Anthony peered over at DeQuan from the corner of his eyes. Watching the nigga bop his head to the heavy beats booming from the speakers and whip the Caddy like shit was gravy made Anthony's blood boil. He clenched his teeth and shifted his eyes back to the road to squelch any visible sign that he was angry. Anthony fought the urge to reach over and beat DeQuan's ass right then and there.

DeQuan and Anthony had been boys since ninth grade when they played on the high school basketball team together. Their friendship started out as an intense rivalry. They both wanted to play point guard. But the competitive nature between them faded, on the court at least, when they both were made forwards.

After that they were little more than cool until they tag teamed a Spanish chick on the cheerleading squad named Catalina. She was a pretty, long haired senior and they were only freshmen at the time. Anthony was surprised that the chick was so freaked out when DeQuan told him she wanted to fuck with both of them.

Right after the season opening game, DeQuan led Catalina and Anthony to the empty equipment room. Catalina paid more attention to Anthony the whole time. He was the quote, unquote pretty yellow nigga with cornrows braided down to his shoulders. Girls had always shown their interest in Anthony but he wasn't all that good with words.

DeQuan wasn't ugly by any account. He was decent looking with a dark chocolate complexioned and handsome face but he mostly got females because of his muscles and his gift of gab. That was how he hooked Catalina so many years ago. Even then Anthony knew DeQuan used Anthony's looks to bag females for the two of them, but Anthony had no problem with it as long as he got his dick wet too.

And boy did he get his fill when Catalina threw that wet Spanish pussy back at him. The sex was good and the fact that he was a freshman and she was a senior made it all that more hot for him. But the part that stood out the most about that day was what DeQuan did.

He didn't even fuck her. DeQuan stuffed his dick in the chick's mouth while Anthony hit it from the back and tried to gag her. The dude was relentless when he face fucked her. After about ten minutes he pulled out, yanked her head back by her hair and busted all over her face. After he squeezed the last drop out onto her lip he pulled up his shorts and walked out like nothing had happened.

Anthony and DeQuan had been tight from that day on, their friendship forged over pussy, but Anthony knew exactly what type of dude he was. Sure, he put Anthony on to make some money hustling dope and made his pockets fat as shit but he had a fucked up way with females, especially females he couldn't have gotten on his own strength. The nigga was a snake when it came to pussy. Anthony shouldn't have been surprised when he heard about his girl Tatyana and DeQuan fucking on the side.

The other day one of his regular fiends, Bri-Bri, came by trying to get a vial of crack but didn't have enough cash. The chick was the epitome of a strung out dope fiend. She hadn't even been on the shit for more than a couple months and was already tricked out.

"Come on Ant," she had pleaded. "You know I'm good for it. I just need this hit to get through the day. I promise I'll pay you the rest tomorrow."

"Fuck that. You loyal but aint shit free. I don't stretch my shit and you know it. I got that quality and I aint bout to discount it."

"I can suck your dick," Bri-Bri had offered.

"Bitch what? Hell naw. Why the fuck would I let your crack head lips touch my dick? Besides, I got me a female. I'm good."

"Who? That bitch Tatyana from down the way?"

"Yea, why?"

"Nothing. Just something I think you should know."


Thinking about the crooked smile that spread on Bri-Bri face still made Anthony cringe.

"Aint shit free," Bri-Bri had mocked. "Especially quality information. Give me that rock and I'll tell you."

"Tell me what you got to say or find someone else to supply your addiction, bitch."

"Fine. I saw your boy DeQuan leaving her apartment twice last month. It was late. And I aint see your car nowhere around."

"Bitch, if you playing me I'm going to fuck you up. I aint got no problem beating down a lying ass female," Anthony had said, cracking his knuckles. "You can believe that shit."

Bri-Bri had sworn on her grandmother's grave that she was telling the truth. It didn't sway Anthony. A fiend would say anything for a rock. But he had given her the vial anyways. Bri-Bri was known for telling gossip or offering blow jobs for a free hit. Niggas that let her slob on their dick said she had a fire head game. And everyone that got word about what was going on in the streets from her had never found what she said to be untrue. But Anthony had to do his own reconnaissance.

For a week, Anthony squatted outside Tatyana's crib and waited. He was about to give up but the night before last he saw the nigga going in her apartment a few hours after Anthony acted like he had left. Anthony was mad as shit. He never thought it would be his boy. The same nigga he called his brother.

Anthony was more upset with Tatyana. She was supposed to be his main chick, on some wifey type shit. There were moments when he would look at Tatyana and envision the two of them married. But none of that clouded his judgment.

