Well, here it is. A nice lazy Sunday morning and I'm sitting here at my computer. However, this is a bit different from previous times since I'm sitting on a heavy cushion with an ice pack firmly between the cheeks of my ass. And, this is what happened.

Some of you may have read the story of my first time. Since that first time, my lover, Rick, and I have had a weekly session; sessions that I have enjoyed tremendously. I thought that last night would be no different but, that was not to be the case.

I arrived at his house at my normal time and as is our habit, we sat down in his living room to share a bottle of wine. After my second or third glass, I was definitely getting 'into the mood' when Rick's doorbell rang. I was a bit annoyed at this since I was getting eager to go to the bedroom with Rick but I realized that there was little I could do. Rick answered the door and a guy about ten years younger than Rick stepped in and shook hands with him. Again, I felt a bit annoyed at the interruption and hoped to myself that the visitor would not be there long. Little did I suspect that this was an invited visitor. And little did I realize what was about to happen.

Rick introduced me to his friend, Steve, and we shook hands and sat back on couch. Rick promptly disappeared and came back with another bottle of wine. Steve was a good looking guy, thinner than Rick, and more heavily muscled. Soon, my feelings of annoyance were over as we talked and drank more wine. After a bit, my head was beginning to feel the effects of the wine but I could still see that Steve was looking at me in much the same manner that Rick usually did.

At this point, Rick steered the conversation to the subject of sex and casually said to me, 'So how long has it been since I've been into your sweet ass?' Even with the wine, I was red-faced and replied, 'You should know; I'm over here every Saturday night.' Rick just laughed and casually said to Steve, 'He's one of the best pieces of ass that I've ever had.' Again, my face became red as Steve smiled at me and said, 'Is that right?'

By now, I was getting the feeling that the night was going to turn out different than previous nights, but again, I had no idea how different it was going to be. At this point, both men got up and sat down on either side of me on the couch. Rick took my hand and casually put it on his crotch. I could feel his cock, still soft, but large and inviting. 'You know, it's really getting warm in here', Rick said to Steve and both men stood up, directly in front of me and began to disrobe.

As with my first time with Rick, I thought briefly of getting the hell out of the house but the combination of the wine (and some curiosity) kept me glued to the couch. In no time at all, both men were stripped down to their briefs. Then as if on cue, both men smiled, looked me directly in the eye and pulled down their last item of clothing.

Even with the wine, I visibly shivered. Both of their cocks hung lazily down, gently swaying back and forth as they stood there with their hands on their hips. Although the size of Rick's cock had always intimidated me (He is at least three inches longer than me and much larger around), I was doubly intimidated to see both of these huge cocks in front of me. Steve's cock was at least as long as Rick's but with what seemed to be a larger head. But, what really caused me to be startled was the size of Steve's balls. They were much bigger than Rick's and hung much lower.

Rick then broke the silence by saying to me, 'Come on lover, let's get those clothes off you.' Not giving me a chance to respond, both men came over to me and quickly pulled my shirt and pants off leaving only my own briefs. Rick then rolled me over on my stomach and with one rough, sudden movement pulled my briefs down to my knees and then all the way off. 'Didn't I tell you he had a great ass?', Rick said to Steve. 'Oh man!', Steve replied, gently feeling and massaging my butt cheeks.

The wine had rendered me unable to put up any kind of a struggle, even if I had wanted to. Both men helped me to my feet and led me to the bedroom. I had no idea as to what to do. What were they going to do to me? Rick smiled at me and said casually, 'Hey lover, how about a taste test?' Both men then forced me to my knees and stood directly in front of me. 'OK Lover', said Rick, 'Now show Steve how nice you can be.'

I didn't need any encouragment. As with Rick, I put my lips on the huge head of Steve's cock and began to slowing lick it. Instantly, the huge cock began to respond and I put the mushroom head in my mouth and began to work it in earnest. I could tell by Steve's breathing that he was pleased with my work. At this point, Rick took one of my hands and placed it on his cock. I rubbed back and forth on it and then turned my mouth's attention to it while tightly gripping Steve's rod. In no time at all, Rick was fully hard. Both men were now fully erect and I was able to see the results of my now-expert cock sucking.

By now, I knew every inch and every vein on Rick's magnificent tool. However, Steve was new to me and God, was he different! While Rick's cock was almost totally straight, Steve's tool had a pronounced upward bend, as with a giant banana. And, while Rick's cock was dark and heavily veined, Steve's tool was like white marble and even more heavily veined. And, those balls! They were so huge that I couldn't take my eyes off them.

Although I now wondered what I was going to do, I shouldn't have wondered at all. Both men knew what they were going to do and I was helpless to do anything. Both of them gently helped me to my feet and led me over to the bed. All three of us sprawled on the bed when Rick suddenly explained 'Sh*t! I forgot something!' He disappeared into the bathroom and, in no time, reappeared with a totally familiar tube that I well knew. Rick handed the tube to Steve with the warning, 'You'll have to use a lot; he has a real tight ass.' As with Rick, Steve was very gentle as he readied me for my first session of the evening. He gently massaged my asshole with the finger of one hand and with the other hand slowly inserted the long nozzle into my quivering asshole. 'Relax, just relax', he said as if he were a doctor administering to a frightened patient. With those words, I managed to spread my legs and ready my asshole for what was to come. As the cold nozzle went up my asshole, I whimpered softly. At this, Steve put his hand on the small of my back and gave a number of squeezes on the tube until he had emptied half the tube into my now ready rectum.

'Do you want to go first?' Steve asked Rick. I looked up to see Rick nod and move into position between my suddenly-jelly legs.

