Staff Sergeant William Chorsford (or Big Bill to his friends) sat at his desk typing up the last part of his blog for the barrack's website. His nick name was apt for he stood at over six and a half feet tall and had a large frame to match his height, now in his early fifties he was no longer as muscular as he used to be but was still fit for he jogged a lap around the perimeter fence every morning before his shift began. No one could describe him as handsome but with his brilliant white hair, still thick and cut to a perfect flat top, contrasting with his tanned skin, he was striking. His natural air of leadership ensured his commands were obeyed without question by all of his staff.

Satisfied at last with his writing he saved his work before closing down his laptop, walked over to the window and gazed out over the empty parade ground. As he stretched his body to banish his stiffness he reflected on the hard work which had gone into creating his long sought dream of a training camp designed to his own specifications. He had experienced during his army career all types of training camps from temporary ramshackle affairs to purpose built white elephants, none of them met with the high expectations he had for his recruits.

When he had become a senior officer and made friends in all the right places he felt confident enough to submit an ambitious business plan incorporating two derelict farms, associated woods and moorland. To his surprise his plan was accepted with only minor amendments and he was provided with the funding to implement it with immediate effect. That was in a way his first test, to put his money where his mouth was so to speak, he had to have the camp up and running within six months ready for the new recruiting season that summer.

Using a combination of public and private contractors the whole area was first doubly perimeter fenced to keep out unwanted intruders and also to keep reluctant recruits from going AWOL. The inner and outer fences were each three metres high topped with razor wire. This was no mean feat as the total area is huge, approximately forty square miles and unevenly shaped so the contractors were working constantly day and night in shifts to get this task completed on time. There was to be only one entrance, manned 24/7 by armed guards to control access and to deter potential terror threats.

While the fencing was being erected, work was also going on within the farm complex near the main entrance. The Great Farm House was converted into officer accommodation on first floor and an administration centre on the ground floor. The large barn was totally gutted and rebuilt inside to become a fully equipped Medical Centre complete with a four bedded ward. The old piggery too was gutted and rebuilt inside transforming it into the detention centre complete with holding cells & hygiene facilities for recruits who have broken the camp rules. The cow shed was converted into a mess hall and catering kitchens and finally the farm yard had been resurfaced and levelled to become the Parade ground. It was surrounded on four sides by the buildings, in each corner were exit points allowing for swift assembly and dispersal of the recruits.

It was in this renovated farm house that William now stood (the one time sitting room of the farm house to be precise) surveying the recently completed work. To an innocent bystander it would have simply looked like a large farmyard which had received a spring clean, but behind the facade it was a different matter and this made him smile broadly with satisfaction.

Abruptly his office telephone rang, picking it up he heard the gruff voice of the entrance guard informing him that he had five sergeants all claiming to have an appointment with the Staff Sergeant. Laughing William confirmed this was true and asked the guard to hold them there whilst he walked down to meet them in person. In a matter of minutes, for the farmhouse was only 500m from the main entrance, he was standing by the main gates shaking each of the sergeant's hands warmly.

"Good morning gentleman!" he said. "Welcome to Yulton-on-Moor Barracks, the first UK training camp purpose built in living memory. Please bring your bags with you and I will introduce you to the place."

The guards looked at each other bemused for they had never seen their Staff Sergeant acting so informally but the five 'guests' acted like they were old friends of his (which they were as it happens) although they didn't know one another. As William led the way back to the farm house at a brisk pace leaving the sergeants to catch up with him, the guards shook their heads and returned to their duties once more.

Back in his office he quickly introduced the sergeants to one another by their first names; Paul, Dean, Jamil, Aldo and Robert. They acted a little surprised by the informality, seeing their expressions William said that things are going to be organised here a little differently compared to other places. With that his personal assistant brought in a tray of cups and a large pot of coffee and while they perched on his desk William paced up and down the room with cup in one hand while he outlined his plans for them, the camp and the recruits. It is his intention to make it a success by learning from history and going back to basics.