Females always thought they game was tighter and slicker than a nigga's. Anthony knew this. He was hip from the jump and got a copy of the key to Tatyana's apartment when they first started rapping a year ago. The first thing he learned about females was that they couldn't be trusted. He knew DeQuan was a dog but he thought he was at least loyal enough not to fuck his main bitch.

Anthony had snuck in the house. He saw the nigga's pants draped over the couch in the living room. Anthony pulled out the wallet. DeQuan's license was the first thing he saw. When he went in the apartment, Anthony planned on beating DeQuan down and dropping Tatyana on the spot. But then he heard them fucking in the bedroom. Anthony left before he ended up busting a cap in both their asses.

Anthony looked over at DeQuan again. He couldn't help himself. He wanted to beat his ass so bad. But he had a few of his boys waiting to lay in on DeQuan's ass. He'd get his as soon as they were done with the quick run. Shit would be on and popping.

"Who these niggas anyways?" Anthony asked, breaking the silence in the car.

"I told you, Ant. Some Jamaican motherfuckers from New York. They got some good shit too."

"Some good shit, hunh? And you sure all they want is sixteen stacks for a kilo?"

"Damn, aint I already tell you the shit. They want sixteen stacks for a kilo, nigga. And our business. They smuggling the shit in from Mexico or Columbia or some shit. They drive back up to New York to sell it. But they stop here, in North Carolina first."

Anthony shook his head. "That shit wholesale for twenty, eighteen if you got a fire ass connect. Shit don't sound right if all they want is sixteen. If the purity some shit the fiends will know."

"Stop worrying, nigga. It's 100% pure cocaine. Uncut. We cook it up and we both pocketing fifty stacks each, straight profit."

"Alright, fine. Gonna trust you on this. But I promise, if these Jamaicans on some bullshit I'm straight busting on they asses. They gone to feel the heat, believe that."

"Chill, Ant," DeQuan said, rolling his eyes. "It aint even going down like that. Straight business. We need a new connect anyways."

"Whatever man," Anthony said. He sat back in his seat and folded his arms over his chest.

The last thing on his mind was finding a new connect. They'd been through four in the past year. It was the same every time. DeQuan would find a connect and they all tried to up the price when him and DeQuan wanted more. Naw, the one and only thing on Anthony's mind was fucking up DeQuan for the grimy shit he'd done. Making this move with the Jamaicans as quickly as possible was simply a means to an end.

Anthony turned and faced the passenger side window and watched as the street they rode down transformed right before his eyes. The older historic homes quickly gave way to houses that looked like South African shanty homes and they eventually were overcome by dirty, run down duplexes and triplexes.

DeQuan slowed down and pulled into the parking lot in front of one of the duplexes. There was an old beat up Corolla with New Jersey tags in the driveway.

At least these niggas wasn't flashy, drawing attention and shit, Anthony thought.

DeQuan jumped out the car and went to the trunk for the brief case of money. He headed for the door of the duplex, money in tow. Anthony was right behind him. The pair didn't even knock on the door. It just opened.

A chocolate toned, thick ass female filled the frame of the entrance in nothing but a black thong and a very revealing lace bra. Anthony's eye roaming from the woman's smooth, silky calves and thighs up to her curvy hips and full, round breast. Anthony's manhood thickened in his jeans as his gaze settled on the nipple piercing pressing against her bra.

The black Amazonian slowly looked the two men up and down before licking her full lips and turning her back to the pair, motioning for them to follow. Once inside, she closed the door and began patting down Anthony.

She was thorough, pulling at Anthony's swollen manhood a few times before she slipped his piece from his waist. Before he could object, she leaned in, gripped Anthony's hand and placed it on her bare ass. She pressed against his rigid body and whispered in his ear that he would get it back when he left.

After she patted down DeQuan with a lot less attention she led the pair in the dining room. Aside from the table next to the door, it was the only place that had any type of furniture; just a table and four chairs.

Anthony sized up the two men in the room. The tall, skinny light-skinned dude with the dreads swinging nearly to the middle of his back stood in the kitchen rolling up a blunt. He nodded his head in Anthony and DeQuan's direction. The pair returned the gesture. Anthony looked at the counter. Three blunts were already rolled up.

The second man, a thick-necked, bald, midnight black nigga stood and dapped up Anthony and DeQuan. He motioned for the two of them to sit as he plopped back in his chair against the wall. The man in the dreads looked at his cell phone and smiled at Anthony and DeQuan.

