I was eighteen and just out of high school when my dad got me a job with the construction company he worked for. It was great working side by side with him on a daily basis.

Dad and i were more like brothers than father and son since dad was only fifteen when I was born. At eighteen, he joined the Army and served his four years then went to work for the construction company where he worked his way up to foreman.

I joined the company at eighteen and within three years, I had moved up to group supervisor.

Then, the unspeakable happened when there was an accident that took dad's life and was caused by a delivery driver. Dad was in critical condition for a few days before passing away and we did a lot of talking about our personal lives.

Of course, I sued the trucking company and driver that made the delivery and received a seven figure settlement, but all the money in the world couldn't replace my best friend.

The company settled quickly when it was revealed that the driver was using cocaine during his delivery.

It was about six months later that I had an unexpected visit.

One Saturday morning, there was a knock on the door of the home I had inherited. I went to the door and found a very handsome, muscular man in his mid thirties standing there.

"May I help you?" I asked.

"I sure hope so. I'm Brad Davis and I'm looking for a Sam Rivers. We were in the Army together."

"So you're Brad. I've heard a lot about you. I'm Mark Rivers, Sam's son."

As Brad entered he looked me over and said, "Damn, I can't believe you're the same boy Sam showed me pictures of. You've really turned into an exceptional young man."

"Thank you, sir. Please have a seat," I said. "May I get you some coffee?"

"I'd like that," he replied.

As I got his coffee and joined him in the living room, he said, "So, you've heard a lot about me, huh? I hope it was all good."

"It was. Dad considered you his best and closest friend."

"Is he around?"

"Mr. Davis, undoubtedly you don't know. dad was killed about a year ago in an accident at work."

"Oh, fuck no. What happened?"

I filled him in on the details as I watched tears form in his eyes.

After I finished, he said, "Mark, I'm so sorry. I've been in touch with him via e-mail and wondered why they suddenly stopped."

"Well, now you know. I wasn't sure how to contact you or you would have known right away."

"And I'd have been here. And Mark, please call me Brad."

I just nodded.

Brad and I sat and talked about his and dad's time in the Army and what they had been through. some was scary as hell and some very funny. Before we realized it, it was past noon.

Looking at me, Brad said, "Hey, let me buy you lunch and afterward, I'd like to take some flowers to the cemetery."

"Sure," I replied.

As we had lunch, I asked when he had arrived in town.

"I flew in this morning and rented a car. I was making it a combo business and pleasure trip."

"What kind of business are you in?" I asked.

"After the Army, I started a small construction company and it quickly grew. I now have four offices in southern Georgia and was thinking of opening an office here in Florida. I wanted to talk to Sam and get his opinion and offer him the job of managing it for me."

"He would have liked that, I'm sure. Even though there is a down turn in the economy, there is lots of home building going on outside the city."

"You seem to know a lot about it. What type work do you do?"

I filled him on on my work with the same construction company dad worked for and he smiled.

"Well, you seem to know as much about it all as your dad would have. He'd have been proud of you. Mind if I pick your brain on the idea?"

"Not at all," I said. "you said you flew in this morning. Have you found a place to stay yet?"

"No, but I was thinking about a hotel in town close to some Realtors that handled large acreage."

"Dad would,'t have permitted that and neither will I. You're staying at my place. There is plenty of room."

"Thanks," he said. "That will make it easier for us to talk."

We finished lunch and stopped by a florist then went to the cemetery. Brad had a good cry and later apologized. I told him no apology as necessary.

We returned home and he put his things in the guest bedroom where he would have a private bath.

Later as we talked, he asked if dad died immediately.

I told him that he was in critical condition for several days before his system began shutting down from the massive internal injuries.

"During that time, we did a lot of talking. We both found out things about each other we never knew or suspected."

"Oh?" he said, questioningly.

"Brad, I hope this won't change the way you felt about dad, but you two were so close, did he ever tell you he was gay?"

"Yes, I knew from the day we met."

"He told me that he had wanted to tell me but was afraid of my reaction. I confessed that I was gay also and he seemed more at ease somehow."

"Mark, during our time in the army, he worried a lot about how you would feel having a gay father. He told me all about how your mother wanted to give you up for adoption and he refused and about his parents helping raise you. There wasn't much I didn't know about him or you."

"Really? I can't believe dad was that open about it all. If there is more, please fill me in."

"He told me that the night with your mother was to see if he really was gay or not. He said when he found out she was expecting he really got confused because he knew by then, that he preferred males to females. However his parents never knew he was gay."

"Brad, what made dad open up so much to you?" I asked.

"I guess because we were sexual partners when we had a chance. I'm gay also."

My mouth fell open and i managed to say, "You're gay?"

"Yes. With the military like it was then, we had to keep it secret. We'd have sex on leave and in out of the way places on base, usually out off the jogging trail in the woods."

"No wonder dad smiled when I said I was gay also. He knew I didn't mind that he was. I don't know how many times I'd bring guys home when dad was out, scared shit less that he'd get home early and catch me."

"I can promise you, he wouldn't have minded."

"I know this might sound sick, but I wish I could have seen you and him have sex just once."

