Annual Business Trip

I always dreaded my office's annual business trip.A whole 10-daysdedicated to trainings and lectures with the other members of management. Asmall upside was that it meant a week away from the hassles of my kids andwife. My wife Barbara and I got married right out of college andhad kids immediately. Now we were in our mid-thirties and it was nice to getaway every once in awhile. I’d never cheat on her but I felt there was no harm in hittingthe strip clubs with a couple of the other guys and looking at the forbiddenfruit. 

The other positive of this year's trip was that it gave me a chance to catch up with my buddy Travis who’d left our office nine months ago when he got promoted. Our families had been close before he left because our kids were around the sameage. We’dhit it off immediately at the company and rose through the ranks together. Our families took vacations together and we even started a poker night together with some of our other friends.

The first day of the conference was as awful as I expected. But that evening I met Travisat the hotel bar and we spent a lot of time telling each other what hadhappened over thepast nine months. I told him about my girls and he told me about his son and soon it was just like old times.

"James I missed you bud. Nobody in my new town likes to party like you," he saidafter a couple of drinks. Holding his beer up in one hand, he asked, "How about you and Igo hit the town like old times?"

Soon Travis was leading me from the bar, out of the hotel and down the street to a strip club where Travis and I got increasingly inebriated. Close to 1:00 am when we were walking back to the hotel Travis had his phone out in his hand and he was muttering to himself about somebody responding to his ad.

"What are you talking about?" I asked Travis whose face showed that hedidn't realize he was talking so loudly.

"Nothing dude," Travis said as he drunkenly slapped me on the shoulder."It's just I can't go a week without getting some action and I've neverbeen great at getting myself off. You understand right?"

I’d heard plenty of Travis's stories from when he was in high school and college. He’d been with more women thanany man I’devermet. Even hisstories about his wife were always dirtier than anything I’d watched online.

"So what do you do? You pay some chick for sex?" I asked, intrigued.I couldn't see how Travis was getting off without having some prostituteinvolved.

"Dude you promise not to tell?" Travis asked looking at me. Hiseyes were big and he was speaking in a whisper as if somebody was going to payattention to the ramblings of a drunken guy on the street at 1 in the morning. "It'ssuper easy I just post an ad on craigslist and somebody always replies. Then acouple times during the week they come to my hotel room and give me a blowjob.That way I don't cheat on my wife."

I just looked at Travis shocked failing to comprehend how him getting blown wasn't cheating. "But how does some chick blowing you . . ."

"I never said it was a chick," Travis stated quickly and then started walking again leaving me in his wake to think about what he just said.

After a moment I ran up behind him and grabbed his shoulder. "Travis,areyou gay?"

"Fuck no. You know I'm not gay. I don't do anything with the guy. You’d be surprised how many menare out there just dying to drain another guy's balls for him. I don't touch them at alland tell them that upfront," Travis said.

I looked Travis up and down as he was talking. He was 6-foot 2-inches tall and had a muscular build. He’d played baseball in college and had maintained his athletic physique. He was tan andwore his blond hair cropped short on his head. I could believe that if he posteda picture online that chicks would want to blow him. But I just couldn'timagine him doing anything with another dude.

"I don't believe you,"I said pushing open the door to the hotel.

Travis continued to smile as he handed me his cell phone just as we reached the elevator. "Scroll through that," he said smirking.

I looked down at his phone where he had opened a picture up. The picture was of someguy standing fully clothed staring at the camera. "This proves shit,"I said to Travis starting to hand the phone back.

"Just scroll to the right," Travis replied.

I swiped to the right and now the guy in the first picture was on his knees but still fully dressed. He was looking up at the camera and his face wassplattered with cum. The guy had his tongue out and a puddle of cum had pooled on it. In the foreground of the picture was thick white cock that I could onlyassume was Travis's. I continued swiping and was treated topictures of a dozen or so other men each featuring one shot of them standingand then one shot of them kneeling with their face coated in Travis'scum.

