When they arrested me I expected some trouble, but nothing too serious. After

all, my activities, whilst not quite in line with the aims of the present

government, couldn't really be called illegal either. I thought I would most

likely be deported, as had happened to most of my predecessors in the news

agency. It would be a pity as I'd grown to enjoy the country, especially the

look of the male population.

The majority of the population was well under thirty, the result of years of

civil war that had finally ground to a conclusion just ten years ago. The

country was only just now really getting back on its feet, the majority of the

older males being in the civil service or other posts of authority, one way or

another. They had a combined army and police force, partially trained by my own

countrymen. As with most of the civilian population they were mainly in their

early twenties or younger and I just loved looking at them in their tight green

shorts and shirts with black leather Sam Browne belts across one shoulder and

round their waists. The belts matched their skins perfectly and I could have

watched them for hours, velvet muscles on arms and thighs as they walked about,

the tight stretch of fabric across their rears and somehow, they all seemed to

be to be in possession of interesting bulges at the front.

I had never dared to more than look and thought no one had noticed. I was soon

to discover how wrong I'd been. They had picked me up as I left my hotel and

very correctly and very politely in very broken English I had a problem to

understand, informed me of my arrest for questioning due to the articles I'd

been sending back home.

The first surprise was when, after 'helping' me into the back of the landrover

one of them went back into the hotel, returning a few moments later with a case

of cold local beer. Opening half a dozen he passed them round, including one

for myself. Still politely I was informed that I had to pass a personal customs

clearance before I could leave the country and the officer concerned was at that

time billeted out of the capital. It would be about a half-hours drive and it

was a hot and dusty drive. They were quite correct and by the time the half-

hour was up we had finished the two dozen half pint bottles between us. It was

not particularly strong but I'd noticed some effect on my escort.

A couple of shirts had a button or two undone and most of them were

surreptitiously rubbing their groins from time to time. My thoughts were more

of the regret at leaving the country and returning to cold England to take much

notice and if I thought anything it was most likely that, like myself, they were

all starting to feel the pressure that meant a pit call would soon be necessary.

We arrived at a small camp surrounded by a wire fence. The guard post and one

hut were the only buildings with half a dozen or so two man tents lined up to

one side. Still in a cheerful mood they helped me out of the back, into the

hut, down a short corridor past three doors to a room at the end.

Sitting behind a desk was a young Officer, I would have guessed in his early

twenties. Even so, he was the oldest man I had seen on the camp so far. They

placed my briefcase and passport in front of him and he gave them a cursory


'The Captain will be back this afternoon. He has to sign the final papers,' I

was told. 'Meanwhile my men can give you a physical examination before he


'What do you mean?' I asked, starting to feel somewhat less secure.

'We've got to make sure you're not carrying any contraband on your person or any

infectious diseases. Haven't we?' He replied with a smile.

'Of course I'm not.' I replied, emptying the pockets of my shorts. 'You can see

I'm not carrying anything and you have my briefcase in front of you.'

'Socks and shoes,' was all he said followed after a moment by 'shirt.'

Unwillingly I complied, thinking it best not to make a fuss.

'And the rest.'

'What do you mean?'

'Shorts as well'

I looked round at the soldiers who had escorted me into the room. It was only

now I took real notice of the way they were fondling their groins; several

shirts now open to the waist.

'It has been noticed you like to observe the people's army when you think no one

is watching. Now it's our turn to observe you.'

I mentioned the increasing need for a toilet to no avail. He told the soldiers

to take me into the next room and prepare me for examination. There was no way

I could resist. There were too many of them. As they half-carried and half

escorted me back out into the hall their black hands plied freely across my

naked body.

The room I was pulled into had a broken cracked tiles on the floor and halfway

up the walls. It had obviously been damaged during the wars but partially

repaired and cleaned up. There was some sort of operating table in the centre

of the room, which was otherwise quite bare. My wrists were quickly tied

together and pulled above my head to be hung on a hook I not noticed in the

ceiling. Luckily I was quite tall or I'd have to stand on tiptoe. Even so it

stretched my body out to be inspected by the whole group of soldiers who had

crowded into the room behind me. Most now had their shirts of and were quite

openly rubbing themselves, grinning at me and making humping motions toward me.

