My friend Mike and I were spending the summer in Asia. I am half-black and half- chinese. I was intrested in learning about my family culture. Mike and I visited the country side of china. It was beautiful. So green and relaxing. So we went into the city and we met alot of people. This man I met was twentyfive years old and he offered us a place to stay. We were graceful but cautious because we didn't know this man. He lived in a nice house. He told us we can take a bath in the river. Mike and I went into the river. And we took our bath. Mike was 5'10 lightskin, medium build. He had at least a 7.5 inch dick uncut. I was 6'4 moca-skined and toned. I had 8.5 inch cock cut. While we were bathing I seen a man no older than me watching us bathed. Mike was to busy playing in the river. Then he swam towards me and he was playing with my dick. I told him to back off I didn't feel like it today. He was mad. So he put his arms around me and push me closer to him to kiss. I was still looking to see where was that man who was watching us. Mike went under water and started to wrap his lips around my cock. I started to moan out of pleasure. He came up for air and said ' You need to hush before somebody hear us' I shook my head with agreement. I started to close my eyes and control my breathing so I wouldn't cum in his mouth too soon. When I reopened my eyes I seen the man who was watching us. He was just watching us. I wanted to panic but my hands wouldn't move to warn mike. He took out his cock and played with it. I saw drops of precum comming out of him. Mike finaly came back up for air. I told him to look. He slowly turned his head. He seen the man. The man put his cock back into his pants and started to leave. I asked him to join us. He didn't say anything he just walked off. Mike and I went back to the man house. He had a nephew staying with him for the summer. When he walked into the room our mouths drop. It was the same man looking at us by the river. He introduces us to him. So we finaly got dressed and ate dinner. The uncle told the nephew' These are our guest so tret them with respect' He shook his head. While the uncle laid down to rest mike asked him 'WHy didn't you join us' the boy said ' I like to watch, I don't like to participate.' As I walked up behind him and place my hand on his shoulder and started to massage it. He let out a small moan. He turned around and told me to stop, but I didn't. I turned him around and started to kiss him. As we kissed Mike was behind him and started to spank his ass. He jumped with as if he was standing on hot coals. He moaned out a little. Mike whispered in his ear' You like that don't you. You want me to spank you again?' He said yes. He started to reach in my pants to grab my dick. I loved it. I then turned him around to mike so they could kiss. I then started pull down the boy pants. He had a nice petite ass. I then asked him to bend over on the table. He had a scared look on his face. Mike started to undress himself. Mike sat in a chair and started playing with himself. I started to lick and kiss the boys ass cheeks. Then I started to spread them. He started to pput his hands back there to stop me, thats when Mike grab the boys hand and but them on the table. I started to put tongue inside the boy.....



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