"I like a business partner that comes on time," the man said in a heavy Jamaican accent.

"You know, just trying to make this a regular thing, feel me?" DeQuan said, eliciting smiles and nods. "This is my partner I was telling you about, Anthony. Everyone calls him Ant." DeQuan pointed to the Jamaicans. "That's Day and that's Knight."

Anthony nodded at both of them in acknowledgment. The names fit, he thought. Anthony shifted his gaze back to Day, the yellow cat with the dreads. The man looked young, probably DeQuan and Anthony's age. Knight was definitely older. The man had to be at least thirty. He reminded Anthony of the big bama looking niggas that be looking crazy at the Caribbean carnivals.

DeQuan held up the briefcase and set it on the wobbly table. "I got all the cash right here."

Day motioned to Knight. The bald headed man reached into a bag near his feet and pulled out a cash counter machine. He snatch open the brief case and went to work. Day came from around the kitchen with four blunts in one hand and the package of coke in the other. He tossed the package to DeQuan. Anthony could tell it was a generous kilo.

"100% pure Columbian cocaine. Break that shit down right and you'll make in two weeks what most people hope to make in a year."

DeQuan grinned from ear to ear. Day lit one of the blunts and motioned for DeQuan to taste the coke. DeQuan dug his picky in the bag and rubbed the powder over his gums. He smacked his lips a few times before nodding his approval.

"Yea, that shit is on point."

The money machine buzzed and went silent. Knight started nodding his head. "Money on point too, Day."

Day clasped his hands and smiled, revealing a gold tooth. "Good, looks like we did some nice business today gentlemen." Day passed the blunt to DeQuan and lit another. "Let's celebrate before you boys ride out."

By the time all four blunts were in rotation the chocolate female with the thong was on Day's lap toking one of the blunts. Anthony was never one to turn down weed but he had plans and DeQuan's attendance was required. He was anxious to get moving.

Day must have seen him fretting over staying in the duplex longer than expected. He sent the female over to him with a blunt. She sat in Anthony's lap and put the blunt in her mouth to do a shotgun. Anthony pressed his lips hard against hers and took a deep breath. Damn this bitch is freaked out, he thought.

"Hey, hey. Don't get my boy in too much trouble," DeQuan joked. "I don't want to have to tell his girl he was playing with another female."

"Ahh, Cocoa just playing wit da boy," Day reassured. "She don mean no harm."

Cocoa stood up and handed Anthony the blunt. Anthony watched her and her fat ass walk over to Day and whisper something in her ear. A smile spread on his face. He looked over to DeQuan.

"Quan, you was supposed to show me dem guns I asked about. Supposed work a deal out, member?"

Anthony puffed on the blunt two more times and shook his head before he passed it on to Knight. DeQuan had robbed a gun store a few weeks ago and was trying to sell them. Anthony just hopped he was telling whoever bought the shit that they was hot. Last thing they needed was someone mad about getting a stolen gun.

"My fault Day, they still in the trunk. I can get them if you want."

"Yea, I wan' ta see dem bitches." He looked over at Cocoa. "Go wit em."

Cocoa walked to the back and got a trench coat and followed DeQuan out the door.

There were two blunts still in rotation. Both of them came around four times before Anthony noticed that DeQuan was gone too long. He figured the nigga was smashing. After the last two blunts ran out Day got a bottle of Hennessy and brought out three glasses. Knight poured shots while Day started rolling another blunt. Knight handed Anthony a shot glass.

"You from Raleigh, right?" the bullnecked man asked.

Anthony nodded. "Born and raised. Don't want to be nowhere else."

"Dats what's up. Loyalty to ya hood, ya people," Day commented. "Fuckas nowdays forget where dey come from. Where dey loyalties lie."

"Shit, you right," Anthony said just before he tossed back the shot of Hennessy. Knight quickly poured him another. "All niggas think about is that next dollar or that next nut. Loyalty be the last thing on they mind."

Day grinned in agreement and passed Anthony the last blunt. Anthony took a couple of hits and pulled out his phone. DeQuan had been gone for almost thirty minutes. That nigga don't be fucking that long, Anthony thought. Aint no reason for him to take this long. That bitch might have pulled some shit.

Anthony glanced up at Day and then looked over at Knight. He forced himself to remain calm. He reached for his piece but found nothing but a belt buckle. That Cocoa chick had taken it when he stepped through the door. Anthony stood up and stretched. He motion towards Day nonchalantly.

