My sister and I had always been close. We shared everything about our lives with each other. She and her husband even moved to the small town where I had settled in order to be close to me. I loved having them around and in spite of a very deep and carnal attraction to her husband, we all managed to stay close and enjoy having family around. They had a key to my place. I had a key to theirs.

Her husband Grant was a beautiful man. I could understand why my sister had married him. We actually shared the same taste in men! He was one of those tall, dark and handsome stereotypes and then some. I always thought my sister would marry someone more closely associated to my characteristics. Rather, she managed to find a macho shit head of a personality with all the swagger and bravado that is typical of such a man. He walked like he was swinging a tree vine for a dick. He was always strutting and favoring more of an 'up on the toe' sort of walk that always made his calves and thighs bulge with muscular perfection. I had never seen him naked but could tell from what little I had been able to view that he was an oak tree kind of build with plenty of dark auburn hair everywhere.

On occassion I would drop by their house to leave a spontaneous gift or an interesting book I had been reading. Today was my day off. I knew my sister was teaching at the college and Grant would be off to his office job. I knew that she had been having a pretty tough week with mid-terms and lazy students so I picked up some flowers to put on their table and give her a little smile when she got home. I pulled in the driveway and ambled to the door with my hands full of flowers and my key at the ready. After getting inside and greeting the dogs I headed to the kitchen to find a vase and do a quick arrangement of the flowers. 'It's about fucking time you got back' roared Grant from somewhere in the house. I froze in my tracks. 'What a jerk' I thought to myself. 'You need to get in here and set me free or finish what you started' he bellowed. If I had been frozen in place before I was now in a million frozen pieces on the floor! What in the hell was going on? I knew I had to check things out.

You didn't have to be intelligent to know his voice was coming from the master bedroom. I slipped off my shoes and cautiously approached the half open door. Not sure what I was going to find I crept as close as I could without exposing my face to get a glimpse into the room. From the view of one eye I saw Grants bare legs spread eagle, toes upward and him evidently straining and twisting to free himself. I went instantly hard! I remained out of view of his face and just drank in the chisled perfection of his strong manly feet, his wide muscular calves and the thick thighs still fighting to break free. Every inch of him was covered in a deep dark auburn red hair. 'I'll be damned' I thought to myself. 'Sister and hubby are kinky bastards!' 'Beth get the fuck in here and let me go!' Grant roared again. I jumped a little at his voice, him still thinking she was nowhere near the door.

I ventured to get a better view. Quickly I moved in and back out of view. 'Holy Shit!' I found myself thinking. Grant was fully naked and blindfolded. His strong arms were each handcuffed to the brass headboard of their bed. His armpits were wet with the sweat of his effort to free himself and the hair lay in wet ringlets of dark red perfection against his white Irish skin. Knowing now that he was not going to see me I stepped boldy into the room and just stood and stared. His heaving chest was damp with sweat, covered in the same deep red hair. His cock lay flacid between his legs,framed in the biggest fire bush of pubes I had ever seen. A pool of precum lay between his legs, evidently from the erotic turn on that he had experienced when they first began this sexual play. His balls were low and hanging, covered in auburn curls like the rest of him. I could feel myself about to faint. My sister had just given me the best gift that she could have ever imagined for me. I knew I was attracted to Grant, now I knew that I was obsessed with him. Seeing him lying there in all his maleness was like eating the richest dessert on the menu of the most expensive restaraunt in town.

I looked up from his body and into his square jawed face. His red hair was tossled from a night of sleep and I knew instantly that Grant hadn't even showered yet. My kinky sister had evidently woke up and played out a sexual fantasy on him while he was yet asleep. The blind fold was the same sleeping mask I had seen her use. Confusion and just a little fear actually lined Grant's beautiful face. 'Beth' you there? He whispered into the room. 'What the fuck are you doing?' I stepped to the foot of the bed and looked down over his now still body. I could have stood there forever just staring at this massive perfect red headed man. He began twisting against his restraints again, his abs flexing and relaxing as he moved back and forth. His round hairy ass came into view with each roll he made against the handcuffs. I was in fucking heaven! I just stood there and drank him in. He could sense my presence and his cock began to rise up like a fucking crane at a construction site. 'Beth, I'll admit this is turning me on but you have left me for fucking hours' Grant whimpered. 'This is not how I expected to spend my day off.'

