Ch. 2

They dropped me off, and left waiving. I walked into my house, put my stuff down and turned on my IPod. I lay down on the couch & began singing to Lana Del Rey when I felt my phone vibrate.

Me: Hello?

Scott: Hey Mark.

Me: Hey, what's up Scott.

Scott: Just got out of practice and was wondering. I could go home and shower or I could go over right now.

Me: Hmm, well if you shower you'll be clean but we might just get "dirty" again so you should just come over now.

Scott: I knew you'd say that, you always did like it when I'd get out of practice!

Me: What can I say being with knowing you just worked up a sweat is hot

Scott: Ha, well I'll be there in a bit,

*I stood up to change the song*

Me: Ok, my friends will be here at 5, so if we're going to "hang out" hurry!

Scott: Kay, bye

Me: Bye

Scott was at the door as I was changing into a t-shirt and some track-shorts (I like the way they feel). I answered with the door while putting my head the shirt. "So how long till your friends get here?" he said coming in and closing the door. "Not for a good 20 minutes" I responded, grabbing his hand and bringing him the couch. He sat down first, I followed but on him. A favorite of ours was making out while I sat on him, arms around his neck and his on my waist. As we kissed I could feel his member growing in his jeans. "Mm I don't know how, but you always get me going!" he said staring into my eyes. "Same, now lest savor the time we have" I said leaning in to kiss him again. Though our make-out session was wanted by both of us, the universe had different plans. I had just begun grinding into him and lightly moaning when the front door opened. "Shit, listen guys I know what your going to say but Scott is going to stay and hang out with us!" I said getting off his lap. But when I looked up I didn't see my friends but two police officers.

"Mark, your dad wanted us to check on you. I can see you're busy though" Deputy Evans said. "Uh, thanks guys, um well I'm fine, so I guess you both can go." I said awkwardly. "Yeah, he also wanted me to tell you he might be late tonight and if anyone stays the night to call and tell him" he said half-way out the door while looking at me then Scott. "Yeah of course" I said walking towards the door. I closed the door and turned to Scott. "Well babe, looks like we get to have a sleepover" he said before pinning me to the door and kissing me.


"Hey can you two quite that, it's annoying" Chris said as he, Jake, and Allison got off the car. "Like you've never acted like this before, Chris?" Allison replied as Jake put his arm around her shoulder. They walked towards the house, all three noticing the truck in the driveway. "That's not his truck is it?" Jake said stopping at the door. "No, Mark wouldn't allow this" Chris said opening the door. They walked in and found Mark in the kitchen wiping the counter. "Hey, who's truck is that, for a second we thought it was-" Allison stopped as Scott walked into the kitchen. "Hope you guys don't mind, I invited Scott to hang out with us tonight." I said putting the rag away. "No, why would we, its your house Mark!" Jake said "So Scott how's baseball going?" Scott and Jake walked into the living continuing their conversation. "What's he doing here?!?!?!" Chris asked as he, Allison and I sat at the table. "I invited him earlier when we had-talked." I said. "C'mon, maybe this is good, a hangout to make things less awkward" Allison said. We got up and headed to the living room. Jake and Scott hadn't hesitated turning the TV on and skimmed for something to watch. Allison sat next to Jake and I next to Scott, leaving Chris to the smaller couch alone. Not that he cared, like always he laid on his back, feet towards the TV with his hands behind his head.

After about an hour of CSI, the mood in the room was death-like. "Ok, before we all pass out or die, we should do something" I said hoping off the couch. "What should we do?" Allison asked "something active or what?" Chris had turned onto his stomach and spoke through the pillow "wherever we go, there better be a hot guy I can meet!" I rolled my eyes and laughed. Jake proposed we get something to drink and we'd just go from there. The all arose from the couch and headed out the door. It being my house, I was the last out so I could lock it. I turned and noticed everyone was just standing there. "What?" I asked. "We're not going to fit in my Mustang" Jake pointed out. "Well someone can ride with my in my truck. Before I could respond Chris grabbed my arm and lead the way to the truck "Shotgun, Mark, you can ride bitch". "WTF, Chris" I asked. "What?" why can't I ride with you too, planning on riding him? He asked smirking. I rolled my eyes and opened the door. By the time I was sliding to the middle, Scott was already in. As I put my seatbelt on, Scott pulled out of the driveway and drove to Sonic.

By the time we arrived, Scott and Allison had already ordered. "Hey be right back," Chris said hoping of the truck. "Aren't you going to order," I asked. "Yeah, but the manager's hot and he owes me, so mines free" he said walking/skipping towards the doors. I had to lean over Scott to order, I had to be careful not to crush his crotch, though it felt nice to know his junk was so close to me. After we all ordered we decided to drive to the park. Luckily the grass wasn't itchy and we were able to sit on it. We hung out at the park for half an hour when my dad called me.

Me: Dad?

Dad: Mark, the meeting's been postponed and I'll be home soon.

