I had an argument with my boyfriend not the first in recent weeks. His name is Leroy 28 years old black guy 195lbs (88kg) 6'2" (1.88cm) tall muscular build. I'm Liam 21 years old white guy 145lbs (65kg) 5'10"(1.55cm) athletic build. Our relationships hit a bad time. I was in need, desperate need of a good fucking. Something my boyfriend had not given me in awhile. He walked out my apartment slamming the door behind him and telling me to fuck off. I had a cold feeling running through the whole of my body. I felt isolated and alone. I was crying, the whole of my body was shaking. The last argument had been particularly violent. In his rage he had pushed me up against the wall and slapped me across the face several times and punched me in the stomach. He had a very short fuse. Easily lost his temper. Maybe that was one of the reasons I liked him. Only this time I felt he had gone too far.

I had not been out on my own for quiet awhile. When your man is feeding and breeding you and sex is hot there is no need. He had not been doing that for awhile. It was not a passing phase with him. I seriously think he was seeing and having sex with someone else. Knowing him possibly others. He has an insatiable sexual appetite. We used to have long dirty sex sessions. He rammed his big 8" plus thick black cock into my love hole aggressively. The more I screamed and struggled the more excited he gets. Seeing the whites of his eyes and the lustful expression on his face as he fucks and dominates me is both an erotic and ecstatic sensation. I was his black cock loving white boy.

I would do anything he asked of me to keep our relationship intact. He started to bring his homies back to our apartment so he could watch them fuck me. Then he would have a long session fucking me on their caramel juices. I live for sex and love my boyfriend and would do anything to keep him. This time I had taken enough. His attitude and having not had sex for weeks. I was damn sure I was going to do something about it.

I took on the mental attitude that I was single and looking for sex. I began to feel good now that I had made up my mind to go out and have a good time. I had a shower applied body spray. Decided that I would go commando. Pulled on a skinny tight fitting pair of jeans and a skinny fitting button up shirt. I looked in the mirror. Fuck my reflection looked gorgeous.

It's been awhile since I went out on my own. I was feeling both elated and nervous. To be off the gay scene just for a short time and the whole gay scene could change. I just hoped that there would be at least one person I knew. I went to a few gay bars. I knew no one. After a few drinks I started to relax. I made small talk with a few guys. No one appealed to me. I was into masculine strong guys. I liked to be controlled. So far no luck. They say that when you have had a few drinks the guys look more handsome. Well maybe I needed to have more drink.

I decided to try one of the nightclubs. I could at least dance away the night. I was beginning to get a bit weepy at the thought of going back to my apartment and all it's problems with my boyfriend. I recognized some guys from the past. No one I really knew. I had always been to places with my boyfriend. When I had him I needed no one else.

I was leaning on the bar trying to drink my sorrows away when I felt a hand on my back. I turned suddenly. Because of the low lighting I could not make out who it was. All I could tell was that there were 2 of them. Two tall black guys. One of them said "hello Liam remember me?" For awhile I didn't recognize him. Then I realized who he was. His name is Royce. I looked at the other guy and recognized him.He was Joey. Royce I guess is 6' (183cm) and about 240lbs,(109kg) Joey is about the same height and about 220lbs,(100kg) both so I was to find out later had tattooed muscular bodies.

They were two hoodie thugs from my high school days. Shit I didn't expect to find them in a gay club. I nervously said "yeah hi." "We saw you come in here. So we followed you. "So you gay?" Asked Royce. The drink gave me the courage to say. "Yeah I'm gay that a problem?" " No, I had my suspicions," said Royce. "So you a cock lover," said Joey. They both stood round me in a menacing and overpowering way. I was in a gay environment, which gave me some feeling of security. "You like it when guys pay you some attention?" Asked Royce. "The right sort, yeah." I replied. "You like that Joey and me are paying you some attention" he asked with a smirk on his face. "Not too sure about that." I replied. "You like if we play with you." Before I could answer he reached out with his right hand and ran it down my arm and onto my hip, looking at me all the time. My heart was beating faster I was inhaling and exhaling rapidly. "You nervous whiteboy or excited." He was laughing at the same time as he asked. Joey raised his right hand and ran his fingers through my hair. Looking deep into my eyes he said, "you have a pretty face boy." I gave a nervous smile and said," yeah I been told that before." There only teasing I was thinking.

Royce reached out with both hands and started to unbutton my shirt. When he had undone several buttons he pulled my shirt open revealing my naked chest. He looked at Joey then nodded towards my chest. Joey reached out with his hand and started to stroke my chest. Both of them were stroking my chest massaging my nipples making them hard. The sensation to feel and see their large black hands on my chest made my chest heave up and down as I inhaled and exhaled rapidly. My cock was rock hard and tenting in my pants. I was enjoying every moment. The mixture of fear and exhilaration caused the whole of my body to tremble and contort. They both explored more of my body stroking down over my hips and thighs. Royce peeled off my shirt. I was half-naked. One stood on the left and the other on the right of me both were pressing their bodies and legs into me. I felt their hands stroking my ass, crotch and between my legs. Every time they rubbed over my cock it made me shudder.

Their hands were all over me. I was having a good feel of their tight athletic muscular bodies. Both of these guys were hotties and fitties. Ripples of muscles over their bodies. I rubbed my hands over their long thick bulging cocks inside their pants. My cock was exuding precum. There was a wet stain on my jeans.

"You wanna to take a ride with us?" asked Royce. I was still convinced that they were teasing me and would chicken out in the end. I thought I would play along with them for fun.