"I'm going to ride out my nig. Got some shit to take care of."

"But Quan aint back yet," Day said. The space between his brows wrinkled for a moment but quickly relaxed. "Don't wan' you walking 'round da streets dis time of night in dis neighborhood. Especially wit a kilo of coke on you."

"It's cool. I can call me ride."

"You can wait here for ya ride," Knight said. He downed his third shot and motioned to the shot glass in front of Anthony. "We good hosts."

Anthony waived off the drink. "Was trying to get me a cigarette. Saw a corner store a few blocks down the street."

Day nodded towards Knight. The baldheaded beast stood up and pulled out a pack of Kools. He tossed them on the table and slid a lighter to Anthony. Blood rushed through Anthony's veins like a torrent. He mentally kicked himself for letting the bitch in the thong take his piece. And now he was stuck against the wall cornered by a pair of crazy ass Jamaicans. He looked down at the pack and shook his head.

"I smoke Newports."

Anthony stood up and moved towards the door. Knight was quicker, blocking the young dealer's path. Anthony sized the giant up, debating on whether to fight his way out. He balled his fist and let the adrenaline course through his body. Anthony turned and looked back at Day. The Jamaican plastered a disarming smile on his face. Anthony's muscles only tensed more.

"Q said you had a female, right? A pretty little brown skin chick, wit a fat ass."

Anthony narrowed his gaze at Day. His heart beat rapidly in his chest. He turned and faced Knight. It was a fight or flight moment. He could either try to rush the nigga and the fuck out of dodge or sit down and figure out what these niggas wanted. Anthony clenched his jaw so tightly he thought his teeth would crumble.

Knight stared Anthony in the eyes with a cold, hard look. The beast of a man looked unfazed. His gaze shift to Anthony's flexing forearms and balled fists. He grinned as if amused. He untucked his shirt, brandishing a .45 hooked in his belt. He motioned for Anthony to sit down. That's when Anthony realized that DeQuan had set him up.

"Your girlfriend, Anthony. What's her name?" Day asked.

"Nigga what! Why the fuck you need to know?"

Day shrugged. "Just wanted ta know the disloyal bitch name."

"What? What you talking bout, nigga?"

"Quan said she rode his dick like a dog in heat last night." A large grin spread on Day's face. "Right afta she slobbed my mans down betta den Superhead eva could."

Day and Knight busted out laughing. Anthony fumed. That snake nigga set me up and blabbed about getting at my girl, he thought. I promise, if I live... that nigga got a bullet with his name all over it.

"Do you fuck ya girl?" Knight asked, fighting to contain his laughter. Anthony looked up at him like he had two heads. "I just saying. If she giving da pussy out like dat den you must not be hittin' dat shit right."

"What the fuck ya'll want, man?!"

Day and Knight recoiled at Anthony yelling. The young dealer didn't understand why they were asking about Tatyana or why DeQuan told them that bullshit about him and her. If they were going to take him out they would have done it already. Anthony's mind raced. Day opened his arms as if he were about to embrace a long lost relative.

"We just want ta help, dats all."

"Help? What the fuck you mean 'help'? You can help me by letting me leave this bitch."

"We will bruddah, we will," Day said in his heavy accent. "We still have a debt to settle."

"Debt? What the fuck you talking bout? DeQuan said the kilo was only 16 stacks. Your boy counted that out."

"True, but the fee was $17,000. The balance is ta be paid by you, my man."

Anthony's eyes jumped from Day to Knight. "I don't carry that kind of dough on me. You going to have to take me to the crib to get it."

Day and Knight started laughing again. Day got up and walked around the table. He stood over Anthony and pulled his pocket knife from his back pocket. With a flick of the wrist, Day whipped the blade free. Knight got up and stepped behind Anthony. Before Anthony could even consider a move, they were on him.

Knight held him firmly in the chair. Day placed the tip of the blade at Anthony's throat, giving him a stare that dared him to move. Anthony didn't flinch. Day pressed the blade against Anthony's throat, signaling for him to stand.

Anthony kept his eyes on Day as he rose from the chair. Hate flared in his eyes like fire. Day grinned the whole time. He laced the blade in Anthony's shirt and then quickly brought the blade down, cutting Anthony's shirt.

Day's eyes shifted down Anthony's tight, young body. He bit his bottom lip as he ran the knife down Anthony's chest and round abs. Anthony's heart beat faster and faster as he felt the blade get closer and closer to his manhood. Then, suddenly, the knife fell to Day's side. Anthony made his move.

