It'd been a while since I last saw Tom. He was in the army and I was at University so we rarely ever got the chance to meet up. We'd been best friends throughout our youth, so I was only naturally delighted when Tom had some time off and decided to visit me at Uni.

Tom was 19 years old and around 5ft 10. He was incredibly well built and muscular and had short brown hair. He was an extremely attractive young man. Tom didn't have a clue about my sexuality, no one did. I yearned to see some penis and if I could choose whose dick I'd like to see first, it would have been his.

It was great to see Tom again. That night we went out and got incredibly drunk. The following morning, or should I say afternoon we both awoke and Tom went to have a shower. Whilst Tom was in there I logged onto my PC. I don't know what was wrong with me that morning as I seemed to be really horny and already had a morning erection. However it soon passed.

Tom returned from the shower 5 or so minutes later, towel wrapped around his waist. He was still dripping wet and his six-pack looked sexier than ever. I tried not too stare, despite knowing that he'd have to drop his towel to change into his underwear at some point. Nervously, I looked back at my computer screen. I could see from the corner of my eye Tom dropping his towel and putting on his underwear. I so wanted to see, but resisted.

'Honestly dude, it's been so long. I'm literally bursting here', said Tom.

For Tom the previous night had been unsuccessful for him. He hadn't pulled, but I was shocked by what he'd said and it sort of turned me on a bit. I turned my head away from the computer screen to face him. What a site. Standing there in a pair of low rise briefs, Tom looked good enough to eat. What's more is that he clearly hadn't dried himself properly in the shower, so parts of his sexy white briefs had started to go see-through.

'What do you mean?' I replied. 'You don't get any girls while you're in the army?' I asked inquisitively.

'Nah, we're always confined to base', he said. 'We're never allowed off site to meet people other than from the army. It sucks.'

'Oh, I see. Must be pretty difficult to unwind?' I asked. The tone of the conversation was now starting to make me feel slightly uncomfortable, but also turning me ever-so slightly on.

'I haven't had a good wank for nearly 2 months', replied Tom.

As soon as he said the word 'wank' I could feel a little sensation in my pants. I was getting a semi-erection already. Although me and Tom rarely had conversations like this, it wasn't anything out of the norm. He'd always been very open with sex and masturbation is something mates discuss from time to time anyway.

'That's a long time dude. Don't think I'd be able to go that long!' I said.

'Yeah, some of the guys there jerk-off together. It's quite strange seeing as I hardly know them but I've all seen their dicks', said Tom.

'Ha, not good?' I jokingly replied, but of course Tom was far too innocent to know I wasn't joking and was genuinely interested.

'You see so much dick in the army. We haven't got time to mess about you see. We shower naked together; guys are often walking around the bedroom naked. And then some of the wank together. Still, nothing to be embarrassed about, I mean we've all got one'.

I was mesmerized. My best mate Tom talking about dick and wanking, whilst stood in front of me soaking wet in the sexiest pair of undies I'd seen. It was turning me on big time and my semi-erection started to grow a bit bigger. Seeing as I was wearing a pair of grey tight briefs myself, this wasn't good. I panicked and didn't know what to do. I really didn't want to embarrass myself. Tom simply couldn't see my boner.

'Looks like you could do with a wank yourself mate', Tom said whilst pointing in the general direction of my crotch.

Oh god, he'd noticed. What was I going to say in reply to that? Instead, I got up and faced away from Tom in embarrassment. I let out a feeble laugh.

'No need to be embarrassed dude. What was I saying just a min ago? We've all got one', said Tom.

He had a way with words. He'd made me felt a lot more comfortable already and for some unknown reason I turned around looking for a pair of trousers to cover up my now throbbing erection.

'Whoa, impressive package sir', said Tom.

I was shocked. Was he really complimenting me on the size of my erection? Still, he was right. Without wanting to sound arrogant I had a 9inch penis, which was kind of difficult to hide in my tight little briefs. I felt a little more confident in myself and decided to answer this time.

'Thanks', I said. 'I'm 9inches'.

'Whoa, thought you were big. That's an impressive beast. I'm 8inches. I don't think I've seen one as big as that!'

