They were young, good looking and naked. The two new recruits stood ramrod straight in front of their Commanding Officer's Desk. Colonel Tom came into the room paused to appreciate the view, then walked round them. He leant forward and inhaled the clean scent of them making a mental note of that hint of fear in the pheromones of the smaller one, Private Eugene North. Both young men were well hung, both exceeded the regulation seven and a half inch penis the regiment demanded and they were endowed with balls of good size. He balanced each sac in his hand; they were each of good weight. A satisfied nod then Colonel Tom went to his desk.

He glanced down at the paperwork in front of him: There were details and measurements: Sizes weights etcetera, plus Parentage, Education, and basic military training.

Private Eugene North:

He was startled to see that the boy's Father was a one-time Fuck-buddy (till he decided to buy himself out of the service and go, successfully, into commerce). - but there must be no favoritism. The Colonel felt a twitch of sexual excitement at the thought that young North might be the one who caught him on the passing out night operation "Catch and Fuck the Colonel'. It would be like old times with a new generation. He almost smiled.

Private Samuel Franks:

Half Antiguan, half Hong Kong Chinese, an eleventh Dan at Judo, a nine inch penis in repose, he was the colour of the deepest amber

and one of the most beautiful young men the Colonel could remember standing in front of him. Perhaps he should be the one who caught ....His heart missed a beat.

Idle thoughts were dismissed.

"Franks and North, you have been chosen to serve in this elite Regiment. If you do well and pass out as full members of the S F S then not only do you win the right to wear the golden cockade in your beret, but you will be a member of a regimental brotherhood second to none. The love of Service, the love of the Regiment, the love of your fellow SFS members will be yours to call upon - and always freely given.' Colonel Tom always moved himself, if no one else, delivering his induction address to new recruits, but today there seemed special circumstances. Here was the son of an old lover and alongside him the young man with whom he knew he was falling in love.

"As the only two who qualified out of the last intake, have you fucked each other yet?'

"No Sir.' They replied smartly

Colonel Tom turned to the Sergeant Major who had been present, still and anonymous throughout and asked. "S'nt Major have any arrangements been made?'

"Yes Sir, there is to be a regimental fuck-in at eighteen thirty hours this evening, Sir.'

"Excellent. I may look in myself'

"That would be greatly appreciated, Sir.'

"You may dismiss them, S'nt Major.'

"Sir.' The Warrant Officer ordered the two young men from the room in military style.


In the barrack room the two new recruits were dressed and alone, but they didn't know for how long. They were sorting out their respective locker spaces, putting away essential equipment like condoms and lube tubes and preparing themselves for their very public induction into the Special Fornica Service.

"They'll know, Sam. They'll spot it at once.'

"Relax, baby. Just play the virgin and we're OK'

"How can I. You know what I'm like when you stick that monster in me. I lose it. It is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened - your cock is a magic wand to me. I can't pretend it's not. You ring too many bells.'

"Gene, baby, for just five minutes you are going to have to think like a virgin. OK. I'll have to when you fuck me.'

"But you get bored when I fuck you. You'ld far rather suck me because you say my cum makes you sound like Nat King Cole.'

"Well it does! I had never sung so well until I had you lubricate my vocal chords.'

"But that doesn't solve the problem. If I fire within seconds of you entering me and then cum at least once more before you do - with nobody touching my cock, they'll know we've fucked before.'

"It's simple. No lube. It will hurt like hell but in a couple of days back to the old routine.'

"Don't you know what happens at a fuck-in?'

"I fuck you, You fuck me and the regiment gets to watch. What's the big deal?'

"Listen Sam. At a regimental fuck in, EVERYBODY fucks and most people fuck the inductees and that means you and me. You tear me apart and then everyone joins in and you won't be able to fuck me for two months. We must be lubed, clean and boring. The real problem is that you are the most exciting and best fuck I've ever known and I don't think I can keep that a secret.'

Sam Franks thought for a moment. "Hey look, You fuck me first, we'll really go for the surprise; never before bit; you hold back as long as you can but appear to fuck like a stoat - and I'm not saying you don't, just that I know you'ld rather be on the receiving end - but overplay the butch bit, I'll go all submissive and take it. Then when I fuck you, I'll be slow and gentle and try to cum too soon. How does that sound?'

Gene wasn't given the chance of a reply for at that moment the fellow members of their barrack room appeared led by Corporal Angus Wilson.

"Ah what have we here?' Gus Wilson a big man in every respect except that he had only just qualified for the regiment in cock size and now had more chips on his shoulders than were sold deep fried on a Saturday. "Gentlemen,' he called the rest of the soldiers into the room. "Here are our new comrades in arms, our new fucking companions. The two who have so successfully buggered up our evening's entertainment. And now we have to have a regimental fuck-in because they couldn't get it on each other before they arrived here.'

"Excuse me, Corporal,' said Sam. "If we'd fucked first, we wouldn't be here. That was made totally clear.'

"A lawyer, Gentlemen.' Wilson leered at Sam and looked him up and down, "and a handsomely coloured one at that.'

"They said that....' Began Gene.

"Did you speak?!' The corporal crossed and towered over Gene, who flinched but said nothing more.

A voice from the crowd was heard, "It's only because Colonel Tom wants to get...'

"Are you maligning our Commanding Officer? Are you suggesting that there is something dodgy about him? Something which should be the grounds for complaint or criticism?' Wilson's voice had taken on a level of menace that silenced all the other soldiers, except for a softly spoken "No.'