Dean held his hand in the air requesting permission to speak; William nodded inviting him to do so.

"Sir, I am confused I must admit. You have built a brand new training centre but you are talking about old times, it seems a little contradictory to me." Dean said trying not to sound too confrontational.

"Perhaps it does at the moment." William replied "I trust that as I show you round the camp and give you more insight into my plans you will understand better. Let's just say that from my point of view the modern army has forgotten a few of the basic truths that the ancients knew and held in high esteem. Perhaps if we instil them in our new recruits then the army in the future will be more cohesive, better trained and act as one entity rather than falling apart when faced with a divisive enemy. Enough of that for now let's finish up these coffees and I will give you a tour of the site before I leave you to settle in ready for tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Aldo asked almost choking on the last of his coffee.

"Oh yes. The new recruits arrive tomorrow morning, don't worry I've left you all the information you will require for the training programme in your respective offices. Should keep you guys busy for the rest of the day once the tour is over" William replied, laughing at his own joke.

"Yes Sir" was all the sceptical Aldo said.

William led the way out of the farm house and onto the parade ground explaining what had been done by the builders as he went. He headed straight for the medical centre which at the moment was unmanned, due to the medical officer and his assistant taking their last opportunity for a rest day before the recruits arrived. He briefly showed them round the medical consultation room, treatment room and ward; after all they are pretty standard wherever you go. Next was the detention centre looking very much like an American style prison in that the holding cells running down each side of the long open space were simple cages of metal bars providing little privacy for the inmates, which was the intention William informed his sergeants. Each cage had a simple mattress and toilet pan and that was it, no sheets or blankets, nothing. At one end of the holding area were a row of three shower heads in a small wet area with no privacy and no drying facilities. From there he led them over to the mess hall which in all fairness looked exactly like it was intended to be, a mass feeding facility, albeit brand new. From behind closed doors clanging noises could be heard as the catering staff unloaded the boxes of cooking implements shipped in this morning and preparing for tomorrow.

From there William led the men to the side of the farm house where parked underneath a lean-to stood a large people carrier painted in army camouflage and indicated they were to climb inside with their bags. As the last man fastened his seat belt William put the car into gear, drove out of the farm complex and along a dirt track between rolling meadows before veering off in the direction of the woods. He felt excitement building inside him as he drove through the trees for any moment now he was about to reveal the next building accomplishment to the men. Rounding a corner he brought the car to a halt in a purpose built car park, in front of a large two story leisure centre. In the early afternoon sunshine the building shone a brilliant green, with the first floor being made virtually all of glass as it reflected the trees towering over it.

William was already out of the car instructing the others to leave their bags behind and follow him inside. Their expressions of wonderment were comical but he kept a straight face as he gave them a whistle stop tour of the leisure centre. On the ground floor were the changing rooms and showers, a sauna, a large swimming pool, a recreation room holding snooker tables, darts boards and evening a couple of wide screen televisions mounted on opposing walls, and finally a hall for both indoor football and basketball. On the second floor was the gymnasium with just about every kind of exercising equipment you could imagine. It was bright and airy thanks to the glass walls allowing as much light in as possible as well as giving a 360 degrees view of the surrounding woods and the five purpose built barracks off to one side.

From there they walked over to the barracks they had seen from the gym. William informed them that each of the five barracks were identical; housing twenty of the new recruits, ten in each wing with beds and lockers dormitory style. At the centre of each block was the main entrance along with the sergeant's modest accommodation and the communal washing area. The washing facilities consisted of ten shower heads in a wet area with clear glass splash guards separating them from the ten wash basins and mirrors. Adjacent to these were five urinals and five toilet pans arranged in two parallel rows. There is clearly no privacy in any part of the wet area. There were noises of concern made about the lack of privacy which William dismissed with a wave of his hand stating that the reason for this is all part of his plan to encourage greater male bonding and less personal hang-ups which will become apparent as the training progresses.