"Well, it is a little strange," he said with a laugh.

We had consumed several beers, and for some reason, I suddenly said, "Brad, you have had sex with my dad. Would you like to have sex with his son?"

"What? Are you serious?"

"I think dad would approve, it being you."

"Well, I just don't know."

i quickly moved toward him and kissed him offering my tongue. Seconds later he was responding and offering his. That was all it took. After the kiss, I took his hand and led him to my bedroom, which had been dad's.

Soon, we were both naked in bed kissing and fondling each other. We then went to a sixty-nine and I somehow felt dad was watching and giving his approval.

We hungrily sucked each other and eagerly swallowed each others load. Before the evening was over, Brad and i had fucked each other and again sucked each other.

As we lay in bed later, Brad kissed me and said, "Mark, you are as hot in bed as your dad was. He and i did it all also and he loved it as much as you do."

"Well, like father, like son."

We were soon asleep cuddled together.

The ext morning, we had another sixty-nine before coffee and as we drank our coffee, Brad looked at me and said, "I think your dad would have approved."

"So do I."

Brad stayed four days and we had sex daily, morning and night. I had requested the week off and got it so I didn't have to leave for work, having told my boss that my dad's best friend was in town and hadn't heard about dad's death.

Brad met with a realtor and found a huge tract of land for sale outside of town perfect for a subdivision. he didn't like tract homes where there were just five or so floor plans and a different facade for each. He preferred custom homes on large lots but all within a certain price range.

After several trips to town, he bought the property. Of course, he always stayed with me and we had sex, sucking, fucking, rimming, and kissing. He opened an office and staffed it partially with guys from town but he also brought in some of his current employees from out of town.

He offered, and I accepted, the position of project manager. he and I had several meeting on what he expected and wanted in his subdivisions and in the quality of work.

As we prepared to begin construction, he arrived with Troy Evans. Troy was twenty-eight and built. His open shirt revealed that his chest was hairy and his semi-snug jeans showed a nice bulge. He introduced us and said Troy would oversee quality control. "He knows exactly what I expect. He's been with me from the start of my company."

When we were alone, I looked at Brad and said, "Fuck! Troy is hot as hell. Can he be had?"

"I don't know from experience, but I've heard rumors that he has been seen at an adult video store at home where straight guys go to get sucked. What he does there, I don't know."

"Well, I just might have to find out."

"Let me know if anything happens."

"I will."

The property was cleared of some trees and all brush and streets laid out and paved. In the center, a large lake was created and Brad named it Sam's Lake in honor of dad.

Home construction began and after the first three were completed and the fourth about to start a week later, I invited Troy out to the house for barbecue. My plan was to get enough beer into him then ask if he wanted to take a swim and if he said he didn't have a swim suit, I'd say one wasn't needed.

My plan began. He accepted my invitation and I had intentionally left out two porn videos, one a straight porn and another a bi porn with two guys and a female. I was curious as to his reaction.

After he arrived early that Saturday afternoon, we started on the beers. I was drinking one to his two, on purpose. While I worked in the kitchen, I watched and noticed him checking out the videos.

As he did, I acted shocked and apologized and offered to put them away.

"Hey, no problem. I have a collection of my own."


"Hell yea. I love porn."

"Well, if you want to, choose one and pop it in," I said. "Today, I'm in no way your boss. I'm just a buddy."

"Sounds perfect."

He looked them over again and put in the bi movie. I knew that before long the guys would be sucking each other as the female watched and while one fucked her he would also be sucking the other guy and getting fucked himself.

Troy had worn a pair of shorts and tank top and his chest was indeed very hairy. He was more muscular that I had thought.

I had everything ready to start cooking later and joined him in the den. On the coffee table was purposely placed box of tissues.

As I sat down with my beer, I noticed the bulge in his shorts. After a moment, I said, "I assume you can guess what the tissues are for."

"Probably the same thing the wash cloth is for at my place," he said with a laugh.

We watched and after a while he pressed the stop button saying he needed a break. We both laughed and I said I needed to start cooking.

We went out onto the poolside patio and I fired up the grill. After getting the meat on, I got us another beer and after a few minutes put the rest of my plan in action.

"Troy, if you want to hit the pool, be my guest."

"Mark, it looks very inviting but you didn't tell me to bring any swimwear."

"Hell, man, it's just me and you here and as you can see it's totally private. No swimwear is necessary. I never wear it."

"You mean go skinny dipping?"

"Sure, why not? I assume you've seen other guys nude and they have seen you?"

"Fuck yea at the gym. I just wasn't expecting it here."

"Hey, I'm not bashful. If you want me to go first, I will."

I quickly pulled off my tee shirt a removed my shorts. I was commando and quickly dove into the cool water. As I surfaced, I turned to see him stripping down before joining me in the water.

As he came up to me he said, "Man this is nice and so fucking relaxing being nude."

"I know. When home, I'm nude nearly all the time. I'll probably stay nude while we're out here."


"If it won't offend you, yea. Feel free to do the same if you want to."

"Cool," he said.

