Eric Shares the Wild Night's Sexual Encounters

Andy and I arrived at my apartment following Mike and Mitch's wedding dinner party and dancing and we went directly to my bedroom with both of us overcome with intense feelings of romance and irresistible urges for each other's hot body. In fact, our pants were bulging from stone hard stiff cocks.

Big 6-foot and 3-inch tall Andy grabbed me in a bear hug, put his manly hands behind my neck and head, drew my soft wet lips up to his mouth, planted sloppy kisses on my lips and soon he used his thick tongue to part my lips. He drove his wet hot tongue to the back of my throat and began giving me the wildest French kisses I'd ever experienced. At the same time, he thrust his big manly crotch deep into my crotch. Oh fuck man, I felt this monstrous cock pounding my cock as he humped me harder and harder. The feel of that horse cock, his piercing tongue deep inside my mouth and our hot breaths had me in pure ecstasy. No man's touch had ever felt better or more electric on my body as the hot currents went through my entire body.

Soon both of us began leaking our pre-cum seed that soiled our briefs with cum rings. The wet feeling of cum on our pubic hair made the sex even more gratifying.

The arousal became so intense that we began removing each other's tie, slowly unbuttoned and took off our buddies' shirt and undershirt, kicked off our shoes, and unzipped our buddies' pants and took off those confining pants. We then stood before each other naked except for our stained briefs. Hell, Andy's cock was so large that the big mushroom purple head had escaped out one side of his light blue briefs with its shinny head leaking that pre-cum.He pushed me down on my knees in front of that monster dick as I began to suck and lick on those wet cum blue briefs. Next I began to slowly take his huge cock head deep into my throat. I took time to lower his briefs. I managed to get about 8-inches of that awesome tool into my throat before I began to gag. As I continued to suck the most awesome and great tasting cock I'd ever had in my mouth, I grabbed his hot big balls and mauled those hot nuts. Andy was so turned on that he grabbed the back of my neck and began wildly fucking my mouth with that favorite toy of his. I tasted and swallowed his continual leaking cock pre-cum.

When he was near coming, he pulled his red hot cock out of my mouth, had me stand up, he got down on his knees, pulled off my last piece of clothing, my loud bright red briefs, and with ease he swallowed my entire cock with one thrust deep in his throat. He spent lots of time sucking on my aching throbbing cock, running his thick tongue up and down my sweaty cock shaft, played with my throbbing balls and yea he drove a big hot finger up my ass causing my ass to pucker, pulsate and crave his BIG DICK!!!!

Finally totally consumed with lust, I pulled my cock out of his mouth to prevent shooting a load down his throat. The evening was too early to blast a load yet. Then Jay with lust in his eyes asked: "Baby, do you have any sex toys that I could use to make you even want me more?"

I retrieved my favorite big thick 8-inch black dildo and also a sexy cock ring for him. He ordered me to get on my back on the bed; spread my legs far apart and wide; he got on the bed; lubed the huge dildo, my ass and his fingers; and began to slide that baby inch by inch deep into my non-virgin ass. He rotated that big black tool between fast and slow thrust up my ass as the instrument moved around the walls of my ass as if it were his cock. In fact, that cock of his should be registered as a dangerous and deadly weapon. Man it was and is BIG!!! Fuck, I had begun to crave that man meat inside me.

When he realized that he had me lusting after his manhood, he pulled that dildo out of my wet ass, had us get into a 69 and said: "Baby (his favorite word for me), lets get my dick stone hard and your ass puckering for my cock up that awesome bubble pink ass of yours. I want to fuck you over and over in many steamy raunchy positions before I deliver my seed to you."

In the 69, I took as much of his steel hard cock down my throat that I could manage and began to service him. I felt Andy's thick tongue lick and suck on my clean-shaven pulsating ass. Man, he was a pro at rimming ass. I was delirious with lust for his cock up my ass by then. We moaned, grunted and gasped in pure pleasure. After the longest time in the 69 position sucking cock and rimming, Andy was ready to fuck his bitch or I thought he was. I wondered what position he would start with to fuck his new bitch?

Then he surprised me as he began to use his really sexy tongue to lick under my underarms making those hairs so wet, licking and sucking my hard nipples, moving down my chest and abs, sucking on my thighs and legs and finally he concentrated on my feet. He slowly sucked each of my ten toes before he took his tongue and for some time licked the bottom of my feet until they were wet and very clean. Oh my god, the feel of his tongue and lips were beyond any foot fetish of pleasure I'd ever managed to experience. He seemed to love sucking on my feet. Man, it was great. Shit, he then had me put his cock between my feet and ordered me to masturbate that huge wood with my feet. I spent several minutes using my feet to jerk him off as his pre-cum landed on the top of my feet. This was beyond any possible pleasure I'd ever thought possible.

Andy overcome with lust from getting his cock jerked by my feet said: "OK BABY, it is time for you to take my BIG COCK deep into your man pussy. I intend to fuck your ass for hours and fuck that ass from may angles and positions. I got my nuts off just before going to the wedding dinner so I'll be able to last a long time and fuck you raw, my lover, before filling that pussy with my huge load of seed."

