AsianTitanBull v Alex GoldenBoy Ulrich

by sexyalphawrestler

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Chapter Eight


Johnny Liu waved to the adoring crowd then yelled over to BlackAlpha standing at the ropes with JackedStud and RedDante, “I’ll take my title belt back, thank you!”  The Ebony Heel quirked an eyebrow and walked towards the Champ.  “You want your belt back, you said?” BlackAlpha said, with more than a hint of scorn.  

ATB was about to answer when the former Champ raised the belt above his head and SLAMMED DOWN the front of it on Liu’s forehead.  WHAM!  “UGH!”  The Champ fell to his knees, teetered forward and back, then—eyes unfocused—face planted in front of BlackAlpha’s black boots.  The crowd rained down boos and jeers on their Former Hero.

“Hold the Bitch!” ordered BlackAlpha.  The Blonde Tarzan and Ginger Giant quickly grabbed the Champ’s arms and pulled him up onto his knees.  They kept his arms pinned behind him.  The groggy Champ barely knew where he was.  BlackAlpha pulled down his black Speedo freeing his thick 9” cut cock, which sprung upwards.  “The real Alpha Champ’s gonna teach you a lesson, Bitch!” sneered the Ebony Heel.

He grabbed the back of ATB’s head and yanked it forward, letting his swollen cock rub against the Champ’s nose, cheeks and mouth.  “Open wide, Jobber!” demanded BlackAlpha.  As Liu’s eyes fluttered open, he found himself face-to-face with BA’s huge cock.  It wasn’t as big as ATB’s but it was bigger than most people could handle.

“Yeah,” barked JackedStud, “Service our Squad Leader, Bitch!”  RedDante chimed in agreeing with the Blonde Tarzan, “Fuck yeah, let’s see the Phony Champ skull-fucked?”

BlackAlpha smirked then pushed the swollen mushroom head of his cut cock into the AsianTitanBull’s lips.  Liu slowly parted them and let his tongue swirl around the head and slit, tasting the former Champ’s obvious, salty arousal.  He opened his mouth wider and the Ebony Heel shoved his big black cock inside until he could feel the back of ATB’s throat.  The Chinese Australian’s eyes watered as he gagged on the massive black meat.

“Bitch is having trouble,” BA smirked, before yanking the Champ’s face forward over and over again, burying his thick cock ever deeper inside his mouth and throat.  Then he held his hard member inside as JackedStud and RedDante counted “1…2…3…4…5…6….7”  Liu tried to pull off but BlackAlpha held his face firmly in place.  Saliva spilled from ATB’s lips.  

“8…9…”  Suddenly, the former Champ’s muscular physique trembled as he exploded his cum load down the Champ’s throat.  “10!!!” counted BA’s Squad team members.  Sticky cum mixed with saliva appeared at the edges of Liu’s mouth.  Strings of the load began to slide downwards towards the mat.

BlackAlpha finally collected himself and withdrew his semi-hard cock from the Champ’s mouth.  He slapped his dick against ATB’s face—WHAP!  WHAP!—marking ATB with the remnants of his big load.  

The Ebony Heel ordered, “Tie the fucking loser up in the ropes!” JackedStud and RedDante half-dragged Liu to the ropes and locked his arms between the top and middle ropes.  The Champ sagged onto the middle rope.  The Blonde Tarzan and RedDante had pulled out their big dicks.  They stood side by side stroking their shafts.  All ATB could see was the swollen cut heads each time they slid through the goons’ fists.  The slits were moist with pre-cum.  

“Let the Bitch have it!” exclaimed BlackAlpha.  JackedStud and RedDante were soon shuddering as they shot their cum loads against Johnny Liu’s face,  SPLAT!  SPLAT! 

Despite the chorus of boos, BlackAlpha grinned and taunted, “That’s just the beginning, Bitch!  After I defeat you and take my title back, I will destroy your hole with my big cock!”

The former Champ went into a double bi-flex, showing off the peaks of his 24” biceps, flexing his 54” pecs, and revealing his cropped black armpit hair.  He said, “C’mon guys, let’s leave this Loser Bitch.  Hell, Dandy might even allow us to join in whatever fun he’s having with the GoldenBitch.”

At that precise moment, the TV monitors in the Queens Arena began to flicker to life….

(To be continued.)

by sexyalphawrestler

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