips and the un-named man pushes his pelvis forward and his cock enters my mouth. I love the feel of it, the weight of it, this stiffening tube and muscle and flesh resting on my tongue. I receive it hungrily, gladly, gratefully.

The dick in my mouth grows to its full length and I begin to suck it. I worship it with my lips and tongue, caressing it and fondling it for maximum pleasure. I move it in and out from between my lips, creating what I hope is delicious friction. The man groans in pleasure as he penetrates me orally. I glance up at him and see his body quivering slightly, shaking with the sensation of me sucking him off.

It feels so good to serve him this way, to give him pleasure, to take care of him the way a bottom should a top. I don't know if we're being watched, and I don't care. I figure we are, with this many horny men packed in such a small hot space. But all I care about is the cock in my mouth, and the man who owns it standing over me. I need to be dominated this way, to be reduced to a sexual plaything - to be a sextoy for a hot man.

My dick is straining against my jeans, aroused and erect. The music of the bar pounds in my ears. Or is it the flow of my own blood? I realize it must be my heart that is beating throughout my body and resounding in every part of me, filling me with excitement and desire.

'Yeah,' the man above me says in a slurred voice, 'That's good, cocksucker, that's good...' His voice is low and gravelly, and I love hearing every word. 'You're a good little cocksucker, aren't you?' he asks. I answer him, but his dick in my mouth makes it nothing more than a muffled 'hhmmff,' Not that he could hear me over the noise anyway.

I hope my performance on his cock is a good enough answer. When I glance up at him I see his head tilted back in pleasure. He starts speeding up his thrusts into my mouth and I know he is getting close.

He puts his hands on my head, holding it in place. He doesn't want me going anywhere. Neither do I, but he wants to make sure I follow through to his climax. Now his cock is pulsating in my mouth and I know the time has come. The man comes in my mouth, his penis shooting bursts of salty semen down my throat, and I swallow it gratefully. It feels so good to be used this way, used for his pleasure like a common street hustler. When he's shot his full load and squeezed the last drops out onto my tongue, he lets go of my head and allows his cock to slide out of my mouth.

'On your feet, cocksucker!' the man says sharply. I obey quickly, lifting my sore knees from the hard floor. As soon as I have risen, he pushes me roughly against the wall, my back to him. He presses himself on me, holding me between himself and the wall. It is uncomfortable but I love it - being pinned this way, in this unknown man's power, it is so sexy and hot.

My stiff cock is trapped within my jeans, straining for release. Now the man's hands are on me, reaching around my waist from behind to feel my crotch. He exhales loudly into my ear as his fingers find the shape of my dick through my pants, the sound full of satisfaction and desire. He fondles and caresses me while at the same time pushes his groin against my ass. Even through at least two layers of cloth I can feel that his cock is hard again, incredibly, so soon after already shooting once.

But it feels like he's ready for more, and this time needs more than a blowjob.

'Yeah, pussyboy,' he growls, 'You need my cock in you, don't you?'

'Yes,' I say, and he slaps my ass.

'Yes, what?' he asks.

'Yes, Sir?'

'That's better,' he says, 'Don't forget what you are.'

'What am I, Sir?' I ask.

'My pussyboy,' he answers. 'My cocksucker. The man who'll do anything to get me inside him.'

'Yes, Sir,' I say. 'I'm your pussyboy.'

'Yeah, man? You need me inside you?'

'I need you inside me, Sir,' I say. Then his hands are at my waist, pulling open my fly. He yanks my underwear down and I feel my cock spring forward, free of its fabric prison. With my pants open at the front, he pulls them down from the back and my bare ass is exposed.

The man takes one butt-cheek in each hand and squeezes hard. It hurts but I love it. Then he slaps my ass, sharply, and it stings.

'Thank you, Sir,' I say, and the man says 'Good boy. You'll take whatever I give you, won't you?'

'Yes, Sir!' is my answer.

'Then take this!' he says and I feel his cock burrow between my cheeks. It's hard and dripping, ready for action again. 'You like that?' he asks.

'Yes,' I say, 'Please put it in me Sir - please fuck me!'