The first couple pictures in the series the guys looked like your stereotypical gay guy, skinny and hairless and begging for dick. But after those the men were different. In thefirst shot they were covering their faces with their left hands clearly showingoff their wedding bands. But thesecond shot was the same; those married men were on their knees in front of Travis'sstiff cock covered in cum.

"Travis,I thought you were making this up," I said absolutely stunned. "Aresome of these guys married?"

"Many married men secretly love to suck dick," Travis chuckled. "All they want to do from the moment they see a picture of my cock on craigslist isswallow it down to my balls.They beg me for my cum and moan louder than any of the gay men. I guess somestuds just have that effect on people."

By now we’d reached my room so I handed Travis back his phone. "Well I don't know what tosay to that Travis. I guess good luck?"

I shut the door and sat down on my bed trying to process what Travis had shown me. One of my closest friends had men, married men, getting down ontheir knees to suck his dick. What could make a married man sink to that level?

As I stripped down to my underwear I realized that looking at those pictures had made me hard. My dick was tenting the front of my boxers so I reached in and let my cock out of my fly. I looked at my cock andcouldn't help but compare it to Travis's dick in the pictures. Travis'sdick looked to be maybe a little biggerand thicker than mine. When my wife had measured it I had come in at around arespectable six inches but Travis's looked to be at least acouple inches longer and even thicker than mine. His dick stuck straight aheadand mine had a slight curve to it.

I reached for my laptop and thought about browsing some porn but instead typed in Craigslist. It didn't take me very long to find Travis's advertisement: "Married man seeking cocksucker. Prefer marred anddiscreet. In town for the week. Will meet in hotel lobby. Attached is a picture of my cock."

I scrolled down the page and looked at the dick shot Travish as attached. His face had been cropped out of the picture but it wasdefinitely his body. He was wearing jeans and had his cock pulled out of thefly. He was wearing just a plain blue t-shirt that he’d pulled up exposing hishard abs and a treasure trail of hair leading down into his belt line.

Without thinking I started typing a reply to Travis's post, laughing as I did it."Married and discreet here. Looking to suck dick. No reciprocity required.Willing to swallow."

It took just a couple minutes for a reply to come back. I pictured Travissitting in his hotel room just a few doors away with is hard cock out."Meet me in the Marriott lobby at 10 am tomorrow for a morning session.I'm going to make your throat mine. I’ll be wearing the blue t-shirt and red ballcap. Ask me if it’stoo early for dessert. If I approve you can suck my dick in my hotelroom."

My dick stayed rock hard as I read the entire response. I thought I’d just been joking aroundby sending the e-mail but now I figured I would skip out of one of the morningconferences and see if Travis was really sitting there. I closed my eyes andthe only images that came to mind were of Travis's dick and the creamywhite loads of cum on the dude's faces after he fed them his cock. With just afew strokes my own cock was exploding and stream after stream of cum was landing on my chest. 



The next morning I nervously stuck with my plan to meet Travis in the hotel lobby at 10am. I barely paid attention to the first speaker of the day and hurriedly left the conference room for the lobby as soon as he was finished. When I got the reI scanned around for Travis in his blue t-shirt and red ball cap. Finally I found him sitting at a small table in the corner near the café.

Travis looked shock when I sat down and then he glanced at his watch,checking to see how close it was to 10 am I guessed.

"Why aren't you dressed for the conference?" I asked Travis pointing out his unusually casual attire.

"I just wasn't feeling great, thought I’d have a late breakfast," he said as he picked up a menu trying to act casual.

It was now or never. I looked down at my watch and saw that it was just after10. Snatching the menu from him I started scrolling through the items."I'm hungry too now that you said something. Do you think it is too early fordessert?"

Travis immediately looked up from staring at his watch and scanned my face. "You asshole I thought I was going to get some actual head thismorning. I’mso fucking boned up…youhave no idea."

I smiled at him and then swallowed. I could call this off as a joke now but Isuddenly wanted to see Travis's dick up close. Images flashed in my mind of mylips around his dick and my face coated in his cum.

