Josh paused. He stood in the dimly lit corridoor outside the Rami brother's twelth-floor apartment and as he waited for the elevator doors to open he ajusted his folded dick by tugging at the crouch of his tight jeans. With his back to the middle aged Irainian identical-twins' door he could hear a multitude of heavy locks being closed and he smiled.

"Good afternoon Mrs Goldberg," he said politely to the short elderly woman struggling to get her little shopping trolly off the lift. "Let me give you a hand with that."

"Thank you dear." she replied smiling, "your such a good young lad Josh, your mother must be so very proud of you. Are you enjoying your parsi lessons?"

"Yes Ma'am. I admit, I do look forward to every Tuesday morning. Even though it's a bit of a stretch... getting here on time; I mean."

Then Josh smiled again; only for a vastly different reason.

"...and how could I go any longer than a week without seeing my beautiful Nessuah." he added just as the elevator doors closed before him.

The old woman turned away blushing sheepishly.

As soon as Josh reached the curb he waved down a passing cab.

Sitting on the rear seat he looked down at his overly expensive watch and said.

"Four-O-two on Park please. Quick as you can."

He pulled a small notebook diary from his backpack, counted the eighteen hundred dollars he had pulled from his pocket and then made a notation at the end of a long column on page two-hundred and three.

"Are you having a good day Josh?" The driver asked with rather too much familarilty.

"Jesus Christ!" Josh said in a startled yell as he looked up. "Rhamos? Shit how are you man, I haven't seen you since..."

"Your father caught us fucking and fired me, yes, almost exactly two years now!"

"Are you doing alright? How's the wife and kids?"

"Good, good. Little Maria started at school this year and Jose's still growing like a weed.

"Say," Josh had said after a few more minitues of idle and inuendo laden conversation, "do you fancy a new job?"

"With full benefits?" Rhamos asked with a less than subtle chuckle.

"Pull in here. Up on the left and we'll...," Josh paused as he lifted up his tee-shirt and unbuckled his not emporio but real Armani belt, "...disscuss it."

The damp shadowy grey of the bare concrete envloped the eighth level of the parking structure as Rhamos pulled the brightly painted taxi into a secluded bay at the far end of the floor. Once the engine had died the only sounds were the low humming rattle of the ventilators and the odd screaching of tyres echoing up from the levels below them. Rhamos was at the rear door even before Josh could finish kicking-off his shoes!

"Fuck kid," the thick necked Latino man said as he crawled across the seat running his large hands along Josh's slightly spread legs. "I never stoped dreaming of you."

"Come to me el daddy-o," Josh said with his arms raised, "your little gringo boy's been waiting far too long!"

The thirty-four year old man lifted the nineteen year-old onto his lap and held him in his hairy muscled arms. He slid one hand under the boy's shirt and felt his way across the smooth pale skin toward Josh's left nipple.

"God Josh, you still look so fuck'n young," Rhamos whispered as his lips carressed a flawlessly aristocratic cheek and neck.

"It's why I can charge all those pervs' top dollar;" Josh replied as he eagerly kissed and gropped across the man who had been the very first adult to fill his ass with sperm. "They get all the fun without risking the jail time."

Rhamos fell backward his partially unbuttioned shirt ripping fully open as it got caught on the edge of the perspex safety screen. He scrambled for the latch, opened the car door and left quickly. Firstly he stood still and then he paced beside the open door with his hands raised to his head. His motion exposing his proudly muscled bulk and the tightly curled jet black pubic hairs that had bunched around the band of his underwear now that the top of his fly was opened.

"What the hell?" Josh called as he slid across the slightly damp black vinal.

"SHIT!" Rhamos yelled before speaking in a sort of muffled shout. "You mean your a pro?!" he was gesturing wildly, his hands cutting through the air as he spoke. "But, but, but... you're... ." he stammered, somehow he managed to look both hunky and foolish at the same time.

"Filthy rich?" Josh sat on the edge of the seat pulling his briefs and jeans from his bent knees up over his waxed hairless genetials. "So fucking what," he added, "you know better than most how much I like arse-fucking and our family didn't exactly get all that money by giving things away!" Josh smiled at that; he remembered that it was his great-grandfather who first put the toys into breakfast cereal boxes.


"Look. Remember," Josh stood, his bare lean torso was proped against the cab's open door as he reached out and taking the taxi driver's hand placed it on his boyishly thin hip. He dragged his fingers around Rhamos's belt and then slid them down between the large latino man's pants and his hard hairy flesh.

"Remember," he said - almost lecturing really, "I'm the one who came down to the garrage that first night, fuck it Ramy I'm the one who suduced you out of your pregnant wife's bed! Although as I recall; it didn't exactly take that much doing?" He smiled again.

"But all those other times? In the towncar every single morning that I drove you to school or all over the appartment when you got home again, your dad's yacht, Jesus - all those times? Hell over-and-over again; we were naked for weeks up in the Hamptons! What about that?"

