We all called him Skip, but he kept insisting we call him "Skipper." Whenever I'd call him Skip, a gleam would come into his eyes, a sexy grin would steal across his handsome face, and he'd whisper to me, "Call me Skipper 'cause I want to sail 'around the world' with you!"

He'd chuckle quietly, watching the expression of surprise or dismay on my face at what really was a lewd, sexually inviting remark. Among us teenagers, the suggestion of going "around the world" with another man was a clearly understood euphemism for licking his entire body and then bringing him to climax by sucking his cock. I guess it has always carried that meaning. It was a lascivious remark to make to a horny, confused teenager. Images of making out with him would flash through my mind and reflect in my burning face.

It was impossible to tell if he was just teasing me, if he was testing me simply because he was curious how receptive I might be, or if he was actually making an authentic overture to join in some sexual fun and games. I never quite knew how to handle this line of his. But, I found myself calling him "Skip" purposely, just hoping he'd keep on making lewd remarks to me - which he sure did. A lot of my frequent teenaged jacking-off was stimulated by wistful thoughts of licking the Skip's beautiful body and even sucking his cock.

By coincidence, our birthdays fell on the same day. The day after I'd turned eighteen and Skip nineteen, I was returning to the locker room from a swimming class, my Speedo more filled out than usual because of a randy daydream I was being tormented with, when suddenly Skip bumped right into me. He was returning from playing handball and wore only skimpy gym shorts and sneakers. His sweat-drenched body was perfection and I realized how irresistibly I was drawn to him.

"Hey, I didn't get a chance to say 'Happy Birthday' yesterday," he said with that sexy grin.

"Yeah, thanks. You, too, Skip," I responded, rather absentmindedly. He seemed even more sexual than usual for some reason.

His eyes lit up and he whispered, leaning in close to me as we walked together towards the locker room, "Call me Skipper. I still want to go 'around the world' with you!" Then he added, "Now, more than ever."

I felt myself flush with what at first I thought was embarrassment but suddenly realized was actually clear sexual excitement. He was turning me on and I couldn't deny it to myself. For what was probably the first time in my life that I was truly aware of it, a man was openly coming on to me. I was certain of it. It felt wonderful!

Pressing even closer to me, he continued in a hoarse whisper, "Especially now, since you're getting bigger down there in that sexy swimsuit." He emphasized the word "bigger" with a lewd twist. There was no mistaking his meaning. He could clearly see the erection that had been developing and he was letting me know it. I was sure he could also see that the erection was reacting to his comments and to his closeness. It was clearly growing!

I looked down at myself. The meaning of the bulge, and its large size, was unmistakable. I reacted to its enlargement by nervously sliding my towel off my shoulder and holding it in front of myself in a vain effort to conceal its conspicuous arousal. Then I looked up into his eyes.

He wasn't grinning. His steadfast, soul-searching gaze tore into me. A look of abject longing was written across his features and it made my heart stop. This was not the look of someone making a joke or playing around or testing me. No. This was the first time in my life that a man was directing an unmistakably lustful look at me and it took my breath away. He was serious.

I felt my mouth drop open.

"Come home with me, after school," he whispered directly into my ear. The implications of the invitation were clear.

My eyebrows popped up.

"You'll love the voyage," he whispered, an explicit promise contained in the way he emphasized the word "love."

I put a hand up to my open mouth in surprise.

The sexy grin returned. "Don't disappoint us."

"Us?" I questioned simply.

"Yeah, man. You and me! That's us." His grin was heart melting.

"You mean..." I stopped. I didn't know what to say.

"I mean we'll both enjoy ourselves, together."

"Well..." I hesitated.

"Loosen up, Jack! I'll be fun, and you might find out there's much more to sex than just jacking off." He laughed at my flustered reaction and added, "Shit, man, we all jack off. I do it a couple of times a day, at least. You do, too, don't you?"

I smiled uneasily but then nodded, agreeing. He looked very pleased with me. Suddenly, I felt I wanted to please him. "Okay, Skipper, I'll meet you after school," I promised, knowing full well I was committing myself to a sexual adventure with him. I purposely called him Skipper to indicate my total acceptance of his desires.

"Great!" he said with emotion. He threw an arm around my shoulder and squeezed affectionately. I knew he could feel me trembling with excitement. My mind was racing. I wondered what other guys would be thinking if they were watching us, because I knew I was enjoying Skipper's physical contact so much that I felt it must be apparent to even the most casual observer.