"Travis, believe me when I say I have never done this before. I'm 100 percent straight. But seeing those pictures had me so hornylast night. I don't know what it was but I think I want to do this," Isaid trying to look him straight in the eyes.

He stared at me as he processed what I’d just said. Then said, "Then follow mebuddy."

We got up from the table and walked to the elevators. My palms were sweating as Travis pressed the button for our floor. The elevator music made the ride feel like it lasted for eternity and I just starred at Travis from behind not wanting to make eye contact with him. As the doors finally opened Travis walked ahead of me down to his room. We had to pass mine and I briefly thought about going in and escaping this entire situation but just as quickly that thought passed.

After Travis let us into his room and the door was shut he finally spoke to me breaking the tension. "The first thing we have to do is take your picture. I like to remember my cocksuckers in case I'm ever in thesame place again. Since you're married you need to put your hand up to your faceso I can see the ring,"Travis instructed. His usually light jovial tone was gone, replaced with a much moreserious one.

"But Travis, I'm your friend. Surely you don't need to take a picture of me," I said. I’d assumed that since we were buddies he would skip over the picture taking phase for me.

Seeing the hesitation in my face, Travis grabbed at his crotch through his jeans. I could tell that his dick was hardening and could see theoutline of his thick shaft through the material. Seeing this convinced me that I needed to go through with this so I slowly raised my hand to my face and Travis snapped a picture.

"Good boy, now down on your knees for your reward," Travis commanded. Nobody had ever talked to me like that but I quickly sunk to my kneeseven more turned on. My cock was rock hard in pants, straining and throbbing,begging to be taken out.

I positioned myself close to Travis with my face at eye level with his crotch.I tentatively reached out for his pants, unbuttoned and unzipping them, and pulled them down around his ankles. Travis was wearing a tight pairof red, white, and blue boxer briefs. A clear outline of his hard cock was visible under thecotton. Instinctively I stuck my tongue out and started lapping at Travis'scock through the fabric. I traced the outline of his cock with my tongue eagerto feel the full length of his substantial manhood.

"James I’m going to make you a pro cock sucker by the end of this," said Travis as he pulled down his boxer briefs and removed the rest of his clothing. "I want to hear you begfor my cum, like all the other cocksuckers before you’re done."

I was now staring at Travis's hard cock. I strained to remember any other time in my life where I’d seen another guy's erect cock but and nothing came to mind. I studied Travis's, taking in every detail. Hiscock looked bigger in person than in the pictures and was easily 8-inches long. Travis' s cock ended in an engorged mushroom head. I reached out my hand and grasped the shaft and started strokingit up and down. His cock was slightly moist from the saliva that had leakedthrough from me licking hisunderwear. His cock wasn'tas thick as beer can but it felt that way to me as I glided my hand up and down. Travisalso had a substantial set of balls hanging low under his dick. I could onlyimagine how long he’dbeen saving up his load.

Licking my lips I leaned forward getting ready to taste cock for the first time. I didn't think I was ready to put it inmy mouth just yet, instead I lowered my head to the base and started licking Travis'sshaft like it was alollipop. My mouth was watering as my tongue made contact with Travis'scock. It felt warm on my tongue and I felt it pulsating with pleasure andanticipation.

As I reached the head of Travis's dick I noticed that he was leaking pre-cum. I’d never wanted to taste my own before but now was excited at the prospect of tasting his. I flicked my tongue out, licking up what had collected in and around his piss slit. I brought the clear liquid to my mouth, tasting the musky flavorfor the first time. Instead of being disgusted I was even more turned on.

"It's now or never James,"said Travis. He had placed his hand at the base of his cock and was now teasing my mouth with it. He rubbed his cock head across my lips and cheek leaving a trail of pre-cum and saliva.

Grabbing a handful of my hair, Travis said, "Open up."

I complied with Travis's command and opened my mouth. Travisguided the head of his dick until it was resting on my tongue and then let go.I closed my lips around Travis's cock letting just the head sit in my mouth. Iexplored the spongy texture with my tongue. The amount of pre-cum flowing from his dickincreased and I continued to collect each new deposit and swallow it down.

