'Here you go Mrs. Winters, one Grande Cinnamon Spice Mocha,' Antonio said, handing the coffee drink to the elderly woman across the counter. 'I put an extra bit of cinnamon in it just like you like it,' he added, with a wink and a smile.

'Thank you, Antonio,' Mrs. Winters said, sipping the mocha and returning the smile. 'You're the sweetest young man.'

'Oh, thank you, Mrs. Winters,' Antonio replied flirtatiously, handing her the receipt. 'Have a great day.'

Antonio was quite the 'Chatty Cathy' type while at work, always talking with the customers. Management liked him, customers liked him, and his co-workers liked him. Antonio was just naturally outgoing, talkative and effusive. All that, coupled with his handsome Italian-American looks and coloring made for one very sexy package.

The Starbucks in the grocery store was unusually slow this time of the day and Antonio was glad. All the studying he'd been doing for school was starting to wear him down, and he was glad it was Friday because this was the only day of the week when he didn't have classes. He'd been up since 4:30 am to work the shift starting at 5:30 am, and he was already tired. He looked at the clock: it was only 7:30 am. Five hours to go before he was off for the whole weekend. He picked up the newspaper and turned to the classified ads. He was so deep in thought now that he didn't see the handsome man at the counter.

'I'm sorry, sir,' he said, folding the paper and putting it on a shelf behind him and washing his hands. 'Just looking for a place to live. What'll you have?'

'Mmm...,' the man said, looking at the menu. 'How about a Caramel Macchiato?'

'Great choice,' Antonio said. 'What size?'

'Make it a Venti,' the man said. 'By the way, why are you looking for a place to live?'

Antonio, ever the chatterbox, explained his current living situation to the man. He'd been living with his mom and her new husband ever since he got out of the Army and lately things were getting tense. His 'step dad' was a real shit and Antonio didn't like him very much. Since he was taking a full load at the community college he could only work part time, which meant that he didn't have enough money for his own place. But he really wanted to get out, so every day he scoured the newspapers looking for cheap studios or people who were looking for roommates. Anything would be better than living under the same roof with that asshole.

There was no one else in line so the man stayed and continued to chat. 'You were in the Army?' he asked incredulously. 'How old are you?'

'Twenty-two,' Antonio replied. 'I know, I look younger.' In fact, he looked 16 or 17.

'Why the Army?'

'I kinda had to go in,' Antonio said.

'Why's that?' the man asked, taking a drink.

Antonio rolled his eyes and shook his head as he went on. 'Well, I got into a little legal trouble after I graduated. Nothing too bad, but bad enough. Part of the plea arrangement was that I join the Army. I just got out six months ago, thank god, but I still gotta see my probation officer every week for the next two years. But it beats prison.'

The man nodded. 'I'd have to agree with that. By the way, my name's Craig.' He reached out and shook Antonio's hand.

Antonio pointed to his nametag. 'Antonio... but then I'm sure you probably already knew that.' He smiled his big, infectious smile and Craig felt all warm inside. The kid was hot! He looked him up and down quickly. Antonio was about five foot eleven. There was a workout room in the condo complex where he lived that he used whenever he wasn't working or studying. As a result, he was toned in all the right places but not too muscled. He had wide shoulders and a narrow waist. His pecs were well defined and he had a flat stomach with the beginnings of a six-pack. He had a round bubble butt and, from what Craig could see, a nice bulge in his pants. He had floppy, disheveled-looking hair that looked like he spent a lot of time on it to make it go that way, but which in reality, had a mind of its own and did whatever it wanted. Over the years he had learned to just go with it. All in all, Antonio was what you would call a pretty boy.

'Have you thought about getting a second part time job?' Craig asked.

Antonio sighed. 'Yeah, but it's kinda tough, what with my school schedule and all, you know? I haven't been able to find anything that fits.'

'Well,' Craig said, reaching into his wallet and handing Antonio a business card. 'I manage this club and we could always use an extra waiter. It'd only be a couple nights a week and the tips are pretty good.'

