It was late and here I was again. Walking and walking, up and down the sidewalk, around the block and back again. This was my faithful cruising ground. Sure, there were a few hustlers around. The area was known for it. That was what made this area so good for cruising. Whether looking to pay for it or for a freebie, men drove here looking for some anonymous sex.       

        It was a Sunday night, and there seemed to be far fewer potential hookups cruising the area than usual. Almost none in fact. It was three A.M. and I should have called it a night, but I was so horny I couldn't possibly go home without having had a good fuck. No, I would stick it out as long as I possibly could in hopes of finding someone with a good hard cock to offer.       

        It was now five A.M. and the area was starting to wake up. People were leaving their homes to go to work, many cars and trucks passing through with the drivers having only the coming week on their mind. It just may be time to pack it in. One more trip around the block, I figured, and I'll head home and try again tomorrow.            

       As I started on my last trip around, I saw a small truck slow down as it passed. That is usually a good sign, but at this time of day I wouldn't expect this to be an opportunity. It was a bread truck, the typical vehicle that would be making deliveries at this time. Maybe he's looking for an address. He sped off and I continued on my way. A couple of minutes later the same truck passed again. This time when he slowed down he made strong eye contact with me. I may not have to leave unfulfilled after all. He drove off slowly and, bursting with excitement, I quickened my pace.       

        He made a left at the corner and I hurried to turn the corner so I could keep track of him. He made another left and I walked as fast as I could to make the same left myself. I was filled with anticipation as I reached the corner. If he was there, I was in luck. I turned the corner and sure enough, there was the bread truck pulled over to the curb.       

        I walked up to the drivers side and said hi. I was delighted by the sight of the man that looked out at me. He was very blue collar looking, very strong features, possibly Greek or Middle Eastern, late forties, far better looking than I would have settled for.       

        He said "Hi. I have some time to spare and I'm hoping you do, too."       

        I replied "Yeah, as much as you need."       

        To which he answered "Get in."       

        I walked around and entered the passenger side. At a quick glance around the inside, his truck was full. Boxes and bags of bread filled the back of the truck, leaving only a small aisle in the middle. The driver pulled away and I was ready to go.       

        "What do you like to do?" He asked.       

        "I love to suck cock and get fucked." I answered.       

        "Good," he replied, "you're going to be doing both."       

        The driver pulled his truck over and turned it off. I wasn't sure if this would be a good spot. The sun was already up and it was a fairly busy street. He got out of his seat and went to the back of the truck. He hung two very dark window blinds over the Windows on the rear doors. He motioned me into the back and closed a sliding door that separated the front from the rear, entirely blocking any view there may have been through the windshield. It was somewhat dark in the rear and the problem was solved.       

        With no preliminaries, he dropped his pants, shook them off and guided me down to my knees. I took the head of his semi hard cock in my mouth and he immediately began thrusting. I felt his cock grow harder with each thrust until it was as hard as a rod of steel. Man, am I glad I didn't go home earlier. After a few minutes of face fucking, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and had me stand up.       

        "Now take your pants off." he said.       

        I compiled. He turned me around and bent me over some boxes of bread. Without a word, I felt the head of his cock pressing against my welcoming asshole. Gently yet firmly, he pushed a little harder each time. I could feel his thick cock spreading me open a little more with each thrust. Finally, after a quick sharp pain, he was in. And I was ready to take all of him. He grabbed me very tightly by my hips and gave me all he had. Eight inches of hard cock buried in my ass never felt so good. With each thrust he would pull his cock out almost to the head and slowly push back until there was nothing left to give. Again. And again. As he quickened his pace I could feel his balls slapping on my ass. The sensations of delight that I felt were far beyond exceptional.       

        Then he stopped and pulled his cock out of my ass.        

        "I want you to turn around and sit on the floor." he said.       

        So I turned around and sat on the floor of the truck with my back against a box full of bread, my legs straight out in front of me. He stood over me and crouched down in front of me so he could put his cock in my mouth.       

        He said "I want you to see what you taste like. I know you're gonna like it.  I want you to suck my cock clean and make it good and wet so it goes in your ass nice and easy. Good and wet. So you can take as much cock as I want to give you."       

        He slid his cock into my mouth. I sucked it eagerly. I was neither repulsed nor humiliated by the fact that it was just buried deep in my ass. It made his cock warmer than normal and turned me on immensely. Then he rammed it all the way down my throat, held it there for one second and pulled it all the way out and slapped me across the face one time with it and rammed it down my throat again. Ram, hold, out, slap and ram again. He did this for about five full minutes and it was such a fucking turn on. Each time he rammed it down, I could feel the entire form of his cock in my throat and mouth and feel his wonderfully textured balls land on my chin and rest there for one second. When he pulled it out, the slap of his cock was exhilarating. I have never felt more alive.     

        Suddenly, he yanked me to my feet, spun me around and bent me over some bread boxes again. This time there was no gentle introduction. He spread my ass open with both hands and buried his cock deep in my ass. With his hands grasping my shoulders he was thrusting, harder and harder with each stroke. His wildly thrusting cock was filling my ass with that wonderful combination of pleasure and pain. This was the kind of fucking I always hope for but rarely get.       

        As the driver was fucking me as hard as he could, the boxes of bread I was bent over broke open. He never lost his stride. He stayed deep in my ass and went to the floor with me. We were surrounded by loaves of bread and rolls but he was undeterred. I was laid out flat on the floor, stomach down and he was lying right on top of my back. I could feel the slippery sweat between our bodies as he continued to fuck me deep and hard. I could feel his breath on my neck and now with each thrust he pulled his cock out completely and rammed it back in. I was in a state of pure ecstasy.       

        Eventually, he withdrew and stood up. He told me to kneel on the floor in front of him and I did, as if worshipping his throbbing cock. He put the head of his cock in my mouth and started masturbating. What a delightful sensation it was.        

        "Don't swallow right away when I cum. I want to see your face and your mouth full of cum before you swallow it." he said.       

        He began to spasm in the throes of orgasm and I braced myself for what was to come. His hot fluid shot right up my nose and across the side of my face. Spurt after spurt filled my mouth with his delicious sticky cream. He was definitely a big shooter.       

        He said "Now open your mouth wide and show me what I gave you. That's it. Look at you, on your knees with a face and mouth full of my cum. Yeah, I know you fuckin' love it."            

        I certainly did!       

        "Now go ahead and swallow it. Then open your mouth and show me that you know how to listen."        

        I did just as I was told. I was enthralled with the feel of his hot, sticky liquid sliding down my throat. The taste of his cum was absolutely beautiful. I was more satisfied than a man drinking water after walking through a desert. I dutifully opened my mouth for his inspection.       

        "That's a good little slut. You know how to listen. I like that. I hope I run into you again." he said.       

        He then handed me a roll of paper towels to tidy up with and, after dressing, opened the door separating the front from the back. I climbed through to the front and as I was exiting I saw him picking up the bread and rolls that had spilled out onto the floor and jamming them into the remaining boxes. 

        The preceding is based on a true story.


Chris Romano

[email protected]


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