He takes me raw, without lubrication, pushing his cock into my hole. He reams my ass, and I can tell he's going to fuck me long and hard. The man grabs my hips to hold me steady. He pushes into me savagely, then pulls out quickly, then shoves himself back in again.

I start grunting with each thrust, a little yelp to match each push in. He does me roughly, with no tenderness or finesse. I'm just here to be used.

'Yeah,' he growls in my ear. 'You're just my little fuck-hole, man, just here to be a warm soft hole for my cock - that's all you are...'

'Yes, Sir,' I whisper, 'Thank you, Sir...'

He starts fucking me faster, pushing me harder against the wall. He slaps my ass hard. His cock feels so good in my asshole, like it's meant to be there.

I don't care about anything right now - not that I'm getting screwed in a public place, not that men are probably watching, not that I might know some of them. None of it matters.

All that matters is that the man who's fucking me is a hot top, and as a bottom it's my duty to serve him, to give myself to him, to offer my butt as a hole he can fuck.

His cock in me is all that matters. I shut my eyes and breathe in deeply, savoring the scents of sweat, beer, smoke and men - this is where I belong, this is where I am meant to be.

The man is growling in my ear as he fucks me hard. My butt starts to hurt, but I love it - this is what it means to be alive, this is what it feels like to be truly wanted, needed, used!

It feels good to be taken this way. I love the little grunts the man makes as he pile-drives me over and over. I let myself get flattened completely against the wall by the force of his penetration. The wood of the wall is cool and smooth against my palms and it feels good. But not nearly as good as the slab of manmeat that is pummeling my asshole.

Suddenly the man fucking me wraps his arms around my chest from behind. He yanks me away from the wall and I feel my back hit his chest. I grunt as his cock is shoved deep inside me.

What's he doing? I wonder, but a second later, I know.

He reaches down to my waist and pulls the front of my pants down. My freed cock springs out with excitement. The man seizes it in one clenched fist and I gasp as he starts to jerk it. I didn't think there was a better feeling than getting fucked like this, but now I know better. Getting jacked off at the same time is even hotter.

'Come on, pussyboy,' he says in my ear. 'You gotta come for me, I want you to shoot for me before I finish myself off.'

I let my head tilt back in ecstasy to rest on the man's shoulder. His grip is tight, dirty, gritty and feels fan-FUCKING-tastic on my dick. I can't hold out for very long - I have to shoot! I let out a guttural groan as I come, and I feel my cock shudder as it spurts jets of man-juice out onto the wall.

'Yeah, good cocksucker,' he says, 'Good pussyboy, that's what I need.'

I gasp as the orgasm glows inside me, fading slowly. But the pleasure goes into overload - I'm still getting fucked! And the cock inside my ass feels white-hot as it thrusts its way to its climax.

'You want me to come, man?' the man asks me.

'Yeah,' I say, 'Please come, please come in me!'

He pushes me forward with his body, slamming me back into the wall again. The breath in my lungs is forced up and out of my nose and mouth as the man crushes me against the wood again and again.

'Aw, fuck man, I'm coming!' he groans in my ear, 'I'm fucking coming inside you, pussyboy!'

I push my butt back, wanting to feel his power and his passion as his cock emptied itself in my ass.

His frenzied voice in my ear is louder than the noise of the men all around, louder than the music, louder than anything. His groans of exertion and pleasure are formless and wordless. Knowing how good I am making him feel is enough to make my own orgasm seem to go on and on. The man's hands grip my shoulders - tighter, tighter, then let go.

'That was great,' the man says as he pulls out of me slowly. My ass feels empty without his dick.

I turn around and see him there, the man who just screwed me - hot, sexy, masculine. I think his face is flushed and sweaty, but it's hard to tell in the dim smoky light. A group of men stand around us, watching, then slowly turn away as the action winds down.

The man stuffs his cock back in his pants.

I pull my jeans back up over my ravaged ass and my exhausted dick. He looks at me intensely for a few seconds, his eyes boring into mine. My whole body feels like it's glowing, so excited and alive.

Then the man turns and walks away, and is gone into the crowd of men, leaving me alone at the back of the bar.


Christopher Pierce

[email protected]


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