Allowing for no further questioning William herded them out of the barracks and back to the people carrier where he continued with the tour of the camp. Driving back to the main track they turned right and uphill in the direction of the moorland where the going got rougher. Reaching the plateau they could see all of the woods and farmland spread out below, the ground was uneven, broken up by deep gullies and channels, some of which contained small streams. These streams coalesce into a large stream running through the woods and finally into a small lake behind the farm. After about ten minutes of bone shaking driving they arrive at their destination, an old smaller farmhouse and outhouses, allowed to fall into disrepair and these will be used during training exercises. Having walked around the ruins and surveyed the surrounding area William announced that the tour was over and it was time for them to settle into their accommodation and familiarise themselves with the training manual he had left for them in each of their quarters. Dropping them off outside the barracks he told them that dinner would be served in the mess hall at 19:00hrs sharp, where he would meet up with them to answer any questions they might have and give them the time table for the following day when the new recruits arrive.


Standing outside of Northallerton train station in the pickup bay Ross waited patiently in line to stow his suitcase into the storage area under the coach. He hoped, not for the first time since catching the train from Kings Cross that he had made the right decision. It had been easier to give in to his dad's unrelenting pressure to do something with his life and sign up with the army. Better that than the constant arguments with his parents over his laziness for finding work since leaving school. Okay at first it had been a laugh hanging out with his mates drinking and messing around but reality had started to sink in when he began to get involved in petty theft to fund his drinking habits. The final straw came for his parents when the police called round one day to give him an official warning over his behaviour. It was change his ways or get out.

Looking around as he shuffled forwards he took in the sight of dozens of other young guys with similar expressions of doubt on their faces. Always the sociable one he smiled at any that met his gaze, some grinned back but most either looked away or scowled as if it would damage their machismo to be seen smiling at a stranger. Their loss he thought to himself, this was the beginning of a new life for him and no one was going to put him down, well not before he had even got to the training camp!

Finally with suitcase stowed away he climbed onto the coach and headed for the few remaining available seats at the back. Quickly scanning those seats he spotted a cute looking guy sitting next to an empty seat, chancing his luck he sat down, looked over at him, smiled and stuck his hand out.

"Hi! My name's Ross. Pleased to meet you. How you doing?" he asked.

"Uh hi Ross." Came a rather tentative reply. "I'm okay I guess, a little nervous about today and wondering if I've done the right thing joining up. Oh, sorry excuse me, my name's Alexander or Alex I don't mind either."

Ross couldn't but feel a little sorry for him and just wanted to give a big hug, at 19 he felt very mature compared to Alex who didn't look any older than 17 at most. His ash blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin and slim build made him look so young and vulnerable.

"Is this your first time away from home?" Ross asked trying to gain some information from the lad.

"Oh no, I left home at 18 to go to university but I dropped out after the first year and have been living in house shares ever since. Going home wasn't an option for me." Alex replied looking out of the coach window at the last of the others climbing on board.

"Yeah parents can be a pain in the ass, I know they mean well but sometimes it's just too much, do you know what I mean?" Ross asked hoping that he hadn't just put his foot in it and blown his chances of getting anywhere, especially as he had found out that they were the same age.

"Something like that." Alex said flatly still looking away.

Ross took the hint, leant into his seat and closed his eyes listening to the rumbling of the engine beneath his feet. A couple of minutes later he heard a sharp clap of hands and a "Can I have your attention gentlemen please!"

Opening his eyes and sitting upright he looked down the length of the coach to see a man perhaps in his mid thirties introduce himself as Sergeant Dean Ballum. In Ross's eyes he looked the archetypal soldier, dressed in khakis with a green beret to match. Facially he was clean shaven, with brown eyes, black hair and a suntanned complexion, not bad looking either from what he could see. The man explained that it was going to be a half hour journey to the training camp where they would meet up with the other coach load of recruits and the induction process would begin starting their new lives as soldiers. He then sat back down and spoke quietly to the driver as the coach drove out of Northallerton and headed for the North York moors.

