Marc and I had met online, and we had a hot first meeting (which I wrote about earlier). Unfortunately, I had to move a couple of hours away, but we kept in touch by email. We swapped pics and stories of what we would want to do if we could meet again. Finally, the meeting happened. Marc let me know he had 2 days off and could come see me if I had the time. I had to work both days but let him know the night was his. I decided to leave him the key to my 1 bedroom apartment, and I let him know when I would be home.

When I arrived home, I was met by Marc, standing completely naked in my entry way. His body was smooth with a swimmer's build. His dick hung down soft and limp but I could tell his balls were swelled with cum. I quickly went to him and we embraced in a long kiss, letting our tongues venture in and out of each other's mouths. As we kissed his hands moved around my jacket and slid it from my shoulders. I let it slip to the floor and he moved to my tie. He quickly undid the knot and it was off. Marc then moved to my shirt and in a flash, it was unbuttoned. He helped me slip out of it, and I yanked off my undershirt. He came back for more kisses and worked his way to my chest, sucking my nipples and teasing them with his tongue.

My own dick was bulging in my pants now and I knew his had to be getting hard too. I reached down, grabbing his shaft and massaging it with my hand. He too reached for mine and rubbed it thru my dress pants. My cock grew hard pushing against my boxers and the top of my pants. Marc slipped his hand to my belt and pulled it thru the loops. He then quickly unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them, letting them fall to my ankles. My hard dick made a circus size tent against my boxers. Marc grabbed both sides of my boxers, slipping them down and letting my cock pop out of its tent. He slid them to the ground and helped me get out my shoes, socks, and the pants and boxers that were around my ankles.

He told me he had a surprise and to go to my sofa. He had me get on my knees facing the wall, placing my hands on the top of the sofa. He got down on his knees and started rimming my hole and jacking my dick from behind. He continued for a few minutes getting my hole slippery and wet and making be beg for his cock. He told me to close my eyes as he finally slipped his dick into my ass. It hurt as he penetrated my tight hole and pushed deeper into my ass. It had been a few months so I thought my hole had just tightened back. I tried to relax and let him push his shafts deep inside me. After a few in and outs, he finally pushed all the way in.

Marc grabbed my shoulder as he started to ride my ass in and out. I opened my eyes to watch him but he told me to keep them closed. I did and just let him take over, enjoying the thrust of every motion. Soon he was quickening the pace and hitting my g spot with every thrust. My dick was like concrete as he had definitely found the way to turn me on. After several more minutes he let go of shoulder and asked if I was ready for the surprise. I nodded in acceptance but was shocked at what came next. Suddenly, my stretched hole shook with excitement. I opened my eyes and looked back to see Marc fucking me...not with his cock but with a vibrator. He shoved it deep inside me and as the vibrations hit the spot, I was in ecstasy. He pushed on my prostate and within 30 seconds, cum was shooting from my cock. He kept the vibrator shoved inside of me until my dick couldn't shoot any more load. It was by far the biggest orgasm I had ever released...and with my cock not even being touched!

We threw my undershirt on my cum soaked sofa, and I told him it was his turn. I laid him down on the sofa and started giving him the best head I could give. I took him down deep inside my throat as far as I could go, pulling all the way to the tip of his dick before going all the way down again. I decided to give him a little surprise too. When I went up again, I cupped my hand up under his balls, massaging them with each motion. Slowly, I slid them back to his ass and rubbed my finger against his hole. He twitched but I had control of his dick and he wasn't going to move too much.

He had told me before that he had never bottomed, but I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip. As I sucked him faster, I was able to slide one and then two fingers inside his hole. I tried to stretch against his hole as I quickened my pace on his dick. Soon, he warned he was about to come. I went faster, sucking as much cock as I could get down my throat, giving him the signal to shoot it down my throat. As I slid my fingers in deeper, it put him over the edge and his dick began filling my mouth. I did my best to swallow every drop, letting the warm, salty liquid ooze down my throat. Marc shook in pleasure and I gulped down every drop from his slit.

I pulled off of his dick, and he just looked at me with lusting eyes. He glanced at my cock, which was hard again. And in the softest voice, he asked if he could try to take me inside of him. I smiled and nodded. I asked him to let me get some lube, and I rubbed it all over my dick and on his hole. As I pushed my head against his tight virgin hole, he grimaced in pain. I told him to relax, clothes his eyes and breathe. Slowly, I pushed my head until it popped his hole. He moaned in pain but I pushed a little further. With each inch I went deeper,he moaned with the pain of his ass stretching. Before long, I was able to work my dick all the way in and paused to let him feel my balls push against his ass. I went slow at first and he opened his eyes to watch me slide in and out of his ass.

I could tell that my dick wasn't going to last long inside this tight hole so I quickened the pace. I started fucking him hard and loved to hear my balls bang against his ass. I went harder and harder but paused when I saw tears welling up in his eyes. I asked him if I needed to stop. He said my dick was too big but he wanted to finish. I then plowed deep as I could into his ass hole and began to fuck him as hard and fast as I could. He began screaming with each fuck but I kept pounding his ass. I soon felt my load building up my shaft. I pushed deep inside him two times before I exploded up his ass. I collapsed my body as far as I could inside him and let my cock drain into him. After a minute of rest, I pulled out my now semi limp dick and watched the cum drip from his hole. Marc laid there in a combination of pleasure and pain.

We rested there for a bit before going back for more...



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