'Oh, come on. You'll like him. He's handsome, extremely handsome, smart, funny, has a great job. He's looking for a date. Why not just go out with him and see where it goes?'

My friend Abby kept badgering me all day over the wall of her cubicle with this conversation. I tried to tune her out my concentrating on my computer screen, but the drone from her voice kept pulling me back in. I stared at her balefully.

'If he wasn't gay, I'd go out with him myself.'

'Great, always a glowing recommendation, Abby.'

'Seriously. I told him you'd meet him at Van Walt Park at 6:00 tonight'.

'You did WHAT? Goddamn it, Abby. I have things I need to get done at home'. She rolled her eyes and sighed loudly.

'Hmmm, let's see. Feed the cats, all four of them. Do laundry. Sit in front of the TV like a lump and channel surf. Go to bed and smack your pecker against the headboard. Wow, a can't miss night.'

'Fuck you, butch.' It was a running joke between us, ever since she got her extremely short pixie like haircut I called her butch, when one day she wore a flannel shirt around her apartment.

'It's not gonna kill ya'. I gritted my teeth and sighed loudly again.

'Fine. Six it is. Call him and let him know.'

'Already did. He's wearing a grey nylon jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes. He has red hair and a beard. He'll be on the bench across from the playground'. I grabbed a magazine and smacked her across the head with it.

'And I want details when you get home'.

I arrived at the park at a quarter till six, watching couples walking hand in hand along the lane, Frisbees being thrown, the sound of childrens laughter echoing in the air. It was a pretty night, and I was hoping this

meeting wasn't going to be an unmitigated disaster. As I walked around I noticed a beautiful golden retriever sitting next to a bench. He sat almost regally, his head pointed straight ahead, like a sentry. I went over to

him and started to pet him.

'He's not to keen on strangers.' I turned and saw a tall, strikingly handsome man with flaming red hair, a trimmed beard wearing a grey windbreaker approaching me. He was trim, but well built, his frame taut, without an

ounce of fat on him. In his right hand was a red tipped cane. Abby had set me up with a blind man. Shit, I thought. This is gonna be interesting.

'I'm sorry. He's beautiful. How long have you had him?'

'Ever since I left the institute. Abby didn't tell you I was blind, did she?' I hesitated for a minute, trying to find the words. He interrupted me with a hand on my arm.

'It's ok. Most people run away. It's like a disease or something to most gay men it seems'. I felt ashamed for what I thought a minute ago, and took his hand and squeezed it.

'Rob Zacherly. Nice to meet you'. He accepted my hand and shook it with a firm grip.

'Ben McAllister. Pleasure is all mine. Would you like to go for a walk, then dinner perhaps?' I accepted and we headed around the park. I stood beside him and watched as he walked with such confidence and grace, the dog, who's name was Buster, guiding him with a gentle tug. He'd lost his sight as a child due to an illness, graduated high school and college at the top of his class, and worked as a professor of English at a school for the blind. He was quick with a joke, and laughed with a hearty bellow.

'Have you been on many dates?'

'None worth mentioning. I don't understand what it is about most gay men. They think that since you are blind, somehow you can't fuck.' I burst out laughing at his statement, thinking to myself, hell, most gay men I know

are sighted and still can't fuck.

We went to dinner at a charming little Italian restaurant near his apartment, where we drank red wine, ordered antipasto, ravioli, and tiramisu. The conversation was light hearted and warm, his personality engaging, manners impeccable.

I would look at him and marvel at his beauty. His green eyes were stunning, his face chiseled with high cheek bones and beautiful light skin. A smattering of freckles highlighted his cheeks and his nose, and I noticed the back of his hands

were covered in a fine layer of fur. I reached over and gently touched his hand. He clasped it in his and squeezed it.