With the excitement over Ross relaxed back into his seat and closed his eyes again and tuned into the conversations going on around him. His attention was brought abruptly closer to home when he felt a momentary pressure against his leg. Cracking one eye open he was just in time to see Alex's leg move away again, perhaps it was an accident Ross thought to himself, but as he closed his eye again he felt the pressure once more. Time to see if he's playing games Ross decided so he gently returned the pressure before moving his leg away, sure enough Alex pressed his leg against Ross's but this time kept the pressure up. Opening his eyes Ross looked over at Alex and raised an eyebrow, who for his part flushed a little red and smiled sheepishly. Deciding it was double or quits Ross 'accidentally' let his hand slip from his lap onto Alex's thigh and held it there smiling at him in encouragement. By now Alex was bright red but did nothing to remove Ross's hand. Then plucking up courage he covered the hand briefly with his own, all the while looking round to see if anyone had seen them, before removing it and looking out of the window at the moorland passing them by.

Satisfied with developments Ross let the moment pass but making a mental note to explore the possibilities with this cute guy when an opportunity arises. Nothing else was said between them; in fact the whole coach had subsided into a gentle silence as the coach continued its journey into the hills before finally arriving at their destination. As the coach slowed to a halt Ross looked out of the window to see the armed guards at the main entrance, over to one side he saw a sign stating in large letters "Welcome to MOD Yulton-on-Moor Training Barracks" and underneath in smaller writing "Authorised Personnel Only". Beyond that there was high double fencing running as far as the eye could see in either direction. Gulping silently to himself he felt the enormity of his decision for it was now reality not some far off distant future that it had seemed when he applied to the army three months ago but there was no going back now.

The barriers lifted and the coach drove on up the lane to the farmhouse where it parked next to the coach already there, now empty of its passengers. Sergeant Dean Ballum stood up and instructed the new recruits to leave the coach in an orderly fashion and follow him to the parade ground where they would join the others already there. He told them that their cases will be unloaded while the registration process takes place and they will be able to collect them later.

Ten minutes later the parade ground was full of lads milling around like a chaotic herd of steers unsure of what to do with themselves, but all this changed when William marched on to the parade ground. Stopping he turned to face them and was quickly joined by his five sergeants.

"Gentlemen! Attention please!" William bellowed out in his drill command voice, immediately silencing the rabble in front of him. "Welcome to Yulton-on-Moor Training Barracks, your new home for the next eight weeks during which you will undergo basic training to assess your competency before possibly being offered a place on the six month advanced training course. My name is Staff Sergeant Chorsford and I am in charge here and don't you forget it. My five sergeants answer directly to me and if they shout jump you jump without question, no ifs or buts, understand?"

There was absolute silence, the lads acted like startled rabbits frozen in a car's head lights.

"Well! What do you say?!" Sergeant Nowacsz roared to the stunned crowd "if a senior officer asks you a question you answer immediately with yes or no SIR! Now answer the Staff Sergeant's question."

It had the desired effect because there was a stutter of "Yes Sir!" rippling through the crowd.

"In a few minutes" William continued "we will commence the registration process, divide you into your groups and then you will be shown to your barracks and accommodation. You will be given half an hour to unpack your belongings before returning here for your lunch before the medical assessments and uniform fittings will be carried out. Do you understand?"

This time the "Yes Sir!" was quicker and less stuttered.

"Good!" William smiled in satisfaction "Now men, form an orderly queue in front of me and we will get the registration process started. Once you have been registered join Sergeant Ballum over in the far corner."

