It was a nice warm summer night and I was at a small party at my friend Frank's house. We were sitting around out on the patio. Beer was flowing and everyone was having a good time. Eventually it was late and no one was left except Frank the host, my buddy Brian and me. With a yawn, Frank went to bed leaving the two of us out on the patio running our mouths. We were both feeling pretty loose, and talking about sex. Somehow, we got on the subject of threesomes and bisexuality. I told Brian that I'd experienced a threesome and that I was bi-curious. Brian said, "I'm bi-curious too," so I took a chance and put my hand on his crotch, rubbing his cock and balls. At first he looked shocked, but made no movement to stop what I was doing. When I felt him getting hard, I suggested that he drop his pants. He only hesitated a second or two, and then he stood and let his pants fall down around his ankles. As Brian sat back down, I knelt in front of him and pulled down his boxers.

My eyes were drawn to his cock, hanging heavily over his balls just begging for contact with my mouth and tongue. As it grew larger, the tip was partially exposed as his skin peeled back. At first, I thought that Brian was getting an erection, but then I realized that it was the thickness of his cock, his length and the way it curved over his tight balls, that gave that impression.

I was immediately attracted to his cock, what I wanted to do to it, and what I wanted to see and taste come out of it. My mind was awhirl with an obsession to please him. As soon as I kissed and licked the tip, I heard Brian groan quietly, and saw his head fall back. It really turned me on to know how much pleasure I was giving him. Having gotten blowjobs before, and knowing the feeling he was experiencing, I knew exactly what he wanted. I licked his shaft from bottom to top a few times, then licked his balls and sucked them into my mouth, running my tongue around them a few times. When I felt his hands gently rest on my shoulders, and knew that I was doing things that he liked.

Then I licked up the length of his shaft again, and put just the head in my mouth. I felt him tense up with pleasure as I slowly lowered my mouth all the way to the base of his hard cock. I bobbed up and down a few times, and then licked up his seam again. After I did this several times, he started taking deep, short breaths. I knew we had to try to be quiet and not wake Frank and that Brian was close to cumming. I cupped his balls with one hand, and speeded up my head bobbing, and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of his wonderful, tasty cum. I slowed down, but kept sucking him until he stopped pumping, and gradually slowed down until I thought he had come down enough for me to release him. When Brian thanked me, I told him that he was welcome.

When he got dressed, it was like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. We talked for a little while and then I left.

The next morning, a tapping on my bedroom window awakened me. It was Brian. I had a bit of a hangover as I got dressed and went outside to see what he wanted. He told me, "I really enjoyed last night, and woke up this morning hornier than ever before."

After we talked for a few minutes, Brian invited me to join him in his pickup and go for a ride with him into the woods. Brian did a lot of hunting so he had a cab over camper on his pickup. As we drove down the road, I looked through the back window into the camper and was surprised to see how nice it was. It was a small efficiency apartment on wheels, complete with all the amenities, sink, microwave, TV,

Quickly finding a secluded spot, Brian parked. Then he told me, "I want to return the favor for last night." He too thought he was bisexual, and I couldn't think of a nicer guy to try and find out with.

Always up for a blowjob, I readily agreed.

As soon as we were in his camper, I dropped my pants. Moving down to his knees on the floor, Brian took my cock into his mouth. There was something about the look of him sucking my cock that really turned me on. His red lips, wrapped around my stiff cock, his jaw, rough with stubble, opening wide to take me into his mouth and make me feel good. Actually it did indeed feel great, but I had a headache strong enough that I knew I wouldn't be able to cum, so I told Brian to stand, drop his pants.

As soon as it was free, I wrapped my hand around his magnificent cock. It looked even better in the daylight. Brian's cock was new and exciting for me and I was almost mesmerized by its hardness, I flipped it around a bit, feeling its great weight. The heat amazed me.

Running his fingers through my hair, Brian gasped and moaned, "Oh god, yes---oh, fuck, that feels good. Stroke it for me."