"Now-now," Josh leaned closer and kissed him, "you know we wern't the only ones up at the house that summer, and as I recall you made for a very popular addition to that normally all prep-school boys' fuck show."

Now, after several rapid flashes of memory, Rhamos smiled too.

Josh's flattened palm had made it's way around the bulky waist and now he slid it down beyond the partially opened fly. Unexpectily, he was very excited to be holding this particular huge hunk of hispanic cock again.

"Do you expect me to pay?" Rhamos asked while fishing in his pocket. He withdrew a crumpled twenty and half a dozen singles. "It's not much Jojo but I can find some more."

"No!" Josh laughed while closing the man's thick fingers around the cash. "I want nothing from you; but then I do expect your fucking monstrous throbbing cock to spray gallons of that thick and shiny Mexican spunk juice all over me."

"Just like you remember aye Jojo?"

"Just like I miss; you fucking cherry-popping hunk!"

Josh let go his grip and turned. When half-bent down to get back inside the cab he felt a strong hand grip tightly to his thin upper arm.

"Oh no you don't Jojo. If I'm gonna get you for free, then your gonna get fucked real hard."

"...and nasty?" Josh pleaded without physically reacting.

Josh fell against the hood with an audiable wack. His naked chest lying across the still warm steel as his legs hung down over the fender. There was no affection in the way Rhamos wrenched the jeans from this whore. Josh grunted as his body was twisted and pulled, he also smiled.

"Oh, what an ass," Rhamos said standing back to admire the small round pink spheres, "I've never found a better one - not ever." He grabbed hold and yanked the buttocks apart. "Sweet, sweet little hole, how I've missed you" he whispered in the instant before he dove onto it.

His stubbled face was burried deep in the young crack, Rhamos used his tougne to fondle the kid's opening while he used both his hands to fondle himself! Josh squirmed kicking one foot against the tyre each time the rough tongue ran over his tingling puckered hole.

"Lube me up Ramy, yeah rim this fuckn' slut's arse. Shit I'm so fuckn' hard!"

Rhamos reached up between the kid and the car and pulled Josh's erect dick back between the boy's legs. Held out against the normal direction of things Josh's nuts had to squeeze out over each side of his full shaft, the moment of sharp pain was thrilling but nothing like the feeling of his latino lover sharing the attention between his A-hole and the head of his prick!

Still holding the genitals out backwards Rhamos lowered his large naked body across Josh's back. He kissed the back of Josh's neck and then whispered into the teen's ear.

"Does Jojo want a taste of Ramy's big fat dick?" He asked.

Before there was time to answer Rhamos grabbed each of Josh's shoulders and dragged the kid off the car and down onto the bare cool cement at his feet.

Face to dick with that dripping dark brown monster Josh took a second to wonder how he had ever taken it so deep inside him that first time. Now, at least, he had no more worries about that!

In it went hitting hard against the inside of his cheek as the heavy foreskin rolled back and forth over his teeth and the sweet liqour dribbling from it's tip was quickly wiped away by an expertly roaming broad tongue.

With his hands on each side of Josh's head Rhamos pushed his pelvis forward and held himself there. Josh gagged and coughed around the long thick dick blocking the depths of his throat. He coughed again as it slid back out coated in dripping ribbons of spit. He hardly had time to catch his breath before the bulging shaft returned, and withdrew and came back in again, every forth or fifth stroke burried its full length down the kid's willing neck, the Mexican's heavy nuts slapping against Josh's chin with every stroke of the face fucking! That dark tightly curled mass of hair sourounding Rhamos's wet shaft started to glisten with sweat and spit.

Rhamos's well defined naked body easily lifted the scrawny Josh back atop the taxi's hood. Josh streached his arms out over his head and shuffled his butt down the metal curve toward the edge of the grille; he knew what was comming next and he was almost unbearably happy about it too!

Rhamos was siliuetted against a gap in the concrete walls, his bulging outline augmented by an incrediable upward curve as he turned toward the front of the car. He bent down between Josh's raised legs and kissed the teenager's lips, it was a passion laden deep and wet kiss.

"Fuck me Ramy," Josh whispered. "...Please," he added quickly after.

Rhamos held his cock firmly and drew back his forskin. He rolled his exposed head across Josh's opening and pressed forward bunching the boy's ass along his broad veined shaft.

"Let me in Jojo," he whispered again, his large chest pressed against Josh's hard nipples. "Any other whore would be able to take me in him easily."

Josh kissed him and Rhomos tried a slightly different angle. With Josh's hands spreading his butt-cheeks and a little more force the bulbous pink head parted the ways and then, for the first time outside of two years of fantasies, he was back inside his beautiful young rich boy.

"Oh Christ Jojo," Rhamos whimpered as he withdrew a little and then pushed forward a little further.

"Go all the way in baby," Josh cried as he held the heaving muscled body close to himself. "I want you so deep in my arse that I can taste that big dick of yours!"

