My big balls felt heavy, full, tender, and sensitive, almost aching, yet, they felt great! Ready for action! My whole abdomen felt pre-orgasmic, with waves of pleasure coursing through the whole area. I had no doubt I needed sexual relief and release or I'd end up feeling miserable. A good jack-off would do the trick, but I was hoping this "date" I had just made with Tony would lead to a sensational climax.

The first glimpse I caught of Tony, an 18-year-old freshman, was in the showers at the college gym. His back was to me, but his high, rounded, firm, muscular ass gleamed in the bright lights. Something about his stance, or his bearing, or just the beauty of his extremely well developed body, seemed to be calling out to me, saying, "Come fuck me! I'm ready!" When he started to turn around, I had to shift my lower body to hide my rapidly developing arousal. But I smiled at him.

"How're ya doin'" he called over to me, returning the smile.

"Great!" I answered, "I had a good workout. How about you?"

Facing me, he looked even more spectacular! He was well muscled and wonderfully proportioned, with a trim, almost hairless body. The symmetry of his body struck me as perfection. The shoulders were wide, but not too wide or over-developed. His hips were narrow, but not so narrow as to contrast with the shoulders. His arms were muscular, but so were his thighs and calves. He was hard to place as a specific athlete - he wasn't stocky like a wrestler; or slim like a swimmer; or over-built like a football player; or top-heavy like many weight lifters.

As if reading my thoughts, or from studying my reactions to his body, he told me, "I'm a body-builder. What do you do?"

I suck cock! I wanted to say, but I turned to face him, having mostly controlled my arousal, and said, "I just try to keep in shape. I swim. I work out with weights. Play some basketball. You know, keep busy. Stay out of trouble." I grinned at him.

"Trouble always seems to find me," he sighed ruefully. Then, he grinned back. It was a good sign. I sensed he was giving me an opening.

"Me, too!" I shot right back, almost laughing. I gave his body a slow, obvious once-over. To my delight, he looked me up and down with equal openness. I was certain we both liked what we were seeing.

"I'm Jack," I said.

"Tony," he said, and then added, "You know, you've got really big balls!"

Now, I'm rarely at a loss for words, but all I could do was stammer, "Huh?!" in surprise. He had really caught me off guard. His physical beauty and handsome good looks had my head spinning, but his blunt comment about my balls was stunning, stopping me in mid-thought.

His face reddened and he whispered, "Sorry, man, I didn't mean to embarrass you." Then he smiled at me.

I smiled back.

"You've have such a good build, and you seemed so, uh, open, I had to say something," he tried to explain.

"When I saw your fine body and chiseled, high ass," I admitted frankly, "I had to turn away from you so you wouldn't notice I was reacting so strongly to you that I was getting a hardon."

His smile beamed. "I thought I saw a fleeting glimpse of a long piece of meat. You seem to have it controlled, now," he remarked with a pleasant tone, talking quietly but openly.

"Only just," I said with a laugh, feeling my cock swell with an uncontrollable pleasure. As he looked down directly at the obvious enlargement going on, I added, "Or almost."

"Wow! It feels great to watch you react physically to my body!" he said sincerely. "It's giving me an erection, too!" And his words confirmed what I was seeing: a handsome, long cock enlarging as I stared in awe, its broad cockhead swelling faster than the shaft. "I'm normally very shy about these things, but, damn, you're turning me on and I can't hide it, and I don't want to hide it! You're too sexy to insult with false modesty!"


"What the fuck ya doin', man," Jeff called out in a bold, friendly way as he entered the large shower room and came, naked, towards me. His superb physique took my breath away as I looked up to watch him come over to the showerhead right next to mine. He turned on the water-spray and half-turned his body, getting wet, but kept his face towards me, staring at my crotch. "Ya jackin' off?" he asked in a stage whisper. We were alone, for the moment, in the brightly-lit room.

"I was just washing my balls," I replied with a grin. I liked his outgoing, easy manner and the quick way he always seemed to guide the conversation to sex. I only wished I could get him to go beyond his light, humorous, yet direct, banter that hinted at sexual pleasure but did not seem to offer it.