Antonio took the card and looked at it. Craig Powers, Manager, the card read. The name of the club was The Fly and the 'Y' in Fly was in the shape of an open zipper. 'Is this a gay bar?' Antonio asked.

'Yes,' Craig replied. 'Would that be a problem?'

'Well I'm straight,' Antonio said. 'Wouldn't that be a problem? Or at least awkward?'

Craig smiled. 'Most of the guys who work for me are straight,' he said, lying through his teeth. 'In fact, most of them are students just making some extra cash. Like I said, the tips are good. Some of the guys make a couple hundred a night.'

Antonio looked at the card again. 'I wouldn't have to do anything queer would I? I mean, I wouldn't have to... you know...'

Craig laughed out loud. 'No. There are no strings attached. Now I'm not saying that some of the guys don't, how should I say it, 'go the extra mile' for some of the regulars. But that's not a requirement. You'd be there strictly to serve drinks. Nothing else.'

Antonio looked at the card, then at Craig, and then back at the card. 'I don't know, man,' he said.

'Hey,' Craig said with a wave of his hand, 'the job is yours if you want it. No pressure. If you're interested, the shift is from 9:00 pm till closing.'

Antonio put the card in his back pocket. 'I'll think about it Craig,' he said. 'And by the way, the coffee's on me.'

Later that afternoon Antonio had a nasty argument with his step dad. He slammed the door to his room and stripped out of his uniform. He rarely wore underwear and his fat, eight-inch cock flopped around as he tossed his pants onto the bed and dug through his drawer for his jock strap. He figured he'd go to the work out room for a couple of hours. At least there he wouldn't have to put up with his step dad. He remembered his jock strap was in the wash and rummaged around until he found a pair of briefs. He found a new, unopened package and tore it open. He only wore briefs when he played sports or worked out and then only if his jock was dirty. He didn't like the feel of butt-huggers and would rather free-ball or wear boxers. He pulled a pair of shorts over the crisp white briefs and then his track pants. He made sure all the snaps were closed on either side before he put on his Duke t-shirt and shoes.

The work out room was locked so instead of going back to the house, he got into his car and drove around. As he drove his mind kept going back to the conversation he'd had with Craig Powers that morning. Shit, a couple hundred bucks in tips a night! A couple weeks working there and he could get a place of his own fast. A nice place, too. But a gay bar? The thought turned him off. He knew people who were gay and all, but he didn't really hang out with any of them. But the money was tempting and he kept thinking about Craig's job offer. He was a little worried about getting felt up or something, but he kept pushing that thought away. Who the fuck cares! He wasn't gay. So some faggot copped a feel. Big deal! It hardly seemed an inconvenience for a couple hundred a night. He decided to give it a shot.

At 8:30 pm that night Antonio walked through the front door of The Fly. The place looked upscale, but it was a total fag hangout! There were drag queens and dudes dressed in leather and all kinds of shit. Then Antonio saw the waiters. They were all dressed in tight 2xist boxer briefs (white, black, or grey), and equally tight, brightly colored lycra t-shirts that totally clung to their bodies and showed off their chests and nipples through the thin material. Plus, the shirts were short enough that the guys' bare stomachs showed. He also noticed that most of the waiters had bills of various denominations tucked into the waistbands of their underwear.

Shit, Antonio said to himself, I can't do this. I can't parade around in my underwear in front of a bunch of queers. He was about to turn and leave when he saw Craig making his way across the room toward him.

'Antonio!' He said smiling, sticking out his hand. 'I'm glad you decided to come by. What do you think?'

Antonio swallowed nervously as he looked around the room. 'Well, to be honest, I think I'm gonna take a pass. I don't think I'd be too comfortable walking around in my underwear.'

'Well, that's the uniform,' Craig said. 'I probably should've told you earlier. But I understand your position. Like I said this morning, it's your choice. We only want you here if you want to be here. Sorry it didn't work out.'