I was starting to panic when the officer entered the room. He was as naked as

myself, his well built body glistening and a monster cock dangling between his

legs, by the look of it just starting to come to life.

'Let me explain,' he said is his curiously perfect English. 'It has been

noticed how much you admire us. Well, we are going to satisfy your admiration.

You won't be damaged or seriously hurt but we intend to enjoy ourselves.

Possibly you will also.'

Most unlikely I thought looking at his mid rift. Even so. At least I knew I

would be coming out of this alive and in one piece.

He walked toward me and used his hands to examine me fully. He felt my hair, my

ears, pulled my mouth open and felt round with his fingers. Down my shoulders

to my nipples, which he pinched lightly and twisted. I couldn't help but

respond with a gasp and an immediate response from my cock. Even in this

predicament it had a life of its own.

He felt it brush against his leg and looking down laughed and said something to

the soldiers that had them all laughing as well. He continued down to quickly

squeeze my balls and then went behind my back. A black hand came round my face

and fingers pressed at my mouth. I opened and took them in, salivating over

them, guessing what came next. They were removed and without much warning I

felt at least two of them poke at the entrance to my arse. The other hand came

round to twist and pull my left side nipple. As I pulled back and forth the

fingers entered as if of their own volition and I felt his warm body against

mine, somehow clean and musky at the same time.

'I managed to say that I really needed to go to the toilet. 'You only speak

when told,' was my reply.

Even so he removed his hands and said something to the soldiers. A couple of

them lifted me off the hook and took me over to the table where I was encouraged

to lay down. I could now see this must have been a maternity room as the table

had legs supports pointing into the air. My legs were quickly fastened to them

leaving my arse feeling as if about to fall of the edge of the table, my cheeks

pulled apart and my hole fully exposed. As if they had guessed my thoughts

straps were fastened round my shoulders pulling my body taught along the table

and my arms strapped down to my sides. I was well and truly trussed and

available for whatever they wanted.

I could guess what he wanted and it wasn't long in coming. By now my bladder

was becoming painful and it was almost a relief, for a moment, to feel his

massive cockhead push at my rear entrance. Thankfully he had greased it whilst

I was being trussed up, even so I thought I was being split open as without

mercy he continued to poke and as soon as he'd forced his way through my ring

proceeded to plunge in right up to the hilt. I'd not been fucked for

ages and my arse was tight as a drum. I screamed and bucked to no avail as he

grabbed hold of my thighs and used them to force himself even more fully inside

my protesting passage.

I just couldn't help it. As he plunged inside my something had to give and in

this case it was my bladder. As his body brushed my thighs and crashed up

against my balls a massive stream of piss jetted from my half erect cock to

splash against his chest and even I was aghast to see his face. It didn't faze

him at all; laughing his grabbed hold of my cock and re-directed the flow to

fall over my own chest and then my face and open mouth. I had no choice but to

swallow or choke. The stream seemed to never end but he just continued to play

it back and forth up and down my body till we were both soaked.

Then he called two of the men over, now I saw as naked as himself. I called

them men but here we would call them boys, late teens. One of them climbed on

the table and knelt, one leg either side of my head, his hands stretching down

to pinch and pull at my tits. The other stood above me, straddling my chest,

his cock facing toward my face.

I had no time to admire his lithe body or try and guess his intentions as the

officer started to piston, slowly, and with increasing speed, to rape my arse.

This wasn't a fuck, it was rape. No finesse, just pure brute force. I started

to yell and try and struggle but the only part of my body I could move was my

head and that was trapped between a pair of black thighs. Even with all that

was going on I felt the cock behind my head stiffen and the body start to rub

itself against my short cut hair. As it did so the fingers on my nipples

pinched stronger and longer, my head was squeezed tighter between those thighs

and the cock in my arse really speeded up.

He was starting to gasp. I couldn't understand the words but the look on his

face, the sweat pouring off his body to mingle with my piss, the hands gripping

my thighs all told their own story. Suddenly I felt a hot stream on my neck,

quickly moved to my open mouth. I couldn't close it. I needed every gasp I

could get in between my yells. It smelt acrid but tasted of salt and opening my

eyes I saw the naked boy straddling my chest was gleefully pissing into my open

mouth. Again I had to swallow and keep on swallowing to keep from drowning.