'Not my idea either' I thought to myself. Something inside me snapped then. I was intoxicated by the moment and stepped up to the head of the bed and put one finger against his lips as if to say be quiet. It worked like a charm. Grants face relaxed with this tiny bit of touch and a grin came across his handsome face. 'What are you going to do to me you bad girl' He flirted. Again, I put a finger to his lips and tried to devise a plan on what to do next. Grant fell silent and I moved away and into their master bath. My sisters signature perfume sat beside her personal sink. I stripped out of my clothes and spritzed my neck with her perfume. I looked into the mirror at my six foot frame and stared into my steel blue eyes as if to ask myself 'what the hell was I about to do?!' My own rigid cock had a three inch drool of precum hanging from the tip of my dickhead. I took one last look at my dark haired frame, lean and strong, and then turned to the bedroom to indulge myself.

Grant could hear me approach, his cock bounced and twitched as I came nearer. 'You have me so hot baby' he stammered through his licked lips. I bent over the bed, careful not to make body contact and kissed him while he still talked. He kissed me back like a hungry child that needed a drink. I was careful to only allow him quick kisses so as not to feel my own clean shaven beard against his. 'You are gonna make me shoot all over myself Beth' he announced. I stepped back again and took a slow look from head to toe at his whole body. I made a mental note to myself to listen for the garage door going up, just in case 'sister' actually had plans to come back to her little sexual escapade before the end of the work day.

I decided to begin with his feet and moved again to the foot of the bed and took his foot in my hand. He flinched at first but then willingly relented to my touch. I held it in my hands and looked down at the red curly hair that brushed each digit and then to the top of his foot that was brushed in more profusion with that unbelievabley sexy and deep dark auburn hair. I took his toe into my mouth and sucked it. Grant heaved with a gasp and I knew he was in tortured extascy. I took each toe in turn and sucked them one by one into my mouth. I flicked my tongue across the back of each of them like a kid sliding his hands down piano keys. Each new movement garnered further rushes of breath and gasping from Grant's beautiful intoxicating face. I massaged his foot in my hand and then put the bottom of his foot against my face and breathed in my own extascy. His feet smelled like morning and sweat and my own cock bounced with the heady scent of this perfect man.

I moved over to his other foot and then repeated my performance on it. From there I slowly licked my way up his ankle, to his calves, his knees and then his inner thighs. Once I was at his groin I went down to the opposit ankle and worked my way up the other leg. Grant became more aggitated and excited the closer I came to his groin. Feeling his hairy legs brush against my face was like nothing I had ever experienced. As I reached his balls and cock I could smell the musk of him mingled with morning sweat. 'Fuck Beth, you are killing me.' He shuddered. 'Suck my cock baby.' I ignored his begging and lifted his hanging balls and licked under his ball sack. He took a quick jolting breath and then began to moan with pleasure. I moved his balls to one side and sunk my face in between his leg and groin, sucking and breathing in his manliness. Each move I made brought more jolts and moans from his hot mouth. I lifted his wet precummed cock straight up and wrapped my lips around it. With this he totally surrendered to me in a final heave of complete pleasure.