We separated as we entered the locker room and I found myself standing in front of my open locker waiting for my erection to subside sufficiently to allow me to remove my swimsuit without calling attention to my big pole. It took a great effort because the thoughts flashing through my mind were so strongly sexual.

By the time I hit the showers, Skipper had already gone. I was relieved. It was difficult enough trying to keep my cock down at a reasonably deflated level without the added stimulus of seeing his naked body in the showers. But thoughts of what we might actually do, after school, kept impinging on my consciousness and so stimulating me that I considered stopping off in a toilet booth on my way back to the locker and giving myself some quick relief with a fast but satisfying hand job. I'd done it before, and had heard those telltale noises of others doing it, too, but Skipper's comment about there being more to sex than jacking off kept me both horny and willing to wait.

Classes the rest of that day were a blur of growing anticipation, but finally I found myself walking out of the school building, looking around for Skipper. I felt lightheaded. It occurred to me that this might be how girls feel waiting for a date with a sexy beau, except that I realized I had clearly agreed to engage in some man-to-man sex with Skipper and at some point coyness and shyness would have to be jettisoned. As my groin and abdomen seethed with longing, I knew I was making a major step in the process of growing up.

Suddenly, I saw him. My heart stopped. God, he was handsome. And sexy! He was standing in profile to me, near the curb, talking with another boy. A flash of jealousy tugged at me, but just then Skipper turned to look for me and saw me. Our eyes locked. A welcoming smile lit up his face and it made me feel buoyant and irresistibly drawn to him.

"Jack! Over here," he called out, loudly, motioning me over with a theatrical wave of his whole arm.

A smile flooded my features and I went towards him. I was aware of feeling conspicuous as I crossed over to him, as though everyone who was looking at us could see into our minds and know our carnal intent. But it didn't stop me.

"Here he is, now," I heard him say to the boy he'd been talking to, and I realized they'd been talking about me. I felt my face flush. The classmate's name was Curtis but I hardly knew more than that, as we had never been in the same classes. In my typical teenaged emotional turmoil, I wondered if the two of them had done together what Skipper and I were planning to do, whatever that might be, exactly. While closing the few feet separating us, I imagined their two naked bodies writhing together erotically, and felt another pang of jealousy. Curtis was, after all, very well put together, too, and I could imagine Skipper's at-traction for him.

"I promised to drop Curtis off on my way home, today, Jack," Skipper explained as I reached them. Curtis gave me an open smile. I smiled back.

During the brief ride, Curtis asked what the two of us were up to, wording it in such a way that I got a clear impression he both knew what we were up to and had probably been up to it himself with Skipper.

Skipper just laughed and told him I was going to help him out with "a problem."

"I see..." Curtis said rather vaguely, and then, as I was sitting between them, nudged me in the ribs a couple of times with his elbow, as if trying to tell me he knew what kind of "problem" we two might be working on.

I turned to look at Curtis feeling rather surprised, and found him staring intently into my eyes. I felt sure it was the look of someone who knew the score. It was both bold and friendly yet seemed to convey the expression of acceptance. In that instant, I knew without doubt that he lusted for Skipper, too. I suddenly knew that I was not alone in my longings - here was a kindred spirit. My eyes grew large and I returned his warm smile.

Curtis spread his knees wider and pressed more firmly against my leg. The pressure worked on me like an aphrodisiac. It made my head swim. I felt confused and horny. Here I was, embarking on what was really my first sexual adventure with a man, and even before its consummation another sexy man was coming on to me. It was one of those tremendous moments in my life where a sexual situation so jolted my consciousness that the scene of the three of us sitting next to one another in that car is marked indelibly upon my memory. To this day, just being reminded of sitting three across in the front seat of a car recaptures the memory of the turmoil of emotions I felt at just that very moment.

Skipper slowed the car and then stopped. Curtis got out quickly, but before closing the door, leaned back in. With his face a few inches in front of mine, he smiled at Skipper and said, "Have a good time, you two." While saying that, he patted my inner thigh with a knowing and firm touch, rubbing as he withdrew. He winked at me and was gone.

"Nice guy," Skipper commented as we pulled away.

"Yeah..." I agreed quietly, thinking about him.

"He's gay, you know," Skipper added without emphasis, as though telling me the sun was shining.