"Your dick's so big I thought you were playing with it," he said in a quieter voice, sounding turned on.

"You've got a big one, too," I sighed, quietly, a longing tone in my voice. His cock was in what I call the tubular stage: long, full, fat and obviously aroused but still pointed downwards - big, but nothing someone could call a hard-on. Yet!

"Ya like playin' with it?" he asked softly.

"With your dick?" I asked in surprise.

He laughed loudly. His cock waggled and seemed to grow larger as he laughed. "No, man," he struggled to say between laughs, "I meant playing with your own dick."

"Well," I said as I slid my right fist onto my cockshaft, "I play with it often enough, that's for sure." I felt it was a bold move. My cock swelled at my touch.

His eyes grew large as he stared. He said nothing for a moment. Then, his hand touched his own cock. "I play with mine every day," he admitted quietly, fondling the big meat. His cock started to swell, too.

I lifted my cock, pointing it at him. He raised his cock, pointing it at me. Both cocks filled out quickly, rising rapidly to full erections. The suddenness of my arousal surprised me; the suddenness of his arousal delighted me. God, he had an impressive body and a giant cock!

"I love jacking off," I whispered.

"Me, too," he agreed, whispering in a conspiratorial tone, sounding as turned on as he looked. His face and upper chest reddened in arousal. His fist worked his meat, matching my own initial pumping. His body turned from the spray and faced me as I faced him. "Man, this feels so good," he added.

"Yeah! I love jacking off," I repeated.

"I wish ya loved suckin' cock, man," he sighed. His cock seemed to stretch out to its maximum dimensions, looking spectacular. He was pumping slowly but seemed to be flaunting his cock at me at the same time, offering it to me. "There's nothing I like better than a good blow-job!" He looked up from my cock and stared directly into my eyes. There was a longing in his eyes that left me breathless.

"I... I..." I stammered.

"Yes?" he sighed hopefully.

"...I think we should get out of here. Someone will be coming in any minute now."

He looked disappointed.

"We don't want to start a circle jerk, do we?" I asked with a grin.

"Naw, I guess not," he agreed, sounding like a little boy who'd just had candy taken away from him.

"Where should we go?" I asked, simply.

His face lit up. I wasn't turning him down. "Let's go to my room," he insisted.

"Okay," I said pleasantly, smiling at him.

"You'll have a good time," he promised.

"So will you," I told him. He grinned from ear to ear.


It surprised me how often I heard the phrase Drop the Soap used when I went into the Army. For the most part, it was used jokingly, as in "Hey, he's so horny he'll drop the soap on a moment's notice!" But it was often a kind of playful advice, as in "You better not drop the soap around him!" or even as a serious sexual warning to be aware of predators, "If someone drops his soap, look out!" Its use always caused my ears to prick up because, at eighteen, my most intense sexual fantasies involved being fucked in the ass, especially since my jack-off buddy, Tom, had slipped it to me before I left for the service. It was his sort of going away present.

We had been jacking off together for a few months at the end of our senior year in High School. After eyeballing each other's growing cocks in the showers one afternoon, we got together in his room and, admitting to each other that we jacked off all the time anyhow, we quickly decided to do it together. The first time, it was extremely exciting and satisfying yet with each new day we slowly introduced things. First, we just touched each other as we lay side by side jacking off. Then we began to jack each other off. Then I tasted his cum and the next day he asked me to suck his cock. He liked it so much, he decided to suck my cock, too. We even got into several wonderful sixty-nines. A couple of weeks before I was to leave, we were at his house, lying together on his big bed, naked and hard! As we started playing with ourselves, beginning to jack off, he suddenly said, "You better be careful in the showers, man."

"Why?" I asked somewhat alarmed.

"There'll be men who'll want to play drop the soap with you!"

"Drop the Soap?" I asked in surprise. I sensed what it meant but was amazed he'd mention it so casually.

"Drop the soap in the showers and guys will know you want to get fucked in the ass. And you've got such a fine ass, there'll be plenty of interest to play along," he sighed with sexy tones, grabbing his big, hard cock and starting to stroke it seriously.