He knelt down, his cock inches from my mouth as the stream died away. I

couldn't care what his intentions were as I felt the officer come to a climax.

I felt his cock, even above the pain he was inflicting, judder once, twice,

three times, and then a somehow cool stream shot up me even further than he'd

been able to plunge. He continued for several moments. Plunging in to the

hilt, another ejaculation, partial withdrawal, and a repeat and another repeat.

Finally he came to a halt. Half bending over me, his head resting on the

shoulder of the boy kneeling over my chest. It took him several moments to

regain his breath and slowly stand up again. To my surprise he didn't withdraw

but said something to the others that made them all cheer.

I had been vaguely aware the lad squeezing my head between his thighs, while he

tortured my tits had also stopped grunting and heaving. But it was not until the

one with his cock facing my mouth reached behind and pulling his hand through my

wet hair returned with it covered with white goo that I was aware he had humped

my head to a climax. The cum he spread on his now erect cock and pushed slowly

between my lips. I think he was a little afraid I would bite and I managed to

grin slightly up at him in the hope he would take it easy. I would need some

time to recover from the attack on my rear and could do with catching my breath

as well.

However he gave me little time to breathe, bringing his groin up to my face till

his springy black curly hairs were brushing against my mouth. His cock whilst

not large filled my mouth quite nicely thank you and I was starting to panic

about breathing when he pulled back slightly, giving me just enough time to gasp

before plunging forward again. Shortly he got tired of the excise and kneeling

back on his haunches used his hands to grasp my head, pulling and pushing, using

my face as his own personal wanking machine.

The officer still had his now softened cock in my arse and to my disbelief I

felt it flex and start to harden. No! I thought. He can't be going to fuck me

again so soon. He flexed his cock a couple of times and a I felt a hot stream

of liquid jet up inside me. No. He wasn't going to fuck me, at least not yet.

He was pissing up my arse instead.

This turned me on so much I clamped my lips harder round the cock in my face and

as he wanked himself with my head, used my tongue to massage the glands just

below the top of his shaft. Sure enough this did the trick and with a yell he

started to cum in my mouth, suddenly pulling back to finish by furiously wanking

off over my face.

As he pulled back I realised the other five or six soldiers had gathered round

pulling at the most attractive selection of cocks I'd ever seen in the flesh,

all in one place. Very quickly they followed the example of their companion,

shooting all over my face and body. At times even over themselves in their


The lad on my face got down and the officer withdrew his cock, followed by a

trickle of his piss mixed with cum.

'You may be glad to know that my Sergeant's here are the only members of this

platoon really mature enough to make use of you,' the officer said 'After my Captain

has seen you they will do so in order to entertain the troops, so to speak. For

now you can have a rest - of sorts.'

What did 'of sorts,' mean I wondered. Untying me I was handed a pair of running

shorts that I recognised as having come from my bag, and taken outside where I

was forced to sit on the ground in front of the hut. My hands were handcuffed

round a post behind me and only then did I get a chance to look around. It was

only now I noticed the other soldiers, if one could call them that, were only

boys in very early double figures. There were thirty or forty of them I

thought, all gathered round to see what was going to happen but no getting too


Just what was going to happen I soon found out.

Arrested Chapter 2/2

Somehow I managed to drift off to sleep as was rudely woken up as a bucket of water was thrown over me. The last thing I remembered were the younger soldiers/recruits gathered round at a distance, pointing and laughing. All I could see were young brown bodies and white teeth. In a different situation I would have been in heaven. I could discern no real threat in their actions but even so was worried what my future held. That made it even more surprising that I'd drifted off.

Now they had lined up in a fashion either side of a black limo just driving through the gate. It drew to a halt in front of the buildings and I was somehow not very surprised when the minister I'd been writing about stepped out, followed by an officer. The officer was in no way fat but built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Must have been six feet tall with a fifty-inch chest. Quite a slim waist, clinched by a sam browne belt, then thighs that could crush a coconut. By the bulge in his skin-tight khaki shorts he must have been carrying one in readiness.