"Oh," I said without thinking. It wasn't said in surprise, just as a response so he'd know I'd heard him.

Skipper paused.

"So am I," he told me, staring ahead at the road.

There was a long, long pause between us. My mind raced. I was thrilled beyond all believe by his admission and almost moved to tears by his honesty. Feeling it necessary to be equally honest, out of respect for his honesty, and sensing everything had suddenly become much easier in the chaos of a teenager's emotional world, I took a deep breath and broke the silence by quietly admitting, "Me, too."

"Shit, Jack, you don't know how much I've wanted to hear you say that!"

I looked over at him. His smile was radiant and loving. Excitement and invitation showed in his expression. He started blurting out how he felt.

"I've been jacking off thinking about you, Jack. I've watched you for a long time, now, and kept hoping we'd get together. I can't tell if a guy is gay or not," he said, looking at me. "Can you?" he asked rhetorically and continued, "Curtis was a surprise, too. And a few others! Mostly, guys just seem to want to get off with whatever's at hand, so most of the guys are straight, even though I've played around with a lot of them."

I didn't know what to say. Here, I'd just admitted, even to myself, that I was gay, and he's telling me about multiple partners. It hadn't occurred to me that it was possible to enjoy sex with many men. I loved the thought of it immediately, and somehow now knew that Curtis and I'd be getting it on together in the not too distant future.

Skipper correctly read my expression and asked, "God, is this your first time, Jack?" We were pulling into his drive.

I nodded, timidly.

His reaction delighted me. He laughed, tousled my hair, and said, "You're gonna LOVE it!" Then, he shoved me, indicating that we should get out of the car.

"My parents are out of town for two weeks," Skipper explained as he unlocked his front door. "We can walk around naked, if we like," he added with that sexy grin, as he held open the door for me to pass through. I was trembling with anticipation. He grabbed a cheek of my ass as I moved by, causing me to stop in my tracks. He bumped into me erotically, and used his strong body to push me in, closing the door.

Real life was better than my dreams! Much better! Still pressed against me, he wrapped his arms around me tightly, snuggled his head against my neck, and whispered directly into my ear, "You're gonna love this!" He pressed his crotch against my ass and I could feel his erection developing. Then, he slid a hand along my fly and found my almost full erection.

"Man, what a boner!" he sighed with a chuckle. "We gotta get you out of these clothes!" With that, while still pressed against my back, he unbuckled my belt and tore open my fly, quickly grabbing my hard cock, running his fingers up and down its length and around its girth as if measuring it. "Wow!" he sighed softly.

I felt so completely aroused I thought I'd come in an instant.

He seemed to realize that, gave my cock a firm but yet gentle slap, snapping it against my abs, which caused me to slip away from the lustful feeling I'd had. Then he spun me around and I found my face inches from his. Talk about lustful – it was written all over his face. He leaned towards me, and I knew he was going to kiss me. I trembled with emotion. His lips grazed mine gently. I sighed, "Oh!" softly, and he used my opened lips to kiss me hard and tickle my lips with his tongue! I was blissful. And orgasmic!

"I'm gonna come!" I said through the kiss.

"Wait!" he exclaimed. "I want to take it!"

In amazement, I watched him lower his body, stick out his tongue, lap at my oozing cockhead, and then draw the cockhead into his incredibly hot, wet mouth. I immediately soared into gut-wrenching, cum-pumping, complete orgasm. It was magnificent! I felt him sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing as I humped my huge load into him. It was unlike any orgasm I had ever had! Even after I had jetted every bit of cum I had into him, my cock stayed completely rigid! The suction he exerted had caused the most amazing orgasmic spasms I had ever felt.

He lifted his mouth off of my cock, looked up at me, his cheek pressed against my cock, and sighed, "Man! What a man!"

I smiled proudly.

"What a big load! What a tasty, big load! I loved it! And look, you're still hard as a rock! Wow! What a man!" he repeated.

It thrilled me to the core. And as he rose to stand in front of me, it occurred to me that he wanted a reaction from me, not just a silly grin. I pulled him against me and kissed him hard on the mouth, which he opened and I tasted my semen on his lips. I was astounded! I also realized that my teenaged ideas of sexual contact had been naively simple – jacking off and kissing or something vague. But here was cocksucking! I had never really believed it was done. But, immediately, I remembered that I had wanted to do it. Now, I wanted to suck Skipper's cock!