"This evening, gentlemen, we must forgo whatever pleasures we thought were our due and watch these two take each other's cherry and then expect us to supply further excitement - despite the fact that a virgin is only interesting if you're the first and just inexperienced when you come second, third or twenty-fifth.'

Someone remarked that if you were twenty-fifth then by that time they were no longer inexperienced, but Wilson killed the laughter with a look. Sam saw that here was a natural bully and he was going to have to be very careful or he might just kill him.


The Gymnasium was ready, cleared of all unwanted impedimenta. The mattresses were in place around the walls. A single small vaulting horse

had been placed on the small rostrum in the centre of the south wall. The 158 men of the SFS were lined up in barrack room formation. All naked, and the oversexed already showing signs of natural excitement.

The Sergeant Major called them to order and Four Officers entered and led the display team onto the dais. Franks and North, both fully dressed in loose fatigues halted in the centre and turned to face their fellow soldiers. The Sergeant Major gave the order to relax, turned to the senior Officer and said:

"Regiment ready for Fuck-in, Sir.'

"Thank you S'nt Major.' He stepped towards the recruits with the other officers. "Strip recruits!' With two officers to each of them, North and Franks had their fatigues torn from them, exposing their oiled and glistening bodies. Their Cocks rose and around the gym several others did too as they looked at these two beautiful examples of the rampant male.

The order was barked out "Fuck!' Franks stepped forward and bent over the vaulting horse. North dropped to his knees behind him and buried his face between those beautiful arse cheeks and rimmed his friend. Franks seemed to melt. North stood, lined up his cock and steadily plunged it into the expectant anal chute. He humped and Franks squirmed and moaned. Throughout the gym the scent of sex was almost overpowering. Several of the longer standing erections were already dripping precum. Hands squeezed nipples whilst others stroked stiffened cocks.

Gene North had never played it so butch as he ploughed his secret lover. Sam's muscles were working overtime and though he knew he should delay Gene felt that surge and after a couple more deep thrusts, withdrew, stepped aside and sprayed strings of thick semen across the front ranks of the naked soldiery. A great cheer greeted his generous emissions and several who had been struck gathered the cum and tasted it - clearly with approval.

The recruits changed places and there were some appreciative noises as Franks magnificent member rose to its full length up across his body. Several soldiers had dropped to their knees and were sucking their neighbour's cocks and others were buried deep into the arses of the rank in front. But this was permitted after the first ejaculation. Sam gripped Gene's shoulders and slowly inserted his cock, all eleven plus inches of it, deep into him and Gene's cry echoed round the rafters. There were some echoing cries from those being fucked on the floor but they were but jealous echoes as they thought of those extra inches forcing their way into the young recruit. Sam fucked rapidly and then he withdrew and like his partner before him sprayed the assembled men with strings of thick, milk-white jism.

The order went out: "Open House!' and Sam joined his friend on the vaulting horse as two of the officers claimed privilege to fuck them. They were followed by the other two and then the Sergeant Major who whispered congratulation on a fine performance as he fucked Gene but just rimmed Sam.

All across the gymnasium men were sucking and rimming and fucking and giving hand jobs and in a couple of instances fisting and the funky atmosphere was thick with the fungal scent of cum and testosterone, Suddenly the Sergeant Major gave the command to cease.

Everyone froze.

"The Colonel!'

"Thank you S'nt Major, but don't stop for me. Everyone carry on.' The Colonel moved round the room, stroking a buttock here, fondling a cock there, even sucking the occasional nipple as made his way towards the dais. The action if now slightly less frenetic resumed. Up on the dais the Sergeant Major had made way for two colour sergeant lovers who fucked the two recruits whilst holding hands. As the Colonel approached they rapidly came and went. The Colonel joined the boys. "May I fuck you, North?'

"Please, Sir.'

"And Franks, please fuck me at the same time.'

"Of course, Sir.'

The Colonel's cock slid into Gene's slightly over lubricated passage but was delighted to find the boy's muscles were even better developed than his Father's as he was able to squeeze and excite him like a highly trained fuck-soldier. Lubricating himself with some of the cum which was leaking out of his arse, Sam teased then pushed his way through the Colonel's rosebud moving forward carefully so as to cause no hurt only pleasure, until his balls were knocking up against those of his Commanding Officer. A rhythm developed and as the threesome really began to lose themselves in the delight of their meat sandwich, several soldiers gathered round and urged them on. Cries of 'Go for it' and 'Fuck, Fuck. Fuck' which heightened the passion that they engendered. Eventually the Colonel began to gasp and Sam knew he would have to try and cum at the same time. Gene knew he was about to cum because someone had crawled under the vaulting horse and was sucking on him like an out of control Dyson vacuum. He felt the Colonel's cock swell and then start to shoot just as he emptied himself into that eager throat. Sam felt his juices drawn out of him as the Colonel's anal muscles milked him and he came.

"Thank you, boys, That was.... "The Colonel smiled, "that was something else.' With a slightly drunken dignity he stepped off the dais and left the gym. The Sergeant Major called "Fall Out' as he followed the old man out and people began to leave.

Gene reached across and took Sam's hand and squeezed it. "Thanks mate, that was great.' They straightened up from the vaulting horse and turned round. There was the smiling, looming figure of Angus Wilson and several of his cronies.

"Our turn, now, I think.' He said, "We wouldn't like you to feel that your own barrack room mates would neglect you. Especially after the Colonel has given you his seal of approval.'



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