Obediently, I ran my closed hand up and down the length of his thick cock as I reached down with my other hand and cupped his egg size balls. I was so enraptured by the size of his cock, that I kept stroking him. As my hand moved up and down, I brought my face closer and closer as I stared at it. I could see his blood pumping through its thick veins. It brushed against my face a couple of times, and then I put it against my lips and took the head into my mouth. Brian's rigid cock fit perfectly down my throat.

He was moaning and dribbling pre-cum on my tongue my mouth moved up and down his shaft. Soon his fingers were twisted into my hair and Brian was ramming himself into my mouth so deep that the head was bumping against the back of my throat. He began with a few long smooth strokes, his body convulsing with each stroke. As he pumped in and out, my tongue started roaming around his cock and my fingers gently play with his balls. I began to suck more vigorously. Brian began to squirm, as he pushed his crotch up, trying to get his cock deeper into my mouth.

Suddenly Brian cummed, hitting the back of my throat with such force that it made me cough. This in turn allowed some of the warm liquid to escape the corners of my mouth. I sucked harder and faster, not wanting to let any of his hot fluid to escape. Ecstasy was spread across Brian's face as I drained the last drops. Then I stopped and as I got to my feet I licked the sides of my mouth, making sure that none escaped.

A few months later, Brian invited me over to watch a couple of porn movies. We drank beer, made jokes and criticized the movies. Then Brian suggested that if I wanted to masturbate, it would be Ok with him because he wanted to do so to. So we got undressed and started stroking our cocks as we watched another movie.

I was getting very horny watching him stroke his cock, so I offered Brian a blowjob. He suggested we go to his bed where we could be more comfortable. On his bed, we ended up in a 69-position when Brian scooted around straddled my face. His kingly cock and big balls dangled down and bounced against my lips until I opened my mouth trapping his cockhead between my lips. He groaned as I started to suck him.

Suddenly, a fiery, wet mouth slid over my cockhead, sucking vigorously. Without pause his lips slid down the shaft, engulfing my entire cock in one amazing movement right down to my balls. After that, he followed my lead. Everything I did to him, he did to me. Exactly mimicking my speed, movements, moans, everything.

Moving out from under him, I had Brian get on his back. I got between his legs, put my hands under his ass, and got serious about milking his cock. I took his shaft in my hand and started stroking his cock. Leaning forward, I rolled. My tongue was wrapped around his red purple head, moistening it with my tongue. I let my tongue slowly play over the slit. His continued moans got me more into it and pretty soon I was bobbing on his thick veiny rod while stroking what I couldn't get into my mouth. As I slowly swallowed the tip, I opened my jaw to accommodate the rest of his shaft in my mouth and down my throat. While my mouth bobbed up and down his rigid shaft, I played with his balls. I soon had Brian moaning and groaning with pleasure,

In his excitement, Brian slapped my hand away from his cock, grabbed the back of my head and almost violently shoved his cock down my throat. My nose was pressed into his kinky pubic hair and his balls were flopping against my chin. As Brian tensed up and held himself immobile, I could actually feel the cum boiling up in his balls. Finally, he erupted and it felt like a dam had busted. I almost chocked when what felt like a quart of cum pulsed into my grateful mouth. Brian went totally silent, surprised at the amount of cum he poured into my mouth, as I continued sucking and swallowing his cum. As I milked all the cum out of his cock, I coughed and his syrupy, white cum dripped down my chin. Eagerly I sucked every last drop out of him and then cleaned his cock with my tongue.

As he was trying to catch his breath, Brian told me that I damn near made him pass out. I took that as a great compliment, and was very proud. As we lay there catching our breath, we rubbed the tips of our cocks on each other, felt each others balls and massaged them, and stroked each others cocks. We both kept saying things such as "God that's hot" and "Ooooh that feels good" and "You have a beautiful cock".

 It was a dream world. But throughout it all, for some unknown reason, I couldn't get fully erect. I could get close, about 90%, but could not cum. probably the beer, dammit. Brian wanted me to screw him in the ass, but I was not hard enough to penetrate him. I still had a great time, and know that we'll get together again soon. I have this great vision in my head of him walking towards me with his delicious upwards-curved cock pointing proudly towards the ceiling, bobbing and waving as he walks. I gotta have more.

The end...



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