I looked out of the window, looking at the planet before us.

Prometheus. It has been two years since we saw another planet through

the galaxies, and 6 years since we left our home planet, earth, which

has been brutally intoxicated. So me and 29 more other men have were

sent on a journey to Prometheus, to see if this planet can sustain

life. Prometheus was believed to be the creating planet of all things.

It was fascinating. "Hey Colton. You alive??" A voice said, snapping

me out of my thoughts. "Oh hey Chris." Chris was one of the men on

this journey. I have gotten quite attached to him. His blonde hair,

brown eyes, and muscular build. Also luckily he got quite attached to

me as well. We would make out with each other once and a while, but

nothing too serious. Although I do wish we could take it far.

"Ready??" Chris asked, patting my shoulder with a pearly white smile.

I smiled back and nodded. "Okay love birds. Get buckled in we are

landing soon." Captain Jesse said to us. Captain Jesse was an

inspiration. He fought in 3 of our biggest wars back on earth, without

a scratch. Everyone admired him as a leader. Chris and I finally

buckled in and then as we hit the planet's atmosphere, the ship shook

roughly. We passed though millions and millions of clouds, and finally

saw land. It was beautiful!! Green covered the land and water was

crystal clear. The ship slowed down, and we got closer to the surface.

It was a tropical oasis. The ship finally landed, and we already got

to see some of the land creatures. They were exotic.

The ship stopped running and Captain Jesse said, "Okay ladies, suit

up. We'll be out in 20 minutes." Chris and I went to our room, and

started dressing down. He was amazing looking. Only if I got to see

what was under his briefs. I slipped of my pants, and the put on my

spandex suit, and then all this armor gear to protect me if there

should be any hostile forces already living here. I slipped my pistol

into the holster, and strapped my M60 to my back. "Ready?" I said to

Chris. He looked at me, cocking his shotgun and nodded. We exited our

room and went to the dispatch room for our mission. We arrived and all

the other guys in their gear arrived. "Okay men. I'll get you in your

groups. Today we'll be getting separate mission."

Captain Jesse announced the 3 teams of 5. Luckily Captain Jesse

didn't call me or Chris to a different group. "Finally, team 4. Colton

Nicks, Chris Adams, Andre Martinez, David Martinez, and Devin Marks.

Your mission will be to explore the jungles, seek out any hostiles and

give them no mercy." My team replied. "SIR, YES SIR!!" Captain smiled

and said, "Okay guys. Move out!!" My team headed to the garage. Only

our team was assigned 3 vehicle, one which carried weapons, and stuff

for first aid. Devin Marks was the driver, and the rest of us had to

give the vehicle an armed border on dirt bikes. Luckily I got to ride

with Chris. Our team headed out in the direction of our GPS. This

place was so beautiful!!

We saw the jungle and sped to it. We were on the beach so water was

splashing everywhere. It felt nice being on land again after being in

space for a while. We slowed down as we entered the jungle and I must

say it was so green. Animals that looked like 4 armed monkeys climbed

the trees. Then all of a sudden I hear a loud crash. I look back, and

our weapons truck was stuck in a large quicksand. "Help me!!" Devin

yelled. Chris and I got of the bike and got into action. David got

onto the roof of the truck that was falling quickly into the

quicksand. I got my grappling hook out and threw it over to David.

David caught it and then pulled the trigger, and the hook hit a nearby

tree. He then launched himself out of the quicksand, just as the truck

was fully sucked in. "Thanks Colton." David said. Then a wild rustling

sound alerted all of us. All five of us got back to back. Then a

purple gas came out of nowhere. It was suffocating. We were all

coughing and gasping for air. Before I knew if I fell to the ground


(Some Time Later)

I felt liquid splash my face, waking me up instantly. It was hot!! I

looked around my surroundings, it was blurry, but then when my vision

focused, there was a human-like creature in front of me. It skin was

like a humans, but had red designs on it. The creature looked at me,

examining every feature of me. I looked at myself. I was completely

naked!! I began to panic, but I was tied to something. "Don't

struggle. It will only make you weaker." A voice said. I looked over

and it was Chris. He was tied up like me. So were the others. I then

looked back at the beast, and saw that others were around us. I then

fell to the ground and was brutally grabbed. Chris and the others were

also being grabbed and we were being transported somewhere. I was

getting nervous. We entered a large structure, and in the middle was a

large, glowing pool of water.

We were put in pool and tied to it. A crowd of these human-like

creatures gathered. Then a voice said something in a language I

haven't heard of. Then all of a sudden a large, blob-like creature

pops up in the middle off the pool. Its tentacles thrashing around.

Horrified, it comes to me first, binding my arms and legs as the rope

I was tied with is cut off. I'm lifted into the air and feel a

pressure against my ass. Then I scream loudly as I feel its tentacle

go up my bowels. It hurts beyond any pain. It twists, turns, gets

bigger, and even vibrates up my ass. It hurts so much, but feels so

good. I hear other groans, and see Chris and the others in the same

situation. Then the monster's tentacle sucks in my cock, and I throw

my head back. It feels so amazing. The tentacles move at a faster pace

and I feel my climax reaching its peak. A tentacle then is shoved down

my throat. It's amazing, hot, and not to mention sexy.

I look over at Chris and his dick is brutally being sucked off. I

feel my ass getting wider. It's starting to kill me and I roll my eyes

to the back of my head. Then the tentacle in my mouth comes out and

the tentacles from my ass force its way out of my mouth. I groan, and

then my balls ache and I feel my sperm launch out of my throbbing

cock. The tentacles finally retreat from my body, and I fall into the

arms of the human-like creature. I look and see its cock throbbing,

showing about a 18 inch bulge. I look at it wide eyed and then get

thrown to the ground where another human-like creature lays, with a

smirk planted across his face. I feel pressure on my asshole and the

cock is hitting my prostate ruthlessly. Another cock enters my hole

and I scream loudly. They fuck me harder and harder, the pace moving

faster than ever. They are going to tear me apart!! Then in one shove,

both cocks inside my ass lunch all the cum in my butt.

Dizzy, my vision blurs and a voice in my head says," You are ours."




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