Another Naked Handyman Story

by gary_4_u

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I was living in Arizona and had a lucrative handyman service going. It was a special kind of service as I catered to the gay community as “The Naked Handyman”.

I worked naked whenever asked, which was most of the time. I had a lot of repeat customers as well as many referrals. Most jobs ended up with a nice tip, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I decided to move to an East Coast state to be closer to aging family members and told my regular clients that I would no longer be available.

I made the move smoothly and was all settled in when one of my former clients, Tom, contacted me and begged me to come do some work for him.

He told me that he couldn’t find anyone locally that was capable and would pay all of my expenses. I could stay with him as well.

I asked him just what he wanted done. He said he wanted to convert his spare room into a sex dungeon.

I told him I would do it but it would be quite expensive. He didn’t care and I was on a plane south a week later.

He picked me up at the airport and we were soon at his house. He showed to my room and then we discussed his project and other needs. I was soon naked and sucking his cock.

Since I am a submissive bottom, he took control immediately and soon I had a mouthful of his cum.

The following day we purchased everything I would need for his project and then stopped at a local sex shop to purchase some things he said he needed to make my stay a little more enjoyable.

I was scheduled to stay for 2 weeks and in several days, I had his project finished, leaving us with over a week of just play time.

He told me that he was having a house warming party that weekend and I would be the guest of honor.

Friday night came and his guests began arriving. I greeted each of them at the door, naked as was the rule. Everyone enjoyed groping me as the entered and made all kind of lewd suggestions and promises of what they would like to do with me.

It didn’t take long before we were all in the dungeon and I was on my knees being fed some hard cock.

Soon after I had tasted most of the cocks present, I was led to a fuck bench and strapped onto it.

A cock was pushed into my mouth and I could feel cold lube being worked into my ass.

Then a hard cock was forced quickly into me. I tried to moan but couldn’t with a mouthful of cock. Then the fucking began.

I heard Tom telling everybody that I was theirs to do with as they wanted all night long.

They all fucked me at both ends a couple of times and I swallowed at least 8 loads and had that many emptied into my ass.

They got me off of the bench and we all lounged around for a while having some drinks and talking about what they would do to me next.

After everyone got their second wind, I was put into the sex swing for round 2.

This time though they all lined up at my ass. There would be no cock sucking, just fucking me.

They lined up with the smaller dicks going first, then the larger ones after them.

As the first cock entered my hungry hole someone else began working my nipples over. They were pinched and pulled until they had hardened and protruded almost a half inch.

Someone produced some nipple suction cups and put them on. This was a new experience for me and I liked it. They stretched my nipples even further and made them much more sensitive.

All of this became a sensory over load of sorts and my cock was twitching and dripping pre-cum. The first guy didn’t last as long as I expected before filling me with his seed.

The next guy had a little bit bigger cock and wasted no time shoving it into me. He began fucking me hard and fast. He also had some stamina and fucked me for at least fifteen minutes before seeding me deeply.

Now the larger cocks began using my hole as my nipples were starting to ache from the suction cups on them. Someone removed the suction cups and my nipples were red and sore. But that didn’t stop anyone from pinching them and pulling on them.

The next cock had a slight curve to it and was hitting my prostate just right. Along with the nipple abuse he soon had me emptying my balls all over my stomach.

Someone quickly licked all of my cum from me, as I was still being fucked hard and deep.

When the guy fucking me unloaded into me Tom declared a break so I could get rejuvenated some before going on.

As I was taken out of the swing, I could feel all of the cum running out of me and down my legs.

Tom gave me a drink of whiskey along with a little something to help me “arise” to the situation. After 30 minutes I was once again up for some more action.

He put me back into the swing and someone with a much larger cock than before slowly began working its way into me. He stretched my hole out some but eventually was balls deep.

He began really pounding me hard and deep making the swing do just that, swing back and forth. This action was actually helping him get as deep as possible.

One of the other guys was stroking my cock and it was once again dripping pre-cum like a faucet.

Tom was now standing at my head and telling me that once this guy finished fucking and breeding me, he was going to suspend by my arms over his body and lower me onto his hard cock. Then I would be moved up and down virtually fucking myself with his cock.

About now I felt that old familiar feeling of being bred with the warmth of his cum spurting into my hole.

They took me out of the swing and attached my wrists to a spreader bar that was attached to a pulley system above a bench. Tom was face up on the bench as I was slowly lowered onto his hard cock.

This was something I had never done before and I was amazed at how deep his cock was getting to me.

Then once I touched his hips with my ass cheeks the motion stopped. Tom then showed me the remote he had in his hand and started pressing a button on it. I was being pulled up now but not high enough to get off his cock before being lowered back down.

He increased the speed of this action and I was being raised and lowered like this until all of a sudden, he hit another button, and I just dropped onto him as he began unloading his full balls into me deeper than I have ever experienced before.

When he finished a couple of guys released me from the apparatus and lifted me off of him.

Tom got up and told everybody that that was the end of tonight’s festivities but would keep them informed when the next night of debauchery would take place.

Once everybody left we took showers and went to bed with me being totally exhausted.

The following day we just kind of lounged around being lazy.

A couple of days before I was ready to leave Tom got a phone call. When he finished he told me that it had been Pete calling. Pete was the guy that fucked me in the swing with the biggest cock that night of the party.

He said Pete had asked us to come over for a little play time at his house before I left town and was I up to it. He said it would just be the three of us.

I said sure, when? He said that evening.

So, we got ourselves ready to go and headed to Pete’s at 7. When we got there Pete welcomed us into his home.

After some drinks he told us to get comfortable as he took off his clothes.

To be continued………

by gary_4_u

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