The last night on the street corner went out without a flicker. Zeak was shivering having been in the cold rain for the better half of the night, he hated it here he said to himself then kicked the curve of the sidewalk.Regretting he had done in the first place crussing at nothing but the air infront of him.

Looking around and only seeing streets apon streets. He had walked absent minded out of the front door hours before,you would think he would have the sense to stay indoors he wasn't a kid anymore.He started to laugh as shivers ran up and down his spin. Than started to walk to the only house on the end of the road, he cleared his head and finally reached the porch.Looking out again not before ringing the door bell, he knew he had to walk back in the pouring rain. What he did not know is why he ended here of all places.

A light flickered on and the front door opened and stood a guy a few inches taller than I remember.A look of confusion flickered across his face as if wondering why anyone would come to someones door at this hour and in this weather looking at me with disbelief' Can I help you?' he asked with a slow, ragged voice. Before I could utter a word and my blood boil rage to my cold hands. He opened the door wider ' Honey who's there at the door' a womens voice ranged from the top of the stairs.Hair cresnut brown hair came down in waves. I relaxed as I met her eyes ' Alexander' she said as she walked up next to her son. She looked at him ' I left the cookies in the oven, be a dear take them out and set them on the table to cool' She said with a half smile but still warm.Alexander give me one last glance than at his mom than disappeared into the low lit hallway that led to the kitchen. ' Zeaklle' my eyes slowly met hers no longer on her son ' What are you doing here, by here I mean in London love' she said with a gentle smile.' Come in, come in' she pulled me in without another word. I could smell the dust and decay as soon as I walked threw the thresold. She turned and walked down the hallway and I followed without saying a word.I peered threw the living room that also was connected to the hallway the furnisher covered in sheets that seem yellow under the light.We stopped at the kitchen that was dim but somewhat clean and Alexander was looking down at the steaming plate of cookies not looking up when we entered .'Alexander I think Zealle would love some cookies don't you think honey'she said putting a hand on hise shoulder he flinched away than glared at me ' Am going to sleep' he said with the same voice that did not register with my memory.Minutes later I heard a slam of the door witha loud thud.I wanted to push pass the old women and hold Alexander the sudden urge came over me.Something was wrong, very wrong Alexander's mother turned around and smiled not so warmly ' Come with me ' she walked pass me and I felt myself following once more back to the front door. ' You should come back tomorrow' opening the front door. I found myself outside once again.

A week than two weeks passed and no one was home. One more week and school was going to start up again. It's been 3 years since Zeak last saw Alexander. The went to school together when Zeak's father got transfered to england due to his job when his father died both him and his mom moved back to New York. Zeak's mom was in love with England, and she knew he had too without him having to tell her.Me and Alexander hung out alot and did everything together I knew it was werid now, when I thought about it. To make it simple both alexander and me where the best of friends.Things had changed and Alexander was proof. Zeak walked the halls of his new school not trying to look for familar faces or even Alexander. He made it threw the first day with no fault walking threw the old town. Zeak rung the door bell for what seemed like a hundredth time. No answer there must be a way in the house he walking around the house. ' What are you doing here' I let my eyes fall on his , his hazle eyes that made me wonder where the golden flecks came from. We stood the same height I took a good look at Alexander. He was built like a runner but I knew he only ran for the fun of it his cresnut brown hair fell over his eyes but did not manage to hide them completely I felt I could get lost in his eyes . I dropped my bag and held him breathing him in and feeling the warmth of his body. Suddenly I fell back my hand flying to my jaw Alexander was standing over me ready to hit me again. ' Leave before I really hurt you' I looked at him hearing his accent than but was too use to, to have noticed before. I lounged for him both of us falling back hitting the ground beating one another for what felt like forever. Anger boiling in my veines I didn't want this' I don't want this ' I yelled both of us a foot apart.'Stop this both of you, I thought I'd never see you two fight you to being the best of friends' Alexander mother stood several feets away ' You too come in, and clean one another this instant'. Both of us where in a unlit small bathroom. I sat on the edge of the old, cracked, and rusting bath tub as Alexander took of his blood soaked shirt. I felt a ping of guilt it was my fault I had been in the wrong. ' Alex...' sorry I should have never 'I trailed off losing my footing in my words. I looked at the striped yellow pealing bathroom wall.He looked at me than crouched down close to me ' I Shouldn't have hit you, but you did hug me' He said somewhat awkardly '..I wouldn't mind if I knew you ' He said with a tried voice I could read his facial expression from his voice alone.Than he turned to me ' It's the way' he laughed a little than stopped short.

His mother than explained to me that Alexander had been in a car accident over a two years ago. Alexander lost his memory and hadn't retain any of his memory he just took whatever he was told along with the fact that his name was Alexander and she was his mother.

I sat in his dusty sheet covered room after school everyday after school it became routine months passed. School ended and I made the same route to Alexander's house and when I rung the door Alexander opened it on the first ring. His face would lit up than I would follow him upstairs closing the door behind me. I closed his door and started to get undress as Alexander got out his canvas and paint brushes. Aexander has been painting me for a few days now. I could feel the heat of his eyes on me I hated the feeling he gave me especially when my eyes met his. 'Open your legs wider Zeak' he says with his familiar voice I lay on my back opening my legs ' Look at me ' he orders me I could feel my patience thining as time passed. I layed in silence as the light in the room grew dimmer I layed up and started to get dress. I had enough day in and day out I layed down as he painted me nude. ' Zeak lay down 'I egnored him than went for the door Alexander arm holding the door shut 'Whats wrong ' I looked away ' Nothing'I snapped. His eyes held mines as he unbotton my shirt and than shove his hand down my pants. ' Your beautiful when you blush'I hated when he did this whenever I tryed to leave it always ended like this. I moaned as he started to stroke my growing cock.I couldn't help myself I was in love with Alexander and have been but I never thought about this doing this with him. I loved how his hand felt against my skin he would always tease me feel me than stop out of nowhere. He realized what he was doing than stopped going back to sitting behide his canvas. I started to undress and layed back down my legs wide open. I felt tears run down my face I felt a hand brush the tear away than a wave of cresnut brown hair and hazle green eyes over me. His soft lips met mines, I layed up and took off his shirt we wear bear within seconds. His lips traveled down my neck to my hard nipples, I gribbed his hair as he continued to descended down my slim body. He reached my cock and tasted the head with his tongue tracing it with his tip than taking me whole. My whole body shivering as he swallowed me and sucked me slower than started to squezze me with his lips and tongue. His strong hands grabbed my ass and he shoved me in him. My moans ripped threw my body and his as orgasm shoke my body. I started to slowly make love to Alexander's face his tongue moist and soft. He took my balls in and started to massage them in his warm mouth I tugged at his hair as my body went wild.I could feel my hole throb as heat met it for the first time his cock head rubbed up and down my tight hole. He pulled my cock out of his mouth as he went down to my hole and started to taste me.Wait what was he doing I knew as soon as his tongue slithered inside me I couldn't catch my breathe as he explored me going deeper, and deeper. I was up to the point of ripping his hair out my legs as wide as their going to go one up against the wall. 'Alexander' I said over and over louder as he stuck a finger inside me.Than he went back up sucking my balls feeling the heat of his head inside opening my hole. Than going deeper pain ripped threw my body.




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