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I had just opened the bar and getting the place ready for the evening when he came in. He told me a story about how he had gone to jail the night before after a fight with some guys and that his car had been impounded.

He asked if there was any work he could do around the bar so that he could get a bus ticket home, as he was not from here. There wasn't anything to do that I could pay him for so he was on his way out the door when he asked if I could spare 5 bucks so he could get something to eat, he said he hadn't ate anything in a few days. Now in the neighborhood in which I work and live when someone says they need a few bucks to get food it usually means they need a fix and off to the crack house they go, so I usually don't give them anything. This guy seemed a little different to me, but I still didn't give up any cash, I had just had a pizza delivered and offered him some of it. I guess he was telling the truth because he ate almost half of it in just a few minutes. He thanked me for being so nice to him and gave me a hug as he was leaving.

I didn't figure I would see him again until a little after 2 am when our security guy came in and told me there was a guy out side looking for me, I went out and there he was. Hmmmmm I thought.

"This could get interesting ". After the bar closed we sat and talked for a while and he told me that because I was so nice to him he had to come back and tell me the truth about what was going on with his life. He had had a fight with his wife and went out on a 4-day drug binge, the car had broken down and he asked if he could stay at my place, because he had been sleeping on the street. So being the kind soul I am, I said sure. We went up the stairs to my apartment and he took a shower. I was sitting on the bed watching TV when he got out of the shower. After a few minutes of conversation he stood up next to me and started to rub my chest and said "

God my cock is so hard". To which I answered, "And if money is going to be involved here, nothings going to happen about that." He said that he didn't want any money for it that he had been with a few guys in his life and was fantasizing about guys more often. With that he pulled my harding cock out of my sweat pants and started sucking. And damn was he good at it, but then it has been my experience that "Str8" guys do suck the best.

After about 30 minutes of 69ing and my licking his ass I rolled him over and sat on his stomach. I asked if he wanted to fuck me and he told me that he had never done anything anal with a guy before and that he didn't really want to. So I just sat there rubbing his cock on my ass for a while, as we talked some more. Unknown to him I had gotten enough spit on the head of his cock to get it in my ass while we were talking, I looked down at him and said, " you do realize that the head of your cock is in my ass didn't you?"

He pushed against me a couple times, smiled and started pushing harder.

That's when I stopped him and told him it wasn't going in any more with just spit on it. He smiled even bigger and asked if I had some lube. I lubed up his cock and sat down on it, riding it for a while then rolled him over on top of me put my legs over his shoulders and he fucked me like I haven't been fucked in years. We fucked for a good 30 minutes or more.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, I had been on the edge of coming six times, I had to let it go, I told him I was going to cum he stopped fucking me and sucked every drop cum out of me. Then he sat on my chest and started to jack off, shooting his huge load in my mouth. After a while of talking about his troubled life we went to sleep in each other's arms.

The next day I took him to the garage where his car was waiting to be fixed, he got something out of it and I took him to the bus station. I don't know if I'll ever see him again but I hope he cums around again some day.

The End.




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