Anthony threw a punch with all his weight. His bare knuckles struck violently against Day's cheek. Anthony stumbled a bit but was in full stride towards the door. He only made it a few steps before Knight had jumped on him, forcing the two of them on the floor. Knight pinned Anthony down with all his two hundred and fifty pounds and kept Anthony on his belly.

Day walked over in front of Anthony rubbing his jaw. "Stop fighting. Dis shit going down whether ya want it to or not. Make it easy on yaself, try ta enjoy."

"Enjoy?!" Anthony frowned. "What kind of faggot shit you talking about?"

Day chuckled. He looked up at Knight. "Pull his pants down."

Anthony bucked and fought as hard as he could under the weight of Knight. The move was futile. Knight raised both his large fists in the air and brought them crashing down into Anthony's sides. Pain consumed Anthony's body. His insides felt rearranged and his lungs were on fire. Knight pulled Anthony's pants and underwear down. Day grinned and looked of the bare cheeks as he kneeled next to Anthony's head.

"Damn, dat ass fat as shit, man," Day said. He reached down and gripped Anthony's right cheek. "Smooth as shit, too. You sure you twenty-five years old? Feels like a teenage booty."

"Fuck you! Fucking faggot ass motherfucker!"

Day smiled down at Anthony and ran his fingers through the restrained thug's cornrows. He handed Knight the knife and undid his pants and zipper. A long, thick downward curving piece of meat fell out of the Jamaican's jeans.

"I don't think much explaining is needed." Day nodded towards Knight. Anthony felt the cold, sharp blade press firmly on his ass hole. "Open that pretty little mouth up."

Disbelief swept through Anthony's body. A man was holding a knife at his ass and another was trying to stick his dick in his mouth. The shit was unreal. Anthony clenched his eyes shut and tried to wake up from the nightmare. He opened his eyes and the hard dick was still staring him in the eye.

Day pressed the side of Anthony's face down until his head was smooshed into the carpet. Day pressed his engorged mushroom tipped dick head against Anthony's pursed lips. Day smacked Anthony in the face with the palm of his heavy hand, hard. The young dealer's mouth reluctantly opened.

Day slowly pushed the length of his thickening pole in Anthony's mouth as far as he could. He began to rock his hips back and forth with half his shaft buried in Anthony's throat. The wet warmth, however reluctant, teased at every nerve ending in Day's manhood.

Day's pelvic thrust quickened until he was face fucking Anthony. The sound of wet slurping and gagging echoed through the empty apartment. Anthony lie there struggling with what was going on with him. The thought to bite down entered his mind numerous times. But an urge so deep down inside him pushed him to endure, to come to terms with his situation.

Finally, Day pulled his dick from Anthony's thick lips. He rubbed his wet pole against the side of Anthony's face and smacked his cheeks a few times for good measure. Day smiled down at Anthony as he stroked his brick hard dick.

"You a fucking natural, Ant." Day bit his bottom lip and nodded his head at Knight. "Flip his ass over."

Anthony cringed on the inside. Knight gripped Anthony's hips and tossed him on his back like a rag doll. The sound of the air being knocked out of his lungs wasn't nearly as loud as the sound of his hard dick smacking down on his tight abs. Day and Knight both looked down with equally surprised smiles on their faces.

"Yea, I knew you was liking dat shit."

Anthony didn't speak. He didn't know what to say. He just sucked another nigga's dick and his own meat got hard. His body was doing things he'd never imagined. He closed his eyes and focused on getting his dick on soft. It didn't work.

Anthony felt the weight of Knight ease off him. His eyes shot open. He watched, fear and excitement battling inside his young, taut body as Knight and Day began to strip their clothes off. Day was lean and fit. He had the thighs of a runner and the build of a point guard. And the nigga was horse hung.

Knight was thick but tight. He looked like a linebacker; just a mesh of thick ass muscles. What he lacked in length he more than made up for in girth. The thickness of Knights dick actually frightened Anthony.

Day nudged Knight to move. Day sat bare assed on Anthony's chest. He pulled off Anthony's chest as Knight pulled off Anthony's pants and underwear from his ankles. The heat of Day's body against his flesh made Anthony's pulse quicken and his dick firm. Anthony's mind was telling him to fight but his body was just responding.

In one quick, fluid motion, Day spun around and turned his ass towards Anthony. He scooted back until his balls were right on Anthony's lips and the under part of his dick brushed against Anthony's chin. Instructions weren't necessary. Anthony closed his eyes and opened his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the loose flesh, licking and sucking until moans vibrated from Day's throat through his body.