I broke the kiss while tugging at his belt. His expression became blissful. He relaxed and shifted backwards slightly to allow me easy access to his pants. I opened them and they slid down to his knees. He wore no underpants! His erection was, well, the most beautiful and exciting thing I had ever seen! I grabbed the hem of his tee shirt and slid it up and off, as he raised his arms to aid its removal. For a long moment I just stared in awe at the splendor of this perfect, sexy male, feeling joyous at having been given the change to make love to him. I took him all in! Studying as if memorizing every detail of his strong physique, amazing cock, and huge balls! I need only to close my eyes and see him before me today.

As if to break my enraptured trance, Skipper rested his forearm on my shoulder, and caressed the back of my neck with his hand. He was not trying to pressure me into doing something I wouldn't want to do. He was just helping me make up my mind. We looked into each other's eyes. I licked my lips. Skipper gave a slight gasp. He knew I was going to suck his cock! So did I!

As I simply started to bend down, he gave my neck an encouraging grip, again, not to pressure, just to demonstrate his enthusiasm. Looking down on his giant, clear-fluid-leaking cockhead was spectacular! I put my closed lips on the tip of the cockhead. It was hot! It felt sticky from the lube I was so familiar with having tasted my own so often. As I opened my lips to taste the liquid, to draw it up out of the shaft, I recognized its similarity, but immediately also recognized the unfamiliar taste of a man's cock! A thrill flashed through me and I thought I might have another orgasm immediately. "Umm!" I hummed in ecstasy.

"Ah!" Skipper sighed, "You like it! But don't blow your wad, man! Save it for me!" It was a wonderfully sexy instruction. He knew exactly how exciting it was for me, tasting cock for the first time. He knew how easily I could have been raised to overwhelming lust and fire off another load, even though I'd just come. And he wanted me to know that he wanted to take my load, himself, again. It was one thrill after another!

But the thrill I had not expected was the overwhelming thrill of having him pump his hot jism into my mouth! Just as I had done, as soon as I sucked the giant cockhead into my mouth, swirling my tongue, tasting its amazing flavors, and applying good suction, he exploded into orgasm. The quantity of his initial spurt startled me, but I focused on realizing I loved the taste, syrupy texture, heat and volume of this, my first drink of hot, fresh cum direct from the spout. I swallowed and shot after shot after shot of his ejaculation filled me over and over. It was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I loved it! Just like he said I would! Sure cocksucking was great, but drinking down his giant load was unbelievable! Mindlessly, I just kept on sucking until well after I had drained his entire load. Finally, he slid his hand to my forehead and sighed, "Whoa! You got it all, dude." Reluctantly, I released his cock and looked up at him, wondering how he had liked it.

He straightened me up, pulled me into his strong embrace and kissed me even harder than I had kissed him. His mouth opened, he sucked in my tongue tasting his sperm, and then pushed my tongue back into my mouth as he rammed his tongue into me and swiped at the roof of my mouth with astounding reactions. My whole body vibrated and I said, again, "I'm gonna come!"

In a flash, he had my cockhead in his mouth. That's all it took. I came more that second time than I had ever come before in my life. Every part of my body was involved in the orgasm. Every nerve fiber seemed to fire off over and over and over again. I surrendered totally to the extreme blissfulness of the orgasm, joyously pumping my load into him. He took it all. Only three steps into the house and I'd already come twice! But I knew more was to come because we had not yet gone "around the world!"

"Let's get out of these clothes and have a soda. Okay?" he asked excitedly, while kicking off his shoes. In a flash we were both naked.

"God, you're beautiful," he said as if snatching the words from my thoughts.

"You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," I sighed earnestly.

"Fuck the sodas," he grunted with a smirk, "let's go right up to my bed!" And with that he grabbed my hand and pulled me urgently towards the stairs, leaving our clothes in a heap behind us. I joined him excitedly as we took the stairs two at a time.

We flung ourselves, laughing and slightly out of breath, onto his bed and grabbed each other in a happy embrace – two naked, strong, young men buoyant in the thrills of unexpected sexual freedom and overwhelming earthy, robust desire.

"You were right," I told him.

"About what?" he asked quizzically.

"I do LOVE it," I almost shouted. "Just like you said I would!"

"Oh, man," he sighed with a quiver of heartfelt emotion in his voice. As he said those two simple words he rolled over on top of me. Our cocks pressed together and raced one another to be first to complete engorgement. It was a tie. We were a matched set! The feel of our bodies was exquisitely erotic. He lifted his head, stared lovingly into my eyes, and lowered his lips onto mine.

