In my mid-twenties my career had reached a stalemate. I had failed as a businessman and there seemed to be nothing that I was good at. I couldn't make an honest living and I was extremely short of money. Thus, I came up with the idea of joining the Armed Forces. I had an uncle whose career in the Army was quite admirable and he worked as a role model for me.

In my first couple of days on the training camp I realized that this wasn't going to be an easy task. All the other cadets were much more athletic and virile than me. I had a hard time following the training program and I had become the laughing stock of my group.

Our instructor, Sergeant Robertson, was very strict. He was always accompanied by the Corporal, Mr. Jameson, and he used to carry a leather, riding whip. Naturally the guys had nicknamed him 'The Whip'. I had always wondered why he carried that with him since he wasn't allowed to use it according to Military Law. The Head of the Training School was Colonel Masterdon. He seemed to be a good man and I always thought that if something bad happened I could always rely on him. Soon I found out that things weren't exactly as they seemed to be. In fact, they were even worse than I thought.

The Sergeant was in the habit of inspecting us even when we were taking a shower after another long training day. He would stand in the middle of the shower room, so as to have a full view of all the men, and he would deliver one of his infamous speeches about how the Army would make us real men and the usual macho mambo-jumbo. I thought that it was inappropriate to inspect a bunch of naked men in the shower but I didn't share my opinion with anyone else. Being the worst of all cadets had made me unwilling to trust any of my 'comrades' even though we were all in the same boat.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed towards the dormitories. What I didn't notice was that the Sergeant and his lackey, the Corporal, had been following me. I went inside the dorm and noticed that it was completely empty. I was the only cadet in the room. Without having the time to realize what was going on, I heard a familiar voice:


It was the Corporal's voice. He had entered the dorm along with the Sergeant. I stood at attention, half-naked, waiting to hear what they had to say.

'Mr. Taylor, once again you've finished last. All the cadets have already showered and are waiting for you in the Training Area', said the Sergeant in a frightening tone.

'I apologize, Sir, but I didn't hear anything from the loudspeaker', I uttered trying to apologize for my delay.

'How could you, since you've been showering for 20 minutes. Where do you think you are, at a spa or something?'

'I'm sorry, Sir, I assure you it won't happen again'.

'Well, you are damn right it won't happen again. I will make sure of that!' he said clenching his fist around the whip.

'Take off your towel, cadet! Tonight you're going to learn the true meaning of military discipline!'

I was petrified. I couldn't move. I didn't want to disobey orders, even though they were quite unusual ones. I stood there, frozen'

'You heard the Sergeant, what are you waiting for?' the Corporal growled.

I withdrew the towel from my waist and neatly placed it on my bed. They both took a long good look at me, staring at me from head to toe. Back then I had a slender figure, unlike the other cadets, but I had a round, protruding butt.

'Take a step forward and then turn around!' the Sergeant ordered.

I obeyed. Now I was standing naked before them with my ass facing them. I was still standing at attention but that seemed to be disturbing the view for them.

'Spread your legs, cadet!' the Corporal said.

The Sergeant placed the whip on the back of my neck and began moving downwards. I felt it crossing over my spine and stopping just below the waist. Then, he moved it from my left cheek to the right and back stopping around my asshole. The whip sent chills up and down my spine. I felt it caressing my anal walls and then moving towards my balls.

'Take a step forward and kneel on the side of the bed!' the Sergeant yelled.

I followed his instructions, as if hypnotized, without thinking whether they were appropriate or not or if he had the right or the authority to give me such instructions.

'Now bend over the bed and place your hands on the back of your head!' he continued.

I felt like a prisoner. I was face down on the bed, my chest rested on the mattress and my ass was at their complete mercy. I was afraid. I wondered what was going to happen to me. The Sergeant answered all my unuttered questions.

'You're a disgrace to the Corp, Mr.! Always lagging behind, unable to complete the training program. Well, it's high time someone gave you a lesson. First, you'll receive the proper punishment for your unjustified delay and then we are going to make a man out of your sorry little ass!' the Sergeant said in a decisive manner.

I somehow thought it was fair to be punished for not following the schedule. I wasn't thinking straight. I thought he was going to give me a couple of thrusts with the whip in order to set an example and then he would let me go. Yet, I couldn't perceive what he meant by 'making a man out of my sorry, little ass'.