A couple of minutes later there was an almost straight line running the length and almost two sides of the square, while they were lining up Sergeant Aldo Gemante retrieved the registration list and accommodation grouping from the admin office. For the next forty five minutes the recruits filed past one by one stating their name, date of birth and then signed the registration list confirming that they accepted the terms and conditions for their place on the basic training course. Once the last recruit had completed their registration the five sergeants spaced themselves out around the parade ground and called out the names of the twenty recruits who would be under them. As luck would have it Ross and Alex were in the same group overseen by Sergeant Ballum, they gave each other a little smile as they stood waiting for the others to join them. Once the groups had been sorted out they were led out of the square and over to the coaches where their suitcases had been offloaded and lined up ready for collection.

For the recruits there was no easy lift up to the accommodation blocks that the sergeants had enjoyed the day before. They had to carry or drag their suitcases the mile or so keeping up as best they could with the sergeants marching ahead calling out encouragement every now and then.

By the time Ross reached C Block he was exhausted, panting heavily and very relieved to see his destination in sight, but there was no respite in the pace set by the sergeant. The recruits were shown to the dormitory wings where each bed had a tall locker adjacent to it with a recruits name on each one. Ross's bed was at the far end of the wing with Alex's opposite him, which made Ross grin to himself thinking that the gods were definitely smiling on him. On the instructions of Sergeant Ballum they dumped their bags on their beds and made their way into the central area of the block. The sergeant showed them where his accommodation was so they knew where to find him if needed before leading them into the communal washing area. As the sergeant had expected there was initially stunned silence as the twenty lads took in the communal showers, wash basins and toilets all of which allowed no personal privacy. Then began the protests from some of the more vocal macho lads, to the effect that they weren't going to flash their tackle for everyone to see, it simply wasn't on. They were told to grow up and get real, they belong to the army now and they will do what they're told to do without question. The protests stopped but a couple of grumbles could still be heard in the background. Ross thought he'd died and gone to heaven, the prospect of seeing his colleagues stark bullock naked showering made his cock twitch in response and he had to discretely adjust himself to hide his rapidly swelling tent pole. His movements however did not go unnoticed by the sergeant making a mental note to himself to watch this recruit.

Tour over they were given half an hour to unpack their suitcases, stow everything neatly into their lockers and place the cases underneath their beds before waiting outside the block to return the parade ground. The march back was much quicker now that they weren't burdened by the luggage and within fifteen minutes of each other the groups had reassembled in the parade ground. This time they were sitting on the ground in orderly lines according to their block number i.e. A block at the front and E bock at the back. Patiently they sat there as the catering staff brought out trolleys stacked up packed lunches, fruit and bottles of water and distributed them in strict block order.

While they ate in silence William spoke to them giving them a run down on who's who in the camp and where all the facilities were. As they finished eating he went from being host back to Staff Sergeant in a split second.

"Right guys! Lunch is over and now time for your medicals and uniform fitting. We intend to get through this as efficiently and quickly as possible. Normally we would use the medical centre for individual assessments but this is not logistically possible with you all to be processed in one go so the assessments will be carried out right here on the square before you move on for the fitting. To speed the process up and keep things running smoothly each block must get prepared while the previous block is undergoing the assessments. Block A recruits stand up and face the front NOW!"

As he gave this command the medical officer and his assistant carrying a large medical bag and clip boards, walked onto the parade ground and made their way over to William. Following closely behind were Sergeants Ballum and Nowacsz carrying a small table and fold up chair which were then quickly set up behind William.

"Block A recruits now strip until you are wearing just your underpants or shorts and remain facing forward."

The recruits in question looked at one another in muted panic before looking back at the Staff Sergeant and realised he meant every word of his instructions. So fumbling slightly they started to strip off leaving their clothes in a heap in front of them, until they each stood standing in just their underwear looking distinctly nervous.

"Block A recruits step forward, form an orderly queue in front of me and follow precisely the orders of my colleague here. Block B recruits you are now to stand up, remove your clothes and remain standing where you are." William instructed.

The medical officer was by now sitting behind the table with pen and a large stack of blank forms ready for completion. His assistant stood nearby pulling on latex gloves in a slightly theatrical way, perhaps for the benefit of the nervous lads. The officer pointed to the first recruit in the queue, beckoned him over to stand in front of him and asked him question after question noting each answer down on the form. Seemingly satisfied with the answers given the officer told him to remove his underwear and stand in front of his assistant with his hands behind his back. The poor recruit flushed bright red with embarrassment and stood rooted to the spot not moving a muscle.