Antonio saw one of the waiters pulling bills from his waistband. Shit, there must be fifty bucks there! He could sure use that kind of money. He turned to Craig, who could almost see the dollar signs in Antonio's eyes. 'What the hell,' he said. 'I'll do it.'

A huge smile spread across Craig's face and he patted Antonio on the back. 'Way to go! Just follow me and I'll hook you up with an outfit and show you your section.'

Antonio followed Craig to the back office as Craig continued to explain the job. 'It's pretty easy, really. You just take their drink order, the bartender makes them, and you serve the customer.'

'I saw some of the customers patting guys on the butts and stuff,' Antonio said. 'I'm not so sure about that.'

'Ah,' Craig said, waving his hand again. 'That's nothing. To be honest, the friendlier you are, the better the tips. All you have to do is smile and be nice. Just pretend you're working your other job.'

Antonio laughed. 'That's easy for you to say. I don't work at Starbucks in my underwear.'

'Yeah, and I bet you don't get $20 tips, either,' Craig countered. He could see the dollar signs flash in Antonio's eyes again and knew he had the naïve stud hooked.

Antonio gulped. 'Shit...' he murmured. 'Sorry... I mean shoot. That's not too shabby.' He was torn. On the one hand, he could really use the money, but on the other hand, he didn't want any fag touching his ass or anything. The money quickly won out.

Craig opened a cabinet and flipped through several packages of t-shirts and underwear before settling on black boxer briefs and an ice-blue lycra t-shirt. He handed them to Antonio. 'Here. I think these'll look good on you. You can change in the bathroom if you want.'

Antonio took the clothes and went out of the office and into the bathroom. He went into a large stall, noting the glory hole, and quickly stripped out of his clothes. He put on the boxer briefs. They were snug and totally highlighted his package. He put on the t-shirt and went to look at himself in the mirror. He looked like a total fag. At that moment Craig walked in.

'Dude,' he said, looking Antonio up and down, 'I have a feeling you're gonna make some nice tips tonight.'

'Really?' Antonio said, adjusting his big cock and balls. At least he wouldn't have to worry about getting a hard on.

'Oh yeah,' Craig said. 'You look good enough to eat.'

Antonio blushed. 'Where should I put my stuff?'

Craig gestured toward a row of lockers against one of the walls. 'Use number fourteen. Here's the key.' The key was on a hot pink bracelet and Antonio slipped it around his wrist.

'Time to start,' Craig said, looking at his watch. They stepped into the bar and Craig pointed to a set of booths and tables near the bar. 'That'll be your section. Tables one through twelve. They're all numbered so don't worry about it. Just be yourself and you'll be fine. Oh,' he continued, pointing to another guy, 'and this is Nathan. He just started last night. He'll be working this section with you.'

Antonio looked at the guy. Nathan was about Antonio's height but wasn't as toned, although he did have a great body. He was more cute than handsome, with brown hair and eyes and a big, Midwestern-looking smile. He looked the picture of innocence. His uniform was white boxer briefs and a bright yellow top. Just by looking at him Antonio was positive he was straight, too.

Nathan reached out and shook Antonio's hand. 'Nice to meet you.'

'Yeah, you too,' Antonio replied. By now Craig had left and Antonio turned to Nathan. 'So, you started last night?'

Nathan nodded. 'To be honest, this place wouldn't be my first choice. I work at another restaurant downtown but I'm only a back-waiter. I made more in tips here last night than I do in three days at the other place.'

'Really?' Antonio was intrigued. 'Did you have to do anything, you know, queer?' he asked.

Nathan shook his head. 'No. Well, I got my ass pinched and patted a couple of times, but that's not bad, considering I walked out of here with $150.00 in tips.'

Antonio's jaw almost dropped. 'Shit! That much? Fuck, I'll let these fags feel me up for $150.00 bucks!' Nathan and Antonio laughed, unaware that Craig was standing just a few feet away and had overheard everything they said.