'I want you to stand still, cadet! If you clench or wiggle your butt, you will get extra strokes! The same goes if you moan or make any other sound. Is this clear?' he asked.

'Yes, Sir!' I shouted trying to appease my superior officer.

The Sergeant began delivering his punishment. First, he gave me a couple of soft ones in order to test his strength. I accepted the first thrusts bravely, thinking that it wasn't so hard to withstand after all. I regretted that thought right away. The Sergeant drove the whip behind his shoulder causing it to land with extreme force on my poor butt. Then came another and another and another. Tears started running down my cheeks, as I tried not to make a sound or move my behind. The beating continued relentlessly. My buttcheeks had turned red and they felt sore. After a few more thrusts, I emitted a little 'aw!' not being able to stand the tremendous pain he was causing me.

The Sergeant became infuriated. I was terrified. He had warned me not to say anything but I couldn't help it.

'Didn't I tell you not to utter any sound, whatsoever?' he shouted.

'Well, Sergeant, desperate situations call for desperate measures', the Corporal said smiling. He had been standing there all along, watching my ass getting a hard thrashing from his boss.

'You're absolutely right, Corporal. Put the towel in his mouth! If he can't stay silent on his own, we ought to help him out', the Sergeant said.

The Corporal shoved the towel in my mouth and pushed my head down. I felt even more imprisoned. I couldn't see what was going on, I couldn't speak and I couldn't resist. Meanwhile, the Sergeant had taken off his pants and his briefs. I couldn't see him but I heard him unzipping his pants. He had a long, thick cock with two nut-sized balls underneath it. He started masturbating at the sight of my bare, virgin butt. His dick soon reached its full length. He grabbed my defenseless ass with both hands spreading my cheeks apart and admiring my pink, wrinkled butthole.

'Look at that, Corporal. A nice, warm hole! And it's all mine!' he said grinning.

'I bet he's a virgin. Aren't you, you little bitch?' the Corporal asked.

I couldn't speak with the towel in my mouth, so I just moaned and tried to nod with my head so as to make them understand that they were absolutely right. I was a virgin and I was about to be violated by my superior officer. My attempts to plead for mercy had just the opposite effect. The Sergeant was now jerking off like a madman. The Corporal urged him to proceed to 'the main course'.

'Come on, Sir, show this cadet what real men are made of!'

'I sure will! Your ass is mine, Mr. Taylor and there is nothing you can do about it!' he said triumphantly.

He gave a few slaps with his throbbing member and then he placed his cockhead on the edge of my rear entrance. I made one final attempt to avoid his penetration by wiggling my ass but that just infuriated him once again.

'Stand still, cumslut!' he said, giving me a hard slap on my right cheek.

'You cannot avoid this, cadet, so sit tight and get ready to service your instructor', the Corporal added.

It was pointless to resist. The Corporal held my head firmly on the bed and the Sergeant stretched my left cheek so as to make my back door open wide. Then he drove his cock on the tip of my anal ring with his right hand.

'All yours, slut!' he grunted, shoving his cockhead in my tight asshole.

The pain was unbelievable. I couldn't grasp the idea that my instructor was raping me. He stayed there for a moment, enjoying the tight grip of my butthole and then he pushed the rest of his shaft inside me. He started banging my '' until then '' untouched ass as if there was no tomorrow. My ass was burning from the intense fucking and from the beating that I had experienced a few minutes ago.

'Yeah, fuck that ass, Sergeant! Give him all you got!' shouted the Corporal.

He was obviously turned on by the whole event and he was waiting for his turn to taste my 'sweet cherry'.

'Shake your butt, bitch! Show me what a good soldier you are!' the Sergeant urged.

I stood still. I was so shocked that I couldn't at least follow his rhythm and synchronize my ass with his tool. He went deeper inside with each thrust, stretching my ass more and more. The Sergeant was ruining my unused butt and the Corporal was enjoying the view.

'I'm offering you free porn, Corporal!' the Sergeant exclaimed.

'I know, Sir! You fuck like a pro, Sir! I bet he hasn't fucked any girl like that!' the Corporal said congratulating him.

The truth is that I hadn't fucked any girl like that. Taking it up the ass was harder than I thought and this ordeal seemed to last a century. The Sergeant was hammering me at will but suddenly he stopped.

'Take the towel off his mouth, Corporal! You can silence him with your 'gun'!' he said.

