Franco and I fucked around with each other on and off for a few months. Although I was fond of my cop boy, it wasn't love. Besides Franco's need to be dominated was actually tiring. It was hard work to come up with ways to meet those needs. Franco needed a real Daddy, not someone like me, playing at being his Daddy. I set out to play matchmaker, but it was harder than I thought. Franco needed someone totally discreet.

Unfortuneatly the few Daddies I knew were anything but. They liked to get together and brag about their sons. These guys were not going to keep quiet about having a cop for a boy! Too much of a feather in their hats. Then there was the size factor. Franco was just too big! None of the men I knew were going to dominate Franco, unless he played along, which is what I was doing already. Meanwhile Franco was my bottom boy on and off.

One night Franco asked me to go to a party some cop was having. I wasn't too keen on it, but Franco said he wanted me to meet someone. I said I'd be glad to meet his buddy, but not at a party full of cops! Franco was persistant, which meant it was really important to him that I go. Franco seldom puts up a protest when I say no, it's not part of our sexual dynamic. So I caved.

So a week later I'm standing on a porch, with Franco,dressed in my usual boots, jeans and tee, waiting to be admitted to a house full of cops. I felt like a Christian with lions on the other side of the door. ( Few strippers are comfortable with cops, there are too many times when we push the limits of statutes governing proper attire and behavior. Plus as many strippers pull in extra money selling their bodies off stage,so most cops lump us all in the same category. Male prostitutes!)

The door opened, and a somewhat mature, musclular, gentleman invited us in. I walked into a room full of men, not a woman in sight. That made me automatically wary. Any party I'd been to with no women, was usually at a gay man's house. If these were all gay men, then I was about to learn information that could get back to bite me in the ass. I didn't want to be in a position to be able to name gays in the police force. Franco was bad enough, one slip of the tongue could cause any of these men a whole lot of trouble in the right circumstances.

Franco introduced me to Ben, our host, and I thought I picked up a peculiar undertone between them. I think Ben knew I was uncomfortable and he tried his best to put me at ease. I was introduced around, and got 'Ah Franco's freind!' usually accompanied by a knowing look, more than once. Maybe I don't fuck and tell, but apparently Franco didn't have any qualms about it.

That got my back up, and Franco got quite few glares from me. When we were all done meeting the men in the room, I plastered an insincere smile on my face and whispered in Franco's ear. ' I get the idea you've been shooting your mouth off boy! You are in deep shit!' Franco just grinned. He liked punishment. ' Withholding is a punishment too, boy!' His grin faded, but I saw him looking over at Ben with a troubled look on his face. Once again I was picking up peculiar vibes from these two. As the evening progressed I began to relax a little. No one was acting overtly gay and other than a little banter that would be common in any locker room, nothing sexual. We had a nice barbecue dinner, a few drinks and freindly conversation.

When dinner was over and the guests headed out I was ready to do the same. Franco begged me to stay, and as I had no other plans, I did. Finally it was just Ben, Franco, me and a nice guy named Kirby.

Ben cleared his throat. ' I asked Franco to invite you here for a reason Rusty. Recently some of us picked up on Franco's....needs.' I narrowed my eyes, and waited for him to go on. ' Franco has been a little free about your ....relationship. Something he needs to control!' We both shot a glare at Franco, who ducked his head, embarrassed. ' I'll come to the point, a couple of us think a cop needs a cop to cope with his needs!' A glimmer of where this was going seeped into my mind. I cast a thoughtful glimpse at Franco, then at Ben. The peculiar vibes started to make sense. Franco'd found himself a cop Daddy. A sense of relief overcame me. Then I looked at Kirby. His part in all of this was a puzzle. He just smiled and looked back to Ben.

' I'll be blunt, Ben. The thought has occurred to me more than once that I was over my head with what you term Franco's needs. Not that it hasn't been a fantastic experience boy!' This directed at Franco. ' I'm pretty fond of you, but I'm a novice at this whole scene. But if you are afraid of hurting my feelings because you found someone more suited to your needs, don't be. Not to hurt your feelings, boy, but while I am fond of you, and I certainly love playing with your great ass, I'm not in love with you. Neither do I feel like you are my property. You are free to go and do as you wish. I thought that was always clear!'

