There were times, at night, that Antony would wake with a hard on that would not go away, and often he would do things to his lover, Jon, while Jon slept. On this night, Antony woke from a very vivid dream with his cock tenting his boxer briefs. The front of his underwear was drenched with pre-cum. He needed to get off and tried many times to wake his lover, but to no avail. Finally, desperate Antony pushed the covers down, and before he could do more than that he spied his lovers tent, and came. He came more than he thought was possible, but eventually the stream ended.

His hard on, however, would not leave him. Knowing how much Jon loved cum he removed his shorts, and with the cum stain out, he pressed the bundled underwear to his lovers mouth. No matter how he tried, the underwear would not stay, so eventually he put them over Jon's head like a mask, the cum right on his lips.

Rolling over onto Jon, Antony worked his hard cock into the front flap of Jon's boxers and started humping him, the residual cum on his cock making the front of Jon's underwear wet and creating a nice slick surface to fuck. Antony worked his tongue through the flap of the boxer briefs and started kissing Jon.

As one would expect to happen, Jon woke up during all of this, but pretended to be asleep still so that he could see what it was like with his lover taking advantage of him. It was nearly more than he could bear, and eventually he started responding, sucking on Antony's tongue. When he bit down on the tongue, Antony came and it wasn't long before Jon came too.

Furiously they began to kiss as Jon ground their hips together, spreading the cum around. Placing his hands on Antony's shoulders he pushed him down, and made him lick the cum off of him. Antony lapped the salty fluid off Jon's cock and nuts before coming back up and snowballing the cum between their mouths.

Pushing his lover onto his side, Jon removed the underwear from his head. He pushed Antony's legs up and worked his way down to his lovers hole. He dove into Antony's ass, licking and tongue fucking his lover, tasting his sweat, he pushed his legs up further, aiming Antony's cock toward his mouth and watching as his lover took his own cock into his mouth.

Jon was so horny by now that he dove back into Jon's ass, his tongue buried deeply into the other's ass. Again Antony came, his ass tightening on Jon's tongue. Jon was over the top with lust, and he mounted Antony, holding the head board he fucked his lovers ass, the bed creaking. The moon glistened off Antony's thin frame and Jon stared straight into his eyes as he fucked him. Bending down Jon took Antony's mouth, and worked his tongue past his lovers cummy lips.

He came like that, his dick deep in Antony's ass, his tongue deep in Antony's mouth. And like that they fell asleep, wrapped in one another's arms wet and used up.

That was not to be it, however, and a couple nights later, Jon woke with a hard on that would not leave him. Slowly, so as not to wake Antony, he crawled under the covers. He moved slowly between Antony's legs. He loved the smell of his lover, and so he bent down, placing his nose in the crook of Antony's legs, smelling deeply of his lovers nuts. He lay like that for some time, feeling the heat and the hardness of his lovers cock pressing against his forehead.

Slowly Jon worked his arms under Antony's legs and wrapped them around his shoulders. He continued to smell the heat, swearing he could almost smell the sunshine in his lovers musk. Passionately he ran his tongue under the leg band of the underwear, tasting Antony's salty nuts.

Antony groaned but continued sleeping. His body seemed to want to reject Jon, his legs clenching slightly around his lovers neck. Jon smiled. Soon the heat was getting to be extremem under the covers, and Jon began sweating as he sucked one nut out of the leg band and into his mouth. Again Antony groaned and Jon felt the first bit of precum dampen his forehead.

He worked another nut out of the leg band and sucked them both into his mouth, tasting the musk and precum from earlier. Antony began to move his hips in his sleep, and his cock was getting very rigid. Jon new it wouldn't be long before his lover came, and so he worked his way up and began massaging Antony's cock through the underwear. When Antony finally came Jon worked frantically to suck the cum through the material. To be sure he got it all Jon pulled the shorts down and sucked the head of Jon's cock into his mouth.

It was then Jon woke up and in a frenzy rolled over on top of Jon's face and started fucking his mouth. Furiously Antony pumped, bruising Jon's lips with his thrusts. When he came again he pushed his dick deep into Jon's throat and unloaded with a noise that was part grunt part growl. He slumped down, pinning Jon to the bed.

Antony fell asleep like that, forcing Jon to fight his way out from underneath him.



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