Sergeant Nowacsz stepped over and to the surprise of everyone spoke quietly in the lad's ear, the recruit listened and then nodded slightly before taking hold of his briefs, quickly pulled them down and stepped out of them placing them in the sergeant's outstretched hand. Trying not to meet anyone's gaze he walked over to the medical assistant and stood there with hands held behind his back. He spent the next ten minutes feeling very embarrassed while the assistant measured his height, weight, blood pressure and lung capacity. As he read out the measurements the officer wrote them down on the form. Then without warning the assistant cupped the recruit's balls in one hand and palpated them feeling for any abnormalities. Squirming uncontrollably the lad held his position only to become even more embarrassed when he realised that he now had an erection. Ignoring his evident distress the assistant told him to turn around, then bend over at the hips and grab his knees. As he did so, the other recruits spotted his erection, they wolf-whistled and laughed in response to the lad's blushes.

William immediately bellowed "Silence! Stop acting like immature children."

Which they did instantly suddenly not finding it so funny.

William continued "This young lad here is the bravest one of you lot, he's gone first, not knowing what to expect and apart from the initial and understandable hesitance he's done everything asked of him with dignity. Becoming sexually aroused at the slightest touch is only natural for a lad of his age. He will not be the only one this afternoon to have an erection so get used to the sight of a guy with a hard on and grow up. Right let's continue or we will be here until midnight."

By now the medical assistant had retrieved from his bag a small tub of grease, undone the lid and stuck his index finger deep into the grease. Then with his other hand he spread the arse cheeks facing him and without warning fully inserted his finger into the tight little anus facing him.

"Aaaghh!" cried the recruit, do his best to resist the impulse to pull away from the intrusion.

"Good lad. Stay with it, it's almost over" the medical officer assured him.

"Yes Sir" he groaned in reply.

The assistant felt around inside the rectum before focussing on the prostate gland which was felt all over for any signs of abnormalities. Slowly he pulled his finger out of the lad's rectum he announced he was healthy and clear of any problems so could now be released for uniform fitting. Relieved to be given the all clear the recruit stood up and made to retrieve his underwear from the sergeant only to find that his pants had disappeared. Looking over to where his other clothes had laid, they too had vanished! While his assessment had been carried out Sergeant Ballum had been busy collecting up the discarded clothes for 'safekeeping'.

Panicking a little and covering up his crown jewels he turned to the Staff Sergeant and managed to utter "Sir. Why have my clothes been taken away?"

"First young man" William replied "hands down by your sides. If you want to become a soldier you must take pride in yourself, both on the inside and the outside. You have nothing to be ashamed of, so stop hiding behind your hands and stand straight and proud. That's better. Now in answer to your question, your civilian clothes are now superfluous to requirement, they will be washed and held in storage until the training is over should you be released from the army. The army will provide you with everything you need when you need it, for now you are naked, revel in the freedom it gives you and above all be proud of your body. I want you to walk with your head held high over to the far corner where Sergeants Jolliston and Al-Singh have set up the fitting station, you will be kitted out with your uniform and undergarments. Then you may dress again and wait for your block mates to join you. Okay?"

"Yes Sir!" he replied before turning and walking round the edge of the parade ground, he held his head up with shoulders back but avoided looking anywhere but straight ahead for he could feel the weight of a hundred pairs of eyes following his every move. Finally he reached the fitting station where the sergeants were waiting with tape measures in hand, ten minutes later he was standing fully dressed in the army uniform complete with boots and kit bag. Relieved that his ordeal was over he sat down at the back of the square and watched the rest of his block mates undergo the same examinations......

Please note that this is a short extract to give you a flavour of the story. If you would like to read the complete story please visit my website.



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