I slowly slid my mouth over his entire eight inch cock. It had to be as thick as a paper towel tube and it was all I could do to keep from gagging at the girth and the length. Grant continued to moan. Each new time I would begin at the tip and take him slowly down to his balls, he would groan with utter delight. Would I dare to take this further? I knew I would! I raised up from my attention to his cock and began running the tips of my fingers up and down his torso and into the wet ringlets of his armpits. His deodarant from the day before had long ago given out and I lifted my fingers to my nose to take in his sharp armpit scent. My dick throbbed back and forth as his smells filled my lungs. I brushed through his wet furry chest and stomach, with an occassional round over his cock and balls. He was so intensely into this that I was mesmorized at the facial expressions I was conjuring up from him. Each new level of play was getting us both hotter and hotter.

It was time to go all out I thought. I stood up on the bed and place a foot on either side of his lower torso. 'Are you gonna let me finally fuck you?' Grant asked excitedly. I bent over and put a finger to his lips again. He obediently went silent. I turned and positioned his cock straight up then lowered myself down unto his cock. 'Holy fuck! he shouted out. 'You are gonna let me ass fuck you?!' 'Beth I love you you kinky bitch!' My ass gave way to his throbbing cock. I let myself slowly adapt to it until with the help of his precum as lube he was balls deep in my fuck hole. As I finally got used to it I begin rising and lowering myself up and down on his big cock. 'You are so tight baby!' he affirmed. 'I am fucking loving this.' 'We both are' I thought to myself. 'You have know idea how we both are.' After a while, Grant took over. He began shoving his hips into my ass and pumping me for all he was worth. New torrents of sweat broke over his hairy muscled body with the effort. I was so hard that my balls and cock stayed well out of his way and never gave me away as to my real identity. Grant's thrusts became ever faster and intense. I reached down with one hand and clasped one hairy butt cheek. Feeling his sweaty ass flexing in my one hand and pumping cock into me was amazing. 'Oh Fuuuucck!' Grant screamed and with one finaly thrust he shoved his ass off the bed and deep into my ass. I could feel the jets of pent up cum filling me with his seed. 'Oh Fuuuuck' he said again, this time with less intensity and more exhaustion.

As he lowered himself back unto the bed, I just sat there in my own exhaustion and kept his dick buried to the balls. I flexed my ass hole muscles around his spent cock and was rewarded with fresh moans from him. We sat like that in our pool of sweat for what seemed forever. I just stayed on his cock and looked down over his spent sweaty red haired body and soaked it all in. 'That was incredible Beth' he said. 'We have got to do this again!' 'I gotta piss baby' he said, 'Get these handcuffs off me so I can get up.' With one last sick obsession I took his chin in my hands and turned his head back and forth in a no response then tightened my ass muscles around his cock again. Grant broke out into an equally sick grin and broke loose with a torrent of hot piss that gave me the most incredible sense of jet power inside me and fullness. When his cock gave out the last spasm of piss I slowly raised up off his cock and consentrated on keep my hole tight and shut. I never lost a drop as I raised up on burning legs to remove myself from his hunky man of a body.

I grabbed a wash cloth from the shower and warmed it under the water and then went back to him and washed his cock and balls clean. I then reached over his calm satisfied face and kissed him again. 'Baby this was incredible.' he said grinning. I jostled his hair and went back to the bathroom and dressed, still full of his piss and cum. As I re-entered the room the slow steady snoring of this beautiful man let me know that I had more than taken care of him. I looked down on him with renewed lust but knew I had to go. I very gently buried my face in his damp armpit and wiped his scent all over me so that when I got home to jerk off he would still be with me at least by scent. I went back to the kitchen and removed the flowers from the vase. I rinsed the vase out and put it back in the cupboard. I wrapped paper towels around the flowers and headed out. If confusion ensued upon my sisters actual return I didn't need to be implicated and removing proof of being there was vital. I stepped out on the front entry, turned to lock the door and then headed to my waiting car.

I knew I would come back that evening and present my sister with the flowers then. I would call ahead to make sure they weren't in the middle or round two or three. It was erotic to think of what state they would be in when I got there. I knew I would be able to tell from the facial expressions and temperament whether my assumed identity went off with out a hitch!


Matthew Barrett

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