'You're pretty amazing yourself, Rob. I've truly enjoyed dining with you. Would you like to come back to my apartment for awhile?' I accepted and we headed to his place, a charming little flat filled with antiques, overstuffed furniture and

large, airy windows that let in the evening light. Buster laid down on his bed in front of the window, and I sat down on the couch as he poured us two glasses of wine. He sat next to me and we toasted the evening. As I sipped my wine, I gazed towards him and saw the light streaming through the window, illuminating his face. He was truly breathtaking. I reached over and ran my hands through his thick mane of hair. He closed his eyes and leaned back. I bent down and gently kissed him on the lips. I pulled away, but he pressed his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me back, our lips entwined him a passionate lip lock. I unzipped his jacket and pulled up his tee shirt, feeling the massive amount of hair spread across his chest. I began to stroke it and he arched his back and moaned in agreement. We continued our kiss, and without warning, he stood up and pulled me to my feet, leading me into the bedroom.

I stood there in front of him as he removed my clothes, then removed his, guided me to the bed, and pulled back the sheets. We fell on top of each other and kissed passionately, our bodies entwined in desire. I trailed my tongue down his chest, circling it across his stomach, down to his cock, which stood high and mighty. It was at least 9 inches, long, slender with a thick mushroom head, balls smooth, his pubic hair thick and red. I took his member in my lips and took it deep. He pressed his hands on the back of my neck, as I pumped the cock, his moans filling the room.

'Oh, god. Suck it. Feels so damned good.' I licked his shaft and took his balls in my mouth, twirling them around, and he responded with a deep groan.

He pushed me back, grabbed me by the arm, and threw me onto my stomach. He spread my ass cheeks apart and before I knew it his face was buried deep in my ass, his tongue probing my hole. I cried out in ecstacy, and with each flick of his

tongue, I moaned as loudly as he had. He then pulled me towards him, threw my legs onto his shoulders and whispered, 'I'm gonna fuck you.'

He said it in a matter of fact way, demanding I get ready for him. He shoved his cock inside of me, taking the entire shaft up my anus. I felt his balls against my ass cheeks, and he began to pound me relentlessly. His hips swayed back and forth, as every inch of his tool delved into my body. I didn't realize I was practically screaming until he leaned down and kissed me

passionately, his tongue curling around mine. He continued to fuck me for what seemed like hours, but I didn't want him to stop. He was incredible.

He pulled out and with one deft thrust, he spewed his seed all over me, from stem to stern, hitting my face, chest, even my hair. I began to sit up, but he pushed me back down and took my hard cock in his mouth and began to fellate me. The suction from his mouth was intense, and my whole body shook.

'Let me know when you are going to cum', he said. I managed a breathless 'yes' as he continued his relentless abuse of my body. I was practically climbing the walls with each touch of his hands, every stroke of his tongue onto my shaft. I felt myself bubbling up inside, and told him I was going to cum. The semen came out like a fountain, and he let it cascade all over his face, beard, chest, and soon he was dripping with my semen.

We laid back against the sheets, our hands entwined, the night enveloping the room. A streetlamp suddenly lit and illuminated the bedroom. I fell asleep, smiling all the while as he wrapped his arms around me, his cock pressed against my ass.

He walked me to the door in the morning, after our 20 minute shower, where he soaped me up and fucked me again.

'What are you doing for dinner tonight?' he asked. Buster stood next to him, looking at me with a curious glance.

'Um, nothing really. What did you have in mind?' He grabbed my shirt and pulled me to him, kissing me deeply.

'Well, I was thinking about seconds.' He smiled wickedly and Buster laid down at his feet and whimpered. We both laughed and embraced.

As I was walking home, all of the preconceived notions about the blind went out of my head. Ben had changed my outlook forever, and I practically danced down the street, headed for home. As I stopped at the corner for a WALK sign, I saw an elderly blind woman come strolling towards me, her cane tapping against the concrete.

'Good morning, ma'am'. She stopped and stood there for a moment. Suddenly a broad smile came across her face.

'Good morning, sir'. She headed down the street, and the light for WALK illuminated. I had been enlightened myself, and would never see people quite the same way again.



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