"OH Andy Baby, please fuck me now. Give me that gorgeous cock. Give it to me. Fuck me raw Baby, I want your meat now."

I felt shivers and goose bumps up and down my body as my cock began to twitch craving what was about to happen. Andy put on the cock ring, went over to a big chair and got ready for what he called the "Lap Dance". He sat down in the chair with his iron hard cock standing erect like a flag pole. He had me mount him with my back to him as I slowly and carefully lowered my ass onto that huge cock. Andy pushed his hips up and and forced his leaking cock past my outer ass rings. I felt a severe pain that felt as if my ass had just been invaded by a steel rod. Gradually, we both managed to get his monstrous cock inside me. He put his arms in front of me and began to jack off my twitching cock. I felt his hot breath on my back and soon his hot lips were kissing my back. He thrust his manhood deep inside my ass channel. The feel of his cock inside me, his hot breathing on my back and his wet lips kissing my back had me delirious with lust and craving for this big hunk of a man. He used his cock to go deeper and deeper into my ass where no cock had ever been before.

After a long fuck, Andy was so sexy when he picked me up in his arms and carried me over to my bed. He placed me on my back, put my feet and legs on each side of my head positioning my ass for an easy entrance for his steel hard cock, he got up on the bed on his knees and began to enter my now red hot wide open ass. As he used his strong legs and knees to bang his cock in and out of my ass, I recognized that he was using the "Folded Deck Chair" method to fuck the hell out of my ass. He placed his hands on my ass cheeks as he banged my ass for what seemed like an hour. I felt his cock go past my prostate and at the same time rub that sensitive prostate with his cock head. I used my hands to jack off my aching cock that was in such need of attention. The feeling was awesome.

When he finally was finished with this position, he pulled his cock out of my worn ass. He had me get on my stomach on the bed as I felt him lay his 6-foot and 3-inch frame down on top of me as he slid his cock inside my pussy. Soon he began to fuck me harder and harder and used his entire body to press hard down on top of me. I loved that position because I could feel his hot sweaty body from his toes to his head on top of my frame. I recognized that Andy was using the "Jockey" method. Our bodies were by then wet with sweat. The feel and smell of all that perspiration added to the lust for man sex.

Then this horny sex driven new buddy that had made me wanting him so bad with that large cock and handsome tall body with gorgeous eyes was ready for yet another fucking position. He had me stay on the bed, and get up on my knees with my butt facing his huge cock. He grabbed my head and from a standing position he bent his knees and thighs as he drove his cock all the way inside my very wet and loose ass. As he fucked my ass with almost violent thrusts, he used his hands to pulled my head back toward him. He took those muscled bent knees and legs for a perfect position to drive that horse cock in and out of my ass. He would come all the way out with his cock and then drive that tool all the way back in my man pussy. This was the hot "Doggy Style Elevated" position. Man, Andy had so many neat fucking hot positions. He was a pro fucker. I felt his cock explore every corner of my big ass. I felt his condom free cock touch every part of my ass.

After a long fuck, I felt Andy pull his cock out and we prepared for yet another sexy fucking position. He had me get off the bed, stand facing the wall, put my hands on the wall and he stood directly behind me as I pushed my ass back toward him. He placed his sexy hands on my shoulders and I felt his cock once again drive deep inside my welcoming waiting ass. This was such a great position as we both were free to use our entire bodies to meet the thrust of his huge cock. I felt his cock freely circling my ass from many angles. I moved my ass back on that cock as Andy thrust forward. His hot breath on my neck was such a thrill. This "Standing Doggy Style" was so hot that I wanted Andy to shoot his load at that moment but he refused.

Andy then told me we had the finality coming up known as the "Bumper Cars" method. I got down on the carpet with my head and shoulders flat on the carpet as I placed my legs and feet up on the side of the bed. My ass was now verticle to the ceiling. Andy got up on the bed, grabbed my ankles, and drove his red and purple cock head deep into my ass. He was in a position to jack hammer my ass as he drove that cock deep inside me. The feel of his cock so deep in me, the look on his face as he fucked the hell out of me, his salvia running out of his mouth and down on my chest and the grunts of this magnificent stud caused my nuts to tingle and gather my huge load of semen. I grabbed my cock as that awesome feeling took over with my semen rushing up and out of my cock. I blasted a huge load of my cum on my chest, face and in my hair. It was a huge load.

When Andy saw me erupt with all that ropey thick white cum, he pulled his throbbing cock out of my ass and unloaded his large supply of semen on my ass. Just as he was about to finish ejaculating, he took his still hard cock and drove it back in my ass along with much of his cum that had landed on my ass. The feel of his cum covered cock back in my ass had me seeing stars. After running that cum around inside me and his cock still semi-hard, he popped his cock out of my hole.

Then Andy, still horny, took his tongue and collected my cum off my chest and face. He spit the load in my mouth and we engaged in long sloppy kisses enjoying the cum meal.

WOW, this had been the longest sex marathon of my life. We were exhausted but spent time kissing, embracing and finally we showered and returned to bed for much needed sleep.

NOTE TO READERS: Hey guys, what was your longest sex marathon? I'd love to hear.


Naughty Eric


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