"You think I've got a fine ass!?" I asked huskily, not focusing on his warning, but excited to think he liked my ass.

"It's the best I've ever seen - high, muscular, firm, round. It's beautiful! I get hard just looking at it."

"Wow! That's great!" I sighed.

"You like my saying that? You're not pissed?"

"Not at all. You're so sexy, I think I'm flattered,' I admitted.

"You're the sexy one, man. I'd really like to try to put my dick in you."

I could hear that he was really turned on, so I turned over, offering myself to him freely.

Inexperience made our efforts somewhat difficult, but he was so excited that he was leaking lube like a faucet and it made penetration possible. Once his fat cockhead had exploded into my rectum, causing my sphincter to clamp down behind it, I knew I loved getting fucked. That was all it took. But when his long cock worked its way up to my prostate gland, massaging it erotically, the thrill caused me to reach an amazingly overwhelming orgasm! As he continued to fuck me, pumping rhythmically, I had a second phenomenal orgasm! And when he came, deep, deep, inside me, I had a third orgasm and almost passed out! It was incredible! I knew I was made for being fucked!

He knew that I was made to be fucked, too, and admitted that he had come twice in me. We were both amazed at the amount of juice I had shot all over his sheet.

For the next two weeks, we fucked at every opportunity. He was terrific! A perfect lover! I left vibrating like a violin string, wondering if I'd ever find such a wonderful level of lust while in the service.

I shouldn't have worried. A "Fine Ass" always gets attention!


As I headed for the gym showers, a glance at my naked form in a full-length mirror confirmed what I already felt: I was horny. It wasn't just that my big dick looked elongated and partially engorged, with the foreskin drawn back and the fat cockhead exposed. It was also the way my balls were lifted up tight against the base of my cock, pushing it outwards, and my scrotum was all crinkled and taut with sexual energy. My whole lower abdomen felt afire with waves of carnal sensations. I knew I would have to struggle to control my rising passions quickly or risk being embarrassed.

I was momentarily alone in the large locker room of a popular downtown health club, but I could hear sounds of laughter and the voices of men already in the showers. I slipped my towel around my waist and tried to concentrate on the deflation process, hoping the very noticeable bulge in the towel would diminish. I slowed my progress towards the showers to a snail's pace.

Two noisy, nude, nice-looking guys came dashing out of the shower room, chasing one another playfully, and bumped into me. They shouted insincere apologies and disappeared into the maze of lockers, laughing happily. I was relieved that they had left the showers, which I figured I'd have to myself for a while, but when I entered the large room, still wearing my towel, I saw there were three more men under various showers. There were showerheads on all four walls. I turned to my left and went way to the back of the large room, along the back wall, to be by myself. I turned on the water spray, flipped my towel onto a hook high on the wall, and slipped under the water with my back to the room before anyone might notice my arousal.

I concentrated on bathing, lathering up profusely and shampooing my hair simultaneously. Activity helped, but I was still partially aroused. When I finally rinsed off, eventually having to turn around and face the room, I discovered there was only one other guy remaining there with me. He had taken the nearest showerhead on the next wall nearest me. We were separated by only about four feet.

As I glanced over at him, he grinned at me. His stance told me he had been watching me. I gave him a quick once-over. I liked what I saw, so I slowed down and took him all in, just as he was doing to me. He was tall, handsome, extremely well built, and gleaming with masculine beauty in the warm glow of the well-lit shower room. My practiced eye told me he was very well hung. His grin broadened into a friendly smile as he noticed the impact his form was having on me. He was facing me and, just then, he spread his feet a little wider and shifted his hips forward, as if offering himself to me, his dangling genitals swaying invitingly with the movement. It was an almost obscene gesture; one that could hardly be misunderstood between two adult males. It took my breath away.