I told them I needed to go to the restroom. "We'll be waiting just outside the restroom for you." Said Royce. The barmen had heard and seen all that was going on. He came into the restroom and asked if I was ok. I said. "Yeah I know them, there only teasing." I made sure I was clean and lubed my ass. I could be wrong, hopefully they could be serious.

(I was to find out they were serious. They had failed to find some girl to fuck and have a good time with. Then I came along. Any wet warm hole would do male or female. )

We walked out to the car in the parking lot. They made me climb into the back. Royce joined me. "You know where to go Joey drive with care man, we don't want to attract any highway cops." It was only then that I figured they were maybe serious. "Ok whiteboy" said Royce. "Let me and you get friendly." He unbuckled his belt, undid the top button and unzipped his pants, arched his ass up and slipped his pants down. We were out on a dessert road it was dark inside the car I could hardly see. Royce leaned back and stretched his arms and chest. There was a sudden flash of light from a car going in the opposite direction that momentarily lit up the interior of the car. I then I caught a fleeting glance of his flaccid large black cock. "Down on your knees and get between my legs white boy, lets see how good a cock sucker you are." I licked around the head of his cock sucking the whole of it gently into my mouth. The shaft of his cock was getting harder as he pulled out my mouth. I licked along the now hardening shaft. He gently snaked his cock back down my throat. Penetrating his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. I felt his hand on my head increasing the pressure as he pressed my head down on his cock. He thrust up and down inside my throat. He was moaning and shuddering. I tasted his precum. The car started to slow down Joey shouted we are here. Royce pulled his cock out my mouth and pushed me away.
We had driven down a dirt track into an isolated and secluded area. I didn't know where we were. Only they knew. There was a full moon and the sky was now clear, almost Semi-daylight.

Royce told me to get out the car. He reached out and pulled me towards him as he did he unbuckled my belt and pulled my zipper open. Letting my jeans fall to the ground. I kicked them to one side. I was now naked. They both stripped naked. For the first time, by the light of the moon, I could see their sculptured bodies. They both had horse hung cocks and well-hung hairy ball sacs. I stood there in awe. My cock was rock hard.

Royce had a semi-hard cock Joey's was flaccid. "On your knees boy and suck our cocks gayboy." I licked and sucked on both their cocks both were soon rock hard. They were both horny and in need of satisfying their needs. My mouth was hungry for their juices. They were taking it in turns to thrust their cocks down my throat making me gag and spit up saliva that was running down my chin and chest. When they pulled out precum and saliva dripped off the hard shaft of their cocks. Threads of precum hung between my lips and their pee slits. Royce was the first to shoot cum down my throat. Joey looked on laughing. Royce pulled his hard cock out my throat and squirted his sperm juices into my face, chest and back. Squeezing the last drops on my face.

Joey pushed Royce out the way and snaked his hard thick black cock down my lubricated throat and fuck faced me while Royce looked on with a smile on his face. Joey held my head firm as he squirted his caramel juice down my throat. He pulled his cock out my mouth and wiped it across my face.

Royce told me to get down on all fours like a dog. Royce knelt down behind me and leaned into me. I could feel his cock pressing against my hole. He was thrusting and pressing hard, stretching my anus. Finally the head of his cock slid in making me scream out. Royce raised his hands and slapped the cheeks of my ass several times. Sending a stinging pain through out the whole of my body. He continued to thrust aggressively until my sphincter loosened and gave into the brute force he was using to penetrate me. The whole of his cock suddenly slipped all the way into my gut making me scream. "I'm only giving you what you want boy." he said as he gripped my hips firmly and pounded my ass with his thick hard black cock. He was right they were using me and I was in heaven. Joey knelt in front of me and grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand forcing my head back. He gripped my chin with his other hand and forced my mouth wide open so he could snake his hard black pre- cum dripping cock down my throat. They spit roasted me.

My hard cock was swinging up and down as they fucked me. I suddenly I ejaculated shooting threads of pearly white cum out my pee slit. They continued to fuck both ends of me aggressively. Awesome sensation.

I could feel Royce's cock throbbing in my gut as his cock exploded inside me filling my gut with his sperm juices some trickled out my hole and ran down the inside of my legs. At the same time Joey squirted his sperm juices down my gullet making me gag as cum filled my mouth, spilling out the corners of my mouth and down my nostrils. They rested for a few minutes. Joey was stroking my hair and shoulders as his cock softened in my mouth. Royce's cock was softening in my gut as he stroked my naked back and butt.

They were both sweating profusely Small pools of sweat formed in the hollows of my back. I was thinking they had satisfied their sexual needs when Royce asked Joey if he wanted to fuck my ass. They both got me to suck their cocks until they were hard. They spit roasted me again. After about 2 to 3 hours of feeding and breeding me they drove me home. As I got out the car Royce looked at me and said, "Maybe we'll have the need of your body for some of our homies sometime." The thought of being used by them and others sent a thrill and enjoyable shudder through every tissue of my body.

I sat in my apartment with their caramel juice bubbling in my stomach and a nice taste in my mouth. Fuck I was looking forward to my bed and sleep. I jumped into bed only to discover Leroy was in bed. He grabbed my hair with his right hand and ran his left hand between my legs. Caramel juice was oozing out of my hole. You been out getting fucked bitch,? Said Leroy. Yeah I said I got some guys to do me, seeing as you're not. He thrust two of his fingers up my ass withdrew them and licked on his fingers. He lifted my legs up and pressed them down on my shoulders his cock was rock hard as he penetrated me and fucked me several times. It felt good to be fucked by him again I knew then that no fuck was as good as his. I knew now how to keep my man, go out and get fucked by as many guys as possible then go home and be fucked by him. Leroy's cock was bigger and shot more juice than any guy I knew. Yeah I still love him.



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