What did surprise me was the minister. Instead of laughing at me as I expected he seemed annoyed and turned round to the officer and started to berate him. The officer quickly replied, pointing at me and then at the young recruits. The minister calmed down and walked into the building followed by the Captain who whispered quickly in the ear of the Lieutenant who had raped me earlier. He came over to me as the older soldiers were getting me to my feet and undoing my chains.

'If you want to live just keep your mouth shut,' he said. 'The Minister wants you dead because of the stories you've been sending. We're trying to keep you alive until something can be worked out.'

If there's anything guaranteed to spoil ones day it's the knowledge you have upset someone enough to make them want to kill you. There again, some of the reports I'd filled did mentioned the fact I thought he was psychotic as well as a thief. They half carried me inside, back to the room with the strange table.

He was sitting in a chair someone had brought in, the Captain standing behind. 'I gave instructions you were to disappear,' he said. 'However my Captain had convinced me the troops should have their fun with you first. I've no objection. Have you?' The last with a sneering grin on his face.

I opened my mouth to answer and had just enough time to see the Captain mouth the word 'don't' before a fist punched me in the stomach. It wasn't hard I must admit but the shock made me fall back and buckle slightly. Before I had time to give voice to my thoughts a worn belt was wrapped twice round my mouth and tied off behind my head. My hands were forced above my head and the tied wrists placed over a large hook in the ceiling. My feet were just touching the floor.

As before I became aware ebony bodies were surrounding me, again the NCOs again striped to their shorts. Again I was being examined but this time not by just one pair of hands but many. They didn't take it so easily though, twisting my tits and slapping my arse. My body was staring to sway off the ground and pendulum from one set of hands to another when a voice told them to stop. Two sets of hands steadied me and held me firmly as the Minister came to stand in front of me.

'I can't stay as long as I'd like, there is trouble in the city, partially your fault,' he said. 'However I will stay long enough to see you in pain. My bodyguard will enjoy use of your body as a woman and then you can provide entertainment for my new recruits.'

That at least told me he'd not been informed of my inclinations, or my response to the earlier abuse of my body, so possibly there was hope for me yet. When I saw his bodyguard, the officer accompanying him, strip off I started to change my mind. There was not one ounce of fat on his huge deep black glistening body, even the cheeks of his arse seemed solid muscle, in fact the only soft parts I could see were his massive cock and balls that even as I watched were rising to the occasion, becoming as hard as the rest of him. He had to be carrying ten inches when erect and I'd never get my hand round it let alone my mouth. What made it worse was his grin in my direction as he pulled the belt from his shorts and folding it over slapped it against the tabletop making everyone jump.

'Not much room in here,' someone said, how about outside, 'string him from the goalposts to whip him and then tie him across the quartermasters table so The Minister can watch his face as his hole gets raped.'

There was no objection and after being let down the naked monster grabbed me by the balls and forced me to follow him to the parade ground where once again my wrists were forced above my head and tied either side of the goal crossbar nearest the buildings looking toward the table where the minister and other officers had taken up chairs in the shade. As I was being twisted round a big black hand covered my mouth for a moment and a large bitter lump fell into my open mouth. 'Don't spit it out. Chew. It should help, I can't afford to go soft on you or the Minister will know and probably kill you out of hand. We just have to get him back to the President tonight and all will be over.'

I had no time to consider his words. I'd realised what was in mouth, a largish lump of the local weed. Usually a lump this size would have made a dozen cigarettes or been cooked into a batch of a hundred biscuits. I was chewing on the whole dose at once. Would I be able to stop spitting when the belt stated though. That had also been considered as a pair of dirty white Y fronts were held out for the audience to see, the yellow stains and skid marks, then tied across and over my mouth. I was ready, well my body was I suppose but I would rather have been somewhere else.

Even though the weed I was sucking had started to take slight effect the belt that arrived across my back made me scream, or it would have done if there had been any way I could have got past the gag. I pulled on the ropes fastening my arms to the crossbar and my body kinked and tried to somehow escape the next blow I knew would follow. It was to no avail anyway. The belt followed my body, across my back when it hung down, across my arse when my legs folded up to my chest in my attempts to escape and across my chest or stomach when it gyrated fully round, crossing my arms and placing a great strain on my shoulders. Finally I felt hands steady my legs and thought that, thank goodness that section was over.