Just as Anthony got a rhythm going he felt heavy hands grab his ankles and thrust his legs in the air. It was Knight. Panicked coursed through his very soul. The mental image of his ass in the air and Knight's impossibly thick dick made him shudder. But before he could give it anymore thought, Anthony felt a wet tongue slide from his balls down to his ass and over his hole. His dick twitched at the wet, warm explorer.

The sensation was only eclipsed by the feeling of Day's mouth wrapping around Anthony's straining manhood. Knight had Anthony's legs in the air as he thrust his meaty tongue in and out of Anthony's virgin hole while Day was devouring Anthony's dick. A frenzied arousal cascaded through Anthony's body, knocking down any inhibitions.

Anthony licked and sucked at Day's long dick and nuts like a fat kid eating a Popsicle. His hands roamed over Day's long, muscular thighs. Anthony had never been with a man or gotten any pleasure from the thought of being so intimate with one but something primal had taken over.

Anthony's body twisted and squirmed under the sexual euphoria enveloping him. Day and Knight only worked his body even harder. It wasn't long until Anthony's hole had grown accustomed to Knight's invading tongue. With each thrust, Anthony thought he'd bust all down Day's throat. Then they both stopped.

Day stood up and moved to where Knight was. He held Anthony's legs in the air as he maneuvered himself between the young thug's legs. Knight moved to where Day was. Anthony readied his mouth. But instead, Knight stayed on the side of Anthony's body and began to deep throat his dick better than any female ever had. Anthony's dick got so hard it hurt.

Day stroked his meat and rubbed it over Anthony's wet, slippery ass. He looked down at Anthony. Their eyes locked. Day held his gaze as he pressed his dick firmly against Anthony's virgin hole. He pushed forward and eased back over and over again until the tight sphincter gave way.

A loud groan of pain and pleasure filled the room as Anthony's body tensed. He threw his head back and tried to push Day out of his bowels. But Knight held his hips firmly and bopped up and down on his dick, balancing the pain with pleasure.

Still, Anthony wiggled and jerked his ass as Day grinded his way deeper and deeper inside of Anthony. The heat and tightness of the boy's hole made Day clench his eyes shut and focus on not busting too soon. He wanted to enjoy the ass he had paid for.

After a few minutes of adjustment, a loud sigh of relief left Anthony's lips as Day's balls brushed up against his ass. Anthony's hole tightened and loosed around Day's dick. The feeling was mind blowing.

Anthony's ass was on fire. He felt the thick, pulsing hardness of every inch of Day's Jamaican stick as the cat pulled almost all the way out and drove his dick all the way in to the hilt. Anthony knew what the nigga was doing. He was fucking him like a bitch. Anthony hated to admit it but he loved it.

"Damn, I don't know how long I can do dis wit out busting off in dis nigga," Day said between labored breathes.

As if on cue, Knight stood up and looked Anthony in the eyes. He turned around and straddled Anthony's hips. He lowered his thick ass down until Anthony felt his own dick pressing against the goliath's hole. Anthony hardened his manhood as Knight eased the length of the dick deep down in his warm, juicy bowels.

Anthony threw back his head. His eyes rolled back. He was in utter and complete rapture. Day picked up the pace and long dicked Anthony's ass with speed and force. Flesh slapped hard against flesh with each stroke. Knight bounced on Anthony's dick like a seasoned jockey, bottoming out each time Day smashed into Anthony's guts. The sensations going through Anthony's body were sweet torture.

The familiar pressure of a nutt building in his balls tickled through Anthony's shaft. He clenched his teeth and moaned hard as his dick started spitting torrents of cum up in Knight's ass. He reached up and pulled Knight down on his dick until the black beast was impaled. Anthony's own hole squeeze relentlessly around Day's dick with each, earth shaking shot.

The tightening of Anthony's hole sent Day over. "I'm busting in dis ass, batty boy," the Jamican howled as he dug his dick deep in Anthony and held it as his hot seed filled Anthony's spent, raw hole. He pulled out with the last shot.

Knight was the last to bust. The giant shot ropes of thick, white cum all over Anthony's chest and abs. By that time, Anthony felt Day's seed oozing from his gaping hole. Just as Anthony caught his breath and leaned up on his elbows the door opened.

DeQuan stepped in with a big grin on his face. He shut the door behind him and locked it. He shucked his pants down to his thighs and stroked his dick until it was hard.

"You aint done yet little nigga," he said with a devilish grin. "Turn that ass over."



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