I thought that the situation had gotten out of hand. Not only was he raping me but also he wanted his lackey to threaten me with a gun. Once again, I was wrong. The Corporal kept my head down with his left hand and unbuttoned his pants with his right. He took out his cock, lifted my head up with a fast move and staffed his dick in my mouth. I was blown away by their audacity that I didn't even have the strength to shut my mouth when I got rid of the towel.

'Suck it good, cumbucket! I want us to fill all your holes with hot cum!' grunted the Sergeant.

'Yeah! Suck my fucking cock, bitch!' said the Corporal in a frenzy of lust.

His balls slapped against my chin as he began mouthfucking me ruthlessly. His dick was still semi-hard but it didn't take him long to stand at attention. His rod was not as long as the Sergeant's but it was thicker and I had a really hard time deepthroating him. Meanwhile, the Sergeant was pounding my ass with full force. His thrusts were now accompanied by hard slaps alternating between my torn cheeks.

'Take that, you faggot! You like having a hard cock in each hole, don't you?' he howled.

The Corporal had developed a powerful rhythm shoving his hard cock deeper and deeper into my mouth almost gagging me.

'Come on, cocksucker! Show me how much you like sucking your Corporal's dick!' he said granting.

He stretched my mouth to the limit pulling my head towards his pubic hair. At the same time, the Sergeant had quickened his pace and was breathing heavily. He was about to reach his climax.

'Here it comes, cumwhore! I'm gonna fill your sweet ass with cum!' he whispered to my ear.

A few seconds later, I felt his cockhead spasming inside me and spreading several spurts of hot jizz in my anal walls.

'Ohhhhh! Yeahhhhh! Take it all, cumbucket!' he moaned.

The Corporal soon followed his Sergeant exploding in my mouth and pouring his hot lava down my throat.

'Go on, swallow my juice, cadet! Milk my rod to the last drop!' he growled.

The Sergeant was slapping my buttcheeks with his now semi-hard shaft and the Corporal was smearing the last drops of cum on my face, when, right out of the blue, the door opened and the Colonel entered the room.

'What's going on, here? Get up and stand at attention, all of you!' he ordered in a decisive tone.

I was finally allowed to get up. I could barely walk, let alone stand at attention. Yet, somehow I managed to stand upright next to the Corporal and the Sergeant. We were a strange sight. Three naked grown men standing at attention.

'Explain yourself, Sergeant. What have you been doing here?' the Colonel asked.

'Well, Sir'The new cadet was late for training and we decided to teach him a lesson' he said in an apologizing manner.

I thought that I was saved. The Colonel would have to file a report and my torture would be over. I soon found out that I was mistaken.

As the Colonel walked behind us, he noticed that my asshole was drenched with cum.

'Looks like you taught him a very hard lesson, Sergeant. His ass is still dripping cum!' he exclaimed.

I couldn't hold myself any longer and I protested:

'The Sergeant raped me, Sir and the Corporal was his accomplice!'

'Is that true, gentlemen?' the Colonel asked.

'Well, somebody ought to teach him a lesson, Sir. He always lags behind and the other cadets make fun of him,' the Sergeant explained.

'I've heard rumors about you, Taylor. The other cadets believe you're gay and they want nothing to do with you. The good Sergeant tried to make a man out of you but it seems that he failed. I think that a higher-ranking officer is needed to apply discipline,' the Colonel said in a calm tone.

The Sergeant realized that he and his Corporal were going to get away with it.

'You're right, Sir. What he needs now is a Colonel's hard cock up his ass. That will teach him how to behave like a soldier!' the Sergeant uttered.

'Come over here, cadet and get on your knees!' the Colonel ordered

I approached him thinking about what was going to happen. It was obvious that he was going to rape as me well. But what could I do? Three strong men surrounded me and I had to succumb to their perverted will.

The Colonel unbuttoned and unzipped his pants dropping them to the floor. Then, he took off his briefs revealing a massive tool. It seems that the higher the rank, the bigger the cock; It was longer than the Sergeant's and thicker than the Corporal's. It had a big purple helmet and at the end hanged two hairy balls.

'What are you waiting for, cadet! Suck your commander's cock like the slut you are!' he said in a horny voice.

I started licking his peehole and massaging his balls. When he reached his full length, I took his dickhead in my mouth sucking it as hard as I could.