Franco gave me a sad little smile. ' I'll always love the time we had Sir. You may not think you are cut out to be a Daddy, but you do a pretty damn good job. I just don't think you are quite ready to go any further down that path.' He hung his head, ' I was afraid I was putting you between a rock and a hard place, and that you'd start hating me more than liking me.' ' That's alright, boy, I appreciate your concern.' I turned back to Ben. ' So, Ben, I get the idea that Franco already found his new Daddy?' Ben nodded. ' I'm guessing that Daddy would be you?'

Again Ben nodded. ' Congratulations Ben. I think he'll make a fine boy for you!' I cast a sideways glance at Kirby. ' Just where do you fit into this little conspiracy Kirby?'

' You never met me, but I'm Franco's partner. He never told you about me? Guess not!' He shot a glare at Franco. ' Well he's been free about talking about you!' A look of concern must have been on my face because he hastened to add. ' Oh, don't worry, not to everyone! Just me at first because I'm his partner, and partners share alot, especially when we are both gay. When I saw where he was headed though I got kind of concerned. I didn't mention any names, but I tracked down Ben and shared my worries with him. I've known him for years, and I knew he'd been down the road Franco's headed. Ben was concerned too, but well it wasn't his business. He was willing to talk to Franco, if Franco wanted to, but beyond that felt his hands were tied.' He glanced uncertainly over at Ben, who nodded for him to go on. ' I talked Franco into talking to Ben. I swear there were sparks in the air when they met.' He searched my eyes. ' It was pretty obvious that they were attracted to each other, but Ben is an honorable kind of guy. He knew about you, and not knowing how you felt wouldn't take things any farther til he had a chance to talk to you.'

I glanced over at Ben, who nodded, then at Franco, who blushed bright red. And I laughed. ' Ben may have scruples, but I think the boy wanted Ben's dick up his ass from the get go! Ain't that right boy?' Franco turned even redder if that was possible. Ben stepped in, ' I believed you were asked a question son!' As easily as that, Ben took over where I left off.

I turned to Kirby, ' I think these two need a little privacy and since I rode over with Franco, I need a ride home. Give a newly defrocked Daddy a ride home?' Kirby laughed, ' I was just going offer, C'mon let's give these two some space!'

We said goodbye to Ben and Franco but they were so absorbed in each other, they barely noticed. Ben did invite me to visit again, but I could tell he was just waiting to get his hands on Franco. As I closed the door behind me, I heard Ben tell Franco, that he'd been less then circumspect about his relationship with me, and that he was going to learn better. I smiled, as I softly closed the door, then turned to follow Kirby. And once more noticed what I fine ass, this little cop had.

Okay I'll be honest. I'd been checking out Kirby all night when I thought noone was looking.

He was a compact blonde blue eyed little muscle stud. Now, I'm not much into blondes. Guys like Franco are more my style. Of course I like Franco's dark good looks on guys more Kirby's size. Franco is like Sam's Club. A good thing, but more than most people can handle.

I continued to check Kirby out as we walked to his car. His arms caught the street lights, and there was a halo of hair on his arms. I like hairy guys but seldom meet a very hairy blonde. This had possibilities. The problem was, I didn't pick up any intrest from Kirby. Maybe he didn't like hairy redheads! Oh well, no harm in enjoying the view. Especially the view of that spectacular little ass!

As we got into the car, I started to give Kirby my address. ' No need Rusty, I dropped Franco off at your place a couple of times. I know where you live.' He paused a moment. ' It's not really fair to you, this whole situation. We know quite a bit about you but you know nothing about us.'

I shrugged, ' Kirby, it's water under the bridge. I'm just relieved Franco found some one. We were heading to an ending anyway. He was going too far too fast, I couldn't keep up.'

Kirby drove silently for awhile. ' So if Franco's out of the picture, are you up for someone else? Someone who's ....a little tamer in the bedroom?' Surprised, I looked over at him. ' Hey dude, I caught you checking out my ass. I confess I was checking you out too. You look to have a pretty nice basket on you.' He paused. ' Hell, as long as we are being honest, I think my ass would like to meet what's hiding in your jeans!'

I was totally nonplussed. I had no clue he even checked me out! I came to my senses quickly, though! I wasn't going to turn oppurtunity away! ' Why don't you come in, when we get to my house? I think we should introduce our two body parts, see if they like each other!' Kirby chuckled, ' Oh I think they'll get along...Fucking Great!'