Under most circumstances, I would have smiled politely at the guy, and then calmly, but quickly, left. I've never been what could be considered an easy pick-up. Oh, I've had many more than my fair share of affairs, trysts, and quickies, don't get me wrong. There's nothing moralistic about me - a hot cock shoved through a glory hole at me, for example, gets promptly and properly taken care of. Yet I had come to learn that most of the time it's better not to get involved with strangers in fairly public places like gyms or health clubs. Some just try to bait "fags" and then cause trouble. But there was something about this guy that really turned me on.

"How're ya doin'?" he asked quietly, in tones barely audible over the noise of the water. He looked from my eyes to my crotch, in a very conspicuous manner. Then, he looked back into my eyes and said, "Not bad, I'd say."

I couldn't help smiling. "Pretty good," I admitted quietly, adding to a feeling of conspiracy, and asked, "How about you?"

He stepped out of his water spray and closed the distance between us to less than one foot. Think about it. He was right in front of me, almost touching me.

"To tell you the truth," he replied softly with a warm smile, "I'm sort of randy, today. Know what I mean?" He slid a hand from his hip to his navel and then down into his crotch and pushed his palm tightly, flatly, down the length of his cock. It was a lewd gesture.

"Yeah. Me, too," I answered honestly. I followed his stare and looked down at myself. I wasn't quite as aroused as I had been when I glanced at myself in the mirror, but any experienced eye would recognize the obvious signs of lustful interest displayed in my crotch. Most of all, it was the way my balls were up so high against the base of my cock and the way they thrust my cock outward. I was horny and we both could see it. His blatant interest was making me even more aroused, as we stared down at my cock.

"Man," he said with a heartfelt sigh, "I'd sure like to suck that big cock."

Here it was, again. All my life guys have come on to me, wanting to suck my cock. Very few of them have been as up front, as open and as honest about it as this guy, though. I liked that about him.

"I'd like to suck yours, too." I replied honestly without embarrassment.

"Well, shit, then, let's get out of here," he said loudly, backing away into his water-spray and beginning those motions of rinsing off, arms moving all over his body. "And, hey, what's your name?"

"Jack," I told him. "What's yours?"

"Roy," he said with a grin, "but my friends all call me 'Bull.'" His cock had already grown to twice its original length and girth, looking awesome but still only a dangling, limp piece of large meat. This was going to be interesting.

"Yeah, I can see why," I said with a laugh.

"No. Not yet, you can't," he responded with good humor, "but you will, man. You will!"

I suck and get fucked by a really nice one!


I had to take a leak real bad. The kind where you hold onto your dick tight through your pants pocket, cross your legs and hope you'll reach the next stop real quick, while the bumping, rocking, swaying motions of the speeding subway train make it worse. The only thing you can think about is relief.

So I had to get off the train at the very next station, one I had never gotten off at before, and look for the Men's Room.

It was late afternoon, and the station was crowded with riders. I saw the toilet door, went to it quickly and pushed against it. It didn't open. I pushed more firmly, and it gave in the way it would give if someone were leaning against it from the inside, keeping it closed.

"Strange," I thought.

Obvious rustling noises and whispers came from inside the toilet, as though men were moving around quickly, trying to be quiet about it.

"Hmmm," I thought, putting the pieces together, "something's going on here, and I'll bet it's sex."

When the unusual noises stopped, I pushed on the door and it opened easily. I went in. I was apprehensive but I had to take a leak so bad I could taste it. And I was always horny but had had very few sexual encounters.

There were about fifteen men in the crowded small room. Three were sitting on toilet stools in booths with no doors to them, two were at two of the six urinals, and the rest were just milling around, or washing their hands, or leaning against the walls.

Something had been going on.

I walked to an open urinal, stood a foot or two in front of it, unzipped, pulled out my meat, took a deep breath, and said, loudly, with a boldness that surprised myself, "Hey, fellows, don't stop on my account."

I know how Ali Baba felt when he first said "Open Sesame". Like magic, the place sprang to action. An older man went back to lean against the door, holding it closed, while watching the action and playing with himself through his opened fly. Three hard cocks appeared from behind other flies and got aimed at the three men on the toilet stools, who quickly sucked them in as they entered the open booths.

Both men next to me at the urinals backed away a bit and displayed hard-ons to one another, continuing a mutual masturbation they had started before my arrival.