'It seems you've made some progress, Mr. Taylor! You're one hell of a cocksucking bitch!' the Colonel moaned.

He shoved the rest of his inches inside my mouth forcing me to deepthroat him. Meanwhile, the other officers had been aroused again and they were jerking off at the sight of the cadet milking the Colonel's shaft.

'Suck the Colonel's rod, bitch! Harder, deeper!' urged the Corporal.

'That's enough, cadet! Now turn around and drop on all fours. I wanna test if that ass is as tight as it looks!' exclaimed the Colonel.

I obeyed, feeling sorry for myself who was going to be violated again.

'Spread your legs and lift your ass a little bit!' the Colonel ordered. 'While I pound your luscious hole you will suck the officers' cocks. Is that understood?' he shouted.

I nodded in acceptance and they all assumed positions; The Colonel at my back door and the other two sticking their stiff rods on my face.

'Yes, Sir! That's the proper answer, cadet!' howled the Colonel and slapped my ass real hard.

'Get the towel and wipe his asshole, Corporal! I don't want the Sergeant's cum to work as a lubricant. I want to fuck him long and hard until his ass aches and I spread my cum all over it!' he said.

The Corporal obeyed his orders and soon my ass was dry and waiting to be impaled by the Colonel's monster.

'Spread your cheeks, darling!' the Colonel whispered.

I reached back and placed a palm on each buttock, spreading my ass apart. I felt completely exposed, holding my butt with both hands and awaiting the Colonel's anal invasion. I felt his cockhead touch my anus and with one, swift move he shoved his fat cockhead inside me.

'Aaaarrgghh!' I screamed.

'You can scream as much as you like, slut! I'm the commanding officer in this camp and you ain't going nowhere until I plough that tight ass of yours!' he moaned and began pounding my rimmed hole.

That was the sign the other two were waiting to start fucking me orally. They pulled my hair and stuffed both their cocks in my mouth choking me. In order to save myself, I grabbed each dick with my hands and started sucking them alternately. It was the only way to control the rhythm and avoid gagging. They moaned loudly as I wrapped my lips around their tools and sucked hard, taking turns.

The Colonel was banging my butt real hard. His pulsating shaft stretched me to the limit. He had grabbed my waist, thus driving my ass towards his cock and forcing me to fuck him even harder.

'Fuck my cock with your ass, bitch! Take it deep in your sweet bottom!' he moaned.

The Colonel reached unfathomed depths into my torn ass, ruining it once and for all. His hard rod invaded my tight hole again and again. All that pounding and cocksucking had made my own tool pretty hard. It was a natural reaction I couldn't avoid. As his thrust became harder, I ejaculated shooting several blasts of cum on the floor. It was a no hands orgasm I had never experienced that before but it was completely unintentional.

'Ohhhh!' I moaned.

'You filthy bitch! You like having a hard cock up your ass!' the Colonel exclaimed.

I couldn't answer that question with my mouth full, so I just waited for them to get off.

The Colonel had grabbed my asscheeks firmly and he was giving me his best strokes. His balls slapped loudly against my hairless ass. It was time for the closure.

'I'm gonna cum all over his ass and you're gonna shoot all over his face! That will teach him what the Army is all about!' the Colonel grunted.

The Sergeant and the Corporal shot their load together spraying my face with their creamy cum.

'Ohhhhh! Yeahh! Take it, cumslut!' the Sergeant moaned.

'Ahhhh! All yours, cadet!' the Corporal growled.

Each man shot 5-6 blasts of sticky load on my face. Cum was dripping from my eyes, my cheeks and some of it had landed on my hair. I was a cumsoaked bitch waiting for the Colonel to pour his hot lava on my torn ass. I didn't have to wait long. After a few more breathtaking thrusts, he pulled out and ejaculated on my presented butt. I felt his hot cum landing on my cheeks. One blast hit right at my asshole, running down my anal walls.

'Yeahhhh! Stand still, cadet! Take my cum on your ass!' the Colonel moaned.

'Give it to him, Sir!' the Corporal urged him.

The Sergeant and the Corporal ordered me to clean off their cocks and the Colonel spread his last drops of jizz on my sodomized ass. I licked the cum that was left on their dicks and they finally allowed me to clean myself up with the towel and leave. A few days later I quit the Training School. I didn't file a report since I knew that it was their word against mine. After all, who would believe a cadet instead of three respectable Officers of the Armed Forces?




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