Tim was driving home on a back farm road. His old pick up could handle the ruts and Tim liked seeing the starry sky way out here. He was driving slow, taking in the night sky when he heard a buzzing sound that kept getting louder. Suddenly there was a bright flash that blinded Tim and rendered him unconscious.

When he woke up, Tim was strapped to a table, naked, spread eagle. He could see he was in a large, dark room, silent but for the buzz he had heard before in the truck. A man entered the room. At least Tim thought it was a man, a huge man, maybe seven feet tall. As he got closer, Tim saw this man as a magnificent specimen, but of what? This alien being said, 'Timothy, you will serve us well. No harm will come to you.' Tim said, 'How did you know my name? And who are you?' 'We know all of the information that was in your brain. For instance, we know that you prefer the sexual company of men. That suits our project. My name is Gort. I am from the planet Arouse. For the time being, I am your master.' Tim asked, 'What do you want from me?'

Gort dropped his loose garment revealing a stunning Greek God body and a huge, erect cock. He said, 'Timothy, first I must honor my planet by placing my seed within you.'

'What do you mean? I'm not gay! Where'd you get that shit?'

Gort responded, 'Timothy, I have read your mind, all of it. I know you have had dalliances with other boys and dream of sexual contact with an adult male. You love your best friend, Benjamin.'

Tim was defeated. It was all true. And this was the dude of dudes. Gort said, 'Timothy, do not be afraid. I will insert my penis deep inside your body. It will be most pleasurable for both of us. Tim couldn't see how that huge dick up his ass could be pleasurable. Gort placed his large hands over Tim's face and head. Tim noticed that Gort's fingernails were black, normal but black.

As Gort's hands covered Tim's head, Tim felt every pain he had disappear. Gort looked pleased and unfastened Tim's restraints. Tim felt no desire to try to escape or even move. Gort picked up Tim, limp as a rag doll, and carried him to another room. This room was furnished with plush pillows and had a serving boy, a beautiful, naked maybe nineteen year old. Tim noticed that the boy had black fingernails, too. Gort laid me down on my stomach. As Gort loomed above my butt, the boy took hold of Gort's cock, aimed it at my asshole and said, 'Ready, Master.'

Gort impaled him in one stroke. Just as he had said, the quick insertion of his giant cock was pleasurable, more than pleasurable. Tim was ecstatic! Gort's cock went right through Tim. Gort pounded Tim for hours and came inside him like a force of nature. He seemed pleased. He motioned to the serving boy. The boy went over to Tim and sat on his steely dick. Tim came in a minute up the boy's ass. Gort said, 'We value your sperm, Timothy. The seed you have placed in this male receptacle will develop many clones, just as my seed in you will develop.' Shocked, Tim said, 'You mean I'm pregnant?' Gort said, 'Not exactly. While you do harbor life within you, as soon as we return to Arouse, our doctors will remove all of the clone embryo from within you. I assure you there will be no physical ramifications.'

True to his word, when they landed on Arouse, a lush, green, unspoiled land; Tim was taken to a clinic and underwent a brief procedure, which Tim was told, removed the clones from inside him. The doctor who performed the procedure asked if Tim would like a tour of the facility? The most delightful thing was seeing playgroups of beautiful children, each with black fingernails. The doctor offered Tim a drink and a serving boy brought a delicious punch.

When Tim woke up, he was back in his truck on the same road. He raced home. He wasn't late at all. Gort must control time. He called Ben. He saw that his fingernails were black. 'You got to come over. I've had an adventure you won't believe!'

Ben, Tim's lifelong crush, listened intently to Tim's story. Ben said, 'So it's true? You love me?' That wasn't exactly the response Tim expected. He looked down and said, 'Yeah, Ben, I do love you.' Ben dived onto Tim and kissed him hard and passionately. They got naked in a minute. As Ben fucked Tim, he said, 'I've always loved you, Tim. I want to fuck you forever.' Tim wondered how he could thank Gort from Arouse.




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