Assault The Objective

For some strange reason I was drawn to the plum colored cockhead like a bug to a porch light. The retracted foreskin exposed an irresistible glistening glans under initial rays of morning sunlight that filtered through the window. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the uncut cock, for many reasons, but I made an exception for the Tejano Staff Sergeant who shared the bed with me that Saturday morning.

In the predawn hour with the stealth of a Ninja warrior I'd assumed a supine position on bottom of the bed. The cover of darkness concealed my commando body movements as I eased up between John's legs. With the caution of a Special Forces Operator on a covert mission I lay unnoticed facing the objective ready to launch a surprise attack on his manhood. I didn't want him to wake him abruptly, because it's a well-known fact that returning warriors need to be awoken ever so gently; otherwise, they tend to wake up in a defensive mode ready to fight.

Motionless, I lay in position for a few moments to let my eyes adjust as darkness gave way to predawn light. Once the first stream of sunlight filtered into the bedroom I paid homage to the beautiful boner before me. Johnny's brown flagstaff stood at attention with its reddish purple pennant flying high in all its glory. I saluted the magnificent totem, paying proper military respect to the powerful looking phallic guidon before going any further in my quest to capture his flag.

God, it was such a majestic looking piece of manhood standing straight and tall with just the slightest curve back towards John's stomach. My hand reached for his mortar tube; the fingers of my right hand closed around the hard shaft. I could feel the blood pulsate in his hard penis as I strategized.

As I held John's steel hard tube I sensed his heart beating with anticipation. I wanted that hot palpitating piece in my mouth and then up my ass, but I restrained myself. With my hand wrapped around the beast it was like standing in the door of a C-130 waiting for that final jump command before making a leap of faith onto the objective below.

I couldn't believe I was only inches away from the objective and yet to be detected. I began lowering my head towards the exposed glans in preparation to engulf the magnificent looking dome. As I closed on the objective my olfactory senses picked up on an inviting scent, yet slightly offensive musk odor emanating from the black bush below.

My sensitive nose rooted around the undergrowth of pubic bush that surrounded the base of the Johnny's towering member; I inhaled the scent, while I savored the smell before engulfing that first mouthful. I held the sturdy trunk of John's tree in my hand. With stealth my lips made contact; however, before taking the morning treat full into my mouth I let my mouth close around the powerful purplish dome to savor the moment.

There was an overwhelming temptation to immediately devour the entirety of it, and then begin bobbing up and down on to finish it off, but that was so amateurish. The large glans filled my mouth. My tongue began exploring the plum colored cockhead. As my tongue circled the darker coronal ring of the plump cockhead I began to tease the piss slit.

The tip of my tongue tantalized the opening looking for the ooze of precum. However, I tasted a bitter tanginess of dried semen and sweat from our first session a few hours prior. The bitter yet tangy taste intrigued my taste buds. My tongue diligently bathed the magnificent cockhead before I tired to gobble down anymore of it. Of course I knew that there was no way I would be able to swallow seven inches of hard cock, so I would continue concentrating my efforts on the head and first couple of inches - the most sensuous portion the penis.

My tongue found the frenulum, another erogenous zone of the penis. I began to tease the area below the opening waiting for John's salsa to drip onto my tongue. I applied light suction as my head rose and fell, bobbing up and down on the first couple of inches, rubbing the frenulum with my tongue. Sensing a need for change I let my tongue explore the underside of John's cock shaft working my way towards his nut sac.

A nudge from my elbows to John's inner thighs caused a reaction. His legs spread further apart. After I lingered around his nuts my tongue began to work its way towards the taint. I had tantalized John's cock from the glans licking and kissing my way down the full length of the underside of his dick to his nut sac. I was going for the prize. I began kissing and teasing his taint. The dawn sunlight made it just right to focus on and find his brown eye.

My tongue coated his pucker with a goodly amount of saliva. By this time Johnny began to moan softly and stir on the bed. I coated my finger with more saliva and continued rubbing the rosebud entrance to John's rectal cavern with my finger tip. I continued to stroke his saliva slick hard cock with my right hand. I had discovered a few hours earlier that John's asshole was super sensitive, but I had to be careful not to go too far without consent.

Not knowing whether John had ever been finger fucked or cornholed I was reluctant to push my finger inside his asshole. Some guys find anything that attempts to penetrate their asshole to be repulsive; however, others find anal sex play to be very sensual, and howl in ecstasy when getting fingered fucked or corn holed. I was one who found finger fucking and cornholing to be very sensuous; furthermore, for me to be finger fucked while receiving a blowjob was pure bliss. I vividly remember the first time I was fingered fucked while being sucked by my high school buddy.

The first to penetrate my virgin rosebud, my buddy Jack, a year ahead of me in high school and having trouble with algebra; in fact, he had flunked algebra his freshman year, therefore, he was in my class to take the course over again. A whiz at math I volunteered to tutor Jack three days a week after school. He needed tutoring to stay eligible to play basketball on the Junior Varsity high school team.

Jack and I were the last two passengers on the yellow school bus at the last bus stop on the way to his house from school. The first few times tutoring Jack nothing happened except algebra. After I would finish tutoring him I'd walk the little two lane road about two miles back to my house horny as Hell. Yes, I had fast become enamored with Jack and fantasized of a night while I jerked off about sexual possibilities between us.

