I have had so many beautiful, sexual experiences since my last story.

All my stories are true events of my life here in Thailand, the Gay country in the world.

This time, instead of the big experiences, I have sent you several smaller ones, each of which finished in splendid glory, even if a little messy at times.

Returning to my favorite men only cinema in Bangkok

Last time I was a complete slut and experienced so many climaxes and adventures. But, like then, I never take and use a condom, or let anyone fuck me.

This time I knew what to expect and went in about 4pm. There were a lot of men in there, watching some old crappy (non-sexual) movie. About 99% were Thai people of all ages, so, being tall and fair-haired, I showed up very easily. This is what I wanted, because I like to sit and let potential customers (non-paying!) cum (sorry - come) to me. This they do in numbers because a foreigner is a conquest for them !!

Sure enough, I had hardly sat down in the middle of an empty row, half way down the cinema. I was wearing a white tee shirt and some blue satin shorts and a tiny push-out thong underneath. So I had a nice bulge as I slowly walked down the centre aisle.

I saw several couples of Thai men sucking each other, or wanking each other, so I knew it had not changed since my last visit.

When I sat down, a youngish Thai-Chinese boy came and sat in the seat in front of me in the next row - Tee shirt and jeans. He looked quite nice, turned round and smiled at me. At the same time, an elderly fattish Thai man came and sat down next to me and immediately put his hand on my bulge. It started to come to life immediately and he put his hand up inside the shorts and felt the thong - remember most Thais wear boxers or white tighties, so he was not sure what he was feeling.

The boy in front turned to watch and they spoke to each other, probably about the thong, because the boy smiled at me and put his hand up the other leg of my shorts. By then I was quite strong. They spoke again, and then the fat man lifted up my bottom and pulled the shorts down to my knees. Then they saw the thong. By then my penis stood up straight and right out of the top of the thong.

The boy kneeled on his seat and faced me and then pulled the thong down under my balls, which are nice and big. The fat man started to massage my penis, but I stopped him and pushed the thong down to my shorts on my ankles. Now I was completely free except for my tee shirt.

The boy fondled and massaged my balls and asked me if I had condom. I said no, so no fucking! He smiled and licked his finger and starting rimming my hole. It was heaven, he was gentle.

The man went down on my penis and slowly took the whole length in his mouth. He was very experienced and the feelings were fantastic. The boy asked me in sign language if he could come round and sit on the other side of me. I smiled and nodded.

When he came round, he sat on the floor facing me, and started to lick my balls. Heaven ! At the same time, he spat on his fingers and slowly started to finger fuck me, his little fingers slowly entering my hole.

He took out his finger and pulled me further forward onto my seat, so that my arse was of the seat. Wow.......his tongue started licking all round my hole and then slipped inside. At the same time I saw him undo his jeans and get out his pretty little penis, very erect. I said - no fuck, and he smiled and started to wank himself off while eating my hole.

The fat man carried on wanking me and at the same time, got out his penis through his zip flies. It was thick and short and masses of curly hair. (I have NO hair, completely shaved off)

He asked me to suck him but I showed him I could not get down there because of the boy. So he put my hand on his penis and moved it up and down.

So there I was, one boy eating my arse and wanking himself at my feet, and another man wanking me slowly while I wanked him.

Like most Thais, they do not last long, and the fat man came on his trousers and shoes very quickly. He put his hand into his cum to use as lube on mine. The boy stopped eating me and put his finger in the man's cum and started to finger fuck me again with the extra lube!

The fat man speeded up with my wet sticky penis and the boy speeded up his finger fucking. As you might imagine, it was too much for me and I shot a huge load, most went on the face and hair of the boy and the rest all down my legs.

They both went on with me, but the boy stopped finger fucking me and massaged my balls till every drop had come out. I was shattered. The boy laughed when he felt my cum in his hair and then came to kiss me and signal he wanted me to lick off my cum from his face. He also wiped his hand on his face and licked that as well.

The 3 cums all tasted very different - mine sweet, the boy's quite salty and the man's very salty.

The man squeeze my leg, got up and walked away. The boy pulled up my thong and shorts and helped me back into them. I thanked him and he said in strange English he wanted to stay there with me and we cum again soon together. He showed me he wanted to eat my arse again and then suck me off as he wanted to eat my cum. I said to him - about 1 hour, to get my energy back!! He laughed and got up and went to the toilets. He beckoned me to follow him, but I waved - not yet.

He came back after about 5 minutes, took my hand and pulled me up and walked me into the smelly toilets. All open, but no-one in there.

Immediately he knelt on the floor, pulled down my shorts and thong and turned me round away from him so that he could eat my arse again. He held onto my penis at the same time, slowly up and down.

Another two men came in and I was facing them with an erection and a boy eating me. The boy said something and just carried on. The two men just stood there watching and then both opened their trousers and pulled out their erections, one quite big, the other smaller.

The boy then still sitting on the floor came round to the front and started to suck me off. The two men moved to him, and he started to jerk BOTH of them while sucking me. One of the men moved his hand and started to massage my balls, and the other one got out a condom. I said NO! So he just tried to finger fuck me, but he was so rough, I stopped him.

The first man shot quite a big load all down the sleeve of my tee shirt, but the other man shot his away from me and it went along the boy's hand and arm.

That turned me on and I touched the boy's head to tell him I was cumming !!! He nodded, and I shouted out as I shot again. He sucked and sucked and sucked me and wanked me till every spot of spunk came out.

The two men zipped up and went out. The boy pulled my clothes off the floor and then got some water in his hands and washed the spunk off my sleeve. So I was soaking wet one side, and dry the other.

I asked him if he wanted to cum again, but he said no, he was so happy because he had made a foreigner cum two times and he loved my big penis. He asked me to come back to the cinema next Tuesday. I would love to but cannot.........



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