I got out to check the food and he joined me. as we looked over the food on the grill the idea of him being next to me turned me on and my cock slowly began to rise. I saw him glance over and his began to rise also.

Neither of us said anything or got completely boned but we definitely noticed each other.

After dinner, we picked up our clothes and took them back into the den staying nude. With fresh beer in hand, we sat down and i picked up the remote and started the movie again, saying "Let's see how this ends."

We were both sitting on the sofa only about a foot apart and both out cocks quickly stiffened. As Troy tried to cover his he apologized.

Laughing, I said, "Why the fucking apology? It just proves you a hot red blooded male. You don't see me covering mine do you?"

He laughed and relaxed and soon one of the guys was fucking the girl and sucking the other guys cock. As the camera panned up to the face of the guy getting sucked, Troy said, "He sure looks like he's enjoying that."

"Hell, I know I would, wouldn't you?"

"Yea, I would."

"Hell, in a situation like that, I'd probably be giving as well as giving. It wouldn't be the first time. Men suck better that women anyway. You ever had a guy do you?"

He looked at me questioningly.

"Look, Troy, today we're just friends. Whatever is said or done here today stays right here, between just us."

Smiling he said, "Yea I have, and your right men do suck better but I've never done a guy."

"Hell, I have. Nothing to it and the load is actually tasty. It's a sweet salty taste, and pure protein."

"Mark, you suck cock?"

"Sure do."

"You fuck pussy too?"

"I have but sex with a guy is so much less complicated. You enjoy getting sucked?"

"Oh yea.

"Where do you go to get sucked?"

"The video store out on the edge of town. There if you want to get sucked you leave your door unlocked. If a guy starts in he wants to suck you, but I'm picky as to who I let in."

"If we were there and i started in, would you let me in to suck you?"

"Hell yea. it's the real old ones and dirty looking ones i don't let in."

"Well, would you like for me to take care of you right now?"

"Fuck yea, if you want to. It's been a few days since I last dumped a load."

"Did you get sucked?"

"Nah, I jerked off."

I had him lay on the sofa and got between his legs and sucked his cock dry. Troy turned out to be a moaner as he climaxed and that turned me on. His load was huge and thick.

After i swallowed his load and sat up, he looked at me and said, "That was the fucking best blow job I'v EVER had."

"Well, anytime you want or need one, just let me know."

"If you're serious, I will."

"Hell yea, I'm serious."

He smiled and nodded.

I got him off twice more before he left that night. And as I sat in the office after hours on Tuesday he stopped by. He had a key to the building and after letting himself in and re-locking the door, he came into my office and smiled, saying, "I could use one if you feel like doing it."

"Fuck Troy, I'll suck you every day if you want me to."

Soon, I was swallowing another of his huge loads. I sucked him again on Thursday there in the office. After getting him off that time, I asked if he'd like to come out on Friday and send the weekend with me. "You can get sucked all you want or even fuck my ass."

"Fuck yea, I'll be there. I've never fucked a guy before."

He came out and after a swim I took him to my bed. We were, of course, both nude and I began kissing his neck and chest working my way down his body. I sucked his nipples balls ate his ass then sucked his cock dry. Afterward he said, "Man that was awesome. I've never had all that done."

"It was my pleasure," I said.

Later, he caught me off guard and kissed me. I asked why he did it and he said he saw guys do in in porn movies and wanted to try it. He said he liked it.

Then it happened. Without hesitation, he quickly swallowed my cock and soon brought me to a climax, swallowing my load.

"Curiosity?" I asked.


"Well, I'd love to satisfy any more of your curiosities."

Before the night was over we had kissed, given each other a tongue bath, had a sixty-nine, rimmed, and he had fucked my ass.

When I asked if he wanted to share my bed that weekend he said yes.

On Saturday, he was like a kid with a new toy. He wanted to do it all again and even asked me to fuck him. By Sunday afternoon, he was having sex like he had been doing it for years.

Brad visited that next week and after he and I had engaged in sex I told him about Troy.

"Fuck, I'd love that stud."

"You want me to invite him over? He'll know your gay."

"I don't care. Call him. Tell him I am at a hotel."

I called Troy and told him Brad had left for his hotel and i was horny and wanted him to come over. he said he'd be right there.

He arrived and I greeted him nude and with a hot wet kiss. He stripped as he walked to the bedroom and soon we were in a hot sixty-nine. That was Brad signal.

Walking in totally nude and his cock rock hard he eased up behind Troy and began eating his ass. Troy jumped and froze when he saw Brad.

"May I join the party?" Brad asked. Troy looked at me and i smiled and said "It's cool."

A wild three way ensued with Brad and Troy sucking and fucking each other and sharing my cock and cum load. It was one wild night.

The subdivision is over half complete and Brad visits often. Although we're not lovers, Troy moved into my house and when Brad is in town it makes it so convenient to have sex.

Troy and i both bring home other guys for one on one sex in our own bedrooms.

Brad has hinted that upon completion of the subdivision he would like me to move to the home office with him. Troy thinks he plans to ask me to be his lover. If he does,I want Troy to move in with us.

We'll see what happens.



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