An hour later Antonio was on his way to drop off a drink order when he saw Craig. 'Hey Craig,' he said. 'Have you seen Nathan? Is he on a break or something? He's been gone awhile.'

'Nathan went home sick a little while ago,' Craig explained. 'I think he has the stomach flu or something. He wasn't looking too good so I sent him home.'

Antonio had no idea that at this very moment a drugged-up Nathan was bent over a table in Craig's office getting his ass and mouth fucked. In fact, Craig had just come from plowing the poor kid's virgin ass. Earlier Nathan had gone to use the restroom. As he was leaving, a cloth soaked in chloroform had been clamped over his face. He had resisted but someone grabbed his arm and he felt the prick of a needle. Then everything began to get hazy and swirly. He was half-carried, half-dragged to Craig's office where he was now being raped.

Antonio went about with his work for the next couple of hours, completely unaware of the stares he was getting from the guys at one of his tables. They had come in together about an hour ago. As he walked over to check on their drinks one of them said to him, 'Why don't you join us?'

'Oh, I don't think I can,' Antonio said. 'I'm not sure I'm allowed. This is my first night.'

'Sure you can join them,' Craig said, as he just happened to walk by. 'Jimmy'll cover for you,' he said, pointing to the waiter who had taken over for the absent Nathan. He whispered into Antonio's ear, 'if you play your cards right, you can make some extra cash here.'

Antonio shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He looked at the guys at the table. 'I guess I can sit down for a few minutes,' he said.

The guys introduced themselves. There was Todd, Mike, Steven and Bruce. Apparently they were regulars. They were expensively dressed in designer clothes. Antonio could tell they were wearing Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole and Hugo Boss clothing. Apparently these guys were well off. He just might make some good tips if he were extra nice to these guys.

'So, Antonio,' Todd said. 'What'll you have?'

'Uh... just a beer. I probably shouldn't have anything too strong, since I still have a few hours on my shift.' He stood up to get his beer but Todd put his hand on his shoulder and pushed him back into his chair.

'I'll get it,' he offered. 'Relax a bit.'

Antonio began talking to Steven, Mike and Bruce while Todd went to get his beer. Todd returned a couple minutes later. He had ordered Antonio an MGD in a frosted mug and the guys watched as Antonio took a long draw on it, savoring the taste as it went down. He had no idea that Todd had slipped a mild but fast-acting sedative into the beer. He also had no idea that these were the same guys who had been in the back fucking poor Nathan silly just an hour earlier.

After a few minutes of talking, Antonio stood up. 'Thanks for the drink guys, but I'd better get back to work.' He words sounded slurred and he looked a little unsteady on his feet.

'You okay, Antonio?' Todd asked, concerned.

'Yeah,' Antonio said, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. 'It just feels warm in here all of a sudden.'

'Hmm... maybe you're coming down with something,' Todd replied. He stood up and put his arm around Antonio's shoulder, gently massaging it. 'How about we get a little air out back?' he said, steering Antonio toward the back exit. He looked at the guys at the table. 'You guys gonna give me a hand?' They all got up.

As Todd led the increasingly unsteady Antonio through the bar, they came across Craig. 'What's going on?' he asked.

'Not feeling good...' Antonio tried to say but he was having a hard time getting the words out. For some reason his mind seemed foggy.

Todd winked at Craig. 'We were gonna take him out back to get some air.'

'Oh, I think Antonio would be much more comfortable in my office, wouldn't you?' Craig said. He took a quick look around as he pulled a syringe from his coat pocket. He took Antonio's arm and injected the drugs into him.

'What was that...' Antonio started to say, but found he couldn't continue. He found it hard to focus, let alone speak, and the room began to spin. It looked like the guys' faces were melting.

They took Antonio into Craig's office and locked the door behind them. Craig turned on the stereo to drown out some of the sound. He motioned to a small table in the corner. It was about eighteen inches high and had hooks on either side. They bent Antonio over the table, tying his hands and feet down.