After a few minutes of this Travis was clearly eager for more. Slowly he started to push his hips forward, thrusting more of his cock inside my mouth. I placed my hands on his firm ass cheeks willing to try and take as much of him as I could. As Travis slowly inched his cock further into my mouth, I struggled to adjust tothe increased amount of meat inside me. Every few minutes Travistold me to breath and reminded me to watch my teeth.

I finally felt Travis's dick bump the back of my throat. I continued to swirl my tongue around his shaft, trying to keep it as wet and warm as possible.

With a sudden jerk Travis pulled himself out of my mouth. I gasped feelingthe sudden emptiness and then Travis just as quickly shoved it back in. Then he continued to face fuck, moaning, “Uuuuuuummm,” every time his head hit the back of my throat.

"I didn't think that you were being serious when you first said the magic phrase down at the table. But I’m happy that you were." Travis said breathlessly. He thenrammed his dick further into my mouth and I gagged as his large cock went even deeper than before. I feltlike I was going to choke on the thing before I got it all the way down.

After a few more passionate thrusts I tried to push Travis away. "I can't take it all Travis," tears from myeffort were streaming down my face but my dick was still hard as ever.

"Don't talk. Your mouth is only good for one thing," Travis barked. "I think you just need a bit more inspiration. Some men don't recognize themselves as a cocksucker until they see it for themselves."

Travis pulled me to my feet. Then I walked behind him until we were standing in front of his bedroom mirror. Travis then placed his hands back on top of my head forcing me to my knees.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see myself on my knees in front of Travis's stiff cock. I watched, unable to believe the person I was seeing was actually me, as Iopen my mouth and Travis stuck his dick inside. Travis'shands returned to my head and I knew that he was going to start face fucking meagain. As he built up his rhythm I noticed that only two thirds of his dick wasmaking its way into my mouth. I had to figure out how to swallow the wholething. I was desperate to fully satisfy Travis.

I racked my brain trying to recall every girl that had given me head and every porn story I had read. I thought I recalled some story where the girl literally swallowed the guy's dick in order to take it all. When Travis made his next trust I swallowed as his dick hit the back of my throat engulfing even more of him.

"Fuck that's it. I knew you could do it," Travissangout clearlypleased. He increased the force of his face fucking. In just a few more minutes Travis was assaulting my mouth with his full 8-inches. Travis'spubichair was trimmedbut as Travis went forward my nose was buried in his thickbush. Iinhaled the manly scent of Travis's musk. He was starting to work up quite a sweat from the exertion.

The feeling of Travis's dick in my mouth was sending me over the edge.I couldn't believe how it felt. I knew that I had to get Travisoff and I wanted to take all of his cum down my mouth. When I couldn't take it any more I took the brief opportunity when Travis was out of my mouth to shout,"Feed my your cum Travis. I want it all over my mouth and down my throat."

"I knew you’d beg for it in the end boy. They all do," Travis laughed. His smile was so big I thought it was going to split his face. Then he placed both hands on the side of my head and I knewthat this was the big finale.

With a few final thrusts Travis went over the edge. When his orgasm started I felt a jet of impossibly hot, thick liquid shot down my throat. I swallowed it down greedily enjoying the taste of a real man's cum for the first time. Without a moment to savor theexperience, Travis had pulled his cock out of my mouth and wasnow coating my face with hiscum. I just stared straightahead at his cock as a stream of cum went into my hair and was surprised at thedisappointed I felt at not being able to drink it all. Travisgushed like a geyser so myface was quickly covered in cum. I saw myself in the mirror and couldn't believe the man I’d become.

As Travis finished he reached for his phone. Suddenly I remember the pictures that he’d shown me and I was horrified to realize that he’d now have a picture of me drenched in his cum. "Stick out your tongue," Travis instructed and I did. Traviswaited for cum to drip onto my tongue and then positioned his dick so that itwould be in the shot as well. With one press of the button Travis would always have proof that I’d become a cocksucker.

The end…



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