The power of that kiss, the masculine strengths of our lips and tongues, the lingering taste, flavors, and slipperiness of the semen in our mouths, all combined to raise both of us to unrivaled heights of carnal craving for each other.

We sucked each other's tongues like we wanted to devour them, while our hands slid over every reachable part of our bodies.

The memory of the naivete of my teenage imaginings of lovemaking made me chuckle.

"What is it," Skipper asked with alarm, sensing something as wrong.

"This is so infinitely better than my hopes of making love with you had been, that I can only laugh at myself. I never thought I could ever be this happy!" I said sincerely.

"Wow! Man, you don't know how good that makes me feel!" He licked my neck all the way to my ear. "Or how good you taste!"

My whole body vibrated with delight from that hot lick.

"Umm, you like this," he sighed, and licked under my chin and continued until he reached my other ear. "I want to lick and taste every inch of your hot body. You have made me hotter than I can remember ever feeling before!"

"Skipper," I sighed – he smiled lovingly when I called him that – "I'm not going to be able to withhold blasting off if you lick another inch!"

"Lemme lick your cock, then, and catch your load," he told me as he slid down my body to suck my cockhead into his talented, hot mouth. As he moved down his tongue left a wet trail right down to the head of my cock. My whole being vibrated with lust.

As his mouth sucked on my cockhead, he kept moving his head down, getting much of the shaft in, too. The sensations were awesome! But I didn't come immediately. I realized that the first two orgasms prepared me for a longer time to enjoy the coming orgasm. And, man, did I enjoy the delay! He was sucking diligently while bobbing his head up and down on my cock, getting more and more of it in until I felt it slip into his tight throat. What a remarkable revelation! He was going down on me all the way to my balls! Just the thought, and the incredible stimulation of his eager sucking, lifted me to my third orgasm and I came! And came! And came! And came! Some orgasms are good, others great, even memorable, but this orgasm was the most spectacular in my whole life! No doubt about it! I cannot count the times in my life after that while jacking off, that just the quick memory of this orgasm has brought me to climax.

Skipper kept my cock in his mouth for a long time, not sucking, just seeming reluctant to let it slip out, as I slowly wound down from such an unbelievably high sexual experience.

After a while, I took a deep inhalation and stretched my whole body to writhe in pleasure of luxuriating in the afterglow of lovemaking. Skipper slid up, releasing my cock, and stretched out over me. It felt wonderful.

"I knew it would be this great with you!" he sighed, and then kissed me again.

I felt his rigid cock throb next to my, well, it was less than rigid but it was still an interested cock. I knew what I wanted to do. What I had to do! What I couldn't wait to do! I rolled him off of me. He didn't resist.

I broke the kiss and licked his chin, neck and chest, stopping to lick and suck his nipples as he squirmed in sensuality while his hands lovingly urged me on. I continued on down, but at his waist my chin hit his cockhead. I rose up slightly to look at it and was stunned! It was stunning! Lube was leaking from the flared cockhead, which was stretched to its maximum, looking taut and shiny in arousal. I wanted it in my mouth and I wanted his cum spurting into me! And I wanted him to love it!

I sucked his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue strongly, sucking hard, making every effort to mimic his carnal techniques and raise him, hopefully, to the heights of passion as he had done with me. I felt him thrust his hips upwards, urging me on and wanting to get his cock in deeply. I relaxed and allowed his stiff weapon to slide into my throat. I fought an urge to gag and did not. The idea of his long cock and thick shaft driving into my throat thrilled me. The FEEL of it made me orgasmic. As I felt the first spurt of his orgasm pulse into my throat, I swallowed, blasted off into orgasm and sprayed his balls with my hot sperm.

"Oh! Shit! Man, you're coming, again! Fantastic!" he called out in mid-orgasm. "You're squirting hot cum on my balls! Amazing!" And he kept coming and coming as I caught his heavy flow in my mouth and swallowed and swallowed with delight!

We relaxed, disengaged and snuggled up together in complete leisure, happy to be holding one another. As I watched him close his eyes sleepily, and felt my eyelids grow heavy and then close, I wondered what we'd do when we woke up. I remember having extremely erotic dreams, filled with visions of the Skipper.


Jack Sofelot


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