In the middle of the room, for all to watch, stood a tall, well-built blond, wearing only a tank top and jeans. Two younger men who resumed kneeling at his feet pulled his jeans open. A huge, erect cock sprang out, shiny with saliva. One of the kneeling men took it into his mouth and began slurping and sucking loudly. The second played with the standing man's balls and ass, licking his thighs and balls, bumping into the other guy's head.

Sucking and pumping noises were all I could hear in the toilet.

I started pissing, still standing way back from the urinal. I really had to piss. The relief was refreshing, but as I looked around at all the sex surrounding me, never having seen anything like it before in my life, I found it difficult to keep from getting an erection while I was urinating and had a problem pissing. In fact, I stopped pissing.

"Relax," a quiet voice said at my shoulder. "Don't think about it and it'll come."

I wondered what he meant as I turned, looking puzzled, to see who had spoken. He was dark, sexy and friendly, a big grin on his face. He was about my age, height and weight.

"When you try too hard, you can't piss," he whispered. "But I'd like to help."

"Help?" I asked, ignorant of his intentions, but intrigued by the sexual overtones. "What can you do to help?"

"Here," he said, squatting at my side, "aim for my hands." With that, he held out his hands, cupping them between the urinal and the head of my inflated cock.

I was dumbstruck. Intellectually, I realized that urine is sterile, clean. Psychologically, I felt urinating on one another is dirty.

The strangest thing happened. The idea caused a sexual turn-off in me. My dick deflated, the strength of my need to piss returned, and I started urinating again.

The strong stream of very yellow urine struck the cupped hands.

"Wow!" the guy said, "you must take vitamins to have such golden piss. This is terrific. Keep it flowing."

Then he leaned toward his hands and turned to catch the continual flow directly in his mouth.

I was astounded. I watched him swallow as he held his open mouth in the constant stream. I had never seen anyone swallow with an open mouth. He grinned.

My bladder had been so full that it took a long time to empty, but as soon as I finished pissing, he lifted his cupped hands to his mouth and drained the last of the golden fluid.

"Jeez, that was great!" he said.

He stood up and looked at me with a friendly, open face. He was very hand-some. He looked down at the cock in my hand.

"Want some help with that?" he asked with a grin.

"Wha.. Wha.. What do you mean?" I stammered, embarrassed by having had so very few gay sexual encounters, none in subway toilets, and not knowing what was expected.

"Relax," he said to me again. "I'd like to make it with you like these men are doing. Look around."

As I glanced toward the center of the room, I saw the giant cock of the big blond lifeguard type sinking to the hilt in the throat of one of his two worshipers. His big balls bouncing against the guy's chin. The blond had his big hand on the top of the bobbing head and his hips were jabbing the cock in short thrusts deep into the slurping mouth.

Both of the kneeling men had their cocks out and the one who was sucking was being jacked-off by the second guy who was also beating himself off with equal fervor.

Behind the center group, two almost completely naked men were jacking off together, rubbing each other's bodies roughly, quietly urging each other to orgasm with whispered obscenities I could barely hear.

The only things I saw in the three toilets were backs of men with naked asses jabbing towards bobbing heads. In one booth, between the widespread legs of a man getting sucked off, I could see a large cock being jacked-off rapidly by its loving owner.

The two men next to me at the urinals were standing facing each other, very close together and beating their meat with enthusiasm, grinning at one another. The heads of their cocks were almost touching. They both looked close to shooting off.

"Gee, I see what you mean," I whispered back, aware that the cock in my hand was starting to expand again. "I've never done this before." I smiled feebly.

I felt like a jerk, but was gratified that at least I hadn't said "No" to the good-looking man, which had always been my normal reaction to situations I didn't understand or felt I couldn't control.

He smiled and pulled his erection out from his open fly, which I hadn't noticed. The cock came out with a snap and sprang to attention next to mine. It was so long that the top button of his jeans had trapped it and he had had to tug at it. It was slim and handsome, longer than mine with a fat, dark head.