After a few weeks hanging out together Jack and I became close friends; then one day he invited me to stay overnight. As we lay in his bed that Saturday about midnight he asked if I was awake. I responded in the affirmative; we both remained silent for a while longer. Then without warning Jack reached over and took hold of my cock: a dick hard with anticipation. He whispered in my ear, "You wanna jack off together."

"Hell yes!"

"We'll have to be quiet...'Cause this is a secret... No one can ever find out about what we're about to do tonight."

After we turned facing each other we swore the secret oath interlocking our little fingers. We began to stroke each others hard cocks. I had never seen Jack's cock fully erect before, but I could tell by the feel of it in my hand that it was a whopper. His, two fistfuls of length, mine was just a handful at that age. We continued stroking each other and before we knew it we both blew our loads across each other's bodies.

That mutual jack off session touched off a great friendship that would last throughout our high school years, and in the weeks ahead we became what are now referred to as fuck buddies.

Back in the day a fuck buddy was a girl friend or boy friend with whom there was no romantic link, just a partner to for nothing more than sex on occasions. A fuck buddy relationship was devoid of all the syrupy romantic bullshit such as dating, dinners, and other rituals. A jack off buddy didn't require either party to spend money on the other, and then after spending a small fortune may or may not be repaid with sex.

As a horny teenager I was in dire need of a buddy such as Jack because I hadn't developed any type sexual relationship with a female partner. After a few sessions of mutual masturbation we moved on to oral sex play. Of course, the sixty-nine position was the favored position for young school boys because neither could back out after blowing the other.

After a few sixty-nine sessions Jack asked me if I wanted to try something new. He explained how the sixty-nine plus one worked, and told me he would go first to give me an idea of how and what to do. He told me if it hurt or I didn't want to go any further to slap him on the buttock and he would stop.

At that point in my life I was eager to try anything new, so we got into position facing opposite each other on the bed. Jack stuck his finger in the jar of Vaseline and dug out a good amount. He positioned the tip of his finger on my brown button. He then proceeded to push the lubricant into my asshole. We assumed the sixty-nine position where we began to fellate each other while Jack's jelly coated finger began to explore my ass crack in search of the target.

A few seconds later Jack ever so gently began probing my anus and then penetrated my awaiting asshole with grace. Once he pushed past the point of pain his forefinger was deep inside my rectal cavity. With two fingers inside my rectum his longer middle finger found the magical button and he began massaging it. I had to bite my lip not to scream.

Oh God, I wanted to cum, scream and shit at the same time; it felt so good as he rubbed my prostate and sucked my dick. When I blew my load I almost suffocated Jack with my powerful orgasm. The amount of spooge I blew down his throat was overwhelming. He started to gag and had to spit some of it out. From that time on we refined finger fucking and sucking and it became part of our repertoire.

Not knowing how John might react to an intrusive finger shoved up his asshole I abandon my attentions of assaulting his asshole with my finger as a secondary target of opportunity, not wanting to awake him abruptly and in turn have him wake up the entire household when he went ballistic.

I refocused my attention on John's magnificent looking cockhead concentrating on completing the early morning blowjob. I began kissing and licking working my way back up towards the tip of his cock while my right hand continued to caress his hard cock.

As John fully awoke he whispered, "Tommy, get your ass turned around so I can suck your dick too."

I turned around on the bed so we were facing opposite each other for the second time. John's hands began searching the lower part of my body in search of my treasure, finding my well-round glutes he began squeezing both of them. Then within a few seconds he lifted my midsection up over his face. I positioned my knees straddling John's body so my groin was directly over his mouth. Once he had full access to my man meat he took it in his mouth and began to fellate my semi flaccid fuck stick.

"Oh shit! That feels so fuckin good," I responded in a low voice as Johnny engulfed my hardening cock.

We continued to silently fellate each other's cocks licking and nursing them like a baby on a tit. As we worked towards fruition we rolled each other onto our sides to continue the face fucking exercise. My hips were moving back and forth pumping my cock in and out of John's warm wet mouth like a Texan drilling for black gold.

Once again I wanted to taste John's salsa. In a matter of minutes our bodies arched, our cocks swelled and stiffened, and then we exploded, unloading shot after shot of spooge into each other's mouths within seconds of each other. We lay there nursing every drop from each other's withering wangs until we were forced to pull apart due to sensitivity.

I pulled off Johnny's deflating dick and turned around in the bed asking, "Did you enjoy that Staff Sergeant?"

A sexually exhausted Johnny lying on his back replied hoarsely, "I'd like ta stay here in bed all day with ya and keep doin that."

"Me too."

"Ya know, I think that's more exercise than a PT run of a mornin," John quietly confided.


"I guess we need ta get up and make an appearance downstairs for breakfast," John said.

I lay there looking at John thinking to myself in less than forty-eight hours this would all end and we would be back at Fort Bragg playing Army once again. I didn't know if I would ever get another chance to enjoy John's brown body again, but for this weekend I wanted to enjoy his body to the fullest. I looked over at the clock on the dresser and it showed six thirty.

The full rays of morning sunlight were filtering through the windows and the ambient sounds of morning began to fill the air. I told Johnny what time it was and he said, "Damn, we almost slept the day away buddy."

"But it was worth it," I replied with a little giggle grabbing Johnny tighter pulling him to me and kissing him on the cheek.

"John whispered into my ear, "Thanks for the great sex last night and for the best damn blowjob I've had in a long time."

"Thank you for inviting me along to spend the weekend with you and your family Sergeant... Maybe next time you can fuck me."



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