'OK,lover', Rick said, 'Lift that sweet ass for me.' Still shaking, I lifted myself to my elbows and knees and waited for Rick to mount me. Steve watched intently, his big dark cock still ready. As is his habit, Rick took his time entering me, putting the cock head against my tightly puckered asshole, teasing me and making me wait for the inevitable. Out of sheer anticipation, I was shaking so badly that I couldn't control it. Rick instructed Steve to hold me shoulders down; a task that Steve was only too happy to comply with.

As with every other time that Rick fucked me, I was totally helpless. However, this time it was different. I was going to be fucked by two well-endowed studs; a task that I didn't think I was going to be able to handle.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Rick finally slipped the head of his cock into me and I again felt the thrill of being totally conquered by my lover. This time was different though in that I was being held down by two strong utterly dominant pairs of hands; one firmly holding my shoulders to the mattress and the other holding my ass firmly while he fed my too-small, but yet willing, asshole.

Compounding these feelings was the back-and-forth conversation of my two lovers. 'How is it man?' Steve said to Rick. 'Like always man, best piece of ass I've ever had' was Rick's reply. 'Come around here and look at this' Ricki said to Steve. Steve released my shoulders for a bit and moved to Rick's side. 'Oh Sh*t, man; look at that little asshole take it! You're going to split him, man!' At this, Rick grabbed my ass even tighter and pumped me even harder seeming to take delight in seeing how hard he could smack my ass with his body. 'Go on man, ride that ass'. Their talk only made me more excited. And, my moans seemed to make them all the more determined to fuck my brains out. After pumping my now surrendered asshole for at least twenty minutes, I could finally feel Rick's cock becoming more and more engorged inside me. With one long thrust, I knew that he was taking his satisfaction. I heard him cry out, 'Oh Yeah' and felt the contractions as he pumped his hot cum into the tip of the condom that was nine and one half glorious inches up in my now well-stretched asshole.

I felt the monster gradually go soft as I obediently remained with my ass in the air while he withdrew. As he carefully pulled his cock out, he shot Steve a satisfied smile and said, 'Your turn, partner'. Although, I was still on my elbows and knees, I turned to see what I would be servicing next. Steve smiled down at me as he rolled the condom onto his cock and carefully adjusted it. 'Well, are you ready for round two, buddy?' I looked up at his cock and could only shake my head. Evidently, watching Rick pound my ass into submission had only made him more excited and had caused his cock to swell to even greater proportions than when I had had it in my mouth. The huge tool was at least as long as Rick's but was now much larger around. And the cockhead was something I did not even wish to contemplate going into me.

No matter, Rick and Steve now changed positions and I readied myself to accomodate Steve's weapon. Thankfully, Rick said to Steve that might be good to empty the rest of the lubricant into my asshold. Rick had stretched my asshole to the point that I barely felt the nozzle go into me, although the coolness of the lubricant did feel good on my now-burning asshole. 'Oh man, you're going to love this' Steve said as he moved himself into position. I looked back at the huge tool, looking at its curved thickness and wondering how on earth I could possibly accomodate him.

Suddenly, I felt the huge cockhead at the lips of my asshole. Rick held my shoulders firmly down and there was little I could do except concentrate on accepting the inevitable. The cockhead enterered me and I could not help crying out. The big hands gripped my ass, prying my cheeks further and further apart. Thankfully, Rick's tool had prepared me well for Steve. In five minutes, Steve was totally inside me. However, Steve was far from finished with me. 'OK, man; I'm going to give you the hardest ride you've ever had.' With that, he began what was to be the hardest fuck that I ever hope to have. Unlike Rick, who usually took one or two inch strokes into my asshole, Steve would take his tool a good six inches back before he would slam it into me again.

If there is anything such as a fucking machine, then Steve is truly that machine. He ripped into me as if he hadn't had a piece of ass in months and I could only moan and yell with each thrust. There was nothing I could do except to bend over and 'take it like a man'. However, the most marvelous thing happened and I don't know what to attribute it to. I suppose it might have had something to do with the thought of being taken by such a large cock but my own cock became as hard as Steve's and before I knew it I was screaming, 'I'm cumming!' to my lover. As with Rick, my orgasm was impossible to describe. The head of cock felt as if it was about to come off and the stream of semen was so powerful that it actually hit me in the face!

I really don't know how long Steve fucked me after I had my orgasm. I was like a rag doll. He could have fucked me for another hour and my poor asshole was so numb that I wouldn't have felt it. Thankfully though, I finally heard Steve pant, 'OK bitch, spread more for me; here it comes'. I struggled and spread my legs and lifted my ass so that he could have what he wanted. When I heard him grunt and felt his cock convulse, I knew that I had satisfied this stud.

As Rick had done, Steve carefully withdrew from my now hopelessly stretched asshole. The three of us laid on the bed and I realized that I had to go to the bathroom. However, when I got to my feet, I couldn't believe how I was walking. Both men laughed as I attempted to negotiate my way a few feet. I truly felt like I had been butt-fucked with a telephone pole.

Eventually, both guys wanted me to satisfy them again, however, my asshole just wasn't up to it. I did get them off again by sucking their cocks and, after this, bid them goodnight.

Today, I suppose I have mixed feelings about last night. Truthfully, I did enjoy satisfying those two studs and it was definitely exciting. Will I do it again? To tell you the truth, I don't know. I'm not sure that the human asshole (especially mine) is equipped to handle that kind of punishment in one night. But, it's something that I'm going to remember and, hopefully, it's something that you've enjoyed reading.


Victor Anderson

[email protected]


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