Unconsciously, my hand started to skin mine back, exposing the head, pushing the cock out to give him a look at the growing meat. My feet were spread and my hips shifted forward, exposing a better view to this sexy man.

He could have been mimicking me, because his hand, still wet from my piss, started pumping his long cock with the same slow rhythm as mine.

"Look at that," he sighed, staring at both our cocks.

"Yeah, looks great," I whispered.

"Sure looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?" he challenged.

I hesitated. His cock was straining in his hand, fully erected, taut and pulsing. A slick of pre-cum brightened the full dark cockhead, which was being covered and exposed by his pumping hand. Pre-cum gleamed on his fist as it dribbled off of the stiff cock.

I looked at my own cock and was surprised how much it looked like his, sticky and slippery from pre-cum, taut and pulsating from the excitement of the mutual jack-off in the overwhelming sexual environment of the toilet.

"Doesn't it?" he repeated, staring into my eyes, a grin on his ruggedly handsome face.

"Yeah, you're right. They both look good."

"Enough to eat?" he pressed.

"But I've never...." I hesitated to continue.

"Try it," he whispered, a pleading look in his eye, and serious expression on his face. "I want your thick lips on the head of my cock. Just kiss the tip, man, that's all. You don't have to suck it, like those guys." He tossed his head at the guys in the center of the room.

"Uhhh, that's got it!" the blond was saying to the cocksucker at his feet, his hips trust forward pushing the cock into the head he pulled toward him with a powerful hand, his other hand on the shoulder of the guy who now had his head between the blond's ass. "I'm cumming!" he almost shouted.

Behind them the two men who were jacking off began shooting globs of cum at each other, directing the flows into each other's groins, hitting fists, cocks, hair and balls.

Other groans and shouts made it apparent to me that most of the men were brought off by the big blond's loud announcement that he was shooting his load. The atmosphere of sexual excitement stirred my own groin.

"Holy shit!" I said quickly, "I think I'm going to cum."

Immediately he squatted down in front of me. He opened his mouth and thrust out his tongue. The tongue was flat, long, wet and appealing. My cock throbbed.

"Let me have your load, man, and I'll cum right with you, now!" he pleaded up to me, his hand pumping on his long cock in a rapid beat, faster than my own.

"Here it comes, man," I sighed, and with another stroke on my full cock, I pushed down on the thick shaft and aimed the fully engorged cockhead at his mouth and outstretched tongue.

With a quick glance around I could see that many others were watching us, most of them beating their meat with us. The impact of the sexual scene put me over the brink and I shot a huge string of cum. It went directly into the far back of my squatting partner's mouth. His eyes opened wide.

Three more spurts flew into his mouth or landed on his tongue. He swallowed. More flew at him.

He closed his eyes and I saw cum spurting up towards me from his pumping fist and dark cockhead. The cum arched and landed between us on the floor with loud splattering noises.

I pumped the last few drops of cum up out of my sensitive cock and shuttered at the pleasure, closing my eyes, breathing hard.

"Great! Man, you're terrific!" he whispered, next to my ear. He had stood up and was leaning close to me. He put his sticky, cum covered hand lightly on my forearm and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Let's get out of here," he said with a grin.

We went to the basins, washed our hands, arms and cocks, put everything away, straightened up our cloths and went to the toilet door together. Before I went out, I looked around. Everything was back to normal. The only evidence of the breath-taking sex scene was a few puddles of gooey-looking whitish liquid lying here and there around on the floor.

We left together, walking toward the subway train platform.

"I can't believe what just happened," I whispered.

He laughed. "That's the most outrageous scene I've ever been involved in. But keep coming back, it goes on all the time. You goin' uptown?"

"Yeah," I replied, "I had to get off the train to take a leak." I flushed and looked down.

"Sure glad you did. I live near-by and I'm walking. I buy subway tokens only to get to the toilet. Hope to see you here again."

"Yeah, me too," I responded. He left, waving casually from the exit gate, a friendly, open grin on his handsome face.

I never saw him again, but I often remember the exciting time, always amazed to realize that the whole episode lasted less than ten minutes.


Jack Sofelot


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