Yet another different but exciting happy ending

The other day it rained all the time and then stopped about 6pm. I was feeling very horny, shut up all day and wondering what all the beautiful Thai boys were doing.

So, off I went on my motor bike to the big gay beach. It was dark when I got there. But I could see lots of little beach parties going on in the moonlight and their portable lights, Many groups sat right by the edge of the sea, playing guitars, singing, eating, laughing a lot and one or two kissing.

I did see another pair by themselves and the older boy was fucking the younger and smaller boy very quickly. Thai boys like to cum quickly and get annoyed with me if they are wanking me off on the beach during a massage and I tell them to slow down!!

Two boys from one of the parties broke off when they saw me and asked me if I enjoyed watching the 2 boys fuck. When I said yes, of course, they said to walk up the beach a bit and the three of us could do it. I said NO fuck, anything else but I will not fuck them and they cannot fuck me.

I heard a shout as the bigger boy fucking obviously came. He stood up, but I did not see any condom and I did not see if he did anything to make the younger boy cum. They were both wearing long shorts and tee shirts, so difficult to see.

When we had walked a little way, I asked the bigger boy with me who was the young one, as I had never seen him before? He told me his nickname was Pon but he was very shy, had never been with a foreigner and did not know what to do!

I asked how old he was and the older boy Jack said he was 18. I said NEVER. He looked about 15 or 16 but VERY beautiful. Jack just smiled and spoke to Pon.

Then he told me that Pon had never seen a westerner cum and that he had told Pon that I was big, with big smooth balls, and shot a god load ! That night I was wearing short sating shorts with a g-string and a white vest. The g-string obviously pushed out my package and I was starting to get stiff. Jack asked me how long we had? I asked why? He said because he wanted to make me cum and then he wanted to make young Pon make me cum also.

I said that I could only stay about 30 minutes so next time !!! (No way could I cum twice in 20 minutes). Jack came up to me, held both of my hands and gave me a lovely long kiss, not rough, tongues massaging each other gently and me becoming very strong and erect. I knew that the top half of my penis had already come way over the top of my g-string but not out of my shorts.

He asked Pon to give me a kiss, who did so very reluctantly at first but then let me pull him in close to me. Finally, his tongue came into my mouth. I knew he could fel me erection even through the shorts, and when we stopped his first kiss, Jack pointed at the tent in the front of my shorts and when I felt him, he was also strong. He had on boxers under his long shorts, and a pair of briefs under that. This is typical of Thai boys who lock everything up!!

I told him they had to come off for a massage and he pointed to mine and told Pon to undress me. I put my hand on Pon and, sure enough, he was strong too, but only a sweet little penis and tiny balls. Jack had a short penis but quite fat and again 2 small balls. I cannot understand how these boys shoot a good load of cum with tiny balls!!

Pon was very shy trying to get my shorts over my big erection and Jack helped him. They pulled my shorts down and off onto the beach. They both stood looking at my g-string, a pretty coloured one, with a half stiff penis sticking out the top, with pre-cum already leaking out.

Jack knelt down and licked the cu off me and said how sweet it tasted. He told Pon to try, but Pon had never seen a big penis, never seen pre-cum and certainly had never seen a good cum load shot!

Jack pushed Pon onto my penis and told him just to lick it and taste my cum. Jack held my penis while Pon leaned over and licked the cum. He jumped back and said it was salty, but quite nice. Jack told him to slide my g-string off and put it on my shorts. Pon slowly took hold of my penis and pulled off the g-string, which dropped onto the sand.

He picked it up and put it onto my shorts so we could find them easily in the dark,

Jack took off his tee shirt and shorts and stood there with a small tent as he still had on his boxers and briefs. He told Pon to undress, and Pon just took off his tee shirt. I put my arms out (with full erection) and asked him to take off my tee shirt, which he did. Then he let me take down his shorts. He was just wearing tighty whiteys with a nice tent out the front.

They both said they would keep their briefs on but we could get everything in their bundles out of the sides. I know this is how the Thai boys like to have sex - keeping underwear on, while they perform,

So there I was stark naked, dripping pre-cum with two beautiful boys in tented briefs, with a damp patch already in Jacks.

We all kissed and fondles and then Jack knelt down and started to suck me. Pon watched and seemed to be surprised that Jack could eventually get my whole stiff cock into his mouth.

I forgot to tell you, I shave everywhere, so no pubes, smooth balls and arse.

Jack started sucking me very quickly and I had to put my hand on his head and slow him down, He said he wanted me to cum in his mouth, but I said not yet, and what about Pon. Jack called Pon round and made him kneel down and try to suck me. Pon put the end of my cock in his mouth and very very slowly let it go in, but it was very tight - he only had a small mouth. I started to fuck his mouth slowly and he suddenly pulled out and told Jack he did not want me to cum in his mouth because how could he swallow it all.

So jack told him I promised I would not cum in his mouth this time. But Jack then asked me to lie down on my back and rest my legs on his shoulders. I could see his pre-cum patch was now very big in his briefs. So I laid down on my back, feet on his shoulders. He then told Pon to masturbate and suck me but not to make me cum. At the same time, he started to rim me. He had never done this before to me, and his gentle tongue licked all round my arse and then slowly pushed up inside. OMG I nearly shot straight away, it felt to sexy.

Jack told Pon to spit on his hands and it would feel good to wank me. Pon did this and his little hand was now slimy with spit and pre-cum and felt wonderful.

I asked Jack to slow down as his tongue up my arse was bringing me close to cumming. I asked him did he want to eat me when I came or did he want Pon to see a big foreign prick shoot a good load.

He said he would let Pon wank me till it started to shoot out and then he would quickly move and come and eat the rest of it. He explained this to Pon who nodded and continued wanking me. He was using both hands up and down my shaft and I was soon going to be ready to cum.

Jack carried on eating my arse then pushed 2 fingers up my arse and started sucking my balls again. I felt my penis expanding and getting very stiff, so I pulled Jack out telling him I was nearly cumming.

He told Pon to kneel very closely so he could see a good load of spunk cum out, and he got ready to eat the rest of it. He pushed his two fingers back up my arse and that sent me over the top. The first load hit Pon in his face, the second one onto his hair as he moved back. Jack moved very quickly, speeded up his fingerfucking and eat the next few loads. He would not stop fingering me until he had drunk the very last drop. Pon had a huge wad running down his face and another one on his head. Jack told him to wipe his face with his hands and then drink my cum.

Pon did this and smiled as he licked his fingers clean. I was surprised as he thrn fingered his hair, got another load of spunk off his hair and put it straight in his mouth as well.

Jack told me that while he was eating my spunk, he had shot his load into his briefs, and we all looked at them with thick white cum running out. I fingered up his still rigid prick and ate his thick spunk. It was fat saltier than mine.

I asked Jack what we do about Pon, but Pon told him he had never cum like that before and was too shy to lie down and let me relieve him. But he said he was very happy and wanted to do more next time. Good for me......

Jack told me he wanted to try a different set of positions next time that he had seen on a porno video and Pon had also seen it and now wanted to be a full participant, as long as we could do it in the dark, or the moonlight again !!!

We all had long sexy kisses and said goodbye till next week. What have they got in store for me?



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