I was wrong. 'Got to remove the gag man. He wants to hear you. Spit the weed out with it so he can't see.' His huge hand came up to fully cover my mouth again and I managed to spit the somewhat reduced lump of weed out with the section of filthy Y fronts he'd jammed in before. 'Good man.' Standing away the belt was landing again. How much was the weed having an effect and how much my exhaustion I have no idea but my body hung almost limp as he went to work with a will. Back, chest, arse, stomach, and start again. I may have been hanging limp but my mouth sure wasn't. I could hear myself yelling and screaming out, I don't think I used any words, just guttural sounds to go with the tears streaming down my face.

Finally, and this time it was finally, my torture stopped and my wrists were untied. As the hands let go I just collapsed on the ground. I heard the Minister tell someone to carry me over but then heard my assailant, 'Looks like he's a bit dry Sir. Maybe we should hose him down first.' Then in a quick whisper to me, 'Piss will help you heal quicker.' I was half unconscious and more than half drugged and took little attention when feet appeared in my restricted vision and my body was being soaked in stream after stream of piss. It stung but still I paid little notice until my head was pulled up by its hair and a stream aimed in my open mouth. That I swallowed with relief. My throat felt raw from the screaming I'd been doing and any liquid was welcome.

Hands picked me up and carried me over to the wooden table where my body was laid; bent at the waist, face forward, my chin just falling off the far edge. My arms were stretched out and tied off at the corners and I felt my legs being opened and tied likewise to the rear table legs, leaving my cock and balls to hang loose. My face was almost in the Minister's lap and he quickly moved his chair backwards so he could look into my eyes. He held a glass of sprit in one hand and a flywhisk in the other.

He flicked out lightly with the whish across my welted back and grinned at my gasp. 'I'm sure you'd rather have this just now?' holding the glass of sprit toward my face. 'Well, cant have you saying I wouldn't allow you a last request,' and he stood up and emptied his glass over my back. I will admit I screamed in agony and if not so firmly tied down would have almost levitated form the table, even in my part drugged state. As it was I almost broke my back. He sat back down and clicked his fingers for a refill. 'Pity I have to rush off and fool the President again. Would much rather stay here and enjoy your prolonged abuse. However, you've stirred up too much trouble there so I have to go and sort it out. Never fear, I'll be thinking of you all the time I'm gone and possibly I'll find a few young trouble makers to bring back to take your place.'

While his little speech had been going on I was slightly aware above the pain from my back someone was rubbing in and around my arsehole, which in turn was feeling slightly numb. I wasn't to know then the remains of the weed ball I'd spat out was being used in an attempt to prepare me for the violation about to occur. However, I was aware when that violation began. Something like a battering ram was directed at the puckered beginning of my chute and without any delay forced an entrance and continued driving up my shaft. Scream? I nearly broke my ties to the table. I'd never been invaded by anything that size before. Even the use my hole had been through earlier seemed to make no difference. In other circumstances I may, probably would, have been happy to try and fit it, but this was so sudden, no slow and wait for me to adjust, it just thrust straight in and in and in until finally slamming to a stop when a crinkled hair groin crashed up against my arse cheeks and I felt his massive ball sac smash into mine.

A hand pulled at my hair and looking up through streaming eyes I saw the Minister laughing down at me. 'If he doesn't manage to finish you I'm sure the lads watching will manage though I don't expect they will have much fun after your arse has experienced that.' Slamming my head back down he told his bodyguard, as I later discovered him to be, to hurry up and join him in the car. They were running late. A voice whispered in my ear 'Sorry,' and the violation really began.

I can't really describe how it was. His huge body throwing of heat and sweat in equal amounts as he got into his stride burning and soaking mine as it lay underneath, his comments at first trying to be sympathetic were whispered but becoming more crude and guttural as the animal in him took over and believe me, he was animal. No normal man would possess a weapon the size of his, a weapon he took great delight in operating within my body.