Me: Ok, great, hope you don't mind the gang being at the house?

Dad: Mark, you know I'm glad to have you're friend there, I hate when you're alone.

Me: I know, well, I'll see you at the house, bye

Dad: Bye Mark.

"Hey, my dad's coming home early & I have to tell him some things, so let's go back?" I asked. We were up and left within 5 minutes. By the time we arrived, my dad was already home.


As it turned out, my dad had decided to invite his "gang" to the house, with his three fellow officers and my four friends, there was nine mouths to feed, including my own. I could have made dinner for all of us but since it was Friday night, the unanimous decision of ordering pizza was made. If would take five pizza's to satisfy four grown men, two jocks, two whatever Chris and I were, and one track-runner. Our order was placed and they were promised to be delivered within 30 minutes. "Hey dad, we're going to watch a movie in the den, is that ok?" I asked. "Ooh what movie?" Kyle, on of the officers asked. Now the officer's, including my father, were dressed casually and usually left my friends and I alone when our hangouts coincided. "Uh Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the 2003 remake" I said as I grabbed a coke. "Mind if we watch?" he asked first looking at me then at my dad and their two friends. "We don't mind," I said shrugging and glancing at my friends. "Why not?" my dad said as he and the three other men stood up. We walked from the dining room and into the den. "We call the recliner," Jake said as he sat down on it and Allison sat on him. My dad and his friends took the longer couch, "hey Chris, Scott, mind if I sit between you two? I asked as they got to the smaller couch. "I'm good as long as you sit next to me, you know how I get with scary movies!" he said grabbing a throw pillow. "Oh yeah, I forgot you're a pussy!" I said walking towards the in-wall shelf. Everyone laughed including my dad, by now he was used to my humor. I opened the door to the shelf and revealed my extensive movie collection. "Damn boy, how many movies do you have?" John, the 3rd friend asked. It was a known fact, to anyone who truly knew me, that I loved movies, from Horror to Comedy, Thriller/ Mystery to Romance, and even documentaries. For three years, one of my birthday presents was always money to buy movies. "I'm not sure, some where around 400," I said while putting the movie into the DVD player. Kyle, John, and Luke all looked at my dad with a "wtf" look. The movie began and I hit the lights and took my spot between Chris and Scott.

The movie had only been on for about 20 minutes when the doorbell rang. We decided to stop the movie and resume it when we were done eating. I opened the door and was greeted by Derek, a fellow Junior and baseball player. "Hi" I said giggling, letting myself seem too flirty. "Hey, uh it'll be $41.50" he said smiling back at me "you're in my English class right?" "Yeah" I said handing him the money. He handed me the boxes "careful they're hot". I smiled. "Hey, are you going to the party tomorrow?" he asked. "Yeah, were you?" I asked still smiling. "Yeah, maybe we could hang out there" he said. "I'd like that, a lot". I said. We said our goodbyes and I shut the door. We ate, talked, laughed and then returned to the movie.

The night ended a while after the movie did. Jake and Allison were the first to go. I walked Scott to the door, as he was about to leave. "I'm glad we hung out," he said opening the door but stopping in the doorway. "Me too" I said, "Sure you don't want to stay the night?" "Yeah, don't want to intrude on yours and Chris' slumber party" he said giving me a smirk. "I won't mind, it would be fun," Chris said walking up and putting his arms around my shoulders and standing on my left. "See, we don't mind!" I said turning to Chris and leaning in as if we would kiss, but stopping before our lips met and turned to him "we'd love to have you!" He smiled and gave a little laugh as though he wanted to "No, I should go, but I'll see y'all at the party tomorrow right?" "Yeah" I said closing the door, "bye".

I said my "farewells to my dad and his friends before heading to my room where Chris was changing into his "night-time clothes". "Damn-it Mark" he said throwing a sock at me. "What?" I asked, "It's not like I haven't seen you change before!" 'I thought it was Luke" he said sitting on the bed. "Oh, hoping he'd catch you and then fuck your brains out?" I said grabbing a pair of shorts. "Yeah, he's kind of hot" he said leaning back. "I hope you weren't planning on using my bed?" "You wouldn't mind right? Like you'd understand?" he said sitting up. I giggled, "I don't know, here move so we can go to bed". "Already? C'mon Mark, lets stay up" he said as we were getting under the cover. "No, it's late and we're both tired" I said reaching for the lamp. I could hear Chris groan, and turn away. "We can cuddle?" I said knowing he'd fall for it. "Yay!" he turned and we embraced each other, our legs intertwined and our bodies pressed together. "Mark, we are so hot" he said. "I know" "When are we going to have a threesome?" he asked. "You know it'd be really fun!" "Yeah, maybe tomorrow at the party" I said, we didn't talk much after that and I was left with the thought of me, my friend and some guy fucking. I knew Scott might be open to the idea but I really wanted to get with Derek. What ever happened I knew I'd sleep with someone at the party



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