My hair had grown to shoulder length during the last months and now the time had come to get rid of it again. But first I wanted to have done a special treatment to my hair and to myself. So I phoned the hairdresser who had shaved my head before already and with whom I had wonderful sex at that time and asked him if he was interested to do something special with me.

I told him to bring a lot of time and his tools for giving my hair a perm. He was very excited about my plan and on a Sunday morning he came. I was naked already when I opened the door and my penis went straight up when I saw this good looking guy.

We went to my bathroom and I helped him getting rid of his clothes. His penis got as hard as mine and we went into the bath tub. I was on my knees and he was standing in front of me and offered his penis to my mouth. I pushed it deep into my throat and at the same time I pushed a dildo deep into my own ass.

As he started to rinse my head with warm water I masturbated my penis, moved the dildo inside me and sucked his penis. He then shampooed my hair and fucked my throat. He put a lot of shampoo on my hair and it was running down all over my body. I then stopped masturbating and fucking myself and shampooed my body hair and my pubic hair

Now my head was rinsed again with warm water and I felt my long wet hair flowing down my shoulders. Finally he shot his load of sperm into my throat and I swallowed it with great fun while I pushed the dildo deep into my ass again.

Now we got to the stage that my hair was curled up by my hairdresser. He started this with his penis still in my mouth. I had not left it loose since he had ejaculated into my throat and it had got thick and hard again in my mouth.

After a short time all my hair was curled up and ready to be treated with the necessary chemicals. I had to let go his penis and turn around that he was standing behind my and applying the chemicals. That gave me the opportunity to take care of my own penis and I masturbated it with both hands until he had finished with the chemicals and I caught my own natural chemicals shooting out of my canon with both hands.

The waiting time for the curls to develop we used to shampoo my body and my pubic hair again and the hairdresser then started shaving my body. First parts to shave were my armpits and my chest and then the hairdresser masturbated my penis and massaged my balls to make them hard for being shaved as well. While he shaved my dick and balls I fucked myself with the dildo in both hands up my ass again.

As my body was shaved clean it was time to rinse my hair and takes the curlers out of my hair. I had his penis in my mouth agaon when he started rinsing my hair and taking the curlers out. He then sensed and shampooed my hair and rinsed it again while I was masturbating my penis with both hands and sucking his penis at the same time. Finally he dried my hair a bit with a towel and we got out of the bath tub that I could see the result of his art in the mirror.

I sat down in front of the mirror and he stated to dry my hair with a hair dryer standing in front of me. As he moved one of his hands through my cirled hair and holding the hair dryer in the other to blow dry my hair I had both hands free for our penises. I masturbated his and mine at the same time.

As my hair was dried completely I loved to see the locks of my hair all around my head and I used the chance for a last orgasm before my head would be shaved bald again. Watching my curled head I masturbated my penis and suddenly I felt my hairdresser penis inside my ass and while he fucked me hard I came and massage my shaved body with the sperm that came from me.

While doing that I felt a warm shot of sperm from my hairdresser shooting inside me.

Now It was time for a rest and we were lying on my bed for a while and fell asleep for a short time holding each other in our arms. When I woke up I started to massage the hairdresser's penis and he woke up with his penis getting hard. I then sat on him guiding his penis into my ass and hopping up and down to be fucked.

Then I shook my long hair in all directions and tickled his naked body with my hair. I bowed down a bit and put all my hair from the back over my head and then I took the clipper and started shaving my head from the neck upwards. My hair was falling on the hairdresser's body and he enjoyed it as much as I did. The hairdresser's penis got bigger and harder inside me and my own penis got hard and grew big as well.

Now I masturbated my penis again and continued shaving my head. All my hair was falling on his body. When all hair had fallen from my head I spread it all over his body and I took a ride on his penis masturbating my own with both hands now. We both shot our sperm out nearly at the same time. I felt his being pumped up my ass and mine hit him in his face and he opened his mouth to swallow what I sent.