It was a good thing the trip was short, because I popped a rager just thinking of seeing that tight little body in the flesh. Once in the door, Kirby wasted little time. ' I sure could use a drink, if that wouldn't be too much to ask.' He laughed. ' I'm suddenly remembering Franco's stories, and I'm suddenly a little intimidated, now that we're here.' ' God, Franco must have made me sound like a raging sadist! ' ' Well, a bit more wild then I'm used to, yeah! But some of it was totally hot.' Then he looked around the room, then grinned mischeviously. ' Hey no um candles, okay? At least not yet!' I groaned, rolled my eyes, and motioned him into the kitchen. Franco's mouth needed sewing shut!

Kirby perched his fine ass on the kitchen table as I mixed drinks. After handing him, his, I reached out and laid my hand along side his neck. I just stared into those clear blue eyes a moment then let my gaze run over his handsome face. It was kind of round and boyish, yet definitely a man's face. He was almost pretty. Long blonde lashes, snub nose, little ears, full pink lips, light gold tan. I leaned in to kiss those lips, slowly giving him a chance to back away. Some guys just don't kiss. He lifted his lips to meet mine. It was a gentle kiss, no passionate melding of the lips, just soft and easy.

When we pulled apart, Kirby put down his drink, and meeting my eyes pulled his t-shirt off over his head. My first glimpse was of a dark blonde treasure trail over nicely hard abs. His chest came into view, nicely covered in shining gold hair, with two of the pinkest nipples I'd remembered seeing. The shirt mussed up his blonde curls as it came off, making him look even more boyish. I just drank in the sight. The word pretty came to mind again. The man was just plain pretty in a very masculine way! Smiling, he stood up, turned, and bent over to untie his shoes, his tight white jeans, straining over his ass. Shoes off he glanced back at me, smiled, and still bent over, undid his pants. He eased down his jeans in that postition, revealing a tight pair of whities, molded to that fantastic butt. His legs were tan and covered in more golden hair.

Stepping out of the jeans he turned to me. I nice compact hardon pushed out the front of his briefs. ' Your turn guy, I've been waiting to see you all night!'

I admit, I didn't display any stripper technique. I practically ripped off my clothes, I was so hot to get my hands on that tight little bod! In record time I was down to boxer briefs.

Kirby stepped up to me and ran his fingers through the red hair matting my chest. He ran his palm over the hair on my stomach, and down the length of my hard dick. ' Wow, it looks like you are covered in copper!' He smiled. ' And this looks like it's ready to come out and play!' He sank to his knees, pulling my shorts down as he went. His eyes went a little wide at the sight of my fat uncut dick. It's only about seven inches, but man is it fat. I've heard the word pop can to describe it. Kirby licked his lips, then leaned in to run his tongue up my shaft. He flicked his tongue across the tip of the glans where it peeked out from it's hood. Then he pulled back that hood to expose the spongy lavender head. Once again he flicked the piss slit with his tongue. He looked up at me,' I'm not sure I can even get my mouth around this thing. But I'm sure gonna try!' And proceeded to do just fine. His hot wet mouth on my dick had me moaning. Kirby was good!

I let him suck for a while, then pulled him up. 'My turn!' Then I sank down pulling his briefs with me. His very white and pink cock was absolutely the prettiest one I'd ever seen. I've found dicks to be sexy, intimidating and even ugly, but never pretty. It curved up in a five inch arc towards his belly. It was soft and white, like velvet over marble, in it's nest of dark blonde curls.. The head was a light pink and so perfectly formed it was unreal. I touched it gently, then leaned in close to touch the pink head with my tongue. A taste of salt, and a drop of precum. I slid that thing into my mouth, and savored the texture the taste and even the clean smell. I ran my hands up his strong thighs, and rested them just under his cheeks. I sucked gently.

After a while Kirby's hands came down to grasp my wrists. He moved them over that perfect butt, so silky under my palms.I just had to see it! I released his dick to let spring free, and turned him around.