Tom's openness astounded me. But I guess his year in the army with a load of lads had done that too him. My erection still wouldn't go away. At that point, Tom then 're-adjusted' himself. I watched closely as he stuck his hand down the front of his briefs and moved his penis about. It was hot and I thought nothing of it until I noticed Tom's bulge in his undies seemed to have grown. My dick was throbbing inside my pants. I just wanted to get it out cum. Then, more embarrassment for me. Pre-cum oozed from my dick and went through the material of my underwear. And, unsurprisingly, Tom noticed.

'You DEFINATELY need a wank mate now', he joked. 'And so do I. Might as well might we?'

'Might as well what?' I said puzzlingly.

'Well... wank. You wanna? Looks like you do', he replied.

I could sense Tom was now nervous too. I was amazed at the offer he'd given me. Then he locked the door and sat down on my bed, with his back up against the wall.

'C'mon', he said. 'It's what guys do now'.

I didn't know what to do. I knew in my mind I wanted to get my cock out there and then and cum all over him, but I was scared. I slowly sat down next too Tom on the bed. To my absolute delight he slid his low rise briefs to his ankles. His cock was exposed and it turned me on so much. I was literally bursting. Tom had a semi-erection. His dick was resting to the side and his balls were tight. I also noticed what an impressive girth his penis had too. It was a thing of beauty.

'Nice', I said hesitantly.

'Thanks', he replied. 'You going to join in, its okay you know'.

I then slid my briefs down to my ankles. They were covered in pre-cum and so was my dick. Tom noticed how wet I was and this seemingly enlarged his dick.

'I think we're gonna have some impressive loads', he said as he started to play with his growing cock.

I was the first one to start wanking. I just couldn't wait. I started slowly so Tom could catch up. I was fixated on his cock and soon my action got faster and faster. Tom again looked over and saw me masturbating. It gave what seemed like the final push for his dick to become erect. It was a site to behold. His penis was definitely 8inches like he'd said, possibly even bigger. But it was the juiciest, fattest cock I'd seen. Not even when surfing on the internet looking at porn had I seen a fatter dick. Truly amazing and hot. The site of Tom's cock soon had its desired effect on me and I knew I'd cum very, very soon. I can't have been wanking for more than 1 minute. Pre-cum was now oozing out of my head.

'Oh man, I think I'm gonna cum. Already'. I said.

'Awesome', he replied. 'I will too soon. I'm so fucking horny, I could do this all day!'

I knew it was only an expression but the thought of Tom wanking all day made my cum shoot from my dick instantly. It was an enormous load. The biggest I've probably ever had. Cum went everywhere - all over my body, my balls, shaft, face, bed sheets and even some went on Tom. I breathed a sigh of relief.

'Wow, looks like a big load dude', said Tom.

I don't think he'd realised that on the side of his body, just above the hip was some of my cum. I sat back, completely satisfied and began to watch Tom continue to wank. His technique just seemed so hot. Everything about him was amazing. Tom started to caress his balls and then a couple of minutes after my load, Tom came. His load wasn't as large as mine, but an impressive amount of cum oozed from his dick all over his smooth, muscular body. He lay his head against the wall, still slowly jerking his dick and pushing cum out. He looked across to me. I'd seen the whole thing and been fixated by it.

'Woo', said Tom in a high pitched tone. 'That was hot'.

'Tell me about it', I said.

'You've even got cum on your chin, did you know that?'

'Haha, yes I did. Probably should clean myself up now'.

I got up and went to the sink in my room. I splashed water across my face getting rid of my cum. I still had a throbbing erection. The site of Tom cumming still had me begging for more. Tom remained sat down on the bed.

'Aren't you gonna get cleaned up?' I asked.

'Not just yet', he said. 'My train back isn't till 4. I think we know how to spend the rest of the day together'.

My heart skipped a beat.

'How?' I asked.

'Well, I think we could both shoot out another load. What do you say? Although this time we want to try something different. Something a bit hotter.' Said Tom.

I was still feeling incredibly horny and obviously, so was Tom. I had no idea what to say to him, other than,

'Okay then'.




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