My name is karim, I am Lebanese. The story takes place in my farm with an Egyptian worker called Ibrahim.

Ibrahim had been working at our farm for almost a year. I had been admiring him since he reached our farm, but our conversation didn't exceed the usual greetings.

Ibrahim is almost 26 year old, well built, and has a great body sure because he works all day in the farm. He's tanned, full lips that you can lie on, has a hairy body, and has an extremely huge bulge between his legs. Everyday, before he leaves, he strips naked, showers his body in the farm shower. I haven't had the courage to see him there because many workers will be there too. So I have been eyeing him for a long time.

I am a 21- year- old arab guy. I am also handsome; I know that because I don't go to anyplace except I hear people calling me the handsome man. in summer I had many wet dreams about him, and I used to go everyday and check him working and see him sweating in the sun. one day, I pretended I am checking how is the work going on, and I greeted him as usual. He was looking so sexy. So I started asking him about the crop, and moved to personal subjects whether he is married in Egypt. He was in fact married, but his wife lives in Egypt. So I asked him how is he taking care of his cock with his wife being away. He told me that he is in need for someone taking care of it.

I have heard several times that Egyptians in our country Lebanon have gay sex to satisfy their needs since they are away of their wives. So I asked him if that is true, and he smiled. So I knew that this was true. I had grown a huge erection in my pants, and I am sure he noticed that. I asked him if he is willing to have some fun with me, and he shook his head. So I told Ibrahim to follow me to the cottage where nobody can see us.

We reached there, and I kissed him passionately and deeply. Our tongues were rolling on each other, and I could feel his tasty lips. We stripped naked, and then he pulled me to his crotch. I started licking his cock and the tip with my tongue. He let out moans and he said 'Ya Salam' (showing satisfaction). I worshipped his cock. I felt his mouth slide over my aching dick as his arms encircled my waist, pulling me into an inverted embrace. We were now in a 69 position. He sucked me and I also. We both moaned a lot. I wanted this moment to last for a long time, but I started feeling my balls contracting, and I was about to shoot my load in his mouth. So I withdrew my cock from his mouth, and continued sucking his cock and his balls too.

I then started fingering his hairy ass. He was enjoying it a lot, and I knew that it is not his first time. I rolled a condom on my cock, and lubed his ass and then entered it gradually. I was in him. It was a pleasant sensation. He was enjoying it also. I was trembling and not believing that I am fucking Ibrahim. I started to pull back and forth till I felt my balls hitting his hair balls. I took his cock in my hand and masturbated it while fucking him at the same time. I shouted that I am about to fill my load, and I shot several shots inside the condom. I withdrew my cock, kissed him and licked his hairy chest. OMG what a feeling. I then positioned myself in a doggy style, and gave him a condom from my pocket. It was his turn to fuck me. He rimmed my ass with his tongue, I moaned so loud but thank god no one was near to hear what was happening. He fucked me ,and when he was about to shoot he withdrew his cock and the condom and shot his load on my chest. He licked his cum. It was an awesome experience. I would certainly repeat that with him. We layed down for few minutes, then he went back to work.

I am glad to have Ibrahim in my farm.

Hope you liked my story. I bet many are interested in hearing arab gay stories. So please give me your feedback.



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