His ass was two perfect white bubbles, set off by his gold tan. He must wear a speedo when sunbathing. Dark blonde hairs fanned out from a deep crevice. Like he read my mind, Kirby bent forward, spreading his legs a little, so I could see his tiny pink hole. Even his asshole was pretty. I leaned forward to plant a kiss on each round cheek. I cupped his globes in my hands and spread them apart. I ran my tongue from the base of his round little balls, across his pink pucker, and up to the base of his spine. Then went back for more. I did this several times and each time my tongue slid across his tiny hole Kirby let out a little gasp. Kirby laid his upper body across the table and spread his legs even wider. I place the tip of my tongue on his little slit and pushed it in. Just the tip. I could feel Kirby shiver. Then I forced it in a little further. Kirby groaned. I then proceeded to slowly tongue fuck that pretty pink hole. His butt tasted clean with a hint of salt from sweat.

Kirby wriggled his ass on my tongue, I pulled his cheeks further apart trying to get it in deeper. Kirby moaned and groaned and kept trying to get more of my tongue up his ass.

Finally he whispered, ' Fuck me Rusty, I want your dick inside me!' I pulled out my tongue, stood up, and patted his butt. ' Okay, I'll be right back, don't go anywhere!' I left him bent over the table and dashed upstairs to grab a condom and lube. Dashed back down to find him still bent over the table,eyes closed, his finger massaging the outside of his little hole. Not in his hole, just around it. I was glad, I didn't want him to start the next part without me. I slipped on the condom and lubed it up. Then I laid my dick on his ass crack and slid it up and down getting the out side of his hole wet. Kirby bucked up against me, little moans slipping out of his throat. I pulled back a little, and dribbled lube into his hole. A little more lube on the tip, and I put the head against his pretty pink opening. I pushed, watching the pink ring stretch around the tip of my dick. My dick looked too big and his hole too small, so I took it slow, gave Kirby's hole time to adjust. Kirby was moaning, low and deep in his throat, his body trembling. I was afraid I was hurting him, when I heard, ' More, give me More!' As impossible as it seemed that tiny opening just kept steadily swallowing my dick until I was balls deep inside him. Those perfect cheeks were resting on my pubic hair. It was an incredible sight. He felt so hot and tight around my dick.

Kirby began to wriggle around, making sure he had every bit of my dick in him. The feeling was wonderful. Then my dick must have hit the sweet spot inside, because Kirby gave a little jerk and gasp! ' C'mon Rusty, fuck me, fuck me hard, I want your dick pumping the shit out of me!'

Happy to oblige I pulled my dick back, watching his pink ring grasp the shaft and try to keep me in. When I could feel my glans come up against the ring I paused just a moment to look at the sight of my dick lodged in his hole, then rammed it all of the way back in. Kirby yelped, and pushed back to meet my thrust. I pulled most of the way out, then rammed my dick back into his guts. I started long dicking his white bubble butt, slow out, hard in. Kirby moaned, yelped and begged for more. I fucked him like that for a few minutes, then pulled all of the way out. ' Lay on the table for me baby, I want to see your face when I fuck you!' Quick as a wink, Kirby was on his back pulling his legs back and begging me to shove it back in. Happy to oblige, I rammed my dick back into his pink hole. Kirby's head thrashed from side to side as I fucked him. His balls and dick bounced with every thrust. A glistening sheen of sweat darkened his golden chest and belly hair. I must have hit his sweet spot with every in and every out. I loved watching my fat dick slide in and out of his perfect little body.

'God, oh God, Fuck me Rusty, Fuck me! Harder! Harder!' I was slamming into his hot ass so hard, the table was slamming against the wall.

Suddenly Kirby let out a strangled gasp,went rigid, and his perfect pink cock head shot come over his head, onto the wall, his face, his chest and belly. The sight was so hot, I rammed myself in to the hilt,and with an snarled gasp, shot deep in his gut.

Panting Kirby pulled me down for a deep kiss, my dick still buried inside him. I laid my head on his chest, and listened to the thunder of his heart. I pulled my head up and kissed him again.

His blue eyes were looking at me with a kind of wonder in them. ' God, Rusty, that felt so great!' He wriggled his ass around a little and looked at me with surprise! ' You're still hard as a rock! I thought you came!' ' I did.' ' Really!' He wriggled his ass around a little more and must have poked his sweet spot, because he gasped. ' How many times can you fuck with that thing!' ' Kirby, with a man as hot as you, probably won't go soft all night!' I started moving inside him again, gently. Kirby's eyes got wide. ' OH God yes! Fuck me again, fuck me all night long!' And I pretty much did!




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