Antonio's head was buzzing. As much as he tried, he couldn't make sense of what was happening. His mind kept drifting in and out of a haze.

Craig shoved something into his mouth and told him to swallow. Everything seemed cool. He had no idea it was viagra.

Next Todd took a pen-knife and sliced off Antonio's clothes.

The dazed stud just looked at Todd with a blank expression on his face. 'What're you doing?' he managed to slur.

'Getting ready to fuck you,' Todd answered. The guys all laughed. Antonio saw a bright flash and then another. He had no idea pictures were being taken.

Antonio cocked his head to one side and looked at Todd. Then he looked at Craig and the others. No one was smiling. He started to laugh. 'You're gonna fuck me?'

'Yup, just like we fucked your buddy Nathan.' The smile disappeared from his face and he struggled furtively, but to no avail. Whatever was in the syringe had really done a number on him. He felt a slicked-up finger run up and down his ass crack and work its way up his virgin chute. The finger began to move around slowly in an ever-widening circle.

'Oh...' Antonio moaned, his face twisted in a grimace. 'Please stop!'

But instead of stopping, a hand grabbed his cock and start to jerk it. Another hand slapped at his balls and yet another hand began flicking his rubbery nipples. All the sudden sensations were too much and Antonio's moans turned to moans of pleasure.

Craig smiled at this. He lowered his slack and boxers and was lubing up his cock. Bruce pulled his finger out of Antonio's ass and Craig thrust his fat cock in. Antonio opened his mouth to cry out in pain but Todd shoved his waiting cock into it, muffling Antonio's cries.

'That's it, pussy boy!' Craig yelled, as he thrust his hips back and forth, raping Antonio's virgin ass.

Antonio was in agony. His asshole felt like it was being ripped apart and he could hardly breathe with Todd's big cock in his mouth, stretching his lips wide apart. He could feel pre-cum sliding down his throat. It tasted salty and he wanted to gag. All of a sudden Todd's body shuddered and Antonio's mouth was filled with hot, sticky cum. It ran out of his mouth and down his chin, but most of it went down his throat. Todd pulled out.

Antonio was just catching his breath when Mike moved in and shoved his dick into his mouth. Antonio was just catching his breath when Bruce opened two small bottles of poppers and put them to his nostrils. 'Here, bitch,' he said, 'sniff these.'

Antonio had never sniffed poppers before, but he had no choice. He needed to breathe. He held his breath as long as possible, but finally gave out. He sniffed the aroma and he felt lightheaded almost immediately.

'Uhhhnnn...' was the only sound that could escape from his cock-filled mouth.

'Oh yeah,' Mike said, grabbing Antonio by the back of his head and pumping away at his pretty face. 'Nothing like a drugged up pussy slut all high on poppers.'

Craig laughed as he continued to slam his cock up Antonio's ass. 'Whattaya think guys? Is Antonio here better than Nathan?' The guys laughed with him. They all had their pants and underwear down and were stroking their cocks, waiting their turn with poor Antonio.

Antonio couldn't move. He tried to turn and twist his hunky body, but there were hands holding him still. He could feel Craig's dick violating his ass and then, all of a sudden, he felt a rush of warmth up his insides. The faggot was cumming inside of him! What the fuck! Before he could even process it, Bruce pulled his cock out of his mouth and, giving it a couple of jerks, shot load after load of cum all over Antonio's face. It got in his eyes, up his nose, in his hair and in his open mouth. He didn't even have time to react because Mike's cock immediately took its place.

More poppers were shoved under his nose and he became buzzed all over again. Another cock (or was it a dildo?) was sliding in and out of his ass, but Antonio was so gone, flying so high, that it just didn't seem to matter.

For the next hour and a half all the guys from the table, Todd, Mike, Steven and Bruce, as well as Craig, fucked Antonio. They shot their loads up his ass, down his throat, and all over his hunky body. In no time at all, Antonio went from being a pretty boy ladies man to a fucked-out cum dump.