Holding each other tightly Rhamos fucked slowly. Josh tilted his head aside, he closed his eyes and gently moaned each time he took in a full nine inch power-stroke.

Then without a word of warning Josh was lifted into the air and while still impailed was spun around and forced up againt the cold concrete wall. Rhamos grabbed his hair and pulled back hard, his lips locked onto a spot on Josh's neck just below his dimpled chin. Josh could feel his back grating against the rough cast cement as the faster upward thrusts of a thick curved cock hit home against his gripping sphincter.

"Ramy," Josh said impatiently. "Ramy!" He slapped the man's rounded shoulder.

Rhamos grunted his disapproval and fucked the warm and soft streaching rectum even faster.

"Ramy! Someone's comming!"

"Well it sure as hell 'aint me, at least not just yet."

"No look at the firedoor, the lights are on, somebody's comming up the stairs."

"I'm not gonna stop fucking you just 'cause we're getting a live studio audience."

"But this is my dad's building, what if they recoginse me?

"Then I guess you'll have to add them to your client list." Rhamos answered in low grunts as Josh looked confused.

"Can't we just stay quiet here in the dark until they leave?"

The muscular Mexican grinned and he immeditaely carried Josh from the wall and out of the shoadows that had been hiding them. He walked under one of the fluresent bar lights and after lifting the kid's right leg over his shoulder remounted Josh from the side so that he exposed the boy's full and flawless nakedness in the direction of the stairwell.

"This shouldn't be a problem for a shit-assed little bitch whore like you!"

"Ramy?" Josh pleaded as he braced himself against the yellow cab's trunk, his bent arms absorbing the impact of the full withdraws and brutally deep returning thrusts.

They both heard the heavy blue firedoor swing open.

With briefcase in hand and iPhone buds in his ears the young blond guy in the expensive suit didn't even bother to look up as he headded off in the opposite direction engrosed in his live Bloomberg feed. Josh sighed in relief and relaxed a little, he even started to get an aching erection again.

"Yeah, take it you fucking boy-whore" Rhamos yelled, "take my big fat dick right up your ass!"

Instantly the guy turnned on his heals. He paused for a moment and then grinned as he began to walk closer. Josh tried to hide his face but even he found it hard to ignore the twenty-something's blond haired, blue eyed and square jawed beauty or, according to his rapidly tenting trousers, his apprent interest in what he was approching.

The unspoken guy placed his case between his feet and lent against a close-by concrete pillar. Not Josh nor Rhamos had noticed that the guy was holding his phone at a rather peculiar angle at his side.

"Hey pal, you wanna take a ride? This little slut's up for pretty much anything."

The hansome guy just shook his head slowly from side-to-side and then continued to watch.

Rhamos's grunting started to end in a short nasal whistle and Josh remembered what that siginaled. They had been watched for about five miniutes now and the show was about to literally cum to an end! Rhamos came first. Josh reached over his own back and held onto both of the throbbing nuts pressed against his ass. He squeezed them hard and made his Mexican man howl with pleasure.

"Hell yeah boy, fuckn' shit, that's the way! Milk dady's nuts, Oh shit kid!"

Josh felt the spunk explode deep inside him. He closed his eyes and licked his lips as the warmth of the flowing pluses of sperm spread past his twitching rectum and raced through the rest of his skinny naked body.

Just as soon as the initial orgasmic shock had left him Rhamos began fucking again. Each slow thrilling slide in and out of that sweet ass pumped his seed back down the outside of his still spasaming shaft where it clung onto his dark pubes like strings of white rubber.

When he finally withdrew for the last time he turned to show the handsome young stranger his semi-flacid sperm slickened prick. The guy flicked his head in the direction of Josh now sitting on the rear bumper and quickly masturbating; Rhamos smiled.

"Clean up this mess whore," Rhamos said holding his hanging package in front of Josh's face.

The blonde dude grinned as Josh went to work. He watched eagerly as the kid licked, sucked and eventually took each testicle and then the whole floppy dick it's self into his mouth, all while continuing to beat himself off in a steady languid rhythm.

"I'm gonna cum." Josh said quietly as he knelt over Rhamos's happy face. The teenager aimed his hairless prick into the waiting open mouth and shot a decient enough spray down the latino man's throat. Rhamos closed his lips around the boy's exposed glans and started sucking every last drop of cream from the depths of his lover's teenage balls. Neither of them had noticed the stranger leave immediately after that.

"Oh Josh," Rhamos said as the two drove out of the building and into the midday Manhattan sunshine. "About that job?"


"I'll take it!"

"Yes, I thought you might."

"So, at what time do you want me to pick you up in the morning?"

"Oh Ramy," Josh chuckled, "I don't need a driver, I need to expand my business."

"What?" Rhamos asked bluntly while breaking hard for the red traficlight.

"Shit Ramy, you're going to become a fuckn' expensive arse-whore - just like me!"

June 2012.


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