We then went back to the bath and took a shower to wash all my hair from our bodies. He then took to shaving ceam and applied a lot on my head. He then was standing behind me and covered my head with a thick layer of shaving cream. Suddenly I felt his hangs ful of shaving cream on my ass and one of his fingers found its way into my ass and he put his finger deep inside me.

As his finger found my prostate area my penis got highly erected and started shaving my head with the razor guiding it from the forehead backwards against the grain. With the other hand I touched my head to make sure that the top of my head got really smooth. The finger was still giving me a lot of fun and my canon wanted to shoot again.

So I asked the hairdresser to continue fingering my prostate and shaving the back and sides of my head at the same time. That gave me the possibility to take care of my penis with both hands again. Finally my head was clean shaved again and used my sperm as an aftershave on my head a few seconds later.

I thought that our session now was slowly coming to an end but that was a very nice error. My hairdresser said: 'Now I want you to be my hairdresser. I want my blonde hair dyed black and then getting my head shaved as well.' I was highly surprised and feeled honoured to be his hairdresser now.

We were still in the bath tub and the hairdresser guided my hrd penis inzo his ass and started masturbating his own while I applied the black colour to his hair which he had brought as well. I put the plastic gloves on and worked the colour all through his hair fucking him at the same time. We then kept on fucking and masturbating until the colour had evenly developed all through his hair.

As I started to rinse his hair with clear water he took the razor and started to shave his armpits and his chest and finally went down to his penis and balls to shave them clean as well. I shampooed his black hair and he used the shampoo running down his body to shave himself clean all over.

Now it was my turn to dry my hairdresser's hair. We got out of the bath and while he was kneeling in front of me sucking my penis I dried his hair with a hair dryer and styled it that it was standing away from his head in all directions. He was masturbating his penis again then and I finished styling his hair with some hairspray.

My hairdresser did look now a bit like a sweet little hedgehog with his spiky hair and I asked him to caress my naked clean shaved body and my shaved head with his hair. As he did so my penis had to be served again with both my hands. When I felt his hair around my penis and balls I let my penis go and immediately he took it back in his mouth and sucked it.

I took the clipper now and started shaving his neck and went up one side and shaved off his hair around one ear and then around the other. I continued shaving his head giving him a Mohawk and when that was done I took the shaving cream and applied it to the clipper shaved parts of his head. Then I shaved these parts clean and he continued sucking my penis and masturbated his own again with both hands.

Now I wanted to show him the result of my work and told him to get up and see himself in the mirror. I was standing behind him now and pushed my penis into his ass and fucked him again while I was caressing his shaved parts and the remaining Mohawk. I took the clipper again and from the back of his head I guided the clipper upwards close to the skin and shaved the Mohawk off very slowly. When I reached the top of his head he leaned his head backwards and I shaved the rest of his Mohawk off and the hair was falling down his face which made him crazy. He grabbed his penis and masturbated with raw power. Mine inside his ass got a bit tired and so I took it out and pushed the diildo into his ass instead. We moved dildo and penis simultaneously until he had all his sperm in his hands and he used it to make the stubbles on his head weak for the clean shave.

We went back to the bath tub and my hairdresser kneeled in front of me. Now it was my turn to masturbate again until I had my orgasm and my sperm also helped to make his head ready for the clean shave. We were both standing in the bath tub now, me behind him applying the shaving cream all over his head. I then olso took a load of cream and applied it around his asshole and my pointing finger found its way into him and also found his prostate. Then I started the clean shave of his head with the razor keeping on stimulating his prostate at the same time. When I had finished shaving his head I took my finger our of him and turned the water of the shower on. We took turns in fucking each other up the ass and masturbating our own penises at the same time while we caressed each other's shaved heads with our hands. We both had our next orgasm then in bad masturbating our penises while looking at each other and then we fell asleep until the evening.



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