Having first sunk it to the hilt in my poor hole he started by slowly pulling right out and just as my rosebud attempted to close up in relief he'd plunge back in convulsing my body with pain as each time causing screams the Minister must still be able to hear, where ever he'd gone. I'd never been fucked by anything so massive, it was tearing me open. Then, just as my body seemed to be attempting to accept the intrusion and my screams had changed to moans he really got into his stride.

'I'm going fuck you white man, rape your tender little arse, split you in half. Yell all you want.' The animal in him took over. He was now ploughing back and forth with ever increasing speed, his hands griped my defenceless body round the waist in an attempt to plough deeper, stretching me against the ties and almost lifting the heavy oak table in the process. I had neither the strength or the air to scream, every plunge forced any air from my body, all I could do was groan and moan, licking the tears from my lips as they poured down my face.

Then I realised I'd gone mad. 'Go on then. Fuck me, rape me. Fill my white arse with black juice. Harder, deeper, do it.' I was encouraging him; my body had taken over and instead of fighting was responding to his assault with some enjoyment. Yes. It had become enjoyment. Never had I been so comprehensively, so thoroughly taken, each thrust of his was being met by one of my backside to meet him. If my hands had been free I'd have been pulling my cheeks apart to allow him deeper access. I wanted him deeper, I wanted???

There was no time left to consider what I wanted. With a primeval roar of exultation he exploded inside me. There is just no other way to describe it. I screamed with him, no longer entirely from pain but from the joy of sharing in his release. My gut was full from the high pressure jet of boiling juice streaming from his cock and still it continued, mini jet after mini jet as my arse lips quivered against his still solid manhood and milked it dry.

Easily placing one arm beneath my waist he raised my body slightly and with the other fondled my bruised and swollen balls, then switched to my painfully erect cock and grasping his hand round it squeezed lightly. That did it that was all it took. I blew off in his hand; again my body went into convulsions but this time from my own release that seemed to go on and on and on. I'd never cum so much or for so long before. His massive black hand, full of my cum, appeared before my face, 'Take your energy back man. You've earned it.' I eagerly licked and drank from his hand, I would have licked him all over if I'd had the chance.

There was a roar from somewhere far behind me, 'Must go, my masters voice,' he said with a snarl. 'Don't worry, when this is over I'm coming back for you so don't go anywhere.' I could only grunt. He withdrew his still massive member with a plop and after a slap across my arse I felt rather than saw him stride away. Myself, I virtually passed out still over the table and only half noticed my restraints being removed and just managed to fall carefully to the floor of the veranda, crawl into a corner and go to sleep.

I came back to consciousness slowly to the sounds of gunfire and shouts of joy. It took me a while to work out where I was and the reason for my naked, bruised and sticky body. Just managing to open one bleary eye I discovered it to be almost midday and could see in the parade ground soldiers running all over the place, clasping each other, shouting, and firing their guns in the air. I'd been half covered by a blanket and on forcing the other eye open saw a mug of water had been placed just by my outstretched arm. I managed to sit up against the wall and gratefully emptied the mug.

'Glad to see you're back with us,' that was my old friend the Captain. 'Come on now,' he held out a hand to assist me up, 'We better get you cleaned up a bit. The General will be back soon for you.'

'The General?' I stood, the blanket falling from my naked body. So what, everyone had seen me naked now, not to mention the use and abuse my body had been put through in the past twenty-four hours.

'Yes. You don't think the Minister, or rather ex-Minister, would have anyone less that a General for a bodyguard do you. He wants you ready to go back to the city with him, says you have another story to write for your paper and hopes you won't be in a hurry to leave the country. He's looking for an aide'

Well. That opened up possibilities. He continued, 'When we got that so and so of a Minister to the President we were able to, arrest him and now have the evidence from his papers to prove he was robbing us blind. I hope you won't hold last night against us too much,' he went on, 'it was the only way we could think of to keep you alive long enough.'

'Next time you want a plaything for your troops try and give me a little notice,' I smiled in return, 'That is, if the General will allow.'

'I'm sure he will.' And he did.

But I never got used to being stuck at the end of that weapon of his so he had to hold me down to start with when I screamed, or better still, get his boys to hold me down for him.

I loved it.



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