One year I took a vacation in Pittsburgh to visit a friend, Anthony. He had been a college roommate with Greg and I for a short time. But we kept in touch and he always invited me to visit him when I could get away. Besides he lived in Pittsburgh and that is where they filmed the series Queer as Folk. Although Anthony had never done anything sexual with Greg and me while we roomed together, I always thought I had seen some reaction from him in that area. But that was probably wishful thinking on my part. Anthony was 6'1', light brown hair, hazel eyes, and WELL-BUILT! He had a well defined body and abs that you could break rocks on. I had never seen him naked but did catch him a few times in his jockeys. He had a nice package and I could only dream about what might be revealed once his briefs were gone.

When he moved from our dorm room he was moving in with his friend Bob who was also from his home town. I thought nothing of it because I believed he was straight. So I flew out to spend some time with my fantasy. I was met at the airport by Bob who told me that Anthony was tied up but planned a get-together with me later that evening. Unfortunately, Bob couldn't attend so it would be just the two of us. Seeing Bob got me thinking. I couldn't figure out why they were so close.

I took a cab and arrived at Anthony's around 9 p.m. Thursday. My heart was beating a mile a minute; I was so nervous about seeing him again. I calmed down relaxed as I knocked on his door. When he opened the door my heart stopped beating! Here in front of me was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen in my life!! I was in love. When he said 'Hi' to me and smiled, I nearly forgot my name. He gave me a hug and told me that it was great to see me again. I told him that I was glad to see him. He was wear a wife beater and a pair of tight jeans. His basket was really

well defined in those jeans; just as I remembered seeing him in his briefs but I thought it was much larger than I remembered.

We went inside where I was introduced to three other guys. There was Gary, the youngest who was blond, Ron a brunette, who was 24 with penetrating blue eyes, and Paul, brunette, who

was 25 with gorgeous green eyes. Anthony was 23 then and I was 24. Each guy seemed hotter than the previous. I was baffled by all this so had to ask. 'Anthony you never gave off any vibes that you were gay while we roomed together, so I thought you were straight.'

'Hell I was giving them but you were not catching on. Why do you think I walked around in my briefs as often as I could? Duh! We were all younger then and guess were afraid to show our true selves to guys that we didn't really know. I was afraid that you would freak out if you knew. That is why I moved in with Bob so I could explore my feelings more.

Then I told him how Greg and I got together and gradually experienced more and more with each other. He explained that he and Bob had also gradually eased into sexual situations with each other. But now we both had experience in many facets of gay lovemaking.

'Well we missed out on getting together when we were younger but we'll make up for all that tonight with my friends. This was going to be a really fun party to make up for those lost opportunities.'

I just wanted to suck their cocks because they looked like really hot fuckers! It was a while since I last got laid and was getting hard just thinking about making it with Anthony and them! To get starte, Anthony had a wonderful idea that we watch some porn on his large-screen TV. He suggested a circle jerk-off! WOW!! My fantasies were going to come true!! I was finally going to see Anthony with his fat cock out of his pants. We all got comfortable and removed our shirts. Gary's chest was almost hairless. Ron had a well-defined chest with a bit more hair on it

than Gary. Paul had a hairy chest with hair all the way down to his belly button.

We started watching the film and took our semi-hard cocks out. I made sure that I sat next to Anthony to stroke his rod. That was a pleasure reserved for me, at least for the moment. Each guy was fondling another's cock through his pants. I could see that each was hard already. I was feeling Anthony's cock grow. I thought it was going to be about 7 inches but was I wrong! He was the first to remove his pants revealing a white, see-through bikini briefs with his 9' cock just sticking up straight almost ripping apart the sheer fabric! I started drooling. How I wanted

to suck on his dick and taste his hot cum in my mouth! I quickly removed my pants; he liked my 8' moster also and began stroking it slowly. By this time, Gary, Ron and Paul were totally undressed. Clothes were thrown everywhere and they were really hard. Gary's cock was about 7 inches while Ron's and Paul's were 8 and 6 respectively. They were all starting to breathe heavily and loudly and the strokes were getting harder and faster. I couldn't resist any longer and bent down to take Anthony's cock in my mouth. He let out a moan, which made the others turn around.

That really turned Gary on and he bent down and took Ron's cock in his mouth and started sucking hard. Paul positioned himself at Gary's ass, lubed it with his saliva and slowly started entering him. Gary let out a loud groan.. Gary's tight ass must have felt wonderful. Ron was still getting the sucking of his life. Once Gary tasted Ron's pre-cum in his mouth, he sucked even harder. He licked his balls and played with his asshole.

Anthony and I had switched positions in the interim and he was going down on me. Man, could he suck cock! I could tell that he really was really into sucking. His mouth was really hot and I was beginning to ooze pre-cum. At that point, he and I 69ed. His cock tasted so good and was just the right size for my tastes. But I wanted more! I wanted to stick my cock up his tight, hot hole. He was more than happy to oblige. Slowly I entered him. I was in heaven. Here I am making it with the man of my dreams. I slowly pumped in and out until I got into a rhythm that he liked. We French kissed; our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths.

The other guys were completely absorbed in each other at this point. I couldn't see them too well because I was in a delirious state of bliss. But I did hear the other guys moaning and groaning loudly. I think thought they are going to cum soon along with us!

I sped up my strokes and told Anthony that I was going to shoot my hot load into his tight ass as I reached around and began jerking his cock in earnest. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! ! ! ! ! We continued to kiss passionately as I shot my load in his quivering ass. I pulled out after my last blast. I heard him moaning and say that was going to shoot his load too. I stopped jerking him and told him that I wanted him in me. He smiled and started to edge his cock closer to my butt. My waiting hole ate his fat cock! It really felt wonderful having him in me. I played with his

tits while he pounded me. That's how I like it -- nice and hard! He was almost ready to shoot. His body stiffened up and he exploded splashing his hot cum against my ass walls.

The other guys are also shooting their hot loads at this time. By the time we finished shooting and

cleaning up, it was 4 in the morning. Gary, Ron and Paul needed to get going but I stayed with Anthony. We spoke for a while and then, the moment I had been waiting for, he asked me to stay in his apartment until I had to leave for home. Without thinking a second, I said 'YES!' That was the beginning of a wonderful 2-week vacation, which I will never forget.



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