When they were finished they pulled Antonio to his feet. He was still unsteady and could hardly stand. There was drying cum in his hair and on his face. Craig retrieved his street clothes from his locker and tossed them to him. 'Get dressed,' was all he said.

Antonio's dick and ass hurt and he felt like crying as he pulled his underwear up over his raped ass and dick. The guys all snickered at his tightie whities. Before he could get the rest of his clothes on, though, he was pushed out a door and into the back alley. His clothes and money were thrown out with him. 'It's time for you to go, boy,' Craig said. 'By the way, you're fired, but thanks for the fuck.' He slammed the door.

And with that poor Antonio, naked except for his white briefs, was left alone in the alley. He hunted for his clothes, not noticing the police car parked only steps away. He was just reaching for his shorts when a bright light flashed on him. He dropped the shorts and grabbed his track pants instead, stumbling badly as he tried to pull them on. Two officers stepped out of the back seat of the squad car.

'Well, well, well, what do we have here?' one of them asked, as Antonio pulled the track pants up over his bulging crotch. Even with the sweat pants on, you could still notice the tent his viagra-induced erection made. 'I think the kid's got something down his shorts,' he said to his partner.

'Do you have any ID?' his partner asked.

'Yes, officer,' Antonio said. His voice was still thick and slurred. He reached into the pocket of his sweats and retrieved his wallet. He handed it to the cops.

'Have you been drinking tonight young man?' one of the officers asked as his partner took Antonio's drivers license back to the squad car to run a check.

Antonio shook his head. 'No... just one beer, sir.' He was still all wobbly.

The officer took Antonio by the shoulder and helped him walk over to the car. 'One beer, my ass. I want you to put your hands on the hood and spread your legs. I need to do a pat down.'

'But I didn't do anything,' Antonio protested.

'Just do what I said, punk,' the officer said, his voice sounding rougher now.

Antonio assumed the position and the cop began to frisk him. But it was more of a feeling-up than a pat down. The officer let his hands slide slowly over Antonio's chest and the semi-dazed stud was sure that he felt a slight tweak on his nipple. Then the officer's hands roamed over his ass and up and down the insides of his legs. A hand reached around and cupped his balls, giving them a noticeable squeeze. Antonio knew better than to say anything.

'Feels like you're packing something in here,' the cop said as his partner got out of the car, holding Antonio's ID.

'Looks like we've got a possible probation violation here,' he said, looking at his partner and the fucked up young man.

'Why's that?' his partner asked.

'According to computer, this young man isn't supposed to be in public drinking.'

'But I wasn't,' Antonio tried to explain.

The cops looked at each other and then back at Antonio. 'Well,' one of them said, 'if you cooperate with us, we'll just forget we saw anything.'

Antonio had a sick feeling in his stomach. He knew what was coming. 'What do I have to do?' he asked, resigned.

'Not much,' one of the cops said. He reached out and grabbed hold of Antonio's track pants. With one quick pull he ripped them completely off Antonio's body, leaving the young stud in nothing but his bulging briefs. He reached out and grabbed Antonio's dick through his briefs. 'Not much at all.'

'Oh no, guys,' Antonio whined.

The other cop had unzipped his fly and lowered his pants and briefs to his knees. His cock was hard and dripping. He put his hand on Antonio's head and pushed the young man to his knees. 'Suck it bitch,' he said, forcing his cock into Antonio's mouth. 'Take it all down.'

As Antonio gagged on the massive cock in his mouth, his eyes caught a glimpse into the back seat of the cops' car. There was Nathan, his head thrown back and his eyes glazed over. It looked like he was only half-conscious. It also looked like he was naked. Apparently the cops had been lying in wait, almost as if they had been tipped off, and had been working on Nathan for some time now. But Antonio didn't have time to ponder any of that. He was too busy being face-fucked by one cop while being finger-fucked by the other. If he'd looked into his wallet, he would've found that